Football: Balboa routs struggling Lincoln in lopsided shutout

Balboa running back Sean Katley breaks into the Lincoln defense on Saturday at Balboa High School. (Photo by Denise Chiang)

Balboa running back Sean Katley breaks into the Lincoln defense on Saturday at Balboa High School. (Photo by Denise Chiang)

By Graham Henderson

Balboa High School senior quarterback Kerati Apilakvanichakit threw one interception on the way the Buccaneers’ 54-0 win over visiting Lincoln on Saturday. It was his only mistake of the whole game, and he made up for it on the same play.

Lincoln defensive back Ricky Stevens picked off Apilakvanichakit’s pass in the second quarter, but was hit hard by the Balboa running back Greg Warren, forcing a fumble. Apilakvanichakit then picked up the loose ball and sprinted 75 yards downfield to score.

Balboa running back Greg Warren eyes the Lincoln defense on Saturday at Balboa High School. (Photo by Denise Chiang)

“When Greg Warren stripped the ball, it was like when the NFL players say the game slows down. I just saw the ball tumbling,” Apilakvanichakit said. “It was just unbelievable. It was like redemption.”

The play accounted for 7 of the 21 points that Balboa (2-5, 2-1) scored off of four Lincoln (0-7, 0-3) turnovers.

The win helps to bolster Balboa’s Academic Athletic Association playoff hopes. With the loss, Lincoln is likely eliminated from the playoff picture.

“We didn’t play very well, but we played as a team today,” Lincoln head coach Phil Ferrigno said. “We’ve got to get our young guys better so we have something to build on for next year.”

There are only five seniors on the Mustangs roster this year, and the young offense, led by sophomore quarterback Derek Morrell, never found its groove.

Morrell was 0-for-4 passing with one interception, and the team was 0-for-9 on third down, earning only three first downs the entire game, one of which was a result of a roughing the kicker call against the Buccaneers.

When the Lincoln defense was able to break open a play, Apilakvanichakit and his offense were quick to adapt.

“We finished, even on plays that went wrong for us,” Balboa head coach Alvaro Carvajal said. “We go over a lot of situational things during practice, so that translates into the game.”

In addition to Apilakvanichakit, who finished the game throwing 4-for-10 with the one interception, the Buccaneer offense was led by the running backs Warren and Sean Katley.

Balboa kept the ball safely on the ground most of the second half, with Warren and Katley taking hand-offs from Apilakvanichakit.

Kately ran for 69 yards on nine carries and scored twice, while Warren carried the ball 13 times for 151 yards and three touchdowns. The Balboa offensive line made holes for both players.

“I love my line, man,” Warren said. “I can’t move one yard without my line.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
B: 9:56 — Christian Pulusian 12- yard pass from Kerati Apilakvanichakit (Eric Sutton kick good)
B: 5:39 — Greg Warren 7-yard run (Sutton kick good)
B: 1:17 — Sean Katley 13-yard run (Sutton kick good)
B: 0:16 — Dexter Best 18-yard run fumble return (Sutton kick)

Second Quarter
B: 9:48 — Apilakvanichakit recovers fumble, 75-yard run. (Sutton pass from Apilakvanichakit on conversion)
B: 6:16 — Warren 22-yard run. (Sutton kick good)

Third Quarter
B: 11:17 — Warren 70-yard run. (Sutton kick good)

Fourth Quarter
B: 11:02 — Katley 5-yard run. (Conversion failed)

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7 Comments on "Football: Balboa routs struggling Lincoln in lopsided shutout"

  1. Weak Lincoln. Balboa should’ve beat them last year. Balboa turkey day bound.

  2. nah you weren’t going to beat that team last year, and next year we’re taken it.

  3. lmao at all you cat ^ Lincoln is weak ass hell.. yall lost to thurgood.. What makes you think you taking it next yr when u didnt even get a win this season. Bal.. we ready for you .. Wash T-day bound.

  4. Galileo Lions | October 20, 2010 at 12:29 AM |

    We put up 56 on that weak Balboa team, so we should put up 100 on Lincoln. We dominated on the way to our Turkey Day win last year, and NO team is able to stop us on the way to a 2nd Consecutive Turkey Day win for the 2010. YOU CAN’T SEE US

  5. Balboa Bucs | October 20, 2010 at 7:00 PM |

    First of all i hope you know the bucs had 5 turn overs and 4 had turned into touchdowns. All the we had to do was hold on to the ball and we would of dominated the lions. I think the team from last year was waayyy better then this year.

  6. Galileo Lions | October 21, 2010 at 10:11 AM |

    Only losers make weak excuses like that.

    “If we didn’t fumble 5 times, and if we learned how to tackle Quincy Nelson, and if we had more talent on our team, we would have dominated” – Balboa Bucs

    You are right about one thing, last years team was much better; but fortunately for the Lions, Balboa (and every other AAA team) is worse then last years teams. You should come watch us at Turkey Day again this year, bring your whole family!

    – G-House

  7. It’s pathetic when someone speaks for a team when he/she has no part of it, let the kids play and save the trash talk for when the seasons over. Im pretty sure the next game will play out differently as both sides were missing key players due to grades and injuries.

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