Player of the Week: Brenden Glapion

Washington senior guard Brenden Glapion has scored 20 or more points in the past eight AAA games including 29- and 30-point performances last week. (Photo by Devin Chen)

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By Jeremy Balan Player of the Week: Brenden Glapion, senior guard, Washington boys basketball

Washington senior guard Brenden Glapion has scored 20 or more points in the past eight AAA games including 29- and 30-point performances last week. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Glapion only strengthened his case for Academic Athletic Association player of the year last week, scoring a crucial 30 points in a 68-60 win over Lincoln, then 29 points against Marshall to round out the week.

This week stands out because of the quality opponents Washington played last week, but Glapion has been doing it all year, averaging 22.7 points per game. He’s also scored 20 or more points in the Eagles’ last eight AAA games.

Honorable mention: Sara Storey-Cuddeback, Drew girls soccer

The spring season is only a week old, but Storey-Cuddeback provided the first standout performance of the season, scoring all four goals in the Dragons’ season-opening win over Bentley last week.

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23 Comments on " Player of the Week: Brenden Glapion"

  1. Y’all gotta stop worshipping glapion and actually give the credit to the better all around, Jeremy Jetton. Jetton is more clutch and passes the ball exceptionally well. When you read the article about glapion, only one thing is significant, points. Jeremy demonstrates the ability to make other teammates better. I truly believe jetton makes glapion better. Say what you want but at the end of the day, it’s a team game and Jeremy Jetton shows the ability to be the leader of the team not only by scoring but making his teammates better by passing and guarding the other teams best player. For example, in the recent Marshall game, Jetton guarded Theo hill the entire game. He was playing tenacious defense and still getting buckets and getting everyone involved. Jetton sparked the team by voluntarily guarding the most dangerous guy on the court. Jetton is the complete package. When colleges read the tale of the tape, they will norice Jeremys ability to be a complete player. Keep working hard and let’s get the Ship this year!

  2. The tale of the tape:

    Glapion vs. Jetton

    Points per game: Glapion 22.7 – Jetton 17.4
    2 point FG percentage: Glapion 52% – Jetton 51%
    3 point FG percentage: Jetton 33% – Glapion 31%
    Free Throw percentage: Glapion 77% – Jetton 67%
    Assists per game: Jetton 3.7 – Glapion 2.3
    Blocked shots: Jetton 11 – Glapion 4
    Rebounds per game: Jetton 5.2 – Glapion 3.3
    Steals per game: Jetton 2.8 – Glapion 1.7
    Turnovers: Glapion 76 – Jetton 91

    Jeremy may be a “complete player” but Glapion fills the bucket. There’s a reason Kobe is considered more valuable than Lamar Odom. He puts the ball in the basket.

  3. He needs to learn how to play defense. be a team player and pass the ball.

  4. @the real a comparison with lamar odom is quite off… Try Lebron, dwade, kemba walker. All are “complete players”

  5. I was just going with two players on the same team but I wouldnt compare jetton to any of those guys for sure. Lets just be honest, why are we ripping these kids at all? Don’t crap on a kid cause just cause you disagree

  6. Timmy Tomioka | February 21, 2011 at 9:26 PM |

    Luis Simental got robbed!


  8. Both good players. Player of the week or player of the year, who really cares? The only thing that matters is winning at Kezar.

  9. prep bb observer | February 22, 2011 at 8:39 AM |

    I’m sure there was no complaining to SFPreps during football season when JJ got POW twice. My hunch is that Wash is concentrating on winning a Championship and not getting caught up with people trying to drive a wedge between two very talented players.

  10. I think that they both are good players, but Aaron lau should have gotten the player of the week due to his 8 points in 1 minute game against Wallenburg that led the 4th quarter push. He also has the sickest stroke in the AAA and he can play solid defense against players like him.

  11. THE AAA is the weakest league in the entire bayarea

  12. Shut down the AAA. Save SF some money.

  13. watch out for timmy tomioka for the eagles during the 2013 season . kids a monster on the court can shoot, create for teammates, take you off the dribble, athletic, and play D. doesn’t have a developed division 1 body yet, but in 2 years he will be around 6’5

  14. Thiz kid from marshall is a jr. Theo Hill look at his numbers leads glapion in everything !!!!! who really should be the player of the year for the AAA.

  15. It dosent matter, Taylor johns and Josh fox are the best basketball players in the city hands down.

  16. Nick Lam is the best

  17. Nick Lam goes hard in the paint

  18. When Lincoln gets there players back , it’s over ..

  19. Dont forget wallenberg too

  20. what happend to that kid chad untalan? played varsity as a freshman kid was a great point guard showed high basketball iq

  21. dude real talk brendan galapion doesnt go on facebook and flaunt how many points he scores he doesn’t say hes the best. he doesn’t go talking about how he shuts it down.. he does all his talking with the ball and wants to win and thats the bottom line

  22. Mission is the team to beat hands down

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