Football: Turkey Day Pick ’em

Balboa and Washington line up in their regular-season meeting on Oct. 30 at Balboa High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Every Thursday, members of the staff, as well as a couple other local media members, will make predictions on the weekend’s games featuring our local San Francisco teams. Please feel free to make your own picks in the comment section and discuss the week’s games.

After 91 games this season, amazingly, we have a three-way tie at the top of our Pick ’em standings.

Bonta’s pick of Balboa over Mission put him into the first-place tie with Mitch and Dylan and today’s Turkey Day matchup will decide the winner of our prestigious competition.

If Washington wins, Bonta, a Washington grad, will take first place outright, but if Balboa wins, Dylan and Mitch will be tied for first. If there is a tie, the winner will be decided on the person closest to each team’s final score in the championship game.

The picks are listed below along with everyone’s overall and semifinal records, in order of the standings.

Dylan Kruse — Sports Editor, San Francisco Examiner (70-21 overall, 1-1 in semifinals)
Balboa 27, Washington 23

Mitch Stephens — Senior writer/columnist, (70-21 overall, 1-1 in semifinals)
Balboa 29, Washington 28

Bonta Hill — Writer, (70-21 overall, 2-0 in semifinals)
Washington 20, Balboa 19

Jeremy Balan — Editor, (68-23 overall, 2-0 in semifinals)
Washington 27, Balboa 22

Ernest Stone — Writer, (66-25 overall, 1-1 in semifinals)
Balboa 32, Washington 26

Josh Levine — Writer, (58-33 overall, 1-1 in semifinals)
Balboa 34, Washington 16

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  1. BIG E says:

    Looks like Bonta wins.

    36-6 Washington

  2. BEAR HUNTER says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    lolz thats why mission got beat on 28-8??? bear hunter your name also contradicts that you root for mission

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