Football: Week 7 Pick ‘em

Mission's defense (left) lines up against Washington's offense on Oct. 14 at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Every Thursday, members of the staff, as well as a couple other local media members, will make predictions on the weekend’s games featuring our local San Francisco teams. Please feel free to make your own picks in the comment section and discuss the week’s games.

Mission’s unlikely run to the top of the AAA standings has really hurt what could be near-perfect records in our Pick ’em contest, but now the Bears are favorites and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Mission over Lincoln is one of five unanimous picks, the only differing pick at all is Mitch’s pick of Lowell over Balboa.

The picks are listed below along with everyone’s overall and Week 6 records, in order of the standings.

Mitch Stephens — Senior writer/columnist, (47-12 overall, 7-1 in Week 6)
Mission 24, Lincoln 21
Lowell 22, Balboa 19
Galileo 42, Marshall 21
Serra 28, St. Ignatius 14
Sacred Heart Cathedral 35, Riordan 21
Washington 28, Burton 21

Dylan Kruse — Sports Editor, San Francisco Examiner (45-14 overall, 6-2 in Week 6)
Mission 31, Lincoln 13
Balboa 25, Lowell 17
Galileo 34, Marshall 10
Serra 24, St. Ignatius 17
Sacred Heart Cathedral 31, Riordan 22
Washington 21, Burton 13

Jeremy Balan — Editor, (45-14 overall, 7-1 in Week 6)
Mission 20, Lincoln 6
Balboa 23, Lowell 8
Galileo 56, Marshall 16
Serra 17, St. Ignatius 13
Sacred Heart Cathedral 49, Riordan 30
Washington 38, Burton 28

Ernest Stone — Writer, (44-15 overall, 5-3 in Week 6)
Mission 24, Lincoln 0
Balboa 35, Lowell 16
Galileo 42, Marshall 12
Serra 34, St. Ignatius 6
Sacred Heart Cathedral 33, Riordan 9
Washington 41, Burton 12

Bonta Hill — Writer, (43-16 overall, 6-2 in Week 6)
Mission 28, Lincoln 6
Balboa 21, Lowell 16
Galileo 56, Marshall 12
Serra 35, St. Ignatius 14
Sacred Heart Cathedral 28, Riordan 20
Washington 36, Burton 16

Josh Levine — Writer, (36-23 overall, 6-2 in Week 6)
Mission 24, Lincoln 6
Balboa 42, Lowell 8
Galileo 21, Marshall 20
Serra 52, St. Ignatius 20
Sacred Heart Cathedral 62, Riordan 42
Washington 35, Burton 12

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  1. LYNN R KATELY says:

    Mitch,Mitch,Mitch … come on man are you serious? Lowell over balboa? Lowell as you know has been running the offenvise plays since the middle 70’s and don’t throw hardly any passes. That wing set was first shown when who did it Notre Dame during the days of the four horsemen.Balboa has Lowell’s number and will be calling it all afternoon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sean katelys mother ahahaha.

  3. SNAKE RIDDDA says:


  4. IC Stars says:

    Going with Ernest easily on this week’s predictions. The rest of you guys are giving SI and Riordan too much credit. Come on Josh, SHC may very well score 62 but 42 points for Riordan? They haven’t scored that much in two seasons. Serra should pummel a demoralized SI. They didn’t even get 45 yards against Mitty.

  5. Sam (Riordan Parent) says:

    Mr. Levine, are you referring to football? The WCAL basketball season hasn’t started yet.

  6. BEAR HUNTER says:

    great win mission. keep up the good work….

  7. BEAR HUNTER says:

    the mission bus ifull. nomore wanna bee’s. (fans)

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