Football: Pulusian named AAA player of the year, Washington tops first-team selections

Balboa senior Christian Pulusian breaks away from a Washington defender on Oct. 30 at Balboa High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Selections were made by Academic Athletic Association coaches, not staff.

AAA Player of the Year: Christian Pulusian, senior, Balboa

Balboa senior Christian Pulusian breaks away from a Washington defender on Oct. 30 at Balboa High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Back of the Year: Quincy Nelson, senior, Galileo

Galileo senior running back Quincy Nelson evades a Mills defender on Sept. 3 at Mills High School in Millbrae. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Defensive Player of the Year: LeVander Moore, senior, Washington

Defensive Back of the Year: Waynelle Buckner, senior, Galileo

Galileo senior Waynelle Buckner takes the ball upfield against Balboa on Oct. 8 at Galileo Academy. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Offensive Lineman of the Year: David Manumua, senior, Burton

Burton senior David Manumua during pregame festivities before the Pumas' game against Balboa on Nov. 12 at Burton High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Edgar Ulu, senior, Marshall

Receiver of the Year: Alec Tatum, senior, Mission

Mission senior Alec Tatum lines up against Lincoln on Oct. 22 at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Special Teams Player of the Year: Jeremy Jetton, senior, Washington

Washington senior running back Jeremey Jetton runs in a touchdown against Lincoln on Oct. 1 at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

Raymon Bass Scholar Athlete: Kerati Apilakvanichakit, senior, Balboa

Balboa senior quarterback Kerati Apilakvanichakit throws the ball down field against Burton on Nov. 12 at Burton High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Co-Head Coaches of the Year: Joe Albano, Mission and Anthony Rollins, Burton

Mission head coach Joe Albano on the sideline at Lowell High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Burton players working out during the summer while head coach Anthony Rollins (right) looks on. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

First Team

Dumar Afalava, senior running back, Burton
Kerati Apilakvanichakit, senior quarterback, Balboa
Richard Allen, senior wide receiver/defensive back, Marshall
Waynelle Buckner, senior wide receiver/defensive back, Galileo
Mane Fale, sophomore defensive line, Mission
Devonta Gaines, senior running back, Mission
Lazare Gubeladze, senior running back/defensive back, Lincoln
Galen Hall, senior running back/linebacker, Washington
Davon Hardgraves, junior quarterback, Mission
Amine Houri, senior linebacker, Mission
Jeremy Jetton, senior running back/defensive back, Washington
Anson Jiang, senior offensive line/defensive line, Washington
Travelle Johnson, senior wide receiver, Marshall
Sean Kately, senior running back/linebacker, Balboa
William Kay, senior linebacker, Galileo
Kensie Lee, senior running back/linebacker, Lowell
Kevin Liu, senior offensive line/defensive line, Washington
Jonathan Lu, senior quarterback/linebacker, Galileo
Algeron Malbrough, junior wide receiver/linebacker, Mission
Max Malloy, senior linebacker, Galileo
David Manumua, senior offensive line/defensive line, Burton
LeVander Moore, senior tight end/linebacker, Washington
Quincy Nelson, senior running back/defensive back, Galileo
David Pan, senior offensive line/defensive line, Balboa
Christian Pulusian, senior running back/tight end/linebacker, Balboa
Joseph Satale, senior fullback, Burton
Jaleel Stancil, senior fullback/linebacker, Mission
Alec Tatum, senior wide receiver, Mission
Edgar Ulu, senior offensive line/defensive line, Marshall
Greg Warren, senior running back/defensive back, Balboa
Devon White, junior defensive line, Washington

Second Team
Sergio Alvarado, sophomore offensive line/defensive line, Washington
Marcus Blacksher, senior quarterback, Marshall
Kyle Brenes, senior running back/linebacker, Balboa
Michal Brzozek, junior offensive line, Galileo
Jose Cestoni, senior offensive line, Lincoln
Matthew Dabit, junior offensive line/defensive line, Balboa
Laron Davis, junior linebacker, Mission
Young Ene, senior fullback, Galileo
Darius Grays, junior defensive line, Mission
Joshua Kid, junior offensive line/defensive line, Washington
Matt Lee, senior tight end/defensive line, Lowell
Collin Luu, junior tight end/defensive line, Lincoln
Lajarie Mabrey, junior running back, Washington
Delron Marman, junior fullback/linebacker, Burton
David Milburn, senior running back, Galileo
Travis Price-Moku, senior defensive back, Mission
Abraham Musallam, senior wide receiver/defensive back, Balboa
Edgardo Palacios, senior tight end, Burton
Davis Sagiao, senior offensive line/defensive line, Marshall
C.J. Silvestre, senior fullback/defensive line, Lowell
Douglas Snoddy, sophomore offensive line/defensive line, Lincoln
Larry Stubbs, senior running back, Burton
Eric Sutton, senior wide receiver/defensive back, Balboa
Michael Theodorides, senior offensive line, Lowell
Erik Wilson, senior tight end/defensive back, Galileo
Hassan Zahir, senior tight end/linebacker, Lincoln
Jonathon Zhang, senior offensive line/defensive line, Washington
Will Zolan, sophomore tight end/linebacker, Lowell

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7 Comments on "Football: Pulusian named AAA player of the year, Washington tops first-team selections"

  1. Wow! 31 players on First Team; That’s a bit much…Should only be 1 set of starters (11 on O plus 11 on D plus a K/P and maybe 1 utility player)….

  2. Yeah Bad Bill, that is way too much! I totally agree with your assesment. I’ve never seen any end of season honors in any sports with that many all league players.

  3. I agree. But, don’t take anything away from the awards. They’re all well deserved. In this day and age, any player who can make grades, show up to practice, survive two a-days in the summer, and contribute to their team, gets a pat on the back from me. If the honor helps a kid get a scholorship, great.

    Trivia Question(s):
    In one season, how many AAA teams, were ranked #1 in the Bay Area coaches poll? Went undefeated, and had Coach, Player, Lineman, and Back of the year, all on the same team? Who were they? Can you name the year, and the team?
    I can think of only ONE.

    Alumni Ric, you should get this one.
    Hint: Nice jacket. :)

  4. ^
    Lincoln high did it three years consecutively (06-08). So I guess that makes it more than one team.

  5. Anon,
    Was Lincoln ever ranked # 1 in not just the AAA, but the whole Bay Area? Plus also, have Coach, Player, Back, and Lineman of the year, all in the same team, in the same season?
    Lincoln did have a great run, but how did they stack up outside of the City? Also, did they ever sweep the Player, Coach, Lineman, and Back of the year honors in the same year? Did any AAA team?

  6. Bal’s 1970 squad was undefeated and ranked #1 in the Bay Area heading into Turkey Day but in one of the most memorable T-Days ever Lowell stunned them. I know the Bucs did not sweep the awards that year because Lowell QB Craig Kimball was honored with the Player Of the Year award for his memorable performance (Craig Kimball Game) in that Turkey Day Game.

    Lincoln recently won 4 straight titles but they were hardly #1 in the Bay Area as De La Salle has held that honor for years. Plus Lincoln was embarrassed in the first and only Bay Bowl against Oakland’s Champion.

    Balboa’s 1975 team went undefeated and sweep all the honors with Player of the Year, Back of the Year, and Lineman of the Year. I don’t know if they were ranked #1 in the Bay Area but they would of made a strong case.

  7. Alumni Ric,

    Balboa’s 1975 team, also had Coach of the Year.
    Great job. You know your stuff. You win a Garrett’s ice cream cone. :)
    Be Well.
    See you next season.

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