Girls Soccer: Urban falls to Marin Academy in Penalty Kicks, Lick upsets University in BCL West semis

Urban's Sara Ach dribbles the ball up the field against Marin Academy on Tuesday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

By Josh Levine

It took 100 minutes and ten penalty kicks, but Urban School eventually fell to top-seeded Marin Academy 3-2 on penalty kicks after a 2-2 tie in the Bay Counties League West semifinals at Kezar Stadium on Tuesday.

Urban's Sara Ach dribbles the ball up the field against Marin Academy on Tuesday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

Urban had a chance to extend the game further after the Wildcats took a 3-2 lead in penalty kicks, but Marin Academy’s senior goalkeeper Danielle LaRoy deflected away the last penalty shot.

“There was no part of me that was nervous. It was all excitement,” said LaRoy. “As a senior, I knew I would never be in that position again. I was really taking in the feeling of the moment because I know I can’t get that next year.”

Urban was ahead 2-1 heading into the 75th minute, but a goal by Marin Academy sophomore Olivia Lloyd tied up the game with just four minutes remaining.

“I honestly thought we had it,” said Urban Head Coach Antony Reyes. “Our girls came out and played well. We deserved to win it, but when it goes to penalty kicks like that, it really is a crapshoot. I love this team to death.”

The Blues scored the first goal in the 37th minute by senior Haley Pacheco, but the Wildcats responded by scoring a goal within the next minute by senior Torie White.

“I told the girls that there are three important points in the game,” Reyes said. “Those points are the first five minutes of the game, the first five minutes of the second half, and right after a dead ball. They came off of that dead ball and we didn’t get a touch on it.”

Reyes came close to fulfilling a promise he made after Urban’s first round playoff win against Drew last Thursday. He said that there was a 100 percent chance that Urban would upset the Wildcats.

“We had heard about what he said,” said LaRoy. “We knew that we needed to step up and play our hardest against them.”

Scoring Summary
U – 37th minute – Haley Pacheco
MA – 38th minute – Torie White
U – 58th minute – Sara Ach
MA – 76th minute – Olivia Lloyd

Penalty Kicks
MA – Alysee Godeno goal
U – Ach miss
MA – White miss
U – Charlotte Harris goal
MA – Lloyd miss
U – Zoe Elkins miss
MA – Jop Ubben goal
U – Haley Pacheco goal
MA – Ying Fry goal
U – Danielle Shorenstein miss

Lick Wilmerding 2, University 0

After dropping their two regular-season meetings, Lick-Wilmerding got its revenge on University with a 2-0 win over the Red Devils in the BCL West semifinals on Tuesday at Kezar Stadium.

The Tigers got goals from Sarah Haizlip and Emily Duh to secure a bid to the championship game against Marin Academy on Friday.

“Earlier this year, when we lost 3-1, they killed us on set pieces,” said Lick-Wilmerding Head Coach Matt Kurnick. “In fact, all three of their goals were on set pieces. We came out today and didn’t allow them to score on a single set piece.”

Lick-Wilmerding's Sarah Haizlip battles with University's Schuyler Schwartz on Tuesday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

Lick-Wilmerding's Sarah Haizlip battles with University's Schuyler Schwartz on Tuesday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

The Red Devils had five corner kicks in the second half, but failed to get a shot on goal in three of those attempts. Overall, the Red Devils took 15 shots and 12 were on goal. The Tigers only took eight shots and mostly played defensive in the second half.

“Soccer is a game that sometimes you get the bounces and sometimes you don’t,” said University Head Coach Deejae Johnson. “I think that we played our best half of the three games in terms of possession and fight. We just didn’t score.”

Goalkeeper Olivia Levine had 12 saves for the Tigers, including nine in the second half.

University’s Adrian Kerester and Katie Shanagher kept the Red Devils down in the Tigers’ zone, but Levine made two crucial saves in the 75th minute to preserve the one-goal differential.

Duh’s goal came in the 78th minute to seal the victory.

“We lost to University in the regular season but we won in the playoffs when it counts and that’s what we intend to do with Marin [Academy],” Kurnick said. “We’re going to give them our best game on Friday and I think they’ll see a much stronger team out of us than they saw the last two times we played them.”

Scoring Summary
L – 27th minute – Sarah Haizlip
L – 78th minute – Emily Duh

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8 Comments on "Girls Soccer: Urban falls to Marin Academy in Penalty Kicks, Lick upsets University in BCL West semis"

  1. Urban’s hustle and determination this game was incredible. I have never seen a team work so hard. Their hearts were on the field and everyone in the stands could tell. Urban really deserved to win this game, though to go out in penalty kicks was just a loss of luck. I expect great things from this team next year.

  2. Yes, both teams played extremely good games, and it really could have gone either way. I cringe a bit at the phrase “deserved to win”, though. (The Urban coach used it as well.) On one level, I can understand it, and am happy to hear it used that way… i.e. that the team worked their hearts out,and did everything that could have been expected of them. In that sense, yes, I think Urban and MA both deserved to win. But hearing it come from a coach who was warned by the refs several times, and almost tossed from the game, and also talked about “dominating” MA when he lost 2-0, and “100% guaranteeing” that they’d beat MA in the playoffs… it sounds more like “we deserved to win, and they didn’t”, kind of sour grapes.

    So, I agree with V. Peters, but still have a bad taste in my mouth about the Urban coach.

    Urban team = great
    Urban coach = not so much

  3. DLI,

    Do you have anything better to do than slam people, quotes and situations that you have no clue about?

    Oh, I forgot, you don’t– you’re a marin parent.

    Sounds like you’re the one with sour grapes.

  4. Ok, I’m done. Not going to participate beyond this in a flame war. I don’t live in Marin, I live in the City. And I praised the Urban team. I *do* know about the quotes and situations. Sour grapes??? Wha??? Don’t think you understand the idiom.


  5. C. Russell | May 12, 2010 at 5:55 PM |

    I have seen the Urban girls soccer team play throughout the years and I would just like to praise them on how far they have come. I have never seen a team play with such zeal. Every girl wearing an Urban jersey should be so proud of themselves and their teammates. They played tremendous yesterday and I was heartbroken to see them lose to PK’s. I can’t emphasize enough how far they have come. They really deserved to win.

  6. I personally can say that watching the Urban team play was inspirational. Throughout all the high school games that I have seen this year I haven’t seen one with such emotion and heart. Urban really came out ready to play with the belief that they would win simply because they would bring all that they had.I am really proud that the Urban girl’s soccer team is being seen as a threat, as they deserve to be.

  7. joseph p. | May 13, 2010 at 9:39 PM |

    having been at the game, I can honestly say that I 100% agree with what V. Peters, C. Russell, and P. Smith have to say. I do not think that the phrase “deserved to win” is used out of place here, but it was clear to me that when urban held a 2-1 lead throughout most of the second half, they definitely deserved to win the game, and as the time went on they looked less and less comfortable playing with the lead, as well as exhausted. While it is true that Marin Academy possessed the ball on Urban more than Urban did on Marin Academy, from my point of view Marin Academy’s last goal, which was a beautiful goal, came from the Urban players being tiered and not knowing how to play with the lead. While some would say that it is unfair to say that Urban deserved to win this game because obviously Marin Academy won, the game almost did not even go into overtime. It was tied throughout the entire overtime and finally decided on PK’s, which I think almost everyone can agree is one of the worst ways to decide a game, so yes, I do believe that Urban deserved to win that game. They had the lead throughout the entire second half and because of one slip let it go to overtime, where both teams held their ground equally, although were obviously both tiered. Marin Academy won in PK’s when in a game where they barely managed to survive into overtime, so I agree with smith, russell, and peters, Urban deserved to win the game.

  8. soccerfan125 | May 13, 2010 at 9:43 PM |

    It really tells you something when an undefeated team like MA gets challenged like they did in their game against Urban. No other team in the league gave MA such a struggle. Urban played with focus, intensity, intelligence and heart. MA played well that game…but in terms of deserving it, it was Urban’s passion and precision that made the results so devastating.

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