Baseball: Bloszies named BCL Central MVP, International tops all-league selections

International junior catcher Clay Bloszies in the BCL Central championship game against Gateway on May 21 at San Francisco State. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

Bay Counties League Central MVP

Clay Bloszies, junior, International

First Team

Brian Benavides, junior, International
Jerome Bright, senior, Leadership
Max Coles, senior, Gateway
Jackson Drolet, senior, International

Ben Duarte, sophomore, Pescadero
Faruis Franco, junior, Gateway
Connor Johnson, senior, Gateway
Seth Mathews, senior, International
Donald Phonseya, senior, Gateway
Peter Schwarzenbach, junior, Waldorf
Nick Zatopa, sophomore, Waldorf

Second Team

Jonny Barnet, freshman, Bay
Johnny Economopoulos, junior, Waldorf
Daniel Galvez, junior, Gateway

Jacob Gomes, sophomore, Pescadero
Chris Johengen, senior, Gateway
Jordan Malik, sophomore, International
Noah Morton, freshman, International
Lucas Peck, junior, Bay
Evan Schwarzenbach, junior, Waldorf

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  1. ihs suckc says:

    clay sucks, hes no mvp

  2. Observer says:

    Clay was every bit the MVP this season. You’re just bitter

  3. CLAYMVP says:

    Sounds like someone has sour grapes

  4. aaa says:

    sounds like someone lost the championship

  5. T says:

    International didn’t top the selections, they have just as many as gateway

  6. max coles says:

    um yeah im sorry i have a 1.83 ERA and pitched the whole championship, i jammed Clay every at bat, maybe got on base once

  7. Daniel Galvez #13 says:

    U tell em max, we all know he ain’t no MVP . GATEWAY!!! Champs 2010. And y the hell am I second team all league when I hit 433??

  8. Anonymous says:

    max u threw like 50 mph not gonna lie boise was a beast

  9. max says:

    actually it was more like 60 and it was good enough to only lose one game that season, and that was due to errors. so taking that into account i was perfect the whole season. thank you and goodnight

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