Football: Week 10 Pick ’em

St. Ignatius supporters during the Bruce-Mahoney football game on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

St. Ignatius supporters during the Bruce-Mahoney football game on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Every Thursday, members of the staff, as well as a couple other local media members, will make predictions on the weekend’s games featuring our local San Francisco teams. Please feel free to make your own picks in the comment section and discuss the week’s games.

More movement this week, as the top three of Dylan, Mitch and Bonta only got the St. Ignatius-Sacred Heart Cathedral game wrong and had 6-1 records last week.

In the last week of the regular season, we’ll see if there is any more late movement.

Balboa over Burton, Valley Christian over Sacred Heart Cathedral and Mitty over Riordan are the consensus picks this week.

The picks are listed below along with everyone’s overall and Week 9 records, in order of the standings.

Dylan Kruse — Sports Editor, San Francisco Examiner (64-18 overall, 6-1 in Week 9)
Galileo 31, Washington 17
Balboa 23, Burton 20
Lincoln 23, Lowell 13
Mission 30, Marshall 6
Valley Christian 42, Sacred Heart Cathedral 23
St. Francis 23, St. Ignatius 10
Mitty 34, Riordan 12

Mitch Stephens — Senior writer/columnist, (63-19 overall, 6-1 in Week 9)
Washington 28, Galileo 21
Balboa 42, Burton 28
Lincoln 21, Lowell 20
Mission 35, Marshall 14
Valley Christian 42, Sacred Heart Cathedral 28
St. Francis 21, St. Ignatius 14
Mitty 35, Riordan 14

Bonta Hill — Writer, (61-21 overall, 6-1 in Week 9)
Washington 25, Galileo 14
Balboa 40, Burton 22
Lowell 16, Lincoln 14
Mission 46, Marshall 12
Valley Christian 40, Sacred Heart Cathedral 21
St. Francis 27, St. Ignatius 21
Mitty 42, Riordan 6

Jeremy Balan — Editor, (60-22 overall, 5-2 in Week 9)
Washington 28, Galileo 17
Balboa 36, Burton 26
Lowell 20, Lincoln 16
Mission 33, Marshall 6
Valley Christian 27, Sacred Heart Cathedral 20
St. Ignatius 21, St. Francis 20
Mitty 49, Riordan 13

Ernest Stone — Writer, (60-22 overall, 4-3 in Week 9)
Balboa 35, Burton 0
Lincoln 12, Lowell 12
Mission 34, Marshall 0
Valley Christian 42, Sacred Heart Cathedral 23
St. Francis 43, St. Ignatius 24
Mitty 35, Riordan 6

Josh Levine — Writer, (52-30 overall, 4-3 in Week 9)
Washington 35, Galileo 32
Balboa 42, Burton 28
Lincoln 18, Lowell 12
Marshall 21, Mission 20
Valley Christian 52, Sacred Heart Cathedral 42
St. Francis 21, St. Ignatius 14
Mitty 32, Riordan 21

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10 Comments on "Football: Week 10 Pick ’em"

  1. It’s sad that all of you picked Burton to lose to Balboa. This is especially since most of you picked it to be a blow out game. Do not sleep on the Pumas. They will shock you and, “upset” the bucs!

  2. I’m shocked none of you picked SHC to win… are all officially off the bandwagon..hahahaha

  3. No wonder Josh Levine had a 4-3 record last week. No disrespect to Marshall but i believe Mission is hungry in going undefeated and taking the Turkey Bowl this year. After a 50-38 win over Balboa, the Bears coaching staff will do something about that defense and show they are in it to win it.

  4. Yeah, it is shocking no one picked SH. They’ve really proven they can win games in the WCAL.

  5. Come on, Jeremy. Do you really think SI has half a chance against St. Francis? Irish will have a better chance at beating Valley Christian… (at least they won’t be intimidated as they were last week by the worst team in the league).

    • Gotta make up some ground and pick some upsets… That being said, I still think SI has a shot…

      Other than the Riordan game, St. Francis hasn’t scored more than 17 points in WCAL play…

  6. Dont look down on these pumas..they have potential and the talent. IF they lose and i mean IF, it would be a close score.

  7. balboa has had way bigger blowouts than 50-38. that score is nothing compared to ours. don’t get too happy bears.

  8. Manifest Destiny | November 12, 2010 at 11:45 PM |

    You guys were all pretty close with the SHC and SI scores this week. I was at the SI game and they did have a shot at it late into the fourth quarter. No passing game at all! I do not think Coach Navarro will last long at St. Francis.
    Everyone is on the Mission Bear train. I watched them against Fort Bragg at Kezar earlier this season. There was about ten people in attendance on the Mission side. Go Bears , there is a lot of great history in that program. I hope they win it all! By the way Fort Bragg is doing very well this season.
    Support AAA football or it might go away in the future! Go to a non play off or non turkey day game and you will see what I am talking about. Keep updated with the AAA. The budget is bad and football unfortunately is not high on the list.

  9. Joshua Levine | November 14, 2010 at 2:01 PM |

    In all fairness, I felt that Mission was going to pull some of their starters and that would give Marshall a chance. And it’s not like Mission blew them out… Marshall was in it.

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