Football: Galileo’s Nelson could miss remainder of season with knee injury

Galileo senior running back Quincy Nelson navigates his way through multiple Mills defenders on Sept. 3 at Mills High School in Millbrae. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Galileo senior running back Quincy Nelson navigates his way through multiple Mills defenders on Sept. 3 at Mills High School in Millbrae. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

By Jeremy Balan

Galileo standout senior running back Quincy Nelson will likely be sidelined for four weeks and maybe for the rest of the season due to a knee injury sustained in last week’s game against Marshall.

According to Galileo head coach Mark Huynh, the injury is to Nelson’s medial collateral ligament and he will have an MRI this week.

“He got hurt in the Marshall game, but finished the game on adrenaline,” Huynh said. “The MCL isn’t torn, but at this point, he’s probably going to be out for the season.”

With perfect circumstances, Nelson could be able to return for the Academic Athletic Association championship game on Thanksgiving, if the Lions advance to that point.

“He’s going to have four weeks without any physical activity and then he needs to get his body into shape,” Huynh said.

Nelson’s 1602 yards rushing ranks sixth in the state and his 21 rushing touchdowns rank ninth.

“”It’s going to hurt us a lot,” Huynh said. “We’ve averaged over 30 points [per game]. That’s going to come down for sure.”

While the immediate impact of Nelson’s absence will be on the Lions’ quest to repeat as AAA champions, what troubles Huynh most is how the injury will influence his potential to play football in college.

San Diego State, Sacramento State and UC Davis have expressed interest, according to Huynh.

This is the second major injury for a Galileo senior captain. The Lions lost linebacker Max Malloy earlier in the season against Burton, when he tore his ACL.

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24 Comments on "Football: Galileo’s Nelson could miss remainder of season with knee injury"

  1. I hope the coaches are happy that they ran up the score against Marshall. Quincy had 38 carries in a blowout. Thanks for ruining his college chances. Hope it was worth it

  2. Quincy’s the man. He gets every carry.

  3. ahaaha quincy colleges chances are far from over. This only gives him more time to get better grades and apply to millions of colleges. Quincys carrer hasnt even started yet you guys are over reacting!

  4. quincys carrer hasnt even started yet, watch in college

  5. Monday Mornin QB | October 27, 2010 at 7:22 PM |

    This is really too bad for the kid. he’s a very good athlete. Your guys are right, college is not out of the question but he should not have been in the game at all if it was a blow out. Coaches need to put the kids best interest in front of their own. He is your whole team, but yall let egos get the best of you. This is a hard lesson that has to be learn. I hope this gives some of the other kids a chance to show their talents………38 carries in a blow out? C’mon Mark. Just get him ready for track season.

  6. Lance McGoven | October 27, 2010 at 7:53 PM |

    That means the Galileo Lions should be out of the playoff hunt. I guarantee the Washington Eagles will take this.

  7. Quincy is the man, he gets the ball and he scores. He runs through the holes that the LINEMEN make. The linemen aren’t injured, there still making holes, and who ever has the ball, is still gonna run through the holes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be quincy.
    He will be missed on defense thou.

  8. This will def push Gal out of turkey day contention. Mission vs Wash for sure, with gal and bal making playoffs. Maybe next time coaches will think twice about starting a star player both ways when winning by 30+ against one of the weakest teams in the country

  9. He had 27 carries in the first half. And that is when Gal was only up 20-6. We only kept him in there so he could break the yards for season record. But dont count Gal out, Quincy isnt the whole team.

  10. don’t understand why most of you guys are counting us out of tday. we still hadn’t played mission and you people think its a sure lost against them w/o quincy.

  11. atleast we got to see what the kid could do. hopefully the colleges did to

  12. Quincy was going crazy on teams, this sucks for Gal. I’m just glad it wasn’t a tear or anything else. I hope to see the kid play at the next level. Good Quincy

  13. Gal will win this week but I can’t see them winning a championship without nelson. Mission is good enough to take it all but can they handle the pressure in the playoffs?

  14. it was a stupid decision to keep him in the game.the coaches seen how the game was going and i hope they learn from the big mistake that messes his chance to break the AAA record of rushing and touchdowns.quincy would have broke the records for sure….He broke O J simpsons already for 6 touchdowns in one the thought only remains of what he could have done.

  15. Scott Truman | October 28, 2010 at 9:38 PM |

    yall on quincy’s train he is not that great of a running back galileo is nothing without him. yall on wash too. yall don’t recognize superior teams wen it’s right in front of you. Balboa is a real team they are the most exciting too watch unlike the rest of the teams. Greg Warren of Balboa is the best running back this city has to offer, along with Sean Kately the best running back corps in San Francisco.quincy is slow and soft and doesn’t show the toughness and relentless attitude that sean and greg do wen they run. I recognize good teams when I see them and Balboa is a team everyone should fear, they are the most explosive. As a fan I truly enjoy going to watch their games. stop blowing Quincy out of proportion he is not that spectacular.

  16. pet herbert | October 29, 2010 at 6:00 AM |

    DAMN scott, how much they payin yu down there at the “haters convention” to hate!
    well i know after what you said your going to get a raise. QUINCY NELSON is the BEST running back to ever play AAA highschool football!!

  17. Quincy Nelson | October 29, 2010 at 6:05 AM |

    football was , is , and will always be my life! i love the game and will miss it. These commments only want me to play more. Thanks for all the ones who supported me, thank you MORE to all the ones who didnt.

  18. Quincy Nelson is a great running back but to say that he is the greatest running back in league history is the dumbest thing i ever heard. Oj simpson was a star in the NFL. David henderson ran for over 5000 yards in 2 and a half seasons and won 3 championships. Like I said he’s a great player but don’t put him as “elite”

  19. David Henderson | October 29, 2010 at 9:12 PM |

    man, get your ignorant asses out of here. i was the best back in the city which is why I had the most rushing yards in a game. quincy ain’t got nothing on me

  20. O.J. Simpson | October 30, 2010 at 7:49 AM |

    What in the world are you talking about Henderson? I was in the NFL and was one of the best backs to ever exist in professional play. Learn your facts, boy.

  21. alright this is the real Doom lets start things off by saying the truth….i dont think that i could have done it without my blockers.quincy does not have as good blockers as i did yet he makes hard plays look easy.quincy is the best in the field.i dont think ya seen the real quincy yet .ps me and oj got nothing on quincy cuz he is the BEST.nothing like the rest

  22. just look at the picture above.he got no blockers yet i bet he still scored that play.and dam where is #45 going.he just got shook. hahaha i know he landed a face plant. mr. 2 step is the man.

  23. dis da real Doom and dere aint nobody ever gon be as gud as i was, smh at tha hatez. Quincy raw but he kno I was gettin wet every time i step on da field

  24. Man thurgood tha best

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