Saturday Scoreboard

Scores will be updated as they are sent in. Please send in your scores to or call them in to (415) 251-0918. The score phone line is open 24 hours a day.

For live updates on the Sacred Heart Cathedral-Mitty girls soccer game and the Sacred Heart Cathedral-Mitty boys basketball game, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
St. Francis (Mountain View) 56, St. Ignatius 49
Mitty (San Jose) 56, Sacred Heart Cathedral 40
Riordan 71, Valley Christian (San Jose) 42

WCAL girls basketball
St. Ignatius 63, St. Francis (Mountain View) 26
Mitty (San Jose) 53, Sacred Heart Cathedral 39

Non-league girls basketball
International 59, Convent 54
Head-Royce (Oakland) 58, Urban 38
University 48, Waldorf 40

WCAL boys soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, Mitty (San Jose) 2
St. Francis (Mountain View) 4, Riordan 0
St. Ignatius 2, Valley Christian (San Jose) 0

WCAL girls soccer
Mitty (San Jose) 4, Sacred Heart Cathedral 1
St. Ignatius 3, Valley Christian (San Jose) 0

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11 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. everyone better me at the mitty sacred heart game

  2. I recall last years IHS-Convent game being 69-27, with Convent pressing in the second half. Like Cypress Hill said, “What goes around come around kid.”

  3. Now I really see stars. Why did Sacred Heart Cathedral’s coach keep out his starters so long? Josh Fox was having a great game. He played up to anyone around him.

    Good job for the soccer team tying Mitty. Beating Bellarmine probably gave them a boost of confidence.

    I wasn’t expecting miracles with the SHC-Mitty girls hoops game. Irish have some talent with more to come, but you can’t coach height.

  4. Does SHC have noteworthy players coming in from JV or freshmen level!!

  5. Convent ranked 59th even a lost to IHS. IHS being ranked 83rd in Norh Coast Section. See calpreps freeman ratings. So IHS followers don’t hype too much bout IHS.

  6. SH beat our JV’s twice this year, their point guard is really good and they have a really good scorer who can really shoot the ball and a good strong post player. They are well coached and play together but #24 is the real deal she’s fun to watch with all those nice passes she makes, really unselfish pass first point guard. I wish our guards played more like her instead of always shooting and always worried about scoring! So yeah SH has some good players on JV’s haven’t seen there frosh team play this year.

  7. She’s well tAught in AAU, being a point encompasses alot of things.
    She’s a good scorer too but was taught to pass first to open shooters or post , especially post.

  8. She reminds me alot of a young Elise O’Connor, really good player.

  9. @SI Fan i will have to disagree with you. #24 is no Elise O’connor ,Elise is exceptional with great poise and composure when playing, they came from the same AAU club, same coach. Althhough #24 has talents but will not equal Elise however she’s still young, still a lot of improvement with good coaching she will excel and bring out her best. By the way, even with SI’s 2 losses against SHC they are still in first place, and will probably win the JV division by season’s end.

  10. Of course she is not at Elise level, but she’s fun to watch for a youngster. Good to hear our JV’s will finish in first place, I though Mitty was going to win it. Way to go Cats!

  11. @ic stars SHC girls BB actually had players with height and skill
    But have transferred to other schools. Actually they are the best scorers in their respective school teams. If you go to they have them in their roster 08-09, 09-10 I think even 07-08 seasons.

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