Boys Basketball: SHC’s huge third quarter knocks Riordan out of WCAL playoffs

Sacred Heart guard Zachary Tapel (center) tries to get past Riordan defender D. J. Harvey on Tuesday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Sacred Heart guard Zachary Tapel (center) tries to get past Riordan defender D. J. Harvey on Tuesday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Bonta Hill

What happened to Archbishop Riordan on Tuesday night was just another dagger in what has already been a long season for the Crusaders.

Going into the halftime break down 33-28, visiting Riordan seemed to have plenty of momentum to pull off an upset over second-seeded Sacred Heart Cathedral in the first round of the West Catholic Athletic League playoffs.

Riordan senior guard Aaron Anderson goes up for a layup, while Sacred Heart's Taylor Johns tries to make a block and Herman Pratt (15) tries to take a charge, on Tuesday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

But the Irish took that momentum away in a hurry, and buried Riordan with a huge third quarter surge, outscoring the Crusaders 29-9 in the frame before cruising to the second round with a 74-50 victory.

Sacred Heart junior forward Joshua Fox went a perfect 10-for-10 from the field, en route to a game-high 23 points with eight rebounds, helping the Irish beat Riordan for the third time this season.

“It felt good tonight,” Fox said. “My teammates put me in good spots, and when I was feeling it, they kept feeding me [the ball].”

With fellow forward Taylor Johns in foul trouble early, Riordan began to claw back from an early 19-12 deficit, as their half-court defense forced Sacred Heart into 11 first-half turnovers.

But Fox’s eight points in the second quarter kept the Irish up going into the half. Still, Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour was frustrated with the Irish’s play the second quarter.

“The turnovers in the second quarter really hurt us because we weren’t getting shots, and when we got shots we were scoring,” Barbour said. “The turnovers stopped our momentum and Riordan made shots.”

Things would sway back toward the Irish quickly after the break in the decisive third quarter.

After Riordan’s Anthony Castillo sank a three-pointer to cut the lead to 35-31, Sacred Heart reeled off 16 unanswered points and their five-point halftime lead ballooned to 19 in the third quarter’s first four minutes.

Riordan shot only 13 percent from the floor in the frame to go along with six turnovers and the Crusaders would never get back in it, falling behind by as many as 27 points. They finished the game shooting 34 percent from the floor with 16 turnovers.

“We just got flustered. We gave up an open three to [Martin] Folan, and it just snowballed after that,” said Riordan head coach Rich Buckner.

While the Crusaders struggled, the Irish shot 80 percent in the game-changing third quarter to blow the game open. Sacred Heart finished the game shooting an efficient 60 percent.

Barbour was happy, but noted his team had room for improvement moving forward.

“The thing I’m concerned about is the turnovers, but I like my team,” Barbour said. “They come to practice every day wanting to get better, so hopefully we keep getting better.”

Riordan will take a few days off and get ready for the upcoming CIF-Central Coast Section playoffs next week, while the Irish will host Serra in the WCAL semifinals on Friday at 7 p.m.

Scoring Leaders

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Joshua Fox – 23
Herman Pratt – 13
Taylor Johns – 10
Martin Folan – 9
Zachary Tapel – 7

Aaron Anderson – 14
Anthony Castillo – 12
D.J. Harvey – 12
Graham Gilleran – 4
Four players tied with 2 points

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44 Comments on "Boys Basketball: SHC’s huge third quarter knocks Riordan out of WCAL playoffs"

  1. thats just awful #23 of Riordan! White/Red Jordan X12s with your purple unis??? Fashion foul! Stick with your team colors! You disgraced your J’s!!!

  2. Riordan gets clobbered and you’re worried about how their shoes look? Also, how do they expect to get in the CCS with an 8-win record? I know they one it two other times with a losing record (which is ridiculous in and of itself), but I don’t think that will happen again.

  3. Fox is very under-rated. It seems every game he comes to play, combine that with the athleticism of Johns they create a fearsome front court. They are the definite favorite in CCS D3, SI only hurt themselves as they will have to get through Bgame to even get to SHC again. Good-luck to all the City teams!

  4. BTW great photos.

  5. @IC …. it was a blowout. what else do you want me to comment on? I went to SH, its not worth my breath to talk about Riordan. Wake me up when Riordan gets another Rob Jones and becomes relevant again.

    CCS always has these rankings pre-set. Even a sub .500 wcal team will make the playoffs. I remember SH was a little above .500 one year and made it to the CCS finals. Riordan should make it to CCS. With only 8 wins they will get a 5 seed? CCS respects WCAL alot.

  6. @ARI, you could comment on that guy yelling at the refs in the fourth, and the SHC students finally showing some life with their own cheering (without that old guy leading…). I’ve seen too many of the wrong side of that scoreboard and you’re right. Riordan won’t be relevant again for a long time, if ever.

  7. Biggie Big... | February 16, 2011 at 3:45 PM |

    The better team won period. Riordan’s talent is just not good at this time. Coach can only do so much but he can’t shoot-rebound-play hard etc..SH is the best city team now for the last 5 yrs and next year again will be SH irish on top. Riordan will get better with’in the next 3 years…

  8. Riordan was consistently the best team in the city from 1979-2008. In 2008 Camacho, Cannon and company beat SHC by 30 points in CCS final. SHC may hold the title from 2009 until now, we’ll see if they win CCS. I remember we used to say SHC was irrelevant for 30 years so I wouldn’t gloat too much. Things go in cycles. You have one more year with Fox and Johns.

  9. SHC has not been the best city team for the last 5 years.

    In 2007 (5 years ago), Riordan was Co-Champions of the WCAL with Mitty, which beat Riordan in the league Championship Game. Riordan beat SHC the only 2 times they played and were 3-1 vs. St. Ignatius, with SI winning the CCS Championship game against Riordan.

    In 2008 (4 years ago), Riordan finished tied for second place in league, and hosted SHC at Riordan in the first WCAL Playoff Game. Riordan beat SHC 3 of the 4 times, they played in 2008, once in the WCAL playoffs and once in the CCS Championship game. Riordan won the games by 6 points, 9 points, and 21 points in the CCS game, SHC won their one game vs. Riordan in league by 3 points.

    There is no way you can say SHC was the better team either of those years, since they lost to Riordan a combined 5 times and only won 1 game.

  10. What happened to the other posts and comments
    They got censored?

    • Let me reiterate our commenting policy:

      Comments that advocate violence, racism, or libel, as well as comments featuring profanity will not be permitted. Repeat offenders will have their commenting privileges suspended.

  11. Regarding recruiting? Libel? Speculation?

  12. thanks jeremy for establishing some sanity. people are ridiculous. i am riordan affiliated and SHC has a hell of a team if we meet them in CCS i hope we beat them, is that a stretch maybe but we’ll show up. SHC will make a run this year. Let us keep in mind the fantastic pasts of both of these schools, certainly Riordan has been a section, state, and even at times a national power. SHC generally fields fantastic teams as well. Despite a losing season Riordan had a fantastic freshman team and we believe there is a bright future, this is a long lived rivalry that still has many great years of games to come.

  13. oh and ari gold i am also going to inform you that Edison #23 has been sick with the flu and forgot his shoes at home in the morning so relax.

  14. Go Irish, what happened to our rivals? I was looking forward to another game against the Cats!

  15. I go back nearly 40 years in WCAL basketball. Many great teams. One year that stands out is 2000 when SHC and Riordan played 6 times (no problem correcting me). Both teams were loaded and I believe all games were battles. I believe SHC won the WCAL and CCS title (both games v. Riordan), but Riordan won the NorCal championship and went on to win State.

    Still dont believe that was Riordans best team (maybe not even 2nd).

    I dont believe its a coincidence that SHC got considerably better (and attracted the talent that used to go to Riordan) since they built their new facility in 2001.

  16. SHC beat that 2007 Mitty team in case you forgot and won a WCAL, CCS, NorCal & State title for 2009. All to celebrate 100 years of basketball. Irish are 8-3 vs. Riordan since 2005.

    Also, SfFan, you’re right about Josh Fox. He’s getting to be the go-to guy out there. Very good player.

  17. WCAL Alums, I concur with your statement too. You’re thinking of the 2002 season. It was really a crapshoot with the WCAL, CCS and NorCal titles. Even though Riordan grabbed that state title, SHC still beat them more than any other team that season. It still felt good winning the WCAL tournament though.

    I also agree that great players are attracted to that great facility at Sacred Heart Cathedral and will continue to be (OK, not the Frosh A’s but still).

  18. Just mentioning Taylor Johns transferred from Eastside College Prep.

  19. @ IC Stars

    Here are the scores of the Riordan vs. SHC series since 2005
    2005 AR 50 SHC 29 , SHC 52 AR 49 1 win each
    2006 AR 62 SHC 49 , SHC 64 AR 55 WCAL AR 38 SHC 35 Riordan 3 SHC 2
    2007 AR 44 SHC 42 , AR 59 SHC 39 Riordan 5 SHC 2
    2008 AR 57 SHC 51 , SHC 59 AR 56 WCAL AR 61 SHC 52 CCS AR 60 SHC 39 Riordan 8 SHC 3
    2009 SHC 65 AR 50 , SHC 57 AR 42 Riordan 8 SHC 5
    2010 SHC 56 AR 55 , SHC 54 AR 51 Riordan 8 SHC 7
    2011 SHC 45 AR 37 , SHC 70 AR 59 WCAL SHC 74 AR 50 Riordan 8 SHC 10

    Riordan has won 8 games vs. SHC, since the 2004-05 season started.

    This does not equal 3, by any from of addition, Riordan has beaten SHC 7 times since the 2005 season.

    Even in 2002, Riordan beat SHC in 3 out of the 5 games played by the two teams against each other.

    IN 2007, SHC Beat Bellarmine, Saint Francis, and Valley Christian and lost to Saint Ignatius in their only playoff game in the WCAL Playoffs, SHC did not play any CCS games that year. SHC did not beat Mitty in 2007.

  20. 2002 Basketball Season

    Riordan lost to Serra in the last league game of the year in overtime at Serra, until that time St. Francis is the team that played Riordan the closest (via the final score) in league. Riordan beat SF by 3 points in OT and and 2 points at St. Francis.
    SCORES: AR 74 SF 71 in OT , AR 59 SF 57
    Serra 62 Riordan 54 in OT LOSS

    League Games
    At Kezar Riordan 50 SHC 41
    At Riordan Riordan 52 SHC 41

    WCAL Playoff Championship Game
    At SI SHC 40 Riordan 38

    CCS Championship Game
    At Santa Clara University SHC 54 Riordan 50

    Nor Cal Championship Game
    At ARCO Arena Riordan 67 SHC 61

    RIordan’s other loss in 2002 was to Palo Alto in the Semi Finals of the Burlingame Tournament, RIordan won their own tournament and the Chaminade Christmas Classic that year.

    Serra lost to Oak Grove in the Division One CCS Championship Game.
    Saint Francis beat Fremont (S) in the Division Two CCS Championship Game.
    Palo Alto was the number 2 seed in Division Two, but lost to Fremont (S) in the Semi Finals.
    Valley Christian, which Riordan had defeated in the Crusader Classic, lost the Division Four CCS Championship Game to Monte Vista Christian. Valley Chr. was not a WCAL league member at this time, they were in the Mount Hamilton League.

    Riordan was still the Number One Seed in the Division Three CCS Bracket, SHC was the Number Two Seed.

    Riordan, after losing to SHC in the CCS championship, went to Redding and Beat Enterprise, went to Sacramento and Beat Foothill (Sacramento), before defeating SHC for the Nor Cal Championship

  21. …and STILL: WCAL Playoff Championship Game
    SHC 40 Riordan 38

    CCS Championship Game
    SHC 54 Riordan 50

  22. Basketball Fan | February 17, 2011 at 8:38 AM |

    Thanks Stat Man for keeping it real honest! Just like the person said above. It goes in cycles.

  23. I’ll take the Crusader Forum over any facility in the WCAL. For a building that is over 50 years old, this facility is incredible and stands the test of time. Where else can you enjoy the game, have some great food in the stands and have a good seat virtually anywhere you sit. Very cool when the floor seats are out for the real big matchups! But what makes this place special is the support from family, friends, alumni and students/band – winning or losing season!

  24. SHC beat Archbishop Mitty 56-44. It was in 2006 against D. Gordon. Take that stat away.

  25. Basketball Fan | February 17, 2011 at 10:17 AM |

    You got that right jordan24. You can get some of that good food from the Crusader Grill and take it to the STANDS and watch a game for a few $$$.

    Good views from all over the Crusader Forum. I hear there is a big remodel coming up soon too so it will be even better.

  26. Yanoj Jackson is SHC transfer from Marshall too!!

  27. Anon, you’ll hear a lot from Jackson soon. Good player.

  28. Greenanwhite | February 17, 2011 at 9:48 PM |

    You can “stat” until you’re blue in the face. You can’t take away the fact that SHC won two of three championship games in 2002. Get over yourself.

  29. Kately transferred into Riordan from Westmoor; Tofi from Burton; Lowhorn from ISA (was even in the gym at Wash when ISA coach yelled at 2 Riordan boosters to keep away from his player (pretty funny).

    Like it was said, it goes in cycles. Who is Yanoj Jackson?

    I agree, Crusader Forum is best place to watch a high school basketball game in the area. Timeless. You cant build an arena like that anymore in current dollars. The concession is definately the best.

    I heard that the changes at the Forum will eliminate the separation of the stands from the players, which will be a shame. I hear the change is so Riordan can run multiple courts from side to side.

    As long as they dont touch their pasta (with meatball) bowls, I will be fine.

  30. IC stars yep I know coz Johns was “the” player as freshman at Eastside College prep
    Too! And transferred to SHC as a soph just like Jackson! Is there a trend goin on here! Are we expecting another soph transfer next year?

  31. Johnny Drama | February 18, 2011 at 8:52 AM |

    @WCAL Alum as it appears you have some knowledge of the inner workings of Riordan, maybe you can offer some assistance to them so they can regain their old form….they need help and quickly.

  32. @Greenanwhite… is sacreligious to take shots at the stat man. Hey @jbalan…I’ve been censored for less…hahaha…I guess the motto for SFP is “don’t say anything bad about SHCP!!”.

  33. @WCAL Alum what years were these transfers, Yanoj Jackson is a soph from from SHC transfer from
    MArshall, with Johns a transfer from EAstside College Prep in East Palo ALto! but a year earlier!

  34. @Johnny D that’s a good one!!

  35. @ g&w: i’ll take a norcal and state title against a loaded Centennial of Compton team (D3) anytime! lowhorn transferred to berkeley his sr year. very cool that lowhorn supported the crusaders CCS run with cannon, jones and camacho!

  36. @ wcal alum: those walls in the forum made for great off the wall hockey shots during pe!

  37. Not a Riordan alum, so dont know about hockey shots. Just try to be an objective reviewer of WCAL sports – and I love food.

    For those who dont know those transfers, I give you a pass for being young (or me being old). Will never claim to have the stats of ARHS Stats, but do have some history with all City schools.

  38. Let’s not kid ourselves EVERY WCAL school has had a transfer(s) one season or another…what’s lost in this is how many original SF WCAL frosh left their school’s and did well elsewhere. SI and Riordan always had very good players that ended in the AAA back in the 80-90’s. former crusaders include braxton clark-mission, byron lewis-lincoln, mo smith and cornell myrick-wash (82 Norcal Champs) clint gulley-balboa, david hester sp?-balboa. most recently deend parker from shc ended up at lincoln and is doing well at ccsf.

  39. While people argue on the fact that riordan has not had a star player like Rob Jones, People also forgot on who took over for him in the ’08 CCS winning season, which was jorge camacho who averaged 19 points per game, who then riordan lost due to graduation. The following season in ’09, Camacho’s younger brother Luis Camacho enrolled at riordan as a 6’4 freshman and being on the varsity team as frosh. Unfortuntely Riordan lost the younger Camacho for personal reasons causing him and his family to move away. If he had stayed Riordan would be a dominant force in the WCAL.


  40. Under the wing of Coach Buchner for 4 full seasons, unlike his brother which was there for only 2, Luis Camacho would have developed himself into one of the WCAL’s best centers

  41. Anon… I can only hope for more soph transfers who make an impact (and play some freakin’ defense!!!).. Also, I’m not dissing Mr. Stats, but when I post, I usually go by memory since I’m away from the house (and away from my own –unofficial– stats).

    Here’s a stat: SI 8 SHC (as in Sacred Heart College) 0, Rugby, 1896.

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