Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral can’t cap key drives in loss to Bellarmine

Sacred Heart Cathedral's Gary Moore gets tackled by a gang of Bellarmine defenders on Friday at San Jose City College. (Photo by Eric Soracco)

Sacred Heart Cathedral's Gary Moore gets tackled by a gang of Bellarmine defenders on Friday at San Jose City College. (Photo by Eric Soracco)

By Graham Henderson

Kristoffer Olugbode set the pace of the game on Bellarmine’s first play from scrimmage. After taking a handoff from quarterback Travis McHugh, the 5-foot-9 running back took the ball 84 yards downfield to put the Bells up by seven.

It was a deficit that Sacred Heart Cathedral (3-3, 0-3) would never close, as the Fightin’ Irish lost to Bellarmine (6-0, 3-0) 28-14 in West Catholic League play on Friday at San Jose City College.

The Bells came out strong, scoring 14 of its points in the first quarter.
“It’s important that we got another WCAL win,” said Bellarmine head coach Mike Janda. “We stopped ourselves with fumbles and penalties. Luckily we were able to make some good plays to make up for those things.”

The Fightin’ Irish were able to recover three of Bellarmine’s four fumbles, but weren’t able to capitalize on the Bells’ mistakes.

“We can move the ball on any defense in the league,” said Sacred Heart quarterback Sean Murphy. “It’s just finishing the drives that’s the most important for actually putting points on the board.”

Murphy threw for 90 yards, going 5-for-11 passing with one interception, the Irish’s only turnover of the game. He also ran for 107 yards on 12 carries.

The other bright spot of the Sacred Heart offense was Jordan Gomes, who carried the ball 26 times for 79 yards. While he averaged only just above 3 yards per carry, his consistency was what kept the Irish offense moving forward.

But the Bellarmine defense stood its ground when it counted, keeping the Fightin’ Irish out of the end zone.

In the first half, after Sacred Heart steadily drove 49 yards in 10 plays, the Bells made an impressive stand on their own 11-yard-line that they capped off by blocking a John Harrington field goal attempt.

Later, with just 43 seconds to go in the first half, Tim Crawley picked off Murphy’s pass at the Bells’ 30-yard-line, ending a drive that could have sent the game to half time tied at 14-14.

By managing the clock, and helped by a 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer, Bellarmine was able to move the ball 74 yards in six plays after the turnover. The drive culminated with a 2-yard touchdown run by Olugbode, who would finish with 224 yards on 20 carries.

Despite the loss Sacred Heart head coach John Lee had words of praise for his team—especially its ability to create turnovers.

“I’m never happy with a loss, but I’m happy with the fact they didn’t quit,” he said. “They’re a great group of kids and they play hard. To me they’re the best 0-3 league team I’ve ever been around.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
B: 7:31 — Kristoffer Olugbode 2-yard run. (Thomas Dazzi kick good)
B: 2:11 — Travis McHugh 2-yard run. (Dazzi kick good)

Second Quarter
S: 11:24— Sean Murphy 27-yard pass to Taylor Johns. (John Harrington kick good)
B: 0:11— Olugbode 2-yard run. (Dazzi kick good)

Third Quarter
S: 5:36 — 1-yard run. (Murphy kick good)
B: 1:23 — McHugh 3-yard run. (Dazzi kick good)

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13 Comments on "Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral can’t cap key drives in loss to Bellarmine"

  1. Joe Callahan | October 16, 2010 at 3:00 PM |


    Serra 7, St. Francis 6. Another rough weekend for “Lancer Fan for a Week”
    Bells 28, Sacred Heart 14
    Mitty 30, St. Ignatius 0
    Valley Christian 60-something, Riordan 0

  2. Joe Callahan | October 16, 2010 at 3:08 PM |

    Correction on VC-Riordan … Warriors win 66-7.

  3. Well it’s me again I couldn’t wait no longer how is it that SCH keeps doing the same wrong thing over and over again ? why the offensive corrdanitor does not know what he is doing SCH is down bye 14 points 7mintues in the left forth quarter and you come with back to back runs. That tells me you have know sense of the game WHY after, 5 games is know one NOT seeing this Taylor caught a TD pass and was not thrown to again this DUM. We are looking for new results with the same CORRDANITOR this crazy the KIDS are fighting but what are the coaches doing CHANGE is good friends after the game.
    MIstakes cost wins
    * Two point conversion for the win and you leave the decision up to the QB this a coward move LOST
    * Miles 11 carries LOST
    * 7 mintues left in the game back to back runs after taylor catches TD know more catches LOST

  4. First it’s SHC. not sch

    second it seems like the coward move is to rip a coach anonymously when it’s apparent your probably a parent or relative of a kid on the team. It’s easy to have all the answers from the stands. So throw it to Johns or feed Miles? which is it. Im sure the coaches would love to hear your expertise. You should take it up with coach Lee. As a true fan of the team I support everyone out there doing their best and appreciate all that the coaches do for my son. Its too bad that that all your comments come from such a selfish place, I guess going to a great school,getting a great education, and playing competative football in the best league in northern California isnt good enough. Remember it could always be worst, you could be at a AAA school, oh yeah you were.

    This website is awesome, finally a much needed media outlet for San Francisco prep sports and people have to taint it. support your team, schools, and kids playing the game. keep up the freindly trash talk between rivals and leave your hate for the dinner table.

  5. Joe the Plumber | October 17, 2010 at 9:29 AM |

    Mr. Callahan…looks like all the city schools had their helmets handed to them. Of the three, Riordan is ahead of both of them in league standings.

  6. Irish Parent, as near as I can decypher, Anon was referring to three different games. Any luck at all would have had us beat Mitty. Against Serra, we just couldn’t stop the run. I wasn’t expecting miracles vs. Bellarmine but I listened online and apparently the officiating was bad. Irish still have a good shot at a playoff berth by beating Riordan and SI.

    I concur about the San Fran Preps. It fills a big void made by the loal media.

  7. City Watcher | October 18, 2010 at 8:48 AM |

    Just curious, is Lancer fan for a Week changing his/her name to Warrior fan for a Week? I thought SHC would go 0-5 against the southern WCAL schools but they actually have a shot against the Lancers. Wins against SF, Riordan and SI would clinch a playoff berth. 5-5 isn’t a guaranteed entry.

  8. Again, Congrats to SH for their inspired play, I know gthey have a shot vs SF, as I have seen both teams play and SH is good enough to beat them. As for my Crusaders, the game vs VC was horrible, nothing going on at all, nada, Im lost for words, except to say that I am proud of my school and my guys, I always appreciate your effort.

    IrishParent, agree with you on everything you stated, at the end of the day, our guys go to great schools, get quality educations, and COMPETE with some of the best players around the state, which gives them a solid foundation going forward.

    Will be fun friday night, good luck………….

  9. i think SHC has a much improved offense from previous years. a definite identity via their run game and what they do around that… but maybe not the depth to finish a full game with a number of 2 way players.

  10. throw the ball dam dam dam,?

  11. To the SCH players keep playing hard your just one or two plays from from really shocking some teams don’t stop fighting hard work will pay off in the end for you and your coaches.

  12. Right Anon. Irish have to improve that defensive line play. Against Bellarmine, they couldn’t finish drives they started and against Serra, it looked like they got fooled by all these little fake draw plays. They need to stand their ground and protect the line instead. I’ll bring the pizza if they shock St. Francis.

  13. monarchalum74 | October 26, 2010 at 9:33 PM |

    Keep fighting… I believe you will beat St.Francis… the way you played Mitty is indicative of your charachter and strength… Win the rest of your games and you will be in the playoffs…St. Francis did not look good.
    Mitty dominated Valley Christian…Keep your heads up…

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