Football: Blake brings new attitude and schemes to struggling Riordan

Riordan head coach Bryan Blake speaks to his team at a workout in August. Blake was dismissed from his coaching position this week. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

First-year Riordan head coach Bryan Blake speaking to his team at a workout on Monday. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

By Jeremy Balan

It’s hard to find a silver lining when looking at the 2008 and 2009 football seasons for Archbishop Riordan High School.

The numbers speak for themselves.

The Crusaders had only one win in each season and had a 1-12-1 record in West Catholic Athletic League play.

Last season was especially disheartening for Riordan, which dropped its final nine games by an average margin of 28 points, after winning its opening game handily against Sacred Heart Prep of Atherton.

It appeared a change was necessary, and in March the school replaced head coach Mike Langridge  (who had won a CIF-Central Coast Section title in 2007) with Bryan Blake.

Blake, a self-proclaimed “city kid,” graduated from St. Ignatius, coached as an assistant at Sacred Heart Cathedral for 12 years and, most recently, was a linebackers coach at City College of San Francisco.

“I’m just excited about the whole opportunity here,” Blake said. “All of my experiences are going to come together for this job. I didn’t see myself leaving City College, but the timing was right and it felt right.”

With the hiring of Blake comes a wave of change over the football program. New schemes on offense, defense and special teams, to go along with a commitment to conditioning and a change in attitude.

On the offensive side, the Crusaders will employ a ball-controlling option offense, a departure from the balanced, spread offense of recent years, and on defense Riordan will use a 4-3 front (the one used Blake used at City College), instead of a 3-5-3.

The changes almost all come out of necessity. Blake figures to have around 30 players on the varsity squad in Riordan’s Week 0 opener against Dougherty Valley of San Ramon and many will be playing both ways.

“It all comes back to the kids,” Blake said. “Right now our numbers are a little bit down, so we’re doing things to address the problem. Kids are getting beat up at the end of the game.”

The option attack will hopefully enable the Crusaders to run time off the clock, limit opposing possessions and allow the ball to be spread around to multiple ball-carriers, further limiting fatigue.

“They threw the ball a lot [last season],” Blake said. “The problems with that were a lot of three-and-outs that didn’t run a lot of clock and put them back on defense. It contributed a lot to wearing them out.”

Blake may also simply be playing to the team’s strengths, as the two top rushers for the Crusaders in 2009, Anthony Trainor and A.J. Santiago, will be featured backs in the system.

Senior Anthony Trainor, Riordan's leading rusher from 2009, will head a run-heavy Crusaders' offense in 2010. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

Another key to the running game may be senior Jacob Valdiviezo, who will be playing his first year on the offensive side of the ball as a wingback, along with his duties at strong safety.

“The transition has been easy, with a whole new offense and defense, he’s making it work,” Valdiviezo said of Blake. “We have a lot of faith in that offense. It’s all about motion after motion after motion. Starting over and starting fresh was a good idea. We welcome the competition and we’re going to prove that we can make a difference in this league.”

Although running backs are an integral part of the option offense, the quarterback is the conductor, making split-second decisions to decide where the ball will go.

That position remains undecided, and Blake says there is an “open competition” between 2009 starter and senior Evan Williams and Ismael Orozco, a junior and the junior varsity starter last season.

Even with so much up in the air for the Crusaders, both the players and Blake acknowledge the difficulty the WCAL presents, especially for a program that is rebuilding and installing new ideas. But Blake has some experience in rebuilding a program.

Blake was a part of the coaching staff at Sacred Heart Cathedral, when the team dropped out of WCAL play and became an independent before rejoining the league in 2008.

“I always thought it was the best league in the state,” Blake said. “It’s a daunting task, but to compete in our league is important to me. To be in a position to have a chance to win each game, especially in this league, doesn’t come easy.”

With the limited numbers, it will be even harder for Riordan, going against established powers in the WCAL that may feature almost twice as many players.

That’s where conditioning and adaptability come in, something that junior Drew Jackson has already gotten a taste of.

Jackson began the offseason as a linebacker and tight end, then shifted to a defensive end and wide receiver due to team needs, and now is set to play on the offensive line, along with defensive end.

“We’re not the biggest school out there, so when bodies fall, we have to fill them in,” Jackson said. “I’ll play where they need me. [Blake] needs us to be ready to go.”

The test facing Blake will not be easy, but the “city kid” has designs on challenging his alma mater at St. Ignatius and former coaching staff at Sacred Heart Cathedral as the best team in San Francisco.

“Certainly those games [against St. Ignatius and Sacred Heart Cathedral] are going to be important,” Blake said. “We’re competing with them on the football field, but we’re also competing with them in recruiting. Who’s going to be the big dog and get the best athletes and students to come to your school?”

2010 Schedule (WCAL games in bold)

Sat. 8/28 vs. Balboa, noon (Scrimmage)
Sat. 9/4 – vs. Dougherty Valley (San Ramon), 2 p.m.
Sat. 9/11 – @ Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton), 3 p.m.
Sat. 9/18 – vs. Inderkum (Sacramento), 3 p.m.
Fri. 10/1 – @ St. Francis, 7:30 p.m.
Sat. 10/9 – vs. St. Ignatius, 2:30 p.m.
Sat. 10/16 – vs. Valley Christian. 1 p.m.
Fri. 10/22 – vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral @ Kezar, 7 p.m.
Fri. 10/29 – vs. Bellarmine @ San Jose City College, 7 p.m.
Sat. 11/6 – @ Serra, 2 p.m.
Sat. 11/13 – vs. Archbishop Mitty, 1 p.m.

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58 Comments on "Football: Blake brings new attitude and schemes to struggling Riordan"

  1. Riordan will be worse than last season and next season will be worse than this one. Blake is the only positive here. No matter how you dress it up, bad is BAD.

  2. Crusaderade | August 11, 2010 at 11:31 PM |

    You should get your facts straight. Langridge left Riordan. For good reason. He was not replaced.

  3. Crusaderade, I don’t think you know what replaced means. No where in this story does it say he was fired. It just says Blake took his place.

  4. Yeah, sure Langridge wasnt forced out, he took a job as a bs slot recievers coach at CSM over a head coaching gig at Riordan just for kicks. Or maybe he just left because he knew winning wasnt possible at Riordan anymore.

  5. Crusaderade | August 12, 2010 at 1:04 PM |

    “It appeared a change was necessary, and in March the school replaced head coach Mike Langridge  (who had won a CIF-Central Coast Section title in 2007) with Bryan Blake.”

    The article states it appeared change was necessary and the coach was replaced. I understand reading comprehension, context, and when something is being implied. I guess you don’t.

    And no, Langridge was not forced out so they could hire the guy he originally won the job over. You are probably riiiiite about the second statement.

  6. The article talks about the 2 returning running backs from last season but what about the WR that lead them in yards and touchdowns last season A.J Lewis 59rec 792yrds 6tds how do they get him the ball.

  7. Crusaderade,

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. There is nothing factually wrong here, as you stated before. It didn’t say he was fired and he was replaced, otherwise no one would be coaching the team.

    WAIT, are you Langridge? Is that why you’re being so defensive?

  8. Oh yeah and Reader, don’t count on them getting too much use out of Lewis in that Offense. They may not throw the ball 10 times a game.

  9. LETSBECLEAR | August 12, 2010 at 3:20 PM |

    Crusaderade. The last two seasons were the worst in recent Riordan history. They were so so bad. Low participation, poor execution etc. Was it the coaching or was it the players?

  10. How is it that Evan Williams job is up for grabs, he was the WCaL’s top quarterback, and why is AJ Lewis not mentioned, he is the top reciever in the WCAL.

  11. The problem last year was the defense not the offense. Riordan put points on the board. What up with the D this season.
    btw- Langridge needed to go, not committed, unorganized, and lazy.

  12. LETSBECLEAR | August 12, 2010 at 7:47 PM |

    2009 Calpreps Stats – 13 ppg on offense 42 ppg by the defense

    They put points on the board, just not very many. I wouldn’t try to brag about it.

    crusaDerAde, was it the coaching or the players?

  13. RE: Riiiiite: Yeah, sure Langridge wasnt forced out, he took a job as a bs slot recievers coach at CSM over a head coaching gig at Riordan just for kicks. Or maybe he just left because he knew winning wasnt possible at Riordan anymore.

    Don’t you think a coaching gig at a college is a step-up from the high school ranks? (Even if it is CSM?)

  14. Langridge was no coach he didn’t even help his senior players get into schools. He didn’t care about his players. He was just collecting a paycheck. He probably got the job at CSM because he knew the head coach or he was related to them. Why would a team hire a defense guy to coach receivers.

  15. Regardless of what folks are saying, these are the facts. In 2007, Langridge led Riordan to a CCS Championship and they were very competitive in the WCAL. You don’t go from winning to losing just because! The problem, in my opinion, lies in the lack of talent and lack of support from administration. Langridge was a fine coach who was fed up with the old school regime.

  16. What are the facts, in 2007 was it Langridge or was it Cannon and Bell that led Riordan to a CCS Championship? Folk like to say “Coaches coach and players play, well it’s the players that wins the games.

  17. merabbit2..Bell and Cannon were there before Langridge arrived and they did not win, so to answer your question, it takes good coaching and good players. Look at the Chicago Bulls in the early 90’s. All the starters were together for a few seasons but it wasn’t until Phil Jackson arrived that they won multiple titles. Langridge was a very good coach and he did other things at the school as well. But even Jesus Christ as coach would have struggled with the players they had plus the lack of leadership in the administration. I wish Blake well and hope he can turn the program around but it will be a daunting task.

  18. I think coach Blake should have changed the defense up because they were not good last year but I don’t think the offense should have changed from so pass heavy to so run heavy because now you take the ball out of Evan Williams and A.J Lewis hands. To me they we’re the two bright spots on the team and in the WCAL last year. With only one proven receiver the spread might not have been the right offense to run maybe more of a balance attack would have been better. Coach Blake is the coach so as fans we should stand behind him. But if the run heavy offense isn’t successful after a couple of games fans will start to question his decision. He knew this wasn’t going to be an easy job so I think he has a plan A, B, C and D under his belt.

  19. Face it, Riordan was bad last year. Their whole program gave up a lot more points than they scored. The varsity just went through the motions and the next two seasons will be just as bad. Having a small enrollment doesn’t help either.

  20. Biggie Big... | August 23, 2010 at 9:52 PM |

    Riordan will be terrible again for the 3rd straight year. Their Defense was non exsistent, and their offense scored because the other teams let them and thats how bad they were. A new coach will have to be patient along with the Riordan alumni and supporters. The talent their now is not good, no line on either side. And no QB to talk about when the spot is up for grabs. People you have to cheer these kids on for they will be busting their butts off but again No talent to surround the coach with…Go Crusaders!!!

  21. I think luis sarabia is the best player on the team and the best looking

  22. I thought Riordan was getting all new coaches. Why is Coach Fab still allowed to waddle around there. He’s done nothing for Riordan except push for his buddies kids. Riordan wake up and get some real coaches for these kids.

  23. purpleREALITY | August 30, 2010 at 3:21 PM |

    Let’s face it, there is one bottom line here……Isola AD =plummenting Sports program PERIOD!! And for us diehard Crusaders who still have the same pride we possesed when we walked the halls years ago, it is an absolute embarrassment! He’s living in a time capsule, could careless how we do in sports! Talent alone made him and he’s parlayed his success on the hardwood into untouchable status with the school. How can we compete in the WCAL when other schools are offering kids scholarships like they are Chuck-e-Cheese tokens…..and this stuborness goes all the way back to the late 80’s when he refused to give one of my basketball teammates a partial scholarship when his family fell on hard times our Senior year…..Absolutely no compassion, basically s**ted on him, ignored his requests for meetings, just a debacle. And nothing has changed…..It’s funny when you’re telling others about how it used to be at Riordan, and they think you are lying compared to now. I mean sorry to say it but drive by the school after dismissal…’s all nerds! They have the money, that’s all our admin cares about…and you see the results on of this on all the fields & courts! Might as well be in Lick Wilmerding’s league, that’s what our student body resembles now…..So sad……PLEASE SOMEBODY MAKE A CHANGE!!

  24. PURPLENGOLD4LIFE | August 30, 2010 at 6:27 PM |

    ^^^^^ totally agree with purpleREALITY. riordan has barely any athletes. the school is now driven by nerds and kills what it once used to be. I’ve seen the recent riordan and its so sad comparing to even 3 years ago! i cannot even imagine people like T mcgraw, Rob Jones, or Daniel Cannon,etc. being enrolled in that school now due to how many nerds are in the school. BLAKE PLEASE BRING RIORDAN HOPE!!!!

  25. intelligent_fan | August 30, 2010 at 7:20 PM |

    Yeah. Being good academically is soooooooo terrible. I hope you go back and read what you’re writing. God forbid the football team doesn’t live up to ridiculous expectations. Get some perspective.

    “The school is now driven by nerds.”

    You are an idiot.

  26. They can’t all be nerds. Riordan’s enrollment is so bad they are admitting students with test scores in the first percentile.

  27. NerdAlert, you must be referring to the other school on Gough that takes a kid who can cross it over but has never opened a book in his life. I can give you SEVERAL examples of low test scores but will refrain. The young ladies in that school balance out the academics while the 1%’ers win games. Ideally, a school will be solid academically and athletically, but if I had to choose one, I would choose the books! BTW, purplengold4life…T McGraw is at STANFORD so by your definition, he is a nerd. I’d rather be a nerd at Stanford than a great athlete at a junior college, but that is just me. I do agree that there needs to be a change in the AD department though to get the school to more modern times but to say the school is run by nerds now, is quite an ignorant statement. I believe Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were all nerds in highschool, while Pacman Jones was probably the colles kid on campus. Jobs, gates and Buffet all donate millions to their old schools and several others while all PacMan does is “make it rain” and shoot people.

  28. As the father of an 8th grader boy who will have to apply to high schools soon, I never considered Riordan because of it’s lackluster reputation. In reading post from what appear to be alumni of the school, it appears the school has changed for the better and I may look into it as an option. Having so called “nerds” in schools actually bolster the school, IMO. Having graduated from another all male catholic School in the 80’s, I can tell you going to Riordan for some games was quite an event. As a parent, I prefer a school of nerds over a school full of thugs, which Riordan once was. Yes, you may sacrifice a few CCS and WCAL titles, but for the viability of the school, it’s worth the sacrifice. Thanks for opening my eyes to Riordan as I may now look into it as an option for my son.

  29. Riordan’s graduates since the 4X4 block schedule was established and 14-15 AP classes were made available have gone on to Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, Service Academies, other numerous elite, East Coast liberal arts colleges not to mention the standard UC and State schools. These are the graduates that will increase the school’s endowment and keep the school on solid footing

    This was unheard of in the 80s when the school was winning sports crowns but graduating most of its kids unprepared for a rigorous, academic college experience.

    Which type of school does one think parents will send their kids to?

  30. What is wrng wiht all of you?

    There is a HUGE change coming for Riordan. Pat Daly doesn’t like to lose! Yes the new Presidnet of the school said that clearly. He wants to return the school to its glory days but it won’t happen if all you fail to support the effort.

    They may only have 30 players out there, but hey no one expected the US Hockey team to beat the Russians in 1980 either! Times are chaniging and the new freshman class will show you what can be done.

    Come out and watch a game – hey homecoming is against SI at Riordan on Saturday Oct 9.

    See you at Homecoming and wear your purple to show YOUR support

  31. Have you seen their new weight room?

    The school is making a comeback and its only a matter of time befoe they retrun to their winning ways.

    Rember sacred Haeart’s cheer – 0 and 10 we did it again and now look at where they are.

    New weight room…. new president…. new attitude….Return to winning – SOON.

    Go Coach Blake we are behind you!!!!!

  32. Crusader Pride | September 2, 2010 at 10:40 AM |

    I say bring back Peralta. He is the best coach in the Bay Area!

  33. If the last game is any indication of what Riordan Football has to look forward to, I say One season and Out for Blake. How can you recruit with that?

  34. Sunsetdistrict | September 6, 2010 at 9:26 AM |

    It’s great reading these posts. I agree, Riordan has experienced change from “what it once was” but can anyone say, with a straight face, that SH, SI or for that matter, the demographics of the city have not also changed?

    Riordan’s sports program may not be brining home the titles right now, but the kids have passion and desire for them. The coach’s and the new administration are working their butts off to make the necessary corrections that have been allowed to foster for a number of years. The pendulums trajectory has changed, Riordan will soon be an athletic powerhouse, the enrollment will be up, and more quality young men will be knocking on the door asking to be allowed to attend school there.

    I would suggest to all the naysayer’s, if you are an alumnus, stop pissing and moaning; be a man and step up and offer a hand. Remember, you are a Crusader for life. If you are not an alum, watch your words, because as Admiral Yamamoto said (and I paraphrase) of the attack on Pearl Harbor, “a sleeping giant has been awoken.”

    To the parent of an 8th grade boy, may I suggest that reputation and reality are two different things? Riordan was never a school of thugs; we were then and are now young men that just never cared to hear or take the other schools s**t.

  35. When is Blake going to pull up some of the big JV players to play defense? They really need it.
    Also, that was not right that Blake didn’t allow the team to shake the players from Inderkums hand, because he felt they were running up the score. What was their team to do, lay down and not play. It’s not like they were doing flee flickers or trick plays to get into the endzone. They were just running the ball with their second string players. Blake needs to learn SPORTSMANSHIP!!!!!!

  36. news man channel 4 | October 2, 2010 at 2:40 PM |

    Ithink they have the worse play calling in the world and u every is calling the plays need to be fired. They have to weapons that cant be stop trejon bolden and a.j but they seem to not no that for some strang reason. they dont have a running game so why not pass the ball to the best two people on the field like a.j and trejon. they wait to they 4th 25 to throw the ball the play calling and the school dont have a clue, and why the school not doing something about it i dont no?

  37. a.j and trejon is the best two player they have on the team but they dont throw the the ball enough time a game that why they loss games becuase the play calling sucks tell the truth everbody . u cant run a dive play the hole game and think u going to win. can u tell me why they chang Q.B if they wasnt going to throw the ball dam.

  38. WOW. “new man channel4” needs to get spell check and “the guy” needs to take an English class, get spell check AND grammar check. WTF?? I hope you guys aren’t Riordan alumni, because if you are their English Department didn’t do a very good job.

  39. Dont let their 0-4 record fool you the past two games against st. Francis and inderkum. The team showed hardwork and talent on both sides of the ball when it came down to it. The new offense sure eats up the clock iIt will be interesting going into St Ignatius(1-2-1)

  40. Who cares if the new offense eats up the clock. The problem was not the offense last year, it was the defense. At least the team put points on the board. Evan and AJ had a connection last year and Coach Blake is too stubborn to allow it to happen again. We have Treyjon and Santiago that can catch passes too. He wants to run the option at the teams expense and it ain’t working!!!!A smart coach makes adjustments. Riordan get Blake out of here Quick!!!!

  41. Crusader Pride | October 4, 2010 at 7:30 AM |

    Said it before and I will sy it again. Coach Ken Peralta brought the program from out of the grave and made them relevant once again. He is currently coaching freshman at Marin Catholic because he stepped down from being varsity coach. Make an offer out to him to bring the Crusaders back once again.

  42. Please Riordan make a coaching change, if not this year, please by next year. These youngmen are working so hard and this coach has the same old plan. The kids need to see they are getting some kind of results. They don’t want to be the laughing stock of the league. Who is going to want to play football for Riordan when there is no excitement,strategy or Vision!!! At least last year they were putting points on the board, and it look like they were fighting. I don’t care where Blake
    and Fab coached they are Terrible!!! They need to go back to where they came from. Maybe the Freshman coach should be the head coach at least they are winning.






  44. chin chin to rabbit. Blake just started! he has 4 games under his belt, so we can’t abandon ship so soon. He was hired in the spring i believe and had to make up for lost time with these kids. The low numbers could be attributed to the kids not knowing who their new coach would be. You have to give Blake a chance and stop ridiculing. If you guys think he’s not that great, then why didnt you apply for the job? He obviously loves to coach if he left City College for Riordan. It will take him time to get the program together and the get the coaches he wants and needs.

  45. That's What's Up | October 4, 2010 at 2:57 PM |

    @Rabbit, you get real!!! geez he’s had the whole summer and pre-season. He has the same plan every week. Have you seen the games? Same players in the same positions and same plays. If we saw him making changes and adjustments people would understand better.

  46. @news at channel 4 and the guy, y’all don’t need to leave no more messages. I don’t understand what y’all trying to say. I kno y’all frustrated and upset, but man that $?!@ don’t make no sense!!!

  47. some of these comments are really unreasonable. offensive scheme, a different head coach, or some other quick fix aren’t going go fix riordan’s problems

    riordan barely has enough varsity players to field a team. getting the team through practice and playing wcal games week-to-week is an accomplishment in itself.

    last year’s offense put up some points but it also was inconsistent. regardless, students graduate and the schools that seem to have innumerable players to plug-in year after year have lots of students to choose from. that is not a luxury riordan has at this time. and if that offense was so great last year – why didn’t it win any league games?

    riordan’s field is a disgrace and it seems the weight program has only recently been updated…? these are problems that i would place more on school admin. and previous coaching staffs as they are not short-term problems.

  48. what a another lost dam | October 8, 2010 at 8:20 AM |

    unreasonable maybe but that dont change the fact that the coach’s is not giving the kids a chances to win with the play calling they keep talking about the furture what about it. they making the same mistake they being making for the last 3years the coachs dont have a clue. only a 11 players take the feild at a time so please stop talking about how many player the team got if they start scoreing and stop blaiming the kids thats a start. the turth is roidan have just as many skill players on ball as the other team start useing the skill players more and not the ones that dont care about football and dont care if they win or loss and use the ones that do like at A.J TREJON. SANTIAGO GET THEM MORE INTO THE GAME RUNNING THE BALL IS NOT GOING TO DO IT AND BRING BACK EVEN WILLIMS HE GOT MORE YARD PASS THEN THE NEW QB AND HES NOT STARTIN WHATS THAT ABOUT ROIDAN IS STEELING DREAMS FROM KIDS THE WONT TO P[LAY COLLEGE BALL AND THE SCHOOL IS NOT DOING NOTHING ABOUT. THE NEW OB HAS SHOWN NOTHING SO MHY NOT START EVEN THE ONE THAT BROKE ALL THE RECORDS LAST YEAR DONT MAKE NO DAM CENTS GET IT THROW THE BALL TO A.J TREJON AND SANTIAGO AND WINS SOME GAMES

  49. what a another lost dam | October 8, 2010 at 8:32 AM |


  50. Ironhead, the cheer at SH was “0-10 Never Again”. SH never did have a 10-loss season after that, however there was a 14-game losing streak spanning 1979 and1980. Riordan’s on track to lose 19 straight at the end of this season. I think the record for City schools is 32 by Mission.

  51. kudos @ dron 11
    give the guy a chance ‘That’s What’s Up’ and yes I have attended games this year or I wouldnt make comments on here. that wouldnt be the right thing to do. What I see and what I have heard has led me to believe that Blake will turn this program around, but it will take time. If you are looking for a quick turnaround in the standings. that will not happen this year. If you are a Crusader then you will give him his just due and see how things play out.
    With an offseason of weight training and conditioning, next year’s program will be greatly improved.


  52. Riordan administration really needs to get out of their offices and be present at the football practices. I have never seen a Catholic school coach throw the F-bomb as much as Blake does. How can these kids perform with a coach screaming and cursing nonstop, even the kids are talking crap to each other. I didn’t see Blake encourage the players at all. He has definitely
    loss control of himself and the team. I was shocked, this not the Christian Way!!!!

  53. ”F-bombs”? how old are these kids? 7? These guys are in high school. Im sure they can handle ”F-bombs” and such. At this point in the season Blake is probably frustrated. Who can blame him for cursing? I also think if you sometimes see how the guys practice you cant blame him for dropping ”F-bombs”.

  54. And what do you expect? He came from a college atmosphere

  55. I don’t care how they practice, having a foul mouth at a Christian School is irresponsible and shows no self control or morals. I hope he’s not a teacher at Riordan because he does not exhibit role model behavior. These youngmen deserve better.

  56. Are you kidding me? The large majority of football coaches curse, including those at holier than thou Christian schools. Expecting anything else is naive and idiotic. Get over yourself, you high and mighty twit.

  57. Greater Crusader | October 27, 2010 at 6:09 AM |

    @ Get Real. Real coaches don’t need to scream or curse in players faces like a coward or a bully to get their point across. If they’re so tough do that to a grown man. Frustration isn’t the reason, Insecurity is, Bobblehead!!

  58. I have been to some practices and games, Blake runs a well organized practice, the players moving from one drill to another, always moving and learning new concepts. Does he scream yes, does he curse yes, most coaches do. Have you ever heard the players/students converse amongst themselves? I was taken aback. No cherries here.

    Is he frustrtaed, I suppose so, but I think you should talk to him yourself, he is approachable, well spoken, soft spoken type of guy, who happens to have passion for football. Above all, he is teaching life lessons that will sereve his team well in the future.

    By the way, I was around the team last year too……………..cursing was in order too.

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