Boys Basketball: Fox, Johns and Mrlik named first team All-WCAL selections

From left: Sacred Heart Cathedral junior forward Joshua Fox, St. Ignatius senior guard Johnny Mrlik and Sacred Heart Cathedral junior forward Taylor Johns. (Photos by AJ Canaria)

From left: Sacred Heart Cathedral junior forward Joshua Fox, St. Ignatius senior guard Johnny Mrlik and Sacred Heart Cathedral junior forward Taylor Johns. (Photos by AJ Canaria)

Selections were made by West Catholic Athletic League coaches, not staff. We’ll put up the girls team tomorrow.

WCAL Player of the Year: Aaron Gordon, sophomore forward, Mitty

First Team
Joshua Fox, junior forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Taylor Johns, junior forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Connor McGrath, senior guard, Serra
Johnny Mrlik, senior guard, St. Ignatius
Kris Olugbode, senior guard, Bellarmine
Kyle Toth, senior guard, Mitty
Colin Wan, senior guard, Mitty

Second Team
Aaron Anderson, senior guard, Riordan
Henry Caruso, sophomore forward, Serra
Sean Dawkins, senior guard, St. Francis
Stephen Domingo, sophomore forward, St. Ignatius
Ivan Margaretic, senior forward, St. Francis
Jonny Parker, senior forward, Valley Christian
Neil Vranicar, junior forward, Mitty

Honorable Mention
Alex Chapman, senior guard, Bellarmine
Drew Dickey, junior center, St. Francis
Jordan Dougherty, senior forward, Riordan
Martin Folan, senior guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Kenneth Harris Jr., senior guard, St. Francis
Steve Karr, senior forward, Bellarmine
Zayn Kirkendoll, senior guard, Valley Christian
Dalyn Pacheco, senior forward, Serra
Herman Pratt, sophomore guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
E.J. Silvia, senior forward, St. Ignatius
Zachary Tapel, senior junior guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Brandon White, senior guard, Mitty

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39 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Fox, Johns and Mrlik named first team All-WCAL selections"

  1. Biggie Big... | February 23, 2011 at 12:53 PM |

    Josh Fox is a automatic 1st all league, that kid plays hard and productice every game. SHC would be in trouble without Josh Fox. This kid plays the whole game unless foul trouble and produces in all stats of the game to help his team win. Good kid and wonderful teammate and attitude. Congrats to all the kids who made 1st and 2nd team all league. Hard work pays off kids…Fox and Gordan will be fighting for player of the year…

  2. As a junior Fox definitely has room to improve. Once he gets an outside shot he will pretty much give Gordon a run for POY. Since his freshmen year at SHC he was the best player in his class in the city and I dare to say still is. Congrats to super athletic Johns and Mrlik (best shooter in norcal?) for making 1st team. Imagine is SHC had Mrlik or SI had Johns and Fox? Top team in CCS.

  3. Congrats to Taylor and Josh for making 1st team. well deserved. Johnny I agree can flat out shoot the rock congrats to him as well. Seems that Josh really upped his game when he got away from St. Marys rec team and played for the SF Rebels last summer. I heard he was a beast on the court. Sometimes change is good. Good luck in the CCS guys. You may meet again!!!

  4. Johnny Mrlik should have gotten WCAL POY without a doubt. Leading scorer in the league, most made 3 pointers, highest FT percentage. He came up in the clutch, he’s the go-to senior, and he’s definitely the most valuable to the team. Look at the games where teams are able to shut down Mrlik – SI loses. When he’s on, they can run with anyone. Yes, Gordon is a phenom. He’s freakishly athletic and definitely was up there with Johnny. But from my perspective, give it to the clutch senior. Gordon can win two more POY awards before he’s done.

  5. Clutch senior? SI finished 4th in league and that was a tie with Bellarmine. They lost 1st round of WCAL playoffs. If he really was POY then he wouldve carried his team farther.

  6. Really? So the player of the year should go to a kid on the best team? I’m a believer that the POY should make his team better, yes. But it takes a team – not just one player. There are plenty of good players (high school, college, NBA) who deserve the recognition they get, even if they’re not on a championship team.

    If you watched league play this year, you know Johnny Mrlik was the best player in the WCAL? The most athletic? No. The most hyped? Recruited? No. But best? Yes. It’s straight forward, that’s why I feel he should’ve gotten it.

  7. All those points, free throws, three pointers couldn’t help save SI from a first round wcal loss.

    Players of the year don’t come from 4th place teams!!

  8. I agree that Mrlik could have won the WCAL POY award as he dominated all season long. No player meant more to his team than Johnny Mrlik and his first team all league selection is well deserved. Mrlik outscored Gordon this year and although no one came close to Gordon in rebounds, Mrlik averaged a very respectable 5 rebounds per game for an off guard. Finally, Mrlik broke a WCAL record for free throws made in a season (85) and he willed himself to the line when he had to help his team. Meanwhile, Aaron Gordon made 1 of 10 when he played at SI. The award is Gordon’s for the next two years and I guess its wishful thinking that they would have given POY to a senior.

    Also, congratulations to Stephen Domingo and E.J. Silvia on their selections as they worked hard and helped carry the scoring when Mrlik was double and triple teamed. Their efforts were crucial this year and will certainly help the Cats come CCS. Good job for the City teams with a lot of selections, can’t wait to see All-City SF Preps team where Mrlik and the rest will surely get their due.

  9. Does anyone have the All-League teams for tennis up?

  10. Zach Tapel is a jr not a senior

  11. No hes a junior

    • You guys are right… I had a football roster that has him as a senior, but I see he’s listed as a junior on everything else…

  12. Get your facts straight Anonymous & Ari Gold. The CATS tied for 3rd with Serra at 8-6.

  13. Wow Ari and JOhns/Fox couldn’t save SH from a blowlout loss to Serra at home.

  14. Yeah he was first team all wcal as a jr in football

  15. This was a break out season for josh fox but i do not think that would have happened if johns had not put on a show as a sophmore. Knowing that he got 2nd team all wcal last year, all of the teams were so worried about stoping Johns and forgot about Josh. Johns was the man last year and this year its Fox

  16. Rondo is 100% right. Fox was the better player this year.
    The Riordan kid (Aaron A) got screwed because the Crusaders had a tough year.
    His stats were way better than both Johns & Colin Wan from Mitty but they were the two Top Teams
    Let’s see what happens in CCS. There could be some surprises

  17. I totally agree Roll Cats…Johnny Mrlik should have been POY…That freethrow record of 85 makes was from 1970 (and while shooting 93% from the line. He led the league in scoring all year long and numerous teams did eveything they could to stop him from scoring. ie…Box in 1 and double teams when he caught the ball. Is gordon the most athletic player with the most potential in league..Absolutely…I am kinda shocked all ther coaches voted from him being he is a sophomore who is a lock to get POY the next 2 years at Mitty. Did he mean more to Mitty than Mrlik to SI?…I sure dont think so…….You take Gordon off Mitty and they still go 9-5 or 8-6 at worst…You take Mrlic off SI and they go 4-10 tops! POY is player that meant most to their team!

  18. @ cats pride. … I want to go and see the SI trophy case for their basketball state championships. Oh what? The trophy case is empty!?!?

  19. @ Ari Gold … was anyone arguing about state championships? Or even what team is better? No, it was just a claim (that obviously not only I hold) that Johnny Mrlik was deserving of the POY award.

  20. @ mr truth … The guy reacted with a cheaper shot at SH. So you know what ends all arguments? It’s all about the ‘Chips. POYs are nice accomplishments but unless you deliver in the playoffs then it means nothing. I’m sure any player will tell you that the team accomplishment mess more to them than an individual award.

    Gordon winning was a surprise. Wcal usually has a habit or rewarding the seniors knowing the underclassman will get their recognition later. Or of recent note share POY honors. Mrlik certainly deserving but this award on all levels of sports now is awarded to the guy on the winningest team not to the guy with the best overall stats.

  21. As an obejective observer – Gordon was a force and dictated the pace of a very good Mitty team. I have no problem with him being MVP. In all honesty, as much as Mrlik meant to his team (and the freethrow record IS impressive), he wasnt even my choice for 2nd in MVP balloting – Connor MrGrath from Serra. Using the arguements above you also have a case for John Fox.
    Hence no crime for being the MVP of your own team, and since when is being selected to the 1st team not good enough.
    All coach nominate their own players, then they collectively pick the all league, those wilth most selections get first, then second team, rest get honorable mention

  22. Johnny Drama | February 24, 2011 at 6:27 AM |

    come one @Ari…..we do have a state championship in our case along with about 50 more “Chips” as you like to call them. I believe I settled this debate on a earlier post. Granted SHC may be having more success since 2009 but as was also mentioned in several posts, this has got to be the weakest WCAL era EVER. At this rate it will take you 30 years to equal our trophy case. Thank goodness the women carried the men all those years on Ellis street.

    NOW…go focus on keeping your wife from divorcing you!!

  23. Kieth Smarts | February 24, 2011 at 9:07 AM |

    What happened to Noah Sprinwater and Zio Enriquez of UHS ?

  24. Mrlik should have defiantly won, no doubt,

  25. The time for parents to make a stand for their kid to be player of the year is prior to the selection by the coaches. Afterward, the civilized thing to do is congratulate all of kids, POY, 1st, 2nd and honorable mention and realize that your kid is awesome no matter where he landed on the list, and go away a good sport.

  26. @Keith Smarts:this was only wcal selections, Mrlik should have won player of the year, look at the stats on Aaron Anderson should have been a first team all league player. Look at the way he single handedly kept Crusaders in ball games. Other than that this was selected well.

  27. where are the bcl all league teams?

  28. Pls read the heading!

  29. Take away Gordon and Mitty doesnt win league and probably finishes 3rd or 4th. POY goes to the Best Player on the BEST team. It isnt who has the best stats!

  30. when do the bcl all league teams come out?

  31. Richard Mrlik | February 24, 2011 at 7:03 PM |

    First time contributer. My personal view, ‘to the victors go the spoils’. Winning is the primary objective in any competitive athletic endeavor and the metric by which your efforts should be measured. Congratulations to Aaron Gordon, well deserved — he is a terrific team player and who I believe makes the greatest impact towards winning. I greatly appreciate the kind words regarding my son Johnny, but I think the wcal coaches made a fair selection. With that said, my player of the year is San Fran Preps — they have done a marvelous job this year — keep up the great work.

  32. Congrats to all the players for a job well done this season. Thanks to Mr. Mrlik for his gracious post. I am sure it was a close call on POY but it is what it is.

    I do believe that in regards to Fox upping his game, I believe he would not be the player he is today if it weren’t for the time, hard work and dedication he put in at St. mary’s under Marty Arenas. Granted he may not have played against talent from other parts of the country but he rarely played against kids his own age or younger like some of the Rebels teams have. Arenas tried to play them against kids older then they were to make them better players. It’s easy to dominate as a 14 year old playing on a 12 year old team but quite another playing against someone your own age and same skill set. Change is good because nothing in life stays the same.

  33. It’s no wonder the kids such a great player with a father like that. I do believe Mrlik should have won it but what a class act; son I already knew but now I know where it comes from.

  34. Basketball Fan | February 25, 2011 at 11:21 AM |

    Well said Mr. Mrlik. I know you must be very proud of your son and all his accomplishments on and off the court. To many people like to criticize instead of recognizing all these kids efforts and the hard work they put in. Thanks SF Prep too for providing this forum and articles. Keep up the good work.

  35. Johnny Mrlik. Best Pure Shooter in High School Basketball!!!

  36. I disagree with everyone saying that Gordon was not as valuable as Mrlik. You take Gordon off the Mitty team and they do not place in the top half of the league, period. Gordon altered so many shots and created so many shots for his teammates just by clogging up the middle. Plus without Gordon, Mitty would not have the size to match up against any of the taller teams in the WCAL including St. Francis and SHC. Thus, Gordon definitely should be the player of the year. Good luck to all the WCAL teams still competing in CCS, let’s keep dominating the Bay Area basketball scene!

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