Boys Basketball: All-City Team All City First Team Selections (clockwise from top left) Ikenna Nwadibia, Angelo Gulley, Ivan Dorsey, Noah Springwater and Garrett Moon. (Photo Illustration by Rosa Vazquez. Photos by Linus Shentu, AJ Canaria and Mike Bebernes)

Congratulations to all of the players selected to the All-City Team.

The teams were selected by staff, along with contributions from the San Francisco Coaches Association and’s Lee Hubbard.

Also, check out the slideshow below, featuring many of the All-City selections.

First Team

Ivan Dorsey, senior, Riordan
Angelo Gulley, senior, Mission
Garrett Moon, senior, Wallenberg
Ikenna Nwadibia, senior, Stuart Hall
Noah Springwater, junior, University

Second Team

Tyrone Dickerson, senior, Marshall
Jamal Ford, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Anthony Moody, senior, O’Connell
Johnny Mrlik, junior, St. Ignatius
Javaughn Shannon, senior, Mission

Honorable Mention

Jamarea Biggins, junior, Waldorf
Terrence Ching, sophomore, Burton
Robert Chiu, senior, Leadership
Frank Duncan, senior, Stuart Hall
Zio Enriquez, junior, University
Christopher Fontaine, senior, Wallenberg
Taylor Johns, sophomore, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Brenden Glapion, junior, Washington
Ariel Gottlieb, junior, Jewish Community
Armand Gray, senior, International
Eli Gross, senior, Lick-Wilmerding
Byron Jones, Washington, Sr.
Kurtis Ong, senior, St. Ignatius
Robert Pollard, senior, Lowell
Eli Wald, senior, University

Unfortunately, we will not be able to put out a girls All City Team, due to a lack of nominations from coaches and our own inexperience in the area.

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  1. AAA Vet says:

    From a AAA standpoint, how does Byron Jones, Robbie Pollard and Brenden Glapion get honorable mention while Anthony Moody gets 2nd team. Jones, Pollard and Glapion are 1st teamers in AAA and both Lowell & Washington went farther than O’Connell did.

  2. moodysupported says:

    Moody scored like 40 against Wash in the playoffs and was the only reason OC was in the playoffs at all. The AAA screwed him with a 2nd team selection. Kid can ball.

  3. sF Fan says:

    I don’t envy whoever came up with this list. Sooooo many good players and soooo many left off. Like how can you compare WCAL players with BCL Central? talent gap is pretty wide.

  4. A says:


  5. Tommy T says:

    Saw Moody play against Washington in the playoffs and no doubt he can score but did not appear to do much else, Bryon Jones was probably a better all round player this year as far as scoring, rebounding, passing and defending

  6. Shane says:

    Who the hell is ariel gottleib?

  7. jbalan says:

    Ariel is Jewish Community’s best player… Over 18 points per game…

  8. jeromepowell says:

    moody sucks. byron should have gotten higher. and a couple other kids should have made this also

  9. mooooooooooody says:

    All ya’ll quit hatin on moodey

  10. Bowzer says:

    Moody played well in the playoffs, but its what did against the rest of the league especially against Lowell x2, Wallenberg x2, and Mission is what matters as well. One good game in the playoffs which resulted in a lost doesn’t justify him being a second team player. you have to look at the body of work and not be a POTM’s (Prisoners of the Moment). Where is Moody planning to play college ball

  11. WTF says:

    wen we played moody he dint score that much
    u can jus place a player on one game
    and how does he make second team
    if he is so good 5 people from AAA made it over him on first team
    this list is lookin super whack

  12. Who made this list? says:

    u cant base the list on jus one game
    moody should not just made second team for one game
    in the regular season he barely scored wen i saw him play

  13. Anonymous says:

    To all of you who are whining about the picks, get a life. This whole thing doesnt really mean anything. Its just a way to recognize our kids. If you disagree, fine. But dont be an idiot about it and slam kids you dont even know.

  14. pedo415 says:

    You guys are dumb. you cant see real talent if it was in yo face! anthony moody is one of the best all around players in the aaa. HE DOESNT SUCK!! and you could base it on one game because he shut down everybody. and he especially shut down byron.

  15. jose olmedo says:

    hes awesome. dont talk bad about my bestfriend

  16. ???? says:

    Garrett Moon is awsome!!!!!

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