Girls Basketball Top 10: Bay jumps up again

The Bay girls basketball team celebrates after its 58-55 win over International in the BCL Central championship game on Saturday at San Domenico School in San Anselmo. (Photo by Doug Ko)

The Bay girls basketball team celebrates after its 58-55 win over International in the BCL Central championship game on Saturday at San Domenico School in San Anselmo. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Every Monday, we will be compiling a poll of local media members to rank the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section. Voters include staff, Mitch Stephens from and and Dylan Kruse from the San Francisco Examiner.

1. St. Ignatius (20-6, last week’s ranking: 1)
No reason to move the CIF-Central Coast Section Division III top seed, after they beat Valley Christian (11-13) handily and lost to eventual-champion Mitty (20-7) in the WCAL playoffs.

2. Washington (22-8, last week’s ranking: 2)
The Eagles remain undefeated in the AAA and in the second slot for now, with wins over Lincoln (15-12) and Marshall (3-15) last week.

3. Sacred Heart Cathedral (13-12, last week’s ranking: 4)
The Irish jump up a spot, more so for their game effort in their WCAL semifinal loss to Presentation (20-6) than their win over St. Francis (11-13) in the earlier round.

4. Lowell (24-4, last week’s ranking: 3)
The Cardinals drop a spot despite knocking off Burton (5-26) by 49 points in their only game last week.

5. Bay (21-6, last week’s ranking: 8)
The Breakers leap up three slots after beating host San Domenico (11-14) to start the BCL Central playoffs, then edging No. 6 International in the title game.

6. International (20-8, last week’s ranking: 5)
The three-point loss to No. 5 Bay in the BCL West final was a tough pill to swallow for the Jaguars, but if both teams pull off a couple of upsets, they could meet again in the NCS semifinal.

7. Convent (17-9, last week’s ranking: 6)
The Cubs sealed an undefeated BCL West run with a win over No. 9 University in the league championship, and knocked off Marin Academy (11-15) earlier in the week, but still drop a spot due to Bay’s quick rise.

8. Mercy (18-8, last week’s ranking: 7)
Another victim of Bay’s jump up to No. 5, the Skippers beat Sacred Heart Prep (12-10) before falling to powerhouse Eastside College Prep (19-7) in the WBAL semifinals.

9. University (16-11, last week’s ranking: 9)
The Red Devils stay in the ninth slot after beating Lick-Wilmerding (11-13) in the BCL West semifinals, then falling to No. 7 Convent for the third time this season in the league championship game.

10. Galileo (15-9, last week’s ranking: 10)
It’s a big step down from Washington and Lowell, but the Lions are solidly the third-best team in the AAA and got wins over Wallenberg (12-10) and Burton (5-26) last week.

Also receiving votes: Lincoln (15-12)

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16 Comments on " Girls Basketball Top 10: Bay jumps up again"

  1. You must have missed that University/Convent game which was a barn burner. Both of those teams would handle Bay and International. Do you pay any attention to the Freeman ratings? Still, your choices make for amusing reading.

    • Convent had a chance to beat International on Feb. 5th… Didn’t really handle them at all in a 59-55 loss

  2. Yeaaa bays back


  4. True enough Jeremy. International beat Convent on February 5th. But then University beat International and Convent beat University three times. My guess is you didn’t see that game, but they put on a show and both teams were impressive. How is it that Convent is seeded third in the NCS and University, Bay, and International are seeded 9, 10, 11. Somebody thinks Convent is pretty good—in fact, considerably better than the other three teams.

    • Well, it’s not just my opinion, but the opinion shared by most of the voters in our poll. That being said, it’s an opinion, which obviously disagrees with the NCS seeding.

      But I don’t take too much stock into NCS or CCS seeding. For example, SI soccer beat Mitty twice, finished in second in the WCAL and won the tournament championship. Mitty finished fifth and went out in the first round. Yet, the CCS DII tournament has Mitty seeded ahead of SI and Mitty gets a bye, while SI has to play in the first round.

      We also got some flack for putting International above Convent earlier in the year, then International beat them.

      I personally go by my own observations, seeing all of the teams in the Top 10 play. I think International and Bay are playing better now than Convent and University, despite what the NCS seeds say.

  5. i’d just like to add that university beat international toward the beginning of their pre season and then they beat convent a couple of weeks later and a team can change in the course of a couple of weeks. International got better and so they beat convent. So Reminder you made it seem like they beat convent then lost to university, it is actually the other was around.

  6. Although there has been a lot of circle winning and losing if you will (mercy beat convent, convent lost to international, international lost to university, convent beat university, bay beat mercy), you can’t just throw teams like Bay and International to the corner because they are not in the BCL West and because they haven’t had that many NCS showings and so on. At this point both teams, especially Bay since it is younger, have built their programs to be as good, or better than some of the more established ones. Bay and International earned their spots, nobody is having a pity party for them. (And in my personal opinion, convent should not have the #3 seed in NCS, their season does not show #3 seed material for the most part).

  7. ^^^^^ i completely agree

  8. Thank you, Anonymous . . . I was thinking about something never-ending like a Mobius strip when the BCL teams were topping each other. obviously, the waldorf girls can easily lay claim to one of the best performances of the season when — with their freshmen and a bare bench — they beat international (at international’s gym). There has been such great and inspiring play by stars and newcomers and teams . . . No one needs MaxPreps to pigeon-hole any of these teams. Thank you, SanFranPreps! Go BCL!

  9. A couple more thoughts: it’s too bad that there aren’t bigger crowds at these girls games. The bias towards the boys always shows. ALso, it’s too bad that the pool of refs so often act like it’s beneath them to be reffing in this league for these girls. I think that it’s this disdain that leads to inconsistent calls that leads to wild play that can lead to injury . . . and results in such unfairness to the efforts of the girls.

  10. I agree. I mean no offense to sanfranpreps, cause it is so cool that there is a site like this for high school sports in the city, but you can even see it here. Very rarely, if ever has the girls top 10 been in the main post box on the home screen. I dont know if this is on purpose or not, but it makes it seem like the girls are a little less important. I agree also with the ref statement. Not only is it not fun to play a game against the other team and the refs, it is dangerous because players think they can get away with things they shouldnt be able to and end up hurting people, sometimes seriously.

    • Regarding the reasoning behind putting the boys or girls Top 10 on the main post box… It has gone both ways, but we’ve leaned toward the boys Top 10 posts in the large box, because that’s the post that usually has the most interest (based on page views through our site’s stat service)…

      But I certainly understand the point, in fact it’s something I think about a lot, specifically this basketball season. There have been some complaints about us not going out to enough girls games, but as a news web site, our first priority is newsworthiness. This season specifically has seen significantly more “newsworthy” boys games than girls games. Plus, in general, there is almost always more general interest in boys sports than girls sports, for whatever reason.

      That being said, it’s something I wrestle with on a daily basis, and I don’t think there is a definitive answer to the debate.

  11. i think you are doing a great thing with this website jbalan… because even if the guys are still getting a little more attention, at least someone is paying attentions to these teams.

  12. what time are the top ten guys and girls posted?

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