Boys Basketball: Enriquez and Springwater lead University to rout Marin Academy

University senior guard Noah Springwater drives into the teeth of the Marin Academy defense on Jan. 28 at University High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

University senior guard Noah Springwater drives into the teeth of the Marin Academy defense on Friday at University High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Jeremy Balan

University senior guards Noah Springwater and Zio Enriquez have been the catalysts for the Red Devils’ offense all season, and Bay Counties League West foes have come to realize that you may be able to stop one, but you won’t stop both.

Taking control of the game at separate times, the pair combined for 41 points to lead University to an impressive 77-50 win over visiting Marin Academy on Friday.

“Good teams have multiple threats and we have a tremendous one-two punch in Noah and Zio,” said University head coach Randal Bessolo. “That makes the game a lot easier.”

Springwater ruled early, blending solid early outside shooting with forceful drives into the paint, which led to 16 first-half points and a 36-22 University lead at the half.

University senior guard Zio Enriquez goes up for a contested shot against Marin Academy on Friday at University High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Springwater would finish with a game-high 25 points, but when he hit a cold shooting streak in the second half and ran into foul trouble, Enriquez picked up the slack.

After scoring just two points on 0-of-6 shooting in the first half, Enriquez responded with 14 of his 16 total points in the second, as the Red Devils extended their lead in each quarter.

“I tried to force it a little bit in the first half. Sometimes, when you try to do more, you get less,” Enriquez said. “Noah and I have good chemistry on the court, so when we notice one of us is struggling, we pick each other up.”

The win puts the Red Devils (16-5, 5-1) into a first-place tie with the Wildcats (15-6, 5-1), and it redeems a 60-57 loss to Marin Academy in their BCL West opener on Jan. 11. Since the loss, University has won five consecutive league games by an average of 34.2 points.

“We haven’t accomplished anything yet,” said University head coach Randal Bessolo. “We lost there last time and they showed they are a very good team, but we owed them one.”

Marin Academy handled University’s press with relative ease, but struggled against their half-court defense, committing 24 turnovers.

The turnovers stalled the Marin Academy attack throughout, but shooting struggles also plagued it, especially from three-point range, where the Wildcats connected on 3-of-19 attempts.

“I don’t think we came ready to play. We’re as good as they are, we just had a bad night,” said Marin Academy head coach Michael Coffino. “We committed a lot of unforced turnovers and just couldn’t shoot. Part of that was good defense, but most of it was that we just couldn’t hit shots we normally drain.”

The offensive struggles overshadowed a tremendous effort by Marin Academy senior forward Dashon Harris. Harris had a team-high 20 points and had a dominant night on the boards with 18 rebounds, nine coming on the offensive end.

Fellow senior Eric Johanson had 16 points and junior Luck Winfield added nine, but the rest of the Wildcats combined for just five total points.

“We were relying too much on [Harris],” Coffino said. “He scored 20, which happens with regularity, but we’re actually a pretty balanced team offensively, we just weren’t tonight.”

Coffino also took issue with the game’s environment. University’s small gym was packed for the game, with fans overflowing from the stands having to stand along the already cramped baselines.

“It’s a tough place to play, and it’s not a suitable place to have a basketball game,” Coffino said. “It’s too hot in there, that’s not good for anybody, and it’s really loud. It has an impact.”

He took issue with the University’s play on the court as well, and was not shy voicing his displeasure with the Red Devils’ coaching staff.

“I don’t have a lot of respect for their coach, and you can quote me on that,” Coffino said. “Nobody really likes him, because he presses teams and tries to run up the score, and I don’t see the point. It’s an AAU mentality, trying to punish people and humiliate them, and I don’t subscribe to that.”

The Red Devils did apply a full-court press for the entirety of the game, but according to Bessolo, that is the only defense they run, and even in blowouts, he uses the time for lightly-used reserves to get experience in the system.

The situation came to a head after the handshake between the two teams, when both coaching staffs exchanged heated words.

“We view Marin Academy as a very good team and part of our gameplan is to press the whole game,” Bessolo said. “And we executed our gameplan. I like Michael, he’s a very good coach, but it’s too bad he feels the way he does.”

Bessolo also threw a verbal jab of his own, maybe signaling the the ongoing rivalry between the two teams is nowhere near its peak.

“It’s likely we’re going to play them again [in the postseason] and that’s the one that’s going to matter,” Bessolo said. “On the message boards, some of the MA [people] were saying their first win was a dominant win, and frankly this is a better example of a dominating win. Last year when we won 79-41 in the playoffs, that was a better example of a dominating win.”

Scoring Leaders

Noah Springwater – 25
Zio Enriquez – 16
Matt Schneider – 10
Will Carroll – 8
David Medoff – 5

Marin Academy
Dashon Harris – 20
Eric Johanson – 16
Luke Winfield – 9
Sommer Stein – 3
Miles McCreary – 2

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80 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Enriquez and Springwater lead University to rout Marin Academy"

  1. Johnny Drama | January 29, 2011 at 7:35 AM |

    Even the coach is talking smack….gotta love it. They are a very good D-5, I repeat, D-5 team. They barely beat a cellar dwelling Riordan team so let’s not get ahead of ourselves coach. If I recall correctly, they’ve only played 2 good teams and lost to them both. The Noah kid can play, he can play with anybody but the other kids are average high school players. They do play well as a team but let’s not anoint them just yet.

  2. Who does that MA coach think he is? Why should he be able to insult others. What has he ever won? After what he said no one will ever like him. Who says that. He was acting like a girl. Cry baby. That man should be banned from the historic devil dome and owes many people and especially Bessolo an apology. And about running up the score, hes just jealous he doesnt have the excellent bench that the devils do. The bench is so good they dont know how not so score. If thats the worse thing about a team theyre going all the way to the state championship. And cof…whatever your name is please dont insult our team, coach, or arena until your team has won something important like we have. DEEEEEEEVVVVIIIILLLLLLSSSSSS

  3. in other news... | January 29, 2011 at 11:34 AM |

    Said Bessolo about MA’s gym: “It’s too cold and really quiet.” FACT

  4. i guess he noticed MA has no fans

  5. The Blue Raja | January 29, 2011 at 1:38 PM |

    If the MA coach can’t handle the heat, get out the kitchen. University ran the wildcats last night, there’s no other way to put it. This rivalry has been great competition in every sport, and every other coach acts appropriately after a loss. It’s flat out childish for the MA coach to act the way he did, and he should act responsible and bring it the next game. You heard no negative feedback after University lost at MA, and I would’ve expect the same after this game. University flat out outplayed the wildcats last night, and the MA coach should suck it up, swallow his pride, and prepare his team for the next faceoff rather than entertain such back-and-forth bickering.

  6. Really Coach? Really. yes it was loud, we have a good enough team to cheer for. get over it and stop acting like the gym scored 30 points for us. you got beat, somtimes ur team just isnt as good. also, we didnt leave our starters in the whole time, though the lick coach seemed to think that too, its just our 2nd team is still better than your first team. And how could u possibly cry about us still scoring when ur fans were talking the trash they were on the uhs>lick page? You have managed to fail at nutting up, so u best start shutting up.

  7. Scooba Steve | January 29, 2011 at 3:52 PM |

    i am a kid that has lived in the city his whole life and i have met Besselo a few times around the city playing hoops and have the upmost respect for him. I don’t go to University by time and time again when i saw Randy he was helping other random kids out on their game, for example he even started a basketball league for under-privileged kids at Hamilton Rec. a couple years back. He is a great guy. He is also a great coach and you can see he is respectful to the other team after the game.

    As to the MA coach he needs to be more professional and learn how to speak to media. Even if your thinking bad thoughts like that, its better to keep your mouth shut. Funny thing is high school kids know more about sportsmanship and how to respectfully do an interview that this coach. The athletic director or somebody should tell this guy to stop making excuses about fans, the gym, or the coach. Instead he should shake the other teams and get his team ready for when they play them again.

    Coaches egos ruin sportsPERIOD!

  8. the MA coach is a joke, take the loss and accept. Stop acting like some 7 year-old kid who just loss a one on one pick up game or one of those overly competitive old geezers that loss 4 on 4 games at a local park and rec.
    man those old unsportsman-like like geezers at local recs are the worst and they hav somethin in common with the MA no respect or sportsmanship.

  9. some perspective | January 29, 2011 at 5:00 PM |

    for all the pro Uni fans on here talkin’ big stuff cause they won a rematch game after losing the first and all those ragging on MA’s coach, lets not distort facts please. Coach Coffino never insulted randy here (insult being simply defined as name calling), he just said he doesn’t respect the way he goes about his business, which is a fair thing to say (40k a year for high school should teach you some better reading comprehension than that boys & girls). Obviously he was upset for many reasons and wasn’t diplomatic, but so what, its his right. His only complaint about the gym was that they have fans standing along the baseline. Thats not safe for the players, is a fire hazard and if they want to have all those fans in there they should move to a bigger gym much like other schools in that league have had to do. To say those things is not acting like a child or cry baby or a girl (good thing that 40K a year education teaches you prep children some manors and how not to be sexist…). His ego has nothing to do with his comments. His criticism has nothing to with a rec league for “under-privileged” kids (which is an ignorant term) or helping out kids with their shot. It has to do with how he conducts his business as a coach. dont get it twisted.

    Don’t forget that these are division 5 kids, very few of whom will continue on to play after high school at a competitive level. The idea that a coach’s game plan needs to be about punishing, or hammering, or embarrassing these KIDS at this level is a joke, no matter the opponent. Coach coffino calling those things out is not a joke, its legit. THe lick coach said as much only did it in a more diplomatic way. The drew coach was furious at how UHS handled them in a blow out too. This isn’t the NBA, or the NCAA, these are kids playing ball for their high school at the 2nd lowest level the state has to offer. There is no need to press till the final buzzer in a 20 point win, using your starters until the last 2 minutes (yes they were in till then, not all, but the stars were & if you say otherwise you’re lying…) and having your players push the ball up the floor for a pull up 3 with under a minute left as Uni did in this game. Theres just no place for that garbage at this level. To accuse MA of having no sportsmanship because their coach spoke out against that kind of approach to the game is beyond the pot calling the kettle black, its simply absurd. THere is no room at this level for that kind of approach. If randy wants to do that, save it for his AAU squad or he go get a job at a real school that plays at an elite level or the college level, if he can…

    I know its hard for you Uni supporters/students to keep some realistic perspective on this since ya’ll are mostly a bunch of super-privileged little kids who think the world revolves around you and everything you’re involved in is a big deal. But hey, guess what, its not. this is low level competitive high school sports. Winning is important of course and you can enjoy your little rivalries, but it shouldn’t get in the way of class and putting all the kids involved first. running up scores by pressing the whole game and jacking up shots on the break in blow outs isn’t about going hard or any other phrase you want to use to justify it, its about class and character and clearly uni – its coach, its ad, its student body – demonstrates little in the way of that. Randy wants to say thats just how they play, but thats BS. He can practice other defenses, get his scrubs more run, he can do a lot of things differently but he’d rather embarrass his competition instead of having some class and perspective, and that folks is a shame, a joke, childish, and weak.

  10. some perspective | January 29, 2011 at 5:07 PM |

    oh ya, one last thing. Why is randy so concerned with what a bunch of random people who are probably students say on the message board of some blog/ pseudo news outlet? I think that shows how truly insecure and obsessed he is with his little coaching “career.” Perspective seems to allude him as his insure brain believes these games are such big deals that this pseudo press means anything other than giving these kids, who would NEVER get this from the real press, something to enjoy and feel good about. What people say on here should never enter his thought process, but i guess thats how uni is from top to bottom, they think they’re so big time when really it ain’t. Its for the kids randy, not your pathetic insecure ego. figure it out dude, and learn how to have some class and perspective.

  11. just some facts | January 29, 2011 at 5:41 PM |

    Tuition for both schools is 32k with each school having about 20% of its student body receive financial aid.

  12. thats funny… i dont see randy anywhere on these message boards. also, before u start talking bad about uhs kids as a whole, note that ma also has a rep of being some of the biggest douches around. as do many of other schools for people lucky enough to have that kind of money. also, what the 40k didnt teach you is that to read what he said and then THINK about the implications. fact: not all of the starters were out until 2 minutes, correct, another prespective on that fact, kids i had not seen play more than 2 minutes in 3 or 4 games were getting significant time. he can complain all he wants about the baselines… but i did not see that effect the play at all (that said, im not sure i would have picked up on it if its a subtlety of basketball… but dont the warriors use to have cheerleaders sit on their baseline?). also in other teams i have played on (not bball), we have run up the score to use it as practice for when we have harder games (though i cant acertain that this was randy’s mindset)

    so lets say ur not a starter on any given team, and then, during a big win over a rival who has been talking smack for a week (in a fairly public enviorment) leading up to this game about how much better they are, you are put in. would you like to nullify the importance of you pt by giving ma the ball, becuase u feel sorry for the same guy who was talking about how much better they were and how the whole bay was wrong, the only” hiccup” was was uhs’s comeback in that game? if you play easy, I cant say I respect you very much (note the diplomatic way of saying what i really think of ur manhood).

    Yes its d5, and yes, few of the players may go on to play in the college level, but to the players, they do find this game important, because its how they test themselves and measure their own athletic sucsess.


    Shame on every d5 basketball player who gives every game his all. shame on them for trying to be good at somthing, shame on those who have the courage to get after it.

  13. oh and jbalan, those of who arent throughly embarrassed by our coach’s whining being published for all to see, actually do enjoy this site. Im all for it, thank you.

  14. Some perspective on perspective ft. the blue raja | January 29, 2011 at 6:20 PM |

    You’re right, we’re both D5 schools. And you’re also right, not many of the players will play competitively at the next level. But to try to insult us with a bunch of stereotypical BS and some made up facts hints at your own insecurity. We know what the facts are: you guys don’t like our gym, you guys don’t like our coach, you guys don’t like our game. Fair enough. But don’t try to make this thread about something that it isn’t. You won’t see any comments from our side about the MA attitude or stereotype because we’re talking about the game, not some grudge that has been held for UHS for decades. Let’s talk about basketball, and let’s keep it on basketball. It’s as simple as that

  15. dear some perspective | January 29, 2011 at 7:13 PM |

    Dear Some Perspective,
    I believe you just good proverbially shot down. Ouch.
    That’s too bad. Because it looks like you put a lot of effort into that post.
    Your effort in the aforementioned post is ironic if D-5 sports are as inconsequential as you think they are.
    Mr. Coffino should also really think about getting his hair done in another way. It looked like he was standing in a wind tunnel. Classy suit though.

  16. some perspective | January 29, 2011 at 8:02 PM |

    @”hahah” and blue raja (mostly hahah). you clearly are emotional rather than rational and thus not understanding my points. Lets be clear about some things – the MA fans or players, or parents or whoever commented on the lick-uni article did so because they felt disrespected by the authors word choices. They, for the most part, made simple statements to the contrary of his opinionated reporting, which generally is poor journalistic practice (balan, dont feel bad because you’re working on your career, but this isn’t exactly the chronicle, you know that & you should know too that when reporting on something you should leave all subjective input out, its fox’s job to mix the two, not yours). Thats not exactly talking smack, and even if it is talking smack, so what? that should have nothing to do with the coach’s approach. That isn’t his business, thats the players, he should be uninfluenced by it. and i think we can all agree that being up 20 points in the 4th quarter is a loud enough response to whatever perceived smack talk was taking place. So as for your assertion that bench players who get time should “go hard” because of this smack talk is pretty outrageous and frankly just supports my point that uhs has no real perspective and totally misses the point. Sure they can play hard, but its classless for their coach to have them continue to full court pressure when they have huge leads with little time left or to instruct them to push the ball up the floor and jack up 3’s.

    I never said they should just lay down and hand MA the ball to give them a chance to get back in the game. The idea that you must run up the score in order to prepare for “harder” opponents is the most nonsensical thing said on this board so far. You can practice other aspects of your game. you can play D without pressing full court. You can score without pushing the fast break and jacking up 3’s. You know when the time to practice for other teams are? PRACTICE DUDE, are you serious with that. There’s a way to win with class and theres a way to win without class, and unfortunately uhs always chooses the latter (and i guess so do these “other” teams you play for “hahah”).

    As for the baseline defense, this isn’t the warriors dude. This is d5 high school basketball. Could you aid my points any better?? i mean really, youre gonna compare a d5 high school basketball game to a professional sports team who’s only purpose is to create revenue hence the addition of court side and baseline seating? common now, thats just absurd. Urban’s gym was(is) painfully small and presented dangers to the players so they moved their games elsewhere to support larger crowds and safer playing environments. The ONLY reason uhs doesn’t do the same is because they believe that it gives them an advantage, which it does. But its irresponsible to continue that practice and that is emblematic of their values.

    I never claimed randy to be on here inciting anything by posting his opinion (thats silly, I think he knows better), my comment was based of his quote at the end. I thought i was clear about that, but i guess that expensive education fails again (you can keep assuming my background as i do you, but youd be wrong, i promise & im pretty sure i never directly supported MA in my comments, only MA’s coach’s stance on randy). The name calling is a nice mature touch by you though. blue raja, did you even read the other comments on here and the other thread, i think your peers made it not about basketball, unless “little girl” “cry baby” “cocky” “pathetic” “nutting up” and “low character” are basketball terms or plays. Is “cry baby” uni’s high screen spread offense or is it their half court trap? I do believe there were not comments after the previous match’s between these two because there were no articles, and at least none that were circulated so much. so thats a pretty weak point you make.

    But “hahah” i agree with you about the kids. Not once did I ever say anything about the players approach to the game. If they wanna get hyped about smack talk, and want to pound their rival and play like this is the NCAA tourney, good, i hope they do. I hope they get as much out of this experience as possible. The perspective i was trying to give was for the coach’s, not the players. I agree with you that for these kids, this stuff is big, its huge, its, as you say, how they measure their athletic success. It gives them a chance to compete that they may not have else where or in the future. I know when i played high school ball not so long ago it meant everything to me, i dont wanna take that away from any of the kids. For the students who dont play who want to run their mouth, i think its a bit silly to get so carried away considering the reality of the BCL and where it stands in grand scheme of high school basketball, but i understand it and just hope they dont take it to far. I get that the peers and cheerleaders help build the atmosphere, but they should have some perspective on it. for the players though, i dont deny them their right to take this as seriously as any player at any level. if you actually read what i wrote, i make it pretty clear that its about the kids, not the coach or the school. Unfortunately randy seems to think the opposite.

    He can say to his kids in pre-game “i wanna make a statement”, “i want you to go hard for 32 minutes”, “i want them to know how good we are”, “this is payback,” etc. Thats all good, but when youre up huge and you continue to apply pressure and pound the opposition as a coach, its just adding insult to injury and thats just not acceptable and unnecessary at this level. These are kids he’s competing against, not young men in college, or grown men in the pro’s, you shouldn’t ever make it your goal as a grown man to embarrass and punish kids during competition. Its a pretty basic concept i think – for the kids, fine, for the coach, not cool, be bigger than that. To do the contrary is trashy and weak, and thats all coach coffino of MA was saying. Its weak, i dont subscribe to that appraoch. simple stuff really, class vs. no class. Thats the perspective thats needed and thats what i was trying to convey, im sorry that you and the rest of uhs don’t understand that, its a truly a shame.

    • I’ll just reply to the veiled, but personal and petty remarks about my professionalism and “journalistic practice” (I wouldn’t comment on my acumen with such poor grammar… I can put underhanded insults in parentheses too). I was going to let all of this slide, but at some point you gotta stand up for yourself and your product.

      Considering you’re still complaining about a single word that I used in a lede (yes, that’s spelled correctly) over a week ago, I’m glad University proved me correct in using the word “hiccup,” because that’s exactly what their loss on the road to MA was. That’s not subjective, that’s just right. They are still the overwhelming favorites to win the league, which everyone knew coming in. If anyone is manufacturing motivation, it was the MA supporters attacking that single word in my past article.

      Oh, and you’re right, this isn’t the Chronicle. We’re doing a better job than they are covering the high school sports in the city they supposedly represent.

  17. Johnny Drama | January 29, 2011 at 8:13 PM |

    There sure is some bad grammar from the kids. I guess 40K doesn’t buy as much as it used to. Please keep the hyperbole coming, from both sides. This has been the best diatribe in the history of SFP. Bottom line is, each team has won on its home court. Bragging rights to be determined at a later date.

  18. Johnny Drama | January 29, 2011 at 8:23 PM |

    @jbalan……This is an awesome product. I believe you are 100% objective, and quite honestly, this is yours so you can be how you choose. Keep up the great work. And yes, you are doing a much better job than the Chron and I assume you will only get better.

  19. @jbalan
    I’ll start a slow clap to that.

  20. @Baller “And cof…whatever your name is please dont insult our team, coach, or arena until your team has won something important like we have. DEEEEEEEVVVVIIIILLLLLLSSSSSS”

    Does this mean that MA soccer has permission to rag on UHS? I think it’s disrespectful for anyone to talk trash about another team or coach but don’t act like you guys are the only team that “won something important”.

  21. well honestly at this point im to lay to write another paragraph insulting this and defending that and what not. at some point i just dont care enough, maybe next time we play we’ll play in a gym that doesnt score us 30 points, and we can all accept the outcome. maybe not.

    @jbalan, thanks for the articles, I know I and many others find them interesting whether they are deemed subjective or objective. most of us are with johnny drama on that.

  22. University should join WCAL if they are that good!

  23. some perspective | January 29, 2011 at 10:26 PM |

    if this were anything other than posting a comment under a blog entry i might be concerned with my grammar or spelling, but since its not i dont see the value in going back over my long post and revising it (the points don’t change no matter how much people like to ignore them and focus on other noise). you should know how it works on here, think fast, type faster, maybe not the best approach but it happens and mistakes are made. To nit pick that is just pointless and weak. Talking down to me because of it as if i’m some child doesn’t make you look better either. The only person you’re impressing by doing that is yourself (and maybe some of the cronies slow clappin’)

    As for the “veiled personal attacks”, they aren’t attacks, it was a critique, don’t be so sensitive. Its not personal man, I don’t know you. im sure you’re a nice person with the best intentions, but i would give that criticism to anyone using subjective language in a journalism piece. If you can’t take criticism like that maybe you aren’t cut out for a job in the public eye sir. I appreciate what you do, but think that your personal bias should be left out when trying to be a legit source of journalism.

    – the chronicle shot was meant more as a joke than a stinging shot at you, i’m all about independent journalism, my point was more about perspective on all of this hoopla rather than to take shots at sanfranpreps. I know how it sounded (again no revision set me up for criticism…) so I apologize for that, it wasn’t the most tasty joke. Calling this a pseudo news outlet wasn’t meant to talk down on you or your product, i know it is doing just that, but it wasn’t meant as that. Again it was a part of my attempt at giving all of this madness some perspective. so i’m sorry for that too (again, no revision… just type and click, oops…).

    But if you really don’t think that wasn’t (isn’t) subjective then i donno if you really know what that means. Overwhelming favorites according to who? and so what if they are, does favorite mean they’re gonna sweep the league? did they not split last year in the regular season? is it so “uncharacteristic” to lose to a team thats already proven it can beat you? But hey, if you want to think one win justifies that subjective reporting (sentence) go ahead. I mean, if uni goes on to lose, doesn’t that change your “fact?” Being subjective is the realm of pundits not journalists. I’m not sure how this being your site (is it? i donno) means that sort of rule should be ignored, unless your aim is to be an opinion blog if so, i take back all my criticism… Again, I appreciate what you and your colleagues do for these kids, its important. but its to bad you brought a lil’ personal bias into it.

    @hahah, you’re right, for me to continue making my points which unfortunately appear to be lost on ya’ll would just be beating a dead horse, but for you to continue to make things up is just silly. No one ever said you won cause of your home court (though it clearly had an impact, but it would if it was at a different gym, there would probably be more uni fans there if it was…), people did say however that the use of that court for those games isn’t appropriate, thats all.

    • I’m aware of what subjective means, thanks.

      But the all of these critiques are about one word. “Hiccup.” Which was used from my own observations (as well as others) and overall consensus (not opinion) that University is a considerable favorite to win the BCL West.

      How can you deny University is the prohibitive favorite in the league after last year? Sure, MA beat them at home last year, just like this year (league games on the road are not easy tasks), but University responded with a 70-53 win in the regular season, then beat them 79-41 in the BCL West playoffs. If that, combined with Stuart Hall and Lick being down, doesn’t make University the favorite to win the league, I don’t know what does.

      Using the word “hiccup” wasn’t a reflection of bias, it was based on observation and fact.

  24. WCAL Beast Mode | January 29, 2011 at 10:41 PM |

    University would get eaten alive in the WCAL. They may be pretty decent this year but would get smashed year in and year out not to mention they wouldn’t even be competitive in the other sports. I’d love to see the big bad red devils try to press the whole game against SHC, SI, Serra, Mitty, etc. lol

    I do love how serious this comment thread is though. I hate to “keep it real” but D5 is feeble, the BCL is weak, and anyone who presses the whole game when up by more than 20 points is being a jerk and taking themselves waaaay too serious.

    By the way, I could care less about either UHS or MA. No axe to grind. It is what it is…

  25. @wcal beast mode amen to that!!!!

  26. In the meantime, in the Sunset. SI beat Bellarmine by 3 in a thriller.

    By the way, I completed college term papers with less vigor. No carpaltunnel (sp) in this group.

    Kinda cute how these groups are going after each other.

    Keep up good work San Fran Preps – youve created (or exposed) a few monsters.

  27. a good laugh | January 29, 2011 at 11:29 PM |

    Some perspective,
    you are clearly a productive person and have made my reading of these comments worth while. Glad to see you have enough time to sit around on a saturday night and talk trash about people you don’t even know. Good to see that there are still people out there willing to generalize about “super-privileged little kids”. Glad you are comfortable enough to talk about yourself because you are acting like a “little kid”. I bet you wouldn’t have the guts to berate our community to our faces, so i invite you to come and make an announcement at one of our assemblies stating your grievances against us privileged kids.

    I hope you take me up on the offer because im sure there are plenty of people who would like to have a word with you.

    “Develop a built-in BS detector.”
    -Ernest Hemingway

    mine goes off every time I read one of your posts

  28. @jbalan…do you only cover bcl leagues.. why don’t u cover other leagues as well when you write? just curious.

    • Curious,

      I cover all of the leagues in SF. If you’d like, put my name “Jeremy Balan” in the site’s search bar and you can see all of the other stories I write.

  29. some perspective | January 30, 2011 at 12:24 AM |

    @jbalan, its kinda cute how much you care what i think and say. If you want to insist that an opinion, whether it be shared or not, is not subjective ok. And i donno if you read my response to you, but im pretty sure i address the idea a team can be favored to win the league title and still be in character when losing a game or two.

    @beast mode, i second rahm’s amen. Thank you for giving the perspective i tried to give them, well said. Clearly my personal connection clouds my ability to be as succinct as you. on that note, wcal alum, sometimes you gotta use a lot of words to explain things to some folks. but you should try using more vigor in your term papers, may help raise that GPA…

    • I care what you say, because you unjustly attacked my credibility… That’s not something I’m going to take sitting down…

      But I’m done now… I’m frankly tired of your ignorance… I should have taken Mark Twain’s advice from the start of this conversation…

      “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

  30. some perspective | January 30, 2011 at 1:27 AM |

    Hey balan, the only thing ignorant on your little comment board is people defending randy’s approach to d5 high school basketball and your instance that a popular opinion about athletic competition (something that is fluid and not stagnant…) is the cold hard truth and injecting that opinion into your reporting on a couple of high school basketball games isn’t subjective. Thats maybe a little dramatic to say i unjustly attacked your credibility, maybe i questioned it to make a larger point. i mean, if you’re so credible why do you feel the need to defend yourself against some random ignorant commenter??? you think folks on sfgate get on their comment boards and defend themselves like that? :). I never claimed this a pattern of yours, all i said was in that one instance you were subjective in your reporting and i didn’t appreciate it because i didn’t find it both accurate and appropriate, and thats my personal opinion. boohoo if my opinion made you all butthurt. Frankly i think youre pretty stupid to continue to argue that an opinion about a sports team(s) is some how fact and thus objective. So since we’re in the habit of quoting writers to make us sound intellectual and well read and all that b*llsh*t i do believe it was oscar wilde who said “there is no sin except stupidity” and you sir is sinnin’ like the devil.

    & so are you @agoodlaugh, I was waiting for the internet tough guy thing to happen. sucks it did, its always so sad. i mean, do you really think, i think each student that goes there has a silver spoon in their mouth? of course not, just about 80% of them… but Its good to know there are still members of the privileged and often socio-economic elite community who want to take a backwards stance on what it means to be a member of a community thats suffers at the hand of vicious stereotypes like mine. Those poor private school students, its so sad people generalize about them all the time, it really restricts their access to vital needs and institutions, to upward mobility and success in their chosen field. The police are always harassing them too because they get so viciously generalized… (sarcasm…)

    and I mean, seriously dude, youre gonna take a jab at me about commenting on here on a saturday as you do the same thing? Im sorry, i forgot to be cool you cant just chill at home & watch some basketball on a saturday night. So if the game happened on a tuesday and this was wednesday night i would still be cool, right? damn, call someone childish and say something like that, common youre better than that, i hope.

    As far as your delusional notion that I wouldn’t say anything i’ve said to yours or anyone else’s face, i don’t even know what to say, i would@!?. probably not if you had a gun in my face… I guess i could get all bad ass in the shadow of the internet and say something like “give me a time and date buddy!”, but thats just so silly mr. tough guy. maybe we can have some tea and chat, im around, i got time on the hands as you point out. but on here, just stop troll, keep laughin like a fool and sayin’ little and all will be better in the world.

    I’ll leave it be as i finally try to pass out on this happenin’ saturday night, you all out there can just kill me on the board and i wont respond back, its just to tiring trying to educate yous ignant folks. one of you mindless drones can have the all powerful last word. but dont lie balan, i know this had to get you kinda tingly and excited, there probably hasn’t been this much action on one of these articles of yours, like ever, huh? hahahah

  31. @some perspective

    The internet bullying you talk about is dumb but they’re right to challenge your gutless comments, hiding behind a fake name.

    You represent a shady part of the internet too. If you’re going to talk trash at least have the courage to put your name next to it. You can talk all the trash you want about Balan, but at least he is man enough to put his name next to everything he says.

  32. some perspective | January 30, 2011 at 1:57 AM |

    its his article… his name is the first thing you read after the title. And im pretty sure he was trying to be jovial when he initially posted a comment on his own article. There are several reasons why i dont share my full name ms. kim, one of which being the internet… i know i said i wouldn;t respond, but it came so quick i had to. but since you question my manliness, what if im a girl? fool. and even if i put a name on here, how do you know its real. common, be real here sandy kim, if thats truly is your name… hahahahahah. I said the comments were personal hence the painfully long comments, i said i once played high school ball, i talked plenty about myself to reveal somethings, but it is my right to keep my name, address & phone number private… this here is america, respect my right to privacy yo!

  33. some perspective | January 30, 2011 at 1:58 AM |

    ok im done, piss off

  34. @ some perspective

    Ah, you played high school ball that explains a lot. Must miss the glory days. For some that’s the highpoint in their lives.

    How about you cut the crap on the message boards and let the kids decide it on the court. I would say you’re embarassing yourself, but you can’t because you’re hiding like a coward behind a fake name.

  35. some perspective | January 30, 2011 at 2:15 AM |

    so is everyone else besides you and mr. balan a coward hiding behind a fake name or just me cause i said some things you disagree with? and how about all the millions upon millions who do just that every day on message boards across the US. your little tough girl act is a joke, all i have to do is erase my little fake name that was created as a lead into my comment – which no one even cares to actually pay attention to, they prefer the noise around it, its easier to deal with i guess, you clearly missed the point – and create fake generic name like thomas jones or sandy kim and then i can call people out too. god, youre so gutsy and courageous sandy i wish more people had your big ones! You’re such a joke i cant help but respond. give me like 20 minutes before you say some more dumb stuff back at me so i can pass out and not have to deal with your flawed little troll games.

  36. some perspective | January 30, 2011 at 2:16 AM |

    i tired to offer some perspective, i failed, hear what you want, randy is as beast mode said a jerk who takes himself waaaay to seriously. Uni should figure it out, they aint that dope, relax. just cause coach coffino called out randy for being a self serving jerk with no class doesn’t make him a cry baby or little girl and whatever nonsense you wanna throw at him. have SOME PERSPECTIVE PLEASE, peace

  37. @ some perspective

    I never said you were the only one who cowardly hides behind fake internet names to feel better about yourself. You’re one of millions so you can take comfort in that.

    The funny thing is I actually agree with you but you present yourself as such a petulent jerk that your point gets lost in all of your BS.

  38. Daara Jalili | January 30, 2011 at 2:23 AM |

    @ some perspective this was just an article about a highschool bball game, nothing more nothing less. Just chill out brotha and enjoy the fact that there were some great plays and players in this game. no need for political commentary, this isnt the place or time. Btw, pretty sick pictures of ENRIQUEZ AND SPRINGWATER

  39. @ Daara Jalili

    First time someone has commented on the pics. TY

    Way to keep it light ;)

  40. @some perspective what about the 6-0 boys soccer win? That was running up the score and comes in almost the exact same circumstances as the basketball (close game before then dominating win). You are so stupid and making fun of the 40K education, you are paying the same amount for a worse education and you probably didn’t even get in to uni.

  41. with regards to the wcal stuff | January 30, 2011 at 11:44 AM |

    Every year coach randy tries to schedule SI and SH, but doesn’t get much of a response. That’s understandable because there isn’t too much of an incentive for the bigger schools to pencil a d5 team that won’t help strengthen their schedule on paper. Having said that, the devils did play Oakland High School, a top 5 bay area team, and, DID press them the entire game, led at the half, and were within 6 midway thru the 4th quarter.

    Yes, devils basketball might have a rougher time in the WCAL, but don’t knock a fighter that hasn’t had a shot to jump in the ring.

  42. Triple Threat | January 30, 2011 at 12:19 PM |

    Yes, good point

  43. It's All Good Bro! | January 30, 2011 at 12:42 PM |

    If University is finding a paucity of higher division opponents (who rightfully don’t want to waste a game on a D5 team when there are plenty of D3 thru D1 teams to play that help seedings come NCS/CCS time, etc) to battle with, well that’s Life in the Big City-

    So tell me- who did University scrimmage this year? Every team want to have scrimmages against good teams…

  44. Always Right | January 30, 2011 at 12:47 PM |

    I couldn’t care who won this game but Randy acted like a jerk. Full court pressure to the final buzzer with a 20+ point lead is BS. I am all for kicking a team’s ass but at some point as a coach you have to lead by example. He had already proven he clearly had the best team that night and passed up the opportunity to win with a little bit of class.
    The trash talk between players and coaches was probably filled with 3 and 4 syllable pejoratives that included references to vacation home locations and teacup yorky rainwear.

    SANFRANPREPS, you guys are doing great, keep it up.

  45. Coach Bessolo should be at a bigger program.

  46. With regards to University and WCAL stuff- Who wouldn’t love to see a Noah Springwater-Johnny Mrlik game? Throw out the records, throw out the leagues, these two guys can flat out play basketball and to see them go at it would be theatre that every high school basketball fan can appreciate.

  47. and the two played middle school ball together. theres the story

  48. Return of the blue raja | January 30, 2011 at 1:32 PM |

    Damn perspective, I don’t even have to read your long-winded essays and know what you’re saying. You say the same thing over and over again. Blah blah blah hehe not using your education blah blah blah our coach isn’t a crybaby blah blah blah not NCAA blah blah blah should’ve benched starters blah blah blah i would use my real name if you asked. I don’t care if this isn’t NCAA, and I don’t care if this isn’t the NBA. MA and UHS have a rivalry and our boys were pumped, our fans were pumped, and our team came out with intensity. We have our pretty mild mannered school and we don’t usually carry ourselves in this way. But between the UHS vs. MA trashtalking during soccer season and the “hiccup” arguments these past weeks, it was about time we made a statement. You didn’t like that we ran up the score? Ask me if I care. You’re only perpetuating an argument that’s going to go nowhere, and by throwing in insults at fellow bloggers here you’re ensuring more and more comments. You should be focused on the next game and quit bickering about this one because your team has a lot of work and preparation that needs to be done to ensure that next game will be actually worth watching.

    Blue raja=JAR
    look me up

  49. If that joke of an MA team even makes it far enough into the playoffs for a rematch the devils should put up 100 on their sorry butts

  50. where'd the comments go? | January 30, 2011 at 3:12 PM |

    I can only see 4 of 54.

  51. sooo what about MA soccer.. 7-0 over Uni.. embarrassing.. let me know when Uni gets an NCS win this year..

  52. UHS soccer = joke | January 30, 2011 at 8:08 PM |

    UHS soccer and MA soccer should not even be in the same sentence. They are lucky we pulled our numbers at half time. Would have been 15

  53. @ Observer: “If that joke of an MA team even makes it far enough into the playoffs for a rematch the devils should put up 100 on their sorry butt”

    While the UHS soccer team still exists, you cannot call another team a joke. Sorry.

  54. @UHS soccer=joke | January 30, 2011 at 9:37 PM |

    Hmmmmmm. Interesting because didn’t UHS soccer hold MA scoreless one game. Even if it was a wussy defense by UHS, if MA was good enough shouldn’t they have been able to score easily….Just saying. I do not go to either school. In fact go to a rival school so I have no opinion, just an observation.

  55. UHS soccer = joke | January 30, 2011 at 10:28 PM |

    I mean. Thats just a stupid comment. MA won 7-0 the next game. Then UHS is so terrible they didn’t even end up in the finals. So MA then finished undefeated in BCL with an NCS title. Ya your totally right, MA wasn’t good enough.

  56. could’ve sworn this post was about a basketball game…didn’t know soccer season was still going on. I mean it must be then because there’s no other explanation for why you guys would be bringing up games that happened months ago, right?

  57. Bitter Branson Fan | January 31, 2011 at 1:00 AM |

    1/21/11 Marin Academy 72 Drew 27

    (head explodes)

  58. Bitter Branson Fan | January 31, 2011 at 1:04 AM |

    1/15/11 Marin Academy 84 Roseland University Prep 45

    1/4/11 Marin Academy 76 Sonoma Academy 24

    12/18/10 Marin Academy 71 Leadership 32


    This is the best thing ever

  59. ….look at who you’re playing. thats embarrassing to post that because that means you guys don’t even play challenging teams, because I know you guys did not have to schedule one those games because none of those teams EXCEPT DREW are in your league.

  60. @ bitter branson fan | January 31, 2011 at 7:19 AM |

    The point of Bitter Branson Fan’s comment was to raise awareness to the fact that MA are perhaps the biggest hypocrites of all. To complain about being blown out after beating a team 74-13, 71-32, 76-24, etc. is preposterous and childish. In addition, MA soccer is far superior to UHS soccer but why isn’t a 7-0 win considered unsportsmanlike to you guys while this loss to UHS is? I’m not saying it should be looked down upon but MA fans can’t complain about this kind of thing only when they are on the receiving end. It shows tremendous flaw in character on behalf of the MA community.

  61. drew high football rules! | January 31, 2011 at 8:37 AM |

    @bitter branson fan, I don’t think you can just throw scores up there with no context as evidence MA is being hypocritical. Against drew for example, though it still would have been a blow out, drew lost our top two players in the first quarter and MA only pressed us for the first half. I don’t believe a single starter of theirs played in the 4th quarter, if they did it wasn’t for long. That wasn’t the case against UHS, who pressed the whole game and continued to play for the 3ball. Also, sometimes you just can’t help the talent disparity no matter how much you pull back your defense or put bench players in, sometimes youre just gonna blow them out. Often in tournaments you’ll find this disparity or sometimes teams from year to year just drop off hard or you get that much better. But when you press the whole time and continue to run your offense through the 3-point shot its pretty bushleague and cold. I think thats the difference here. so I don’t think its fair to just present scores without any context of what actually happened as evidence, just my opinion.

  62. Bitter Branson Fan | January 31, 2011 at 9:28 AM |

    I understand your argument but will disagree and say that 70-80 points is high for a high school basketball game, and that there is no way to win a game 74-13 with class.

  63. Check out the scores from Mr. Coffino’s games when he was coach of the girls at Gateway. He beat teams by scores like 91-5. Don’t believe it? Well, it’s true. He loved to beat up on teams like Waldorf, Leadership, and the hapless teams in his league. When approached about his unsportsmanlike behavior and running up the scores, he blew everybody off with comments like, “I am trying to prepare my team for the NCS tournament…” and other comments very similar to the ones by Besolo that he is criticizing. There is a teensy chance that Mr. Coffino is very much a hypocrite.

    BTW, whoever said that Coffino is acting like a girl is dead wrong. Girls don’t act like this.

  64. this has gone on long enough | January 31, 2011 at 9:49 AM |

    show yourself, some perspective.


  66. Bitter Branson Fan(we suck we go to branson) | January 31, 2011 at 4:32 PM |

    girls have more respect and self control than the MA coach. he is an immature baby. And apparently that sick man is a lawyer so it is funny how he is handling himself like a baby. He definitely doesnt belong as a basketball coach trying to improve young mens lives. They must sit around at practice while he cries

  67. ive never heard great coach randy going off about how he hates a coach before. hes a good man

  68. may i point out that we (uhs) had our bench in quite a bit? and as for the MA coach’s comments- it’s a hs prep game. calm down.
    p.s. hahhaha jar

  69. the blue raja | January 31, 2011 at 8:29 PM |

    erik miller commented as “jar”, not me
    i think this thread is pretty much dead btw

  70. Just for a little more information. When Coffino was the head girls coach at Gateway in 06-07 he constantly ran up the score against weaker teams. You can go back to maxpreps and see their scores in games that season. Some examples…win over Drew 60-6, win over san domenico 64-5, two wins over pescadero 70-15 and 60-12. Interesting that he’s complaining now about running up the score and embarassing teams….

  71. @some perspective do even go to MA?

  72. desperate student | February 9, 2011 at 11:51 PM |

    @ some perspective
    thanks for writing all that.
    I think i have my next english paper already done.
    not because what you say fits the topic of magical realism but because I’m sure that it will meet the page requirements.

  73. Not to mention WCAL: top D5 teams are simply not a joke. During Branson’s McNally-Dynasty a few years ago, they would have likely gone undefeated in your league and the NorCal DV champion would likely win your league every year (St. Joes 2 season’s ago or Branson the last several years not including lasts). Just like Top D3 teams are sometimes better than D1 teams… clearly your league is better. More students more athletic more size more talent, but good D5 teams can play with bad D1 teams without a doubt, and the elite elite D5 teams can play with anyone. Maybe you should tell your coaches to stop being pansies and actually schedule them and see for yourself…

  74. keeping it real | February 21, 2011 at 1:17 AM |

    –Coach Coffino is far less superior to Coach Bessolo in coaching ability, diplomatism, career success (coaching and beyond basketball– ever wonder where Randy got his money?), and just about everything else. There is no doubt that the best word to describe Randy Bessolo is “competitive.” Just play a game of basketball against him (when he’s playing not coaching) and you will realize it and it will frustrate you when he drops 30 points and calls fouls on every play. But it is also his greatest strength as a coach and person and the explantion behind his success on and off the court.

    – If I had to list the BCL basketball coaches (in terms of ability-class=): Bessolo and Lick’s coach would be the top 2 and Coffino and Stuart Hall’s would be the bottom 2. After reading this article, MA would be crazy not to fire him or atleast investigate the validity further to see whether it was not escalated/worsened by the article.

    -The biggest tragedy in the history of BCL would be if MA were to upset UHS in NCS because UHS is the only BCL team with a legitimate shot at a State title run in a long-time (let’s face it, Lick did not really that year they had their run because Branson was going to wipe everyone out). MA is sadly probably more motivated by the opportunity to ruin UHS’ shot at a priceless opportunity for the UHS kids (which is by the way what high school bball is about and the reason UHS comes off the way it did is because they are focused on that goal not because they wanted to rub it in MA’s faces which is probably all MA wants if they meet again based off their coach’s comments). IF they meet in the NCS, if MA shows anymore poor sportsmanship whether they are on the winning or losing end, we should literally kick them out of the BCL.

    -On that note, why is MA in the BCL anyway? It’s an inconvenience to a conference with all 5 other teams in the city. It would be one thing if they were in Sausalito and another if they were the class-acts of the conference, but they are all the way in San Rafael and have coaches like Cofino. They should have done what Branson did long ago if MCAL were to let them.

    -Noah Springwater would easily be 1st team all WCAL and be a candidate for player of the year, Zio Enriquez would easily be borderline 1st-2nd team (Springwater > Mrylick > Enriquez, but only marginally on the last one) and this year (as well as the last few), UHS would win several games in the WCAL and probably beat SI if they played as UHS would make up for lack of size with style of play and through having the best player on the court.

    -In terms of soccer, this is really the first year that MA is far and away better than UHS and that’s the catching up of UHS’ bonehead decision to fire hall-of-fame coach Rusty Taylor. They have also been better the last 5 years no doubt, but it was UHS on the other side of the field in most of those NCS/BCL championship games

    -”Some perspective”: if I had to guess you are probably a Junior benchplayer on the MA basketball team that completely overestimates their wit, intellect and articulation to actually think you would be able to pretend you are a non-biased adult high school sports fan–that for unexplainable reasons cares so much about this issue to write a book about it– take on an entire UHS audience. Either that or I wouldn’t be surprised if you were affiliated to or Mr. Cofino himself.

  75. too many expert basketball analysts! all have a sa y on this and that!

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