Football: Balboa clinches final playoff spot with win over Burton

Balboa senior quarterback Kerati Apilakvanichakit throws the ball down field against Burton on Nov. 12 at Burton High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Balboa senior quarterback Kerati Apilakvanichakit throws the ball down field against Burton on Friday at Burton High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

By Josh Levine

Greg Warren ran for 172 of Balboa High School’s 228 rushing yards and scored two touchdowns, as the visiting Bucs clinched the fourth and final Academic Athletic Association playoff spot over Burton High School with a 54-28 win on Friday.

Warren’s biggest gain was a 91-yard touchdown run that gave Balboa a 21-0 lead early in the second quarter.

“Line, line, line. It was all my offensive line,” Warren said. “I’ve never been to the playoffs before and this might be the last time.”

Balboa wide receiver Eric Sutton rises up for a touchdown catch on Friday at Burton High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

The Buccaneers (4-7, 4-3) jumped out early, scoring a touchdown on their drive, then Andres Arellano blocked an Alex Love punt and returned it for a touchdown to give the Buccaneers a 14-0 first-quarter lead. The special teams touchdown was the first in Arellano’s career.

“Those opening drives really set the tone for the game,” said Arellano. “My team depends on me to block those kicks and to play good defense.”

The Pumas (4-6, 3-4) amassed 398 total yards on offense, including 269 on the ground. Dumar Afalava and Larry Stubbs led the way with 119 and 78 yards, respectively.

The Pumas played most of the game without standout running back Delron Marman, who was ejected in the first quarter after receiving two consecutive personal fouls for arguing with a referee.

“The loss of Marman hurt us so bad,” said Burton head coach Anthony Rollins. “Not only did it hurt our production, but it hurt our morale. He’s one of our biggest playmakers and I can count on him for two touchdowns a game.”

In the beginning of the second half, Marman was still on Burton’s sideline with his uniform and shoulder pads off, but started talking to referees again. The officials stopped play and Marman had to be restrained by assistant coaches.

“I feel bad for him honestly,” said Balboa head coach Alvaro Carvajal. “It’s the final game of the season and to get ejected like that can’t be easy. I didn’t pay much attention to it after that. We just kept doing what we were doing on defense.”

The game featured several other heated confrontations and altercations.

“I told our guys out there that we need to just play our game and keep our composure,” said Balboa defensive captain and linebacker Christian Pulusian. “We just needed to not give up and keep up the pressure.”

For Burton, the 2010 season is officially over, but Rollins was proud of his team, which set a school record for wins this season.

“I reminded the guys that other players, coaches, and fans are always watching,” Rollins said. “Sometimes emotions run high, and even though [the Bucs were] not angels today, we needed to keep it together. We really ran out of gas at the end.”

Balboa will play top-seeded Mission High School in the AAA semifinals next week, who beat up Balboa 50-38 on Nov. 6. Carvajal sees the game as a chance at redemption.

“When we play Mission, we need to tackle and keep our heads on a swivel,” Carvajal said. “This is our chance for redemption and we need to prove it on defense. Our offense put up all those points, but [we] could have been better. [We’ll] be ready to go next week.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
Bal: 9:15 — Sean Katley 14-yard run (Conversion failed)
Bal: 6:49 — Andres Arellano 15-yard return on blocked punt (Eric Sutton pass from Kerati Apilakvanichakit on conversion)

Second Quarter
Bal: 10:11 — Greg Warren 91-yard run (Warren run on conversion)
Bur: 4:41 — Alex Moreno 4-yard run (Dumar Afalava run on conversion)
Bal: 2:44 — Sutton 41-yard pass from Apilakvanichakit (Warren carry on conversion)

Third Quarter
Bur: 10:58 — Allan Abilar 58-yard pass from Moreno (Conversion failed)
Bal: 2:47 — Sutton 14-yard pass from Apilakvanichakit (Sutton pass from Apilakvanichakit on conversion)

Fourth Quarter
Bur: 11:24 — Afalava 28-yard run (Simi Kofe run on conversion)
Bal: 10:32 — Warren 61-yard run (Sutton pass from Apilakvanichakit on conversion)
Bur: 8:18 — Afalava 41-yard run (Conversion failed)
Bal: 7:37 — Katley 34-yard pass from Apilakvanichakit (Sutton run on conversion)

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32 Comments on "Football: Balboa clinches final playoff spot with win over Burton"

  1. Coach Rollins has a long way to go to understanding how to coach a real varsity football team, he had a great team this year, but he obviously could not provide the needed guidance/control that couldve prevented the ejection of 2 players. Before refering to the other team as not being “angels”, first get your own team together. Wasted a bunch of talent this year.

  2. Coach Anthony has given those players nothing but guidance on and off the field this year. I am a parent of a football player on that team. He has a lot more to deal with than the average football coach and has done a great job with the boys he had this year. He put them in position to do something they have never done before. Way to turn around the coach. It is never called a waste of talent if they actually had a chance to showcase their talent. Some people should try to be more involved before they say stupid stuff. The puma family looks forward to next season. My son and family thank u for a great season.

  3. That first person obviously doesn’t know coach ant. I am a player and can speak for him. He had those guys under control but y’all have to understand that when you r on the field somethings r just out of your control. U get a different feeling that comes over you. I respect coach Ant. He is a hell of a head coach. He took us from nothing to competing for Playoffs. You other dummies should stop being fair weather critcs. When we were winning y’all were saying how smart and good he was for having us be disciplined and well behaved. Then we lose and y’all saying he’s got a lot to learn and he wasted a lot of talent. I can tell by the way that first post was written that person is never around, hasn’t been around lately or is just stupid. Maybe all three. Either way, good season pumas. I love every last one of y’all. And Coach Ant, dont listen to the haters. This season changed my life. Thank u. U will see me again. U know who this is.

  4. Wow, that first post was a lttle uncalled for they make it seem Like burton didnt have an awsome season. Lol at the dude who said he wasted talent. Some people need their key boards taken away and have their eyes checked. I was at this game and yes there were emotions that over flowed and players ejected but u can’t control everything once a player crosses that white line. The other team wasn’t Angels. They had their fair share of plays where I saw pushing and shoving after the whistle. I’ve watched coach Ant coach up at Burton for a few seasons now and no one has ever had anything bad to say about him. On top of that, all the kids respect him and play hard for him. If some kids got out of control in the game it wasn’t bcuz coach ant didn’t have control or discipline but bcuz THEY R KIDS. let’s take a pole now, those who feel like that first poster should is way off say “I” before your post. C’mon y’all. Don’t let them talk about Ur coach and Ur team like that. Let them know what coach ant an the pumas r all about. Good season guys. I look forward to next year.

  5. Them pumas were not puttin in work. they went out like true cowards, with no type of sportsman like conduct. it looked the the saint vs. lions game out there. that will be the closes that the pumas will ever make it to a playoff game in school history

  6. how to coach a real varsity team, says the first post. the pumas are a real varsity team. they played hard yesterday. The first post doesnt know anything about Burton football or is just a hater. you can tell because no one even calls him coach Rollins. They sound like they have a personal beef. (Coach Ant) has provided a lot of guidance to a lot of troubled kids on that team. this is the first time this football team has NOT lost a single player because of below average grades. They worked hard in the class room and on the field. they have come a long way. They had some set backs but remember they are kids. Look at the college level and the pros, they have anger control problems, they get into pushing matches on the field all the time. No one blames the coach. The players have to be responsible for their actions on the field. I have been at all burtons games this year and this is the first time they have had any anger issues. I’ve also seen them get better after each game. Props to that coaching staff. @ Puma, for the record only one player got ejected which was #20. the linemen took himself out the game.

    Anytime you can take a failing program and turn it into what coach Ant and those other coaches did, you can not say they wasted a bunch of talent. Pumas should be proud. see you next year.

  7. the deep ball | November 13, 2010 at 12:09 PM |

    I go to Bal and I have to say that the game at burton was pretty crazy. you can tell that burtons team self distructed. They did have a lot of good plays on offense but they could not stop us with their defense. long live the spread. I also know coach Ant. he has always seemed like a good guy to me and from all the post It looks like I was right. As far as having control, I played for him one year and his biggest point was having discipline and playing with a controlled rage. We all respected him. While my heart is a Buc, I’m not gone just let these guys bad mouth coach Ant. Keep up the good work Ant. Burton football players…..well, just keep tryin.

  8. I know the burton football team players and I know how bad they wanted this. Im sorry it had to end on such a sour note with delron and edrick acting like that. yall really needed those guys. wsup coach ant, I see you got haters now. You know what Katt williams said “if you have haters then you must be doing something right” keep up this thing goin. I know you can get us there.

    Burton is going to the playoffs next year. @ the truth, YOU LIE.

    Sorry bal but even if you beat mission, which I doubt, then yall gone get handled by wash(again) on tday.

  9. why everybody flamin dude for that first post? he only said his opinion. Coach Rollins,/ant, i have watched him do his thing on the field as well as had convos with him.. He is a smart guy. Does he have some things to learn? sure. hes a young coach but you cant deny that he has done more with this team/program in half a season that most coaches dont do in half a career as a head coach. these kids were bad( on and off the field) He has done a pretty good job of keeping those boys in line. The league better watch out for this guy. Young, smart and dedicated. yall gave burton a taste of success and they all gone be hungry for more.
    Good luck to bal in the playoffs. Please beat mission. they are feeling themselves way too much.

  10. there are some heated people on here. A lot of yall r right though. There are some haters out there that will say this was a fluke year for burton and they aint gone do nothin next year. I was at the game yesterday and there were even haters there yelling from the stands at the kids on the field. And they were in the home crowd. they crackn on coach ant about controlling his team but its no wonder the kids were outta controll (emotionally) on the field, the parents and family were just yelling stupid stuff to home team players. Coach Ant could have prevented those ejections alright……by telling security to kick out those parents in the stands. If I was a kid I would have lost it too.

  11. vtech runner | November 13, 2010 at 1:01 PM |

    LOL. those parents were wild. Some other parents told them to be quiet and sit down after a while. then they start yelling at coach ant to change the plays. then when burton scored they would shut up for a little bit. Defense and egos hurt the pumas. one you need, one you dont.

  12. child please | November 13, 2010 at 1:19 PM |

    can you imagine how you would feel if you are a senior and playing in your last game at home, your losing your chance to go to your first ever playoff game and when you come to the side line, you have parents yelling how much you suck? but some people put the blame on the coach. Those kids were angry, and when they looked to their support system(fans/family) to pick them up, the support system put them down. I’m pretty sure they were there to support #4 with the dreads. So #4, you can thank your family/friends/fans because they helped your football team self destruct and lose this game.

    Burton football players, keep your heads up. You’ll be back. coach ant and the other coaches, just keep pushing those boys to be the best they can be.

  13. Semi is #4. He was supposed to be raw and he got shut down in the game. and now we find out that those were his folks in the stands. lol. how embarrassing. I go to Bal but I was on the burton side and every body kept lookin over there trying to see who they were. POW! Delron gets kicked out in the 1st quarter, POW! Linemen fighting gets kicked out the game, POW! burton players shot themselves this game. But my bucs was killing that defense though. I did like that little spin thing burton did on offense. I couldnt tell who had the ball. wsup Dumar, keep ya head up cousin you tried.

  14. Coach Ant is a really good coach it isn’t his fault us pumas lost. I don’t want to say we lost the game because of the refs but you guys have to admit there were so many BS calls on the ref. They called a personal foul on #69 for chopping or something like that and #69 was on the sideline. Burton also got a penality because we weren’t standing behind the yellow line and Delron got ejected because the ref told him not to run out of bounds when he got pushed. coach ant is a really great coach he taught us a lot when our head coach grayson quit coach ant stepped up along with coach daniels and ed without them we wouldnt have gotten the most wins in the season in burton history im honored to have played with my team and be coached by Coach Ant, Daniels, and Ed

  15. Orgy and D.Mua | November 13, 2010 at 5:08 PM |

    #69 i am one of the seniors from Burton and my coach did a great job and no one is going to dis him and get away with me not saying anything about it. coach ant did a great job with what he had he put us in positions to win and if we lost it was our fault.he was there to help me be a better player and a better leader and also a better person.he helped me overcome obstacles and fears. we felt pressured to not let down anyone which is the reason i think we selfdestructed when things were not going our way we started arguing with each other. thnx to our fans for supporting us through the whole season.thnx coach much love.

    #54I played for caoch ant for all 4 years in high school and i can say that he is a good coach. he never gave up on us even when were getting our butts kicked. he was the support some of us on the team needed he was always motivating us to do better and push ourselves to the limit. i enjoyed playing for him all of my highschool career and the pumas will rise. ONE TEAM ONE DREAM

  16. delron got ejected for punching one of the bal players then mocking the ref, others for repeatedly trying to pancake the other linemen well after the play was done.

  17. I am a dedicated puma parent that has always supported the pumas over the last three years. I can truly say burton has came a long way from the past. The moral, dedication to their grades, the team love for one another has played a great part. The team has excel tremendously, I think coach ant has made these guys feel like they are somebody. without making them feel like they were worthless. I know he would pat them on the back when they did good or bad. I know how hard this sport can be, getting beat up and knocked down that is more than itself. I never gave up on you guys I am a puma for life! Goooooood Joooooob!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

  18. Thank all the players, parents and everyone who supported me and the Burton puma football family this season and through out the years. Thank you again for having my back on this message board. I didn’t expect to see some one speaking negatively about me, the talent we have at burton or the program but it really warms my heart to see so many people vouch for me, the players and the program. I could not have done it by myself though. I had a lot of dedicated coaches and a lot of dedicated parents to help me push those boys in the right direction and make sure they know they have a strong support system around them.

    I’ve enjoyed coaching every single one of the players. For all the seniors, it has been a pleasure watching you all grown up to be men and get better at playing this game. I have no doubt that you all will make positive contributions to your community and make your families proud with whatever you chose to do after high school. Understand that this years team has set the bar to a new height for burton football. The goal next year is to move that bar even higher. From here, we will go forward(despite what others may think)

    To that first poster (Puma): While I don’t agree with your opinion, you have a right to it. If you feel like i am not giving these players the proper guidance they need then please feel free to volunteer your time, show up to practices and help out with that. You must know me or have been at the game because the article didn’t say anything about 2 players being ejected. Basically, You had the opportunity to come to me like an adult and bring this up and you didn’t. You’d rather try and down talk me on a high school sports web site and didn’t even say anything about the game. You’re funny. But go ahead and bring yourself out to the football field next year, we need funny people like yourself to help ease the tension. LOL. I had a very good group of student athletes this year and I did not waste a single talent. They all excelled and all got better. But if you feel like you can help, c’mon out because you know what they say; There are two types of people in this world, those who solve the problems and those who complain about them. You know which one you are so its time to be part of the solution or you can just stop talking crap on the internet and get a life. (did you really post at 7:30 am on a Saturday?) you’re the one who needs the guidance. Hopefully I’ll see you next football season.
    Great season pumas. It was a pleasure working with every single one of you. Thats from the heart. Walk around this city with your heads held high. You all took the program to new heights this year. The pumas will continue to rise above the haters.
    One last thing. This monday, if we can get 100% turn in for equipment, I will roll the field in honor of all those who have rolled it this past season.
    1 TEAM 1 DREAM.

  19. y no body talkin about Bal. They won the game. coach ant is prolly a good coach but what about Al. he beat coach ant and burton. hes the better coach. He also turned around a program at Bal. Yall cant be just giving them all the credit like they the only ones with kids that are hard to deal with. lets talk about football yall not electing a new mayor. Bal put up over 30pts again. they woulda beat mission if not for the turn overs. Lets go Bucs. yall got this.

  20. no one talks about bal because if the refs would not have helped them and burton had a full squad they would have kilt bal and thats a fact. so sorry bal mission takin it all this year

  21. To Bucs All day you say coach Al is a better coach than coach ant because he got you into playoffs but once the season is over will he still be there for you? probably not Coach ant was always there for us even if it wasn’t football related he took care of us. Coach Ant led us to the most wins in Burton Puma History and made sure we were safe and helped us with everything. And i know coach ant will still be at burton to help us out. Also to the person who said Delron got ejected because he punched a bal player you know thats a lie. Delron got hit and couldn’t stop so he crashed into bal’s players he didn’t punch anyone and the ref gave a penalty because Delron didn’t agree with him and then ejected him because he started clapping thats not worth getting ejected for and it seemed like after the ejection the refs were trying to call us on everything

  22. Their best player couldn’t calm down to even stay in the game. the refs helped bal a lot though. it coulda been a close game.

  23. The team that had less penalties and more self composure will when the game, the team that has more penalties and doesn’t know how to react under situations will lose. that has been burton’s problem from the start. and end.

  24. nice try burton hada decent season but the bucs out played u and out smarted u but their was no reason that 66 had to smash are running backs head in the ground that is a cheap shot

  25. First post was out of line. If you have something negative to say, tell it to the coach’s face. I played Burton for for 4 years and they never had more than 20 players on their team because of kids screwing around and not taking football seriously. It’s obvious this new coach has turned this program for the better. I’m not saying Burton’s gonna win a championship or anything soon, cus they’re far from that, but they’re a respectable team now and that coach should keep up the good work.

    Burton beat two teams that made the playoffs last year (Lincoln and Lowell). That’ s something to be proud of and to build on for next year. Sports are always about cycles of power. It seems that two dynasties have fallen. The AAA’s up for grabs now, and if the kids at Burton really want it they’ll be back next year for that turkey.

  26. so how did the bucs outsmart us exactly ? holding on offense but hiding it from the refs? or finding a way to piss us off cause they couldnt handle us at 100%

  27. if anything anon (above me)

    that sounds like “outsmarting” but your argument is flawed. Your saying it like Burton wasnt holding either, and you guys getting pissed is our fault?

  28. its easy to get pissed off when your losing. Its bad enough that your being held and the refs aint callin it but then when your team holds, the refs are all over it and they throwing flags. and they threw a lot of flags against burton. outsmarting them, i wouldnt say that but you cant say cheating either bcuz they didnt get caught. whatever, on to the mission game.


  30. I go to Bal and lemme tell you sumthin about our sexy spread offense. Putting up BIG points is NOTHING to our backs ; big ups to Greg Warren and Sean Katley for keeping calm @ burton. Kerati Apilakvanichakit ,here we are like we said and pretty much thanks to you LETS GO BUCS ALL DAY BABY TILL I DIE !!!!!

  31. man i aint gone lie bal is good they are a sleeoer team in the playoffs

  32. cant wait for the bal vs mission game. its going to be a high scoring game again.

    yes the pumas defeated lowell and lincoln but they were the two worst teams in the AAA and were both winless until they played each other during their games against each other.

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