Girls Basketball Top 10: Mercy makes a move

The Washington bench cheers on its teammates against Terra Nova on Friday at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

The Washington bench cheers on its teammates against Terra Nova on Friday at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Every Monday, we will be compiling a poll of local media members to rank the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section. Voters include staff, Mitch Stephens from and, Dylan Kruse from the San Francisco Examiner and Lee Hubbard from

1. St. Ignatius (4-1, last week’s ranking: 1)
The Wildcats did nothing to warrant a drop from last week’s top spot, with blowout wins over Lynbrook (4-2) and Skyline (1-5).

2. Sacred Heart Cathedral (3-2, last week’s ranking: 2)
The Irish got a couple of third-place votes this week, likely because of a 72-44 loss to East Bay powerhouse Carondelet (2-0). They did get a win earlier in the week, however, against Santa Rosa (3-3).

3. Lowell (8-1, last week’s ranking: 3)
Last week, we said the Cardinals were still the team to beat in the AAA, and they didn’t disappoint, with wins over San Jose (2-4), St. Francis-Mountain View (4-2), St. Francis-Watsonville (3-1), Scotts Valley (3-1) and Mt. Pleasant (3-2).

4. Mercy (6-0, last week’s ranking: 6)
The Skippers rolled in the El Camino tournament with a solid win over Drake (2-1) and two blowout victories over Capuchino (0-6) and Mt. Eden (2-3).

5. Washington (4-3, last week’s ranking: 7)
Washington moved up, but struggled after winning its opening game against Menlo-Atherton (0-5) in the Terra Nova Tournament. The Eagles had two 20-point losses to Terra Nova (4-0) and Monte Vista (6-1) in the last two games of the tournament.

6. University (3-3, last week’s ranking: 10)
After a 3-point loss to previously undefeated Castilleja (5-2) to start their week off, the Red Devils rallied back to beat College Prep (1-5) and International (2-2).

7. Convent (1-4, last week’s ranking: 5)
The Cubs struggled offensively in a loss to Branson (4-2) in their only game of the week.

8. Galileo (4-2, last week’s ranking: 8)
The Lions won their first game of the week against Oceana (1-2), but suffered a disheartening, 40-point loss to Branson (4-2) later in the week.

9. Lincoln (3-3, last week’s ranking: 4)
The Mustangs’ precipitous drop may be a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, after losses to Irvington (2-4) and Oakland (2-5) in the Alameda Tournament last week.

10. Wallenberg (2-4, last week’s ranking: 9)
The Bulldogs are hanging on to the final spot after a win over South San Francisco (4-5), which was sandwiched between losses to Mt. Eden (2-3) and Hillsdale (3-0).

Also receiving votes: Mission (2-2), Lick-Wilmerding (3-4), Bay (3-2)

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  1. How can a 1-4 team be ahead of a 4-2 team? What’s even more interesting, they’re in the top 10.

  2. if you check the schedules of those 2 teams you will have your answer

  3. Interesting point, but no team that only has one win should be ranked. If you have a tough schedule, you are expected to play at a certain level. That level of play has yet to be reached (though I’m not saying that it won’t). Additionally, I’m pretty sure they are not the only one’s with a tough schedule. It’s just odd that a 1-4 team would even be considered to be ranked.

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