Boys Basketball: Fight following Lincoln-Marshall game could lead to suspensions

By Jeremy Balan

(Developing story)

A physical altercation between fans and players after the Marshall-Lincoln boys basketball game on Tuesday may lead to repercussions for both schools, pending a review by the CIF-San Francisco Section office.

After Lincoln’s 55-44 win, as the Phoenix were exiting the court, multiple Marshall players began fighting with a group of fans after they were apparently incited by verbal affronts.

CIF-San Francisco Section Commissioner Don Collins acknowledged he got a report of the incident, but would not comment on any potential disciplinary action until this office received more information.

“We’ll look into it and deal with it when we find out who did what, and there will be ramifications if they are merited,” Collins said.

According to Lincoln interim head coach Matt Jackson, Lincoln athletic director Kenyatta Scott and Marshall head coach Dezebee Miles, no Lincoln players were involved.

“The teams had already shaken hands and when Marshall was walking to the locker room, I turned around and it was like a melee broke out,” Jackson said. “The game wasn’t even rough, but this [wasn’t a fight between] Lincoln and Marshall [basketball players].”

“I’m not sure where it started or how it started, but there were three fights going on at the same time. It all just happened so fast. It was pandemonium,” Miles said. “All I could do was go from one fight to the other and make sure no one got hurt.”

Scott insinuated that the fans involved were not associated with either of the schools.

“There were some outsiders involved in the altercation,” Scott said. “We were able to squelch it and we will be doing interviews as we get more information.”

Jackson feels confident that Lincoln players will not have to deal with any suspensions, because none were involved in the altercation, but the same can’t be said for Miles and Marshall. Any potential suspensions would be seriously detrimental to the Phoenix, who currently have eight active players on their roster.

“I wouldn’t be surprised [if there were suspensions],” Miles said. “I would hope not, but I don’t know how people feel about what just happened. It’s not like we haven’t had problems in the past, before I became coach here. This isn’t going to help.”

While the potential repercussions could impact Marshall on the court, Miles is more concerned with problems off of it.

“I’m just torn apart after all of this stuff,” Miles said. “It’s so sad that this neighborhood stuff creeps into sports, coming to our games trying to start fights. I just hope no one got hurt and hope this doesn’t go any further. I’m afraid because this could be elevated to a whole other level. They could end up finding even more dangerous situations in the neighborhoods. Because it was outsiders, you never know.”

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3 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Fight following Lincoln-Marshall game could lead to suspensions"

  1. theoatis hill jr | January 20, 2011 at 9:12 AM |

    I just hope this stay away from all the kids of Mashall high it’s hard enough keeping play on the court and now with possible suspension coming it could be a lot games Marshall may have to miss all together a troubled school in a troubled neighborhood.

  2. This is a real ugly situation. Hows does Marshall Head coach not have control of his team. I feel sorry for the Marshall players and assitant coach over there who works so hard to have a head coach who doesn’t have control of his team. You should see them during some of their time outs or during halftime, thier all over the place, that head coach is just dumb.

  3. i hope MARSHALL players are not to be blame for all this mess. they are good kids too.

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