Boys Basketball Top 10: University takes over top spot

University players and coaches celebrate their third consecutive BCL West final championship after their win over Stuart Hall on Saturday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

University players and coaches celebrate their third consecutive BCL West final championship after their win over Stuart Hall on Saturday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

Every Monday, we will be compiling a poll of local media members to rank the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section. Voters include staff, Mitch Stephens from and and Dylan Kruse from the San Francisco Examiner.

1. University (23-5, last week’s ranking: 2)
This will undoubtedly cause a stir, but the Red Devils are playing the best basketball in the City, and wrapped up a dominant run through the Bay Counties League West with a blowout playoff win over Lick-Wilmerding (14-13) and another dominant performance against No. 8 Stuart Hall in the league championship game.

2. Sacred Heart Cathedral (20-6, last week’s ranking: 1)
Don’t get us wrong, we know the Irish are the most talented team in the City, but the way they played in a blowout loss Serra (19-8) in the WCAL semifinal, they may have not beaten any team in the Top 10.

3. St. Ignatius (16-9, last week’s ranking: 3)
The Wildcats exited in the first round of the WCAL playoffs to Bellarmine (15-11), but hang on to the No. 3 spot.

4. Washington (22-8, last week’s ranking: 4)
While many will argue which Eagles’ senior guard is better, Brenden Glapion and Jeremy Jetton are the best 1-2 punch in the AAA, and have led Washington to a 14-1 league record, with huge wins over No. 6 Lincoln and No. 9 Marshall last week.

5. Mission (20-9, last week’s ranking: 5)
Will the Bears leapfrog the Eagles with a division-clinching victory on Tuesday? We’ll have to wait and see, but Mission continued to roll last week, with wins over Balboa (8-22) and Jordan (5-24) last week.

6. Lincoln (18-12, last week’s ranking: 7)
The Mustangs jump back to the sixth spot after splitting their games last week, with an eight-point loss to No. 4 Washington and a double-digit win over Balboa.

7. Riordan (8-17, last week’s ranking: 6)
The Crusaders tough run in the WCAL is finally over after a loss to Sacred Heart Cathedral in the league playoffs, but the break from WCAL opponents may not last long. If Riordan beats the winner of the Hillsdale-Seaside game in the second round of the CCS playoffs, they’ll have to play second-seeded St. Ignatius.

8. Stuart Hall (15-12, last week’s ranking: 8)
Hard to fault the Knights too much for falling to No. 1 University in the BCL West final, but they did get a quality win over Marin Academy (18-9) in the league semifinal.

9. Marshall (13-14, last week’s ranking: NR)
The Phoenix reenter the Top 10 after a short absence, with a win over Jordan and a loss to No. 4 Washington.

10. Lowell (19-9, last week’s ranking: NR)
The Cardinals, like Marshall, are back in the Top 10 after a week out, with wins over Burton (7-16) and O’Connell (4-11) last week.

Also receiving votes: Bay (19-7), Waldorf (14-8) and Lick-Wilmerding (14-13).

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63 Comments on " Boys Basketball Top 10: University takes over top spot"

  1. I highly doubt University is above Sacred Heart Cathedral, I hardly see them ahead of SI. I feel like SHC would clobber University head to head. You all are great guys but this University hype is to much. The Crusaders at No. 7, so you’re saying Riordan wouldn’t kill Lincoln, they wouldn’t kill Mission, oh wait they already did. Riordan and Washington maybe. I think you all are missing out on just how strong the WCAL is but CCS will show you. You all still are the best just a little unhappy about the rankings.

  2. What you all said about SHC is a joke…they would clobber anyone in the top ten with the exception of SI, that includes University. If they played right now SHC would beat University by fifteen. and marshall by 50 or 60 much less lose to them

  3. I disagree with University at the top from a talent standpoint but when you look at the evidence, it makes sense.

    Sure, they play in a relatively weak league, but look at their impressive non-league games:

    Marshall 97-75
    SJND (actually a loss, but went into the fourth quarter up 52-50. Tehy’ll probably meet them again in the NCS final and in Norcals. SI also lost to them)
    Lincoln 74-55
    Mission 82-66
    Riordan 65-60
    Fremont-LA 69-66 (20-10 team in SoCal)
    Notre Dame-Sherman Oaks 74-64
    Oakland (loss, but led at the half)

    The argument would be mute if SI and SH would just step up and play them

  4. Uni is good and they deserve to be number one because they did what they were suppose to do in a weak year for the bcl west. They dominated every game and played tough teams. It’s hard to keep a team that’s lost by 44 points at home in the top spot. Uni played Oakland who is won of the best teams in the bay area and they held their own. The team is good but without Noah we would not be talking about them like this

  5. 44 points is huge but considering they beat Serra in the overall series 2-1 its not quite what it seems. SHC played terrible, nothing went their way and i would bet if these teams played 10 times SHC would beat Serra 8 times. As an Alum i am happy they got whooped, i can now guarantee Coach Barbour being the great coach he is will get this team ready. CCS D3 should be ready because SHC will be out to destroy every team by 45 points. This team is more talented and when they work hard can be nearly unstoppable. Give Fox and Johns the ball and no one can compete with them until Norcals.

  6. Anonymous- “no one can compete with them until Norcals”?? Really?? Please…while SHC is a good team, to say that SI or Burlingame cannot compete with them is just ridiculous. While Barbour may be a decent coach, a “great coach” should be able to get his team prepared to play in a WCAL semi-final league playoff game. Getting beat by 44 pts. just should not happen to any team that pretends to be “unstoppable”.

  7. Riordan is in the top ten and haven’t even broken the double digit mark in wins….something is wrong. Yes, they play in the WCAL, but they are not playing good basketball. An 8-17 record does not warrant a Top ten spot!

  8. luis simental | February 22, 2011 at 2:51 PM |

    simon ma is leading balboa into a playoff spot for the first time in 30 year. Simon is a good player on a bad team, he can shoot the ball play d and create for others. Tyrone singletary is another good player from class of 2013 that the aaa should watch out for. he is only a sophmore played on jv and can dunk the ball already


  10. I’d love to see SI or SH play University. Yea, University is good, but WCAL basketball is way tougher and more competitive than anything University has to deal with.

    • Yes, I think we all agree on that, but that doesn’t mean University can’t be the best team in the City at any point…

  11. yes SHC played their worst game of the season the same night Serra played their best and got destroyed. but there is no way in hell University deserves the top spot. congrats to them for winning their league but their league is garbage. it doesn’t even come close to coming to the WCAL, one of the top high school leagues in the Western United States for all sports. if SHC or even SI played University head to head, they would destroy them.

  12. Johnny Drama | February 22, 2011 at 6:30 PM |

    University is the hottest team so they are the correct top seed. How can SHC be number one after the running clock fiasco. Just like in the college game, Rankings are based on performance relative to who the teams are competing against and Uni dominated their competition. With that said……….they would win 3-4 games in WCAL pLay. They would beat VC twice and Riordan once or twice. They would also have to play all away games and use Kezar as their home gym. These rankings are not intended to be what if scenarios but rather a look at how the city teams are doing relative to their competition levels but also weighing in leagues and SOS and so forth. Nice job SFP.

  13. Johnny Drama | February 22, 2011 at 6:35 PM |

    @jbalan….which part….the running clock reference!!!!

  14. aw thats cute. jbalan and johnny drama are flirting.

  15. I don’t care how “hot” University is. Good for them. Their league is BOOTY and they have no good wins outside of league other than a tight one over a seriously down Riordan team. Top two teams they played, they lost to (SJND and OAK) and just because some team from LA is 20-10 doesn’t mean squat. SI and SHC would smash “Uni” without a doubt. Either one could punish Springwater on D “Serra style” and the rest of the supporting cast would get engulfed. That’s like saying a college team from D1-AA or D2 that happened to be in the same city as Duke, Kansas, Pitt, etc. that was “hot” should be ranked over one of those two teams. Ridiculous.

    Can’t hate too much tho since this site is great for City fans and even gives us a chance in the first place to say how silly the ranking are. Kudos to your erroneous no.1.

  16. University would kill SHC they are very good shooters and after losing by fifty to serra Sacred Heart should not be at the top. And Stuart Hall should be higher. The BCL West is extremely underrated.

  17. Again, I think that the BCL west is underrated

  18. game would be played at UHS, Memorial, or City. Not crapzar.

  19. UHS could handle SI…could they handle SH? thats another question…too bad both wouldn’t schedule them for outside league games…does that answer anything? Probably cause University is a tough team to play against…u hav noah springwater and zio enriquez…the 1 2 punch…along with carroll,a bunch of shooters, and solid young underclassmen…UHS is a scary scary team team..they earned that top spot by playing amazing basketball.

  20. correction…UHS could handle SH no question…that would be an amazing game

    can i petition for a post game round robin

    SH vs SI(since they r number 2 and 3 according to San fran preps)
    winner vs UHS??

    this will silence all the UHS doubters

  21. I admit that Uni is great for BCL but would be average in WCAL. Saying Uni would destroy SHC is actually amusing. Be thankful Uni is in the BCL and in comparison to their competition seen as “great”. Springwater would be a great second team all wcal player. Goodluck in D5 playoffs.

  22. The WCAL is wearing no clothes. The WCAL is not what it used to be 30, 20 or 10 years ago. In fact it has deteriorated significantly in the last 3 years. It is still a very good league but is no longer one of the best in the state and is now comparable to several other Bay Area leagues including the OAL, HAAL, BSAL and EBAL. Last year it only produceed 1 D1 player and this year will produce 0. Oakland HS for example has 3 D1 commits on its team alone. The BCL willl produce more D1 players this year (Springwater) and matched the WCAL last year if you count Jerry Kreisberg from Head-Royce (BCL-east). Last year all 3 City WCAL teams had overall losing records in basketball, which is actually the norm in the other major sports (football and baseball). The WCAL benefits from playing in the CCS, which is the weakest section in NorCal if you except the WCAL teams. It is tougher to win NCS in D3 (O’Dowd (beat SI by 40), Analy and Campo), in D4 (Salesian, Cardinal Nerwman and St. Mary’s) and in D5 (St. Joes (beat SI), University and Branson (now that they are healthy) than it is to win CCS D3 (SHCP, SI and Burlingame). The CIty WCAL need to start playing more games within City since they will be great for the kids and create great local rivalries. Have you seen Mission lately? They would win rematches with both SI and Riordan. It is time for the City WCAL schools to start doing their talking on the basketball court and not on the sanfranpreps message board.

  23. I will give you though that the WCAL still plays the slowest and most boring style of basketball in the State

  24. Springwater second team all WCAL player? That is just not true. He is a much better player than Mrlik, who is the star on SI, and even though he might not be as athletic as Johns or Fox of SHC he has a much better shot and more basketball skill, and would still be the best player on that team too.

  25. SF chronicle picks UNI to win NCS D5?

  26. It’s interesting that UNI is not even in the top 20 in SF chronicle and yet UNI outranks
    SH and SI here!

  27. Springwater would be first team WCAL this year but Mrlik put up better numbers in a tougher league. Uni is a solid team but due to their lackluster schedule, look more menacing than they really are. An to the Emporer, I’ve been saying WCAL is down but St Joe’s also killed Uni earlier this year if my memory is correct. And you are delusional if you think anything D5 is a challenge.

  28. noah is the best player in san francisco

  29. I think this is all a moot point. It is great for the city. Maybe there should be a City Challenge. Has Univ really tried to schedule SI & SHC or is the coach saying they will not play University. It is not like he will try to schedule them next year

  30. I agree that a tournament needs to be set in place for the top city schools. Hold the tournament a week before the Sane Dune, which gives time for all the football players to get incorporated with their respective teams.

    Hold it at either Kezar, or City College and make it a yearly tradition. With all the buzz basketball season creates here in the city, why not make it happen?

    The excitement and bragging rights that’ll create would be huge for the SF prep scene.

  31. Two of Uni’s best players are seniors, two of SHC’s best players are juniors and SI’ s best two are DMingo and Mrlik, Domingo will be back next year. How will UNI compete next year unless they also have a Springwater or enriquez caliber players. UNI won’t be able to compete next year without Noah and Zio.They won’t be able to compete with SHC and SI, UNI is good this year because of Noah And ZIo.

  32. @johnnydrama | February 23, 2011 at 4:39 PM |

    they led into the 4th and took a turn for the worse when chris mah sprained his ankle

  33. Uni will be irrelevant next year. So enjoy this will it lasts, not hating just speaking the truth. SHC will be stronger next year with all but one minor impact senior graduating.

  34. Johnny Drama | February 23, 2011 at 5:06 PM |

    Uni was also losing to Riordan and Lick in the 3rd Quarter…………

  35. @ Jonny Drama | February 23, 2011 at 7:58 PM |

    Don’t think anything D5’s a challenge? Try playing Branson a couple years ago… or the defending State champs in So Cal… or even St. Joes… didn’t they beat SI this year. Didn’t University beat Riordan (lose to them in OT last year) and mission (pretty much best AAA team every year) like back-to-back-to-back years? Noah and Johnny played in middle school together and Noah was always the #1, Johnny #2. It would be no different. You say Mrylik put up better numbers in a better league…. obviously its a better league but did he have better numbers or just more points (higher #s in scoring categories)? I doubt he outrebounded, had more assists, steals, blocks, charges, etc than Noah. Mrylik is more skilled and about as big as Noah, but Noah is equally skilled and more athletic. Noah has led his team in every single of those stats since his sophomore season and finished top 3 in each one for his league. Im not sure where Myrlik is going to college, but Noah was a top recruit for COlumbia this year and had D1 looks. In fact, the Columbia coach first saw him summer after his freshmen year when he was coaching at St. Mary’s and he tried to recruit Noah (then a Freshmen)… this being during the years St. Mary’s was making the NCAAs. University is way undersized and less athletic than these bigger schools. They don’t have a guy even 6-4 and there average height is probably not even 6 foot, and still they can somehow play with just about anyone because they have a genius coach and smart hardworking players who can shoot the lights out. Next year, they will certainly miss Noah who has been the star of the program since he got there (as well as the rest of the Seniors) but they have a very very solid Sophomore class with 2 guys starting and 3-4 others in the rotation and one freshmen in the rotation. They have no Noah, no height, but several Zio-caliber players coming thru the ranks and the program is continuing to develop…

  36. Johnny Drama | February 23, 2011 at 8:29 PM |

    SI, SHC and Riordan would have run over Branson during their glory McNally years. Remember, Riordan had Camacho and Cannon, SI had Toboni and LeGarza and SHC had Greene, Cooper and Brown. It wouldn’t have been close. Uni lost to Riordan last year at their place and Riordan had only one real good kid last year. They were 2nd to last in WCAL last year so thanks for proving my point. If beating Riordan this year and losing to them by 1 last year legitimizes UNI in your mind, you’re delusional. Riordan has been the 2nd worst team in WCAL for the past 2 years. St Joes is good, they have 2 college prospects so they can play. I gave Springwater his due, I said he would make 1st team if he played in WCAL. I love Columbia, I attended there a few years back, but he was not a top recruit but a recruit nonetheless, so kudos to him. Coincidence his coach played there? That certainly helped but he will get a great education. Genius coach? what are you his agent , his lawyer or coach himself? He’s a good coach and his coaching will be tested next year, although they will compete in D5 and the BCL without Noah because it is the weakest league/division.

    But again, I believe UNI does deserve the number one ranking at this time because of how they are playing despite who they are playing.

  37. Anyone tha says SHC would get killed I hope your joking because I am falling on the floor laughing right now. Hahaha THAT’S A GOOD 1!!!

  38. good job uni! keep it up

  39. Are ppl forgetting Noah won city player of the year as a junior last season? He’s the best player in San Francisco

  40. Drama said it best when he said “UNI does deserve the number one ranking at this time because of how they are playing despite who they are playing”

    I am sorry, but as potentially talented as SHCP is, when you lose by 40+ on your own court (albeit, a good Serra team), you dont deserve a #1 ranking on this board – right now. Win out CCS, and go to NorCal, it will probably and should revert back (unless University wins State in D5).

    In all honesty, UNI is a solid team, and play great fundamental basketball but I dont think would win (notice not blown out) against SHCP or even SI this year. And this is the year for UNI to compete, because they drop off after Springwater graduates. Yes, it would have been a fun game to watch – THIS YEAR.

    Uni fans talk about big wins outside of league, may be true, but I was at the Oakland game. Like most solid ranking teams, even Oakland took “little” University for granted at first. University was left to take 3’s with impunity for the first quarter and half. Finally, Oakland did what quite frankly any WCAL team would do – adjust. After they started sufficating the point guard and Springwater – they were toast. Oakland then kicked it into OAL gear and attacked the basket – game over.

    Noah Springwater is a nice player – seems like a throwback fundamentally sound player. He would have definately started on any City WCAL team. I thought IVY league teams didnt give out scholarships? IVY’s are DI by default. He may have been “recruited” but dont think any financial support is provided. BUT the big thing that is getting lost is, he earned his replace and an invite to Columbia probably more on his academics and being a sound player – isnt that more impressive in the long run.

    Congrats to UNI on a fine season; good luck to SI, SHC and even Riordan is CCS.

  41. All of you who are hating on SHC are senseless. Okay sure they got whooped by 44 to Serra. But its not like that game was for the championship or to get into CCS. If anything, its a good thing they got smashed like that because it will only help them to get better and learn from their mistakes. Before WCAL started, everyone was saying that SHC was going to be weak and get pushed around in WCAL. When it actually started, oh what do you know, they come in 2nd only behind Mitty who were expected to be 1st. Once they were in 2nd, everyone started realizing that they are actually good and can compete with anybody. But now, one loss diminishes a whole regular season? Its ONE loss. Im sure that Coach Barbour knows how to bounce back from this and whip his team back into that team that we saw during regular season. Whoever is in D3, y’all better watch out. SHC is hungry.


    p.s. let that boy cook

  43. I CAN USE CAPS TOO | February 25, 2011 at 10:05 PM |

    BUT I WON’t….

    Maybe the team this year does run a lot of its stuff around noah, but if the BCL championship showed us anything, it’s that the devils run deeper than springs. He was in foul trouble from the get-go, and the team made the necessary adjustments. He went out, and then Chris and Will carried a lot of the load. Don’t write next years team off until they get onto the court.

  44. Its the BCL! Nothing to be proud of..its like winning 5th grade CYO! This is last year of relevance for UNI for a looooong time.

  45. Lil B da BASED GOD | February 26, 2011 at 10:44 PM |


    UHS basketball = Noah Springwater + 3 point shooters = (liteweight wet)

    — Noah Spring Water

    Next year UHS basketball = 3 point shooters = (DRY AF)

  46. jeffrey allen get off san fran preps unis still gonna be raw next year. lick might compete but maybe not. peace jdazzle

  47. Noah plays the smartest of amy player in the city. That combined with offensive skills, rebounding skills, and defensive skills makes him the best player in the city. He makes his presence made in every game and will continue to do so as Uni tries to win D5.

  48. @thefoo. I agree with that. That’s why Uni is wet this year is because they have if not the best, one of the best high school players in the city, Noah Springwater; but without him they would not be any where near as good as they are, in fact they’d be pretty dry.

  49. Yo i have no idea what you are talking about. I haven’t even been on here in like a few weeks. I honestly hadn’t even looked at this article. And to be honest people get pissed at me at school saying UNI is raw. I know you guys are better than us at basketball this year, and probably for the next year. Like look at all my other comments, like none of them talk mess about uni’s basketball program. That is not to say i don’t talk mess about uni on other topics, but I recognize you have a good program going. So how you though I was on here I don’t know, but obviously you need some help if you constantly are thinking about what I am posting on. Like if you are thinking I am on stuff all the time and thinking people on here are me you clearly need some help, and I will happily provide with the numbers of some people who can help you.

  50. 1st annual San Fran preps city challenge | February 28, 2011 at 1:36 AM |


    I think an sf city hs tournament would be cool. But i think san fran preps should take it on. It could be an invitational chosen by the staff at sf preps and put on by the site as an annual fundraiser. Early winter break or start of the season thanksgiving tourney. Top 8 teams, host it at city, roll the balls out and see who is the best in the city.

  51. why there should not be a San Francisco City tournament? There is a city baseball tournament going on right now and according to Maxpreps, Sacred Heart beat Urban 32 TO 0.

  52. That’s why you choose the top 12 teams….or have a two tiered bracket. I must admit, it’ll be interesting to see how Lick handles SH in that city baseball tourney on Saturday. And for the record, Urban did score 8 runs. hahhaha

    to SH’s 32!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. honestly people only want to see Univ play SH or SI and not those other city teams

  54. Well sometimes the WCAL isn’t what it’s always played out to be. 2 years ago Lick tied SI in baseball, and it was not a fluke, Lick should of won yet one bunt call that would have won the game ended up changing the game and just saving SI from an embarrassing loss to a BCL West team.

  55. Anonymous | March 1, 2011 at 1:11 AM |

    SI was terrible two years ago

  56. Anonymous | March 1, 2011 at 1:26 AM |

    Great so I think the people who fight for the WCAL like no other need to realize that the WCAL isn’t always everything….

  57. WCAL Alum | March 1, 2011 at 5:37 AM |

    It’s even more transparent in baseball the difference between the leagues. Mitty was ranked #1 in nation in 2010 at end of year and is currently #2 going into this season. It will always be tough for City WCAL to break into top 4 in league. Although SHC made it to CCS III semi-final last year.

    Lick W (like Lowell) will always be pretty good teams in their league, because they have dedicated players and dependable coaching staffs.

  58. There is a huge discrepancy between WCAL city teams and other WCAL teams in baseball. Lick can compete with the WCAL city teams but they will be demolished by southern WCAL teams just like the city teams

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