Boys Basketball: Waldorf ends Bay’s undefeated run in BCL Central final

Bay senior center Aubrey Russell (left) rises up for a layup contested by Waldorf junior Alex Woodhouse on Saturday at San Domenico School in San Anselmo. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Bay senior center Aubrey Russell (left) rises up for a layup contested by Waldorf junior Alex Woodhouse on Saturday at San Domenico School in San Anselmo. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Jeremy Balan

SAN ANSELMO — Waldorf High School could have put the Bay Counties League Central championship game away at the free throw line against Bay School on Saturday at San Domenico School, but they did it the hard way.

Instead, it was two huge plays in the final seconds by senior forward Peter Schwarzenbach that sealed the Wolverines’ 45-40 victory.

Waldorf's Peter Schwarzenbach (right) and Austin Fusco celebrate after the final buzzer in the BCL Central championship game against Bay on Saturday at San Domenico School in San Anselmo. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Up 43-40 with 35 seconds remaining, Waldorf junior guard Nicholas Zatopa went to the line in a one-and-one situation, but his first attempt clanked off the rim. Schwarzenbach skied for the rebound and was immediately fouled, sending him to the line, where he subsequently missed his own first attempt.

After the miss, the ball was tipped in the paint by a pair of players battling for the crucial rebound and Schwarzenbach got to the lose ball and put in the easy layup to put the game out of reach.

“It wasn’t even about thinking, it was just instinct,” Schwarzenbach said. “While everyone was was worrying about boxing out, I just went right for the ball and got it. Then I saw I was open, and put it back in. I wish I would have made the free throw though.”

The Waldorf win spoiled an undefeated league season for the Breakers, where they outscored regular-season opponents by an average of over 28 points, including a 19- and six-point wins over Waldorf. This was also the first-ever postseason appearance in school history for the Breakers.

“It’s very tough one for sure in a season full of firsts,” said Bay head coach Pete Overfelt. “We’re not used to losing [this season].”

The Bay offense never seemed to settle in against a physical Waldorf defense that made it a point to deny Bay’s 6-foot-9 senior center Aubrey Russell the ball all game.

Russell would still finish with a team-high 10 points, tied with sophomore guard Lucas Knorr, but he only took nine shots from the field.

“He’s so big and so tall, you can’t beat him at the top, you have to beat him at the bottom with your feet and your position,” said Waldorf co-head coach Tom Kramer. “He’s going to score and get rebounds, we just went back at it again and again.”

The Breakers were also missing arguably their most dynamic scorer, junior guard Connor Mattoon, who was knocked out of action after sustaining a concussion in their semifinal game against Leadership on Thursday.

“[Missing Connor] hurt us a lot,” Overfelt said. “He’s averaging double figures, so that gives us a really solid rotation. He’s a top-notch player for us and we definitely missed him.”

The Waldorf offense also struggled mightily, but only for three quarters. In the second quarter it appeared as if the Wolverines couldn’t miss, connecting on 9-of-15 shots from the field en route to 21 points in the quarter, allowing Waldorf to erase an early Bay advantage and take a 28-21 lead into the half.

Waldorf junior Alexander Woodhouse led the way with 11 points in the quarter and went on to finish with a game-high 14.

“We’ve had every kind of challenge this year and our guys have learned to fight back, and that’s what we did in the second quarter,” Kramer said.

The second frame provided enough lift for the Wolverines, which shot just over 18 percent from the floor in the first, third and fourth quarters combined.

“We just couldn’t find our shot,” Schwarzenbach said. “We were cold from the start, so we knew we had to battle the whole way.”

The win sends Waldorf to the CIF-North Coast Section Division VI playoffs with the league’s automatic bid, while Bay will have to hope for a at-large bid in the Division V tournament.

Scoring Leaders

Alexander Woodhouse – 14
Michael Beleson – 10
Nicholas Zatopa – 9
Dyami Bryant-Escobar – 4
Peter Schwarzenbach – 4

Lucas Knorr – 10
Aubrey Russell – 10
Henry Gale – 9
Zev Newman – 8
Bobby Bourhis – 2

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52 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Waldorf ends Bay’s undefeated run in BCL Central final"

  1. this was possibly the dirtiest game i have ever seen… bay played basketball and waldorf made it look like they were playing football. i am just glad no one got seriously hurt… but it was a good, clean effort by bay

  2. Basketball can be beautiful. This was ugly. Just because a guy is big doesn’t mean he should be allowed to get beat up. Call the fouls refs!!!

  3. Aubrey Russel wasn’t allowed to breathe without being fouled, Waldorf didn’t deserve the ship, and they know they played dirty. Enjoy the ship Waldorf along with your stupid interpretive dancing, can’t wait to kill you guys in baseball!

  4. Both teams got beat and beat plenty….Bay’s game was as dirty as Waldorf’s

  5. Also how the hell are you suppose to guard a guy that is 6 inches taller than you if you don’t body him up? Maybe you parents and critics should stop watching your four year olds play ball and start watching collegiate and professional level

  6. An Expert Waldorf Interpretive Dancer | February 20, 2011 at 3:41 PM |

    So are we football players or dancers? Please choose one and stick to it. If you’re going with the second choice, than yea I bet you are mad, beat by a bunch of dancers even though you guys had the giant.

  7. Sour Grape A Plenty! | February 20, 2011 at 3:49 PM |

    The big guys got out played by the smaller team – shocking! Despite the sore loser posts – there was physical play on both sides. The Ref’s called the game equitably for both teams. Congrats to Waldorf and Bay for a great game!

  8. wawahwah they have WAY more kids then waldorf and they STILL managed to lose. We like to raise MEN not whiny little boys. The tall kid was good the rest need to man up and learn to play.

  9. michael beleson | February 20, 2011 at 4:13 PM |

    all you bay parents, students and friends that wrote anonymously come at me

  10. michael beleson | February 20, 2011 at 4:20 PM |

    most of the people writing on this are parents, except the one that wrote about kicking ass in baseball. I have spoke to some bay kids and they are not on the same page as their parents, so don’t go at the students, go at their parents who, i guess, don’t have name because they are either hiding something or scared of football players like myself

  11. Don’t get too excited now waldorf. You won the bcl central. The fifth place teams in the bcl east and west would win this league easy

  12. Beleson is a TOOL! | February 20, 2011 at 7:09 PM |

    Beleson, u won already, stop being a total tool and start trying to pick a fight. Personally I hope you enjoy that championship cause it will probably be the highlight of your life.

  13. Beleson get out of here
    its not all parents.. the kids you talked to just dont want to say anything to you.. you talked to like david? kelsey? who else???
    dude your a tool and yea quit picking a fight
    you guys played dirty and had connor not been injured and if refs had called fouls we woulda killed.

  14. I mean look at the top picture…looks like one of those uncalled cheap fouls to me. If there is a kid giving you problems cause hes taller than you, man up, play some good defense and move him out of the key, dont take the easy way out and jump all over him fouling him just cause hes 6inches taller than you. I mean if you are such “men” play like men and have a little honor and dignity.

    and michael, bay parents are really gonna “come at you”….get a life.

  15. Dear beleson | February 20, 2011 at 9:43 PM |

    You scored ten points in the bcl central championship. Good job. You won the title. Good for you. Good on you kid because people wanna hear all about waldorf basketball and how they are rising through the ranks. Good job

  16. This is not to every member of the bay community but for those of you who commented on this in a negative way get some integrity

  17. i apologize for not being specific, i should not have generalized the words “parents, students and friends”. I do not intend to disrespect any parents that cheered their child with integrity but rather make it known that I disapprove of those who commented negatively towards the waldorf boys, international girls and the refs.


  19. there is nothing bad to say about the international girls they played really well and played clean and it was really a great game to watch
    refs and waldorf on the other hand..


  21. Oh dude ur funny..
    I bet if bay and waldorf played again bay would smash them… They beat them two of the three times they played and if Connor hadn’t been hurt it woulda been over for waldorf

    Hey waldorf congrats! You lucked out enjoy that title!!!! Next year you won’t win it again

  22. can’t we all just get along. everybody better just drop this and accept it before something could go wrong. i’m a worried parent

  23. Bays better at sports | February 21, 2011 at 8:21 PM |

    I’d just like to add all of our sports teams are better than waldorfs…
    Guys soccer is better
    Girls volleyball is better
    Girls basketball is better
    Guys basketball is better but had a slip on Saturday
    Girls soccer is probably better same with baseball

  24. wait bay is better at all sports???
    You see I don’t understand this because it turns out, Bay lost to waldorf in the bcl central championship!!!
    I’m not sure if you realized that. Plus waldorf is obviously better than bay at football.

  25. Waldorf got lucky on saturday.. And u
    Waldorf would probably not be better at football.., Saturday the basketball was playing BASKETBALL not football like waldorf

  26. I meant the bay basketball team

  27. Can all these Bay people stop whining and take responsibility for losing to a better team instead of blaming it on other people? thank you.

  28. Not whining just saying because it’s true
    Waldorf is not better then bay I can assure you that

  29. You losers at bay do realize that was the first time we played with a full squad. We will beat you any time any place. Even if you have connor. His what 4ppg would have really changed the impact of the game? Stop making excuses and just accept that we beat you.

  30. This is hilarious. Bay, whether you’re better or not, you lost when it came to crunch time. Make all the excuses you want, whatever makes you sleep better at night. But deep down, you know the truth. You got outplayed. Accept it.
    Stop being a sore loser, your life ain’t that bad.

    You guys just didn’t the secret weapon coming for you; interpretive dance.

  31. I cant really comment regarding the referees as I didnt go to the game. However, it sounds like Waldorf lucked out for Bay did not have one of their highest scoring players playing that game. I really hope for your sake Waldorf that you will get this lucky in the future against far better teams than you because otherwise your chances of winning will be just as low as if we had played you with our best lineup.

  32. connor scores “double figures” on average if you didnt read the article and if he hadnt been hurt waldorf would not have had a chance
    when connor plays, he and zev destroy, that was the first time in a while that bay had played without connor so waldorf DID luck out.. but hey! good job… and good luck in NCS D6… hopefully your opponents will have injured kids too so you can keep up your lame winning… oh wait most D6 teams suck.. but hey! waldorf still needs injured kids to win!

  33. WOW the people on this page that are representing bay really just keep making themselves look substandard, inferior, and, second class, (which they are Due to our win), bay students and parents or any one who is upset about waldorf’s win i have some advice for you: learn to deal with defeat, waldorf beat you so what, improve your game dont blame your loss on the way waldorf apparently played oh so dirty come to terms with the death of your perfect winning streak and bow down and praise waldorf.


    a waldorf student



  34. Hahahahahahah this kid… Waldorfian…
    Dude shut up you sound hella dumb it’s for your own good
    Waldorf kinda sucks and were blaming ithe loss on all that stuff because it’s the truth
    Bay did still lose and no one is denying that but were just stating facts about the game and why bay lost

  35. Um no one cares why you lost…so just go whine about it somewhere else…or preferably don’t.
    And to the people who think Connor would have made a difference…he wouldn’t have…cause he scored about 4 points in each game against Waldorf…although that is more then most of the other people on your team…

  36. connor would start on waldorf. so would aubrey.

  37. what did batman say to robin right before they got into the bat-mobile?
    “Robin, get in the bat-mobile

  38. yo waldorf
    quit fooling yourself because you know you would lose to bay anytime.. you got lucky on saturday and thats all there is to say
    bay with our full squad would smash you

  39. Congratulations to both teams for a hard-fought game. May the competition continue between the schools – on the basketball and volleyball courts, the baseball and soccer fields.

  40. anyone see the two huge blockbuster trades in the NBA…. oh wait no one here pays attention to real bball

  41. Everyone needs to stop complaining about who won and have a re-match with both teams at full strength and see who will win. That is the only way it will be settled.

  42. Ohhhhhh Bayyyyyy | February 23, 2011 at 9:14 PM |


    Waldorf – Win – advances in the playoffs
    Bay – Loss – exposed

  43. ohhhh waldorffff | February 23, 2011 at 9:22 PM |

    waldorf – crappy D6 team
    bay – goood D5 team

    waldorf is ridiculous

    bay and waldorf should play again just to show waldorf whos boss

  44. agreed. Why cant it happen?

  45. Holy crap there is a such thing as D6? Arent CIF state formatted for just 5 divisions? and please stop arguing both teams arent that good.

    • CIF State is formatted to five division, but the NCS has an extra division for really small schools…

  46. yeah d6 was created a few years ago for smaller schools

  47. D6 is for weak teams like waldorf

  48. Weak D6 team seems to be playin pretty good!

  49. against other weaker D6 teams…

  50. Anonymous | March 6, 2011 at 4:16 PM |

    bay got smashed by a “weak D6 team” and then whined about it.
    No even better, claimed their loss was cause of one player.

    Really? Couldn’t beat a weak D6 team without ONE player?

    Contradiction much?

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