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AAA boys basketball
Balboa 38, Lowell 35
Mission 73, O’Connell 32
Lincoln 73, ISA 46
Burton 67, Jordan 44
Washington 71, Galileo 29
Wallenberg 58, Marshall 52

AAA girls basketball
Washington 60, Galileo 20
Lowell 55, Balboa 38
Lincoln 74, ISA 38
Jordan 51, Burton 26
Wallenberg 60, Marshall 42

WCAL wrestling
St. Francis (Mountain View) 62, Sacred Heart Cathedral 18

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23 Comments on "Monday Scoreboard"

  1. Top teams in the AAA are, Lincoln,Washington,Mission,Lowell but i think we will be seeing Lincoln vs Washington in the championship

  2. I agree with the boss, Washington and Lincoln should be the last two teams standing in the AAA. However Mission will be in the mix.

  3. prep bb observer | January 25, 2011 at 11:34 AM |

    What happened to Lowell & Marshall last night.? Wallenberg is playing much better now that A Brown is playing.

  4. I would love to see Lincoln and Washington play head to head in the championship , Mission is def in the mix. But when Lincoln gets back some
    Key players due to eligibility they have a good chance in winning triple A this year

  5. i tink washington is a very good team, but lincoln is good too. i expect wallenberg and mission to upset some teams also.

  6. MISSION FAN | January 25, 2011 at 8:26 PM |

    i hate to say this but the bears got off the hook on this one. the mustangs gave you this win for sure. i am a bears fan, but damn, we were sloppy thru out the whole game and to win it against them, we were Very LUCKY!

  7. what IF there was a team made up of these five players?WHICH OR WHO WILL BE ON THE LIST? my list..

    sf…brendan (washington)
    c..kverok? (lincoln)
    sg..jeremy (washington)
    pg..,chris (lincoln)
    pf ..travis (MISSION)

    that will be a very hard team to go against. all star team i guess. (still dreaming)

  8. pg ..i will use marshall guard
    sg..i want lowell starter
    sf..i will use wallenburg starter
    pf.. i will use marshall starter
    c..i will use washington starter

  9. what the heck…these kids are incredibly talented this year. good game majority of the time i go to them. can’t wait to see lincoln vs wallenburg this friday. gl to both teams.

  10. Lincoln vrs Lowell @ lincoln 5:30pm!!

  11. Clearly… Zelaya and coach ray are the only two guys that know how to win this league……the rest of you can keep dreaming.

  12. prep bb observer | January 26, 2011 at 10:35 AM |

    coaching & winning could be considered mutually exclusive.

  13. Who is lincoln missing?

  14. Lincoln is missing a good combo guard Anthony Henderson this kid is by far one of the best in the league i hope to see him out there come playoff time. This kid can knock down the 3, he’s athletic, fastest in AAA, he rebounds, he drives, great vision and he probably is one of the best passers in the league. Even tho he is not playing he been invited to camps in the summer and some schools want him. When he comes back he will be a factor to why lincoln can win it all.

  15. this is to all the hype about #5 from lincoln. he can’t play for shhhhh…come on, i thought he has game. the whole time against lowell, he just stood around and got school. he hasn’t done nuthin to impress anyone.

  16. To Lowell fan, that’s why he led both Lincoln and Lowell in scoring.

  17. c. young fan | January 26, 2011 at 9:32 PM |

    please don’t pay attention to all this. they want to mess with your game. there is something i need you to pay attention to is your game. u are doing just fine on the court but hey, u are not taking enough shots. u can stand around and expect things to happen. either u are playin a 1,2 or 3, you still got to move around to get open shots. by you not moving, hw can anyone on ur team get to you. i hope u understand what i am trying to say here. get ur game hat on from here on out. make them chase u around and create a play. take the shot if u r open. this is basketball, u have to shoot to score especially when u can score, u should take a shot. keep ur game face on and don’t let anyone tell you u r no good. u r clearly a very talented kid and if you don’t realize this by now, then i am here to tell you this. the offense u r running is run, run, run. remember that…

  18. c. young fan | January 26, 2011 at 9:39 PM |

    to all u haters out there putting bs up, u clearly don’t have a clue how to coach a team or play the game. the game of basketball consist of 5 players, all 5 need to play. if one doesn’t, then u only have four. and if two doesn’t, u got 3. u get the point here right. in order to win, u have to play as a team and tune everything else out. don’t try to be a hero and take poor shots. choose ur shot carefully and play defense. defense win games.

  19. Coaching mistakes today by lincoln caused that lost , come on coach Jackson , your whole bench could play and be productive and yet you let the same 5 players play the whole 4th quarter? They clearly had no energy or stamina to finish lowell off. I watched the Washington game and you did a good job matching your boys up and substituting in that 4th quarter

  20. lincoln is still a very good team. i hate to say this but the rest of the team need to step up. u got to get to your best shooter when you are down. coaching has nothing to do with this game. too manuy turnovers and u got to grab boards

  21. i don’t care what they say about you #5 from lincoln high. you are a very good player. i love watching you play at home. you make us at lincoln PROUD. GO CHRIS GO!!!


  23. Great job against Wallenberg Lincoln!

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