Basketball: Fontaine wins dunk contest, Ruby and Oseroff take 3-point shootout at All-City All Star game

Wallenberg's Chris Fontaine takes a lob during his final dunk in the All-City All Star game's Dunk Contest on Sunday at City College of San Francisco. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

The All-City All Star and girls game story and photos will be posted Monday afternoon and the boys game story and photos will be posted Tuesday morning.

By Josh Levine

You’ve got to be kidding me! Did he really just do that? I hope he makes this. How sweet would that be? Standing around the judge’s table at the All-City All Star Game Dunk Contest Saturday at City College of San Francisco, those were the words of many amazed spectators as four high school seniors came to show the crowd their dunking abilities.

Wallenberg's Chris Fontaine takes a lob during his final dunk in the All-City All Star game's Dunk Contest on Sunday at City College of San Francisco. (Photo by Tawnya Gray) Check out the slideshow at the bottom of the page for more photos of the dunk contest.

The four contestants all came from different schools; Jamal Ford from Sacred Heart Cathedral, Javaughn Shannon from Mission, Tyrone Dickerson from Marshall, and Chris Fontaine from Wallenberg.

Fontaine won the contest unanimously, but he had some help in last year’s dunk contest champion Deend Parker and a friend of his from his youth.

In his first dunk, Fontaine attempted to jump over his friend, but the result was not perfection.

“I jumped a little too early,” said Fontaine. “I ended up kneeing him in his back, but I made the dunk and he was ok.”

Fontaine’s second dunk enlisted the help of Parker, who was also working as a judge. Parker lobbed the ball over the backboard, and Fontaine threw down a powerful two handed slam to seal his victory.

Every dunk was given a score up to 10 and each judge got to score the dunk, giving each dunk a possible 30 points. Fontaine received 56 points for his dunks; 27 for his dunk over a his friend and 29 for his over the backboard dunk.

Ford finished in second place with 51.5 points, Shannon had 23 and Dickerson had 21.

Girls 3-point Shootout

Cameron Ruby made 12 three-point field goals, most from the top of the key, to win the girls three-point contest.

The preliminary round consisted of seven girls from five different high schools. Ruby, from University High School, along with Hailie Meneses and Stephanie Lu from Lincoln High School, were the top three shooters from the preliminary round.

Meneses came out of the preliminaries as the top seed, making 13 shots in 60 seconds. Lu made 11 baskets, and Ruby rounded out the top three with nine shots.

“I was really intimidated,” said Ruby. “I thought Hailie was going to win. All I did was focus on making my shots and not worry about my opponents. It was tough too because I haven’t played basketball in like three weeks.”

In the final round, Ruby made 12 shots, Meneses made nine, and Lu made six. All three finalists shots from the top of the key. The final round was held right after the girls’ all-star game, but fatigue didn’t seem to be a factor.

Boys 3-point Shootout

It took David Oseroff from Marin Academy four rounds to win the boys three-point contest.

Oseroff, along with Anthony Siao and Anthony Silvestri, of Wallenberg and Sacred Heart Cathedral, survived a preliminary field of 12 competitors to advance to the finals. Siao came in as the top seed with 13 makes, followed by Oseroff at 11 and Silvestri with 10.

In the final round Oseroff made 12 shots, Siao made 10 and Silvestri made five. It seemed like the contest was over, but University Head Coach Randal Bessolo, who was official timer and scorekeeper, said that Oseroff’s first two made shots were invalidated because his foot was on the line.

“I guess my right foot was on the line, but honestly I don’t know,” Oseroff said. “I just had to keep my focus and keep shooting, and I did that. Even though I started at the top of the key, it felt right to me when I moved to my left. I can’t honestly tell you why I did it. My form was good, and I made the shots when I needed to.”

With the two shots ruled out, the contest went into a 30 second overtime period. Since Oseroff was a lower seed, he went first in overtime. Both Oseroff and Siao made five, with Siao tying it up with about five seconds left.

In the second overtime, Oseroff made five again, setting the stage for Siao. Siao made two early, but missed eight in a row immediately  after that. With about 15 seconds left, Siao made one more shot to tie, but his shot hit the outside of the rim.

Slideshow photos by AJ Canaria, Devin Chen and Tawnya Gray.

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