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For live updates on the Lowell-Washington, University-Head-Royce and St. Ignatius-Burlingame boys basketball games, follow us on Twitter at: For live internet radio broadcasts of the Sacred Heart Cathedral-Aptos boys basketball game and the Sacred Heart Cathedral-Valley Christian girls basketball game game click here. For radio broadcasts of the St. Ignatius-Burlingame boys basketball game and the St. Ignatius-Terra Nova girls basketball game click here.

AAA boys basketball semifinals
(L2) Washington 60, (N1) Lowell 48
(L1) Mission 69, (N2) Wallenberg 66

CCS Division III boys basketball semifinals
(1) Sacred Heart Cathedral 73, (4) Aptos 48
(3) Burlingame 68, (2) St. Ignatius 56

NCS Division V boys basketball semifinals
(2) University 70, (3) Head-Royce (Oakland) 51

NCS Division VI boys basketball semifinals
(2) Rincon Valley Christian (Santa Rosa) 55, (3) Waldorf 53

CCS Division III girls basketball semifinals
(1) St. Ignatius 89, (4) Terra Nova (Pacifica) 70
(2) Sacred Heart Cathedral 50, (3) Valley Christian (San Jose) 36

NCS Division V girls basketball semifinals
(2) Rincon Valley Christian (Santa Rosa) 53, (3) Convent 47

CCS Division III boys soccer semifinals
(1) Santa Cruz 4, (5) Sacred Heart Cathedral 0

AAA baseball
Lowell vs. Jordan @ Crocker Amazon, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)
Galileo vs. O’Connell @ Balboa Park, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)
Balboa vs. Burton @ Silver Terrace, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)
Washington vs. Wallenberg @ Big Rec, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)
Mission vs. Lincoln @ West Sunset, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)

Non-league baseball
Leadership vs. Athenian (Danville) @ Balboa Park, 3:30 p.m.

Non-league boys lacrosse
Urban 13, Berean Christian (Walnut Creek) 8

Non-league girls lacrosse
University @ Marin Catholic (Kentfield), 4:30 p.m.

Non-league girls soccer
Redwood (Larkspur) 1, University 0
San Marin (Novato) 4, Drew 0

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36 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. WCAL D3 semifinal predicting Burlingame over SI
    58-51 SH over VC 64-45.

  2. Sorry SHC over Aptos 64-45 not VC. SHC over Burlingame 62-55 in the final

  3. I think Burlingame will beat SI also. After that Serra debacle there’s no telling what SHC (or the coach) will do.

  4. Roll Cats | March 2, 2011 at 4:31 PM |

    Predictions: SH over Aptos 68-50. If they play well, they should coast in the 2nd half. SI over Burlingame in a much closer game 50-45. Probably won’t be able to make it out tonight, so good luck to both teams

  5. I predict an SH blowout which happened. And for the other game I predict SI wins 63-45 with Johnny Mrlik scoring 40 points on 30 shots because the guy is a black hole and never met a shot he didn’t like.

  6. Anonymous | March 2, 2011 at 8:16 PM |

    A well coached undersiZed team just win big in Aptos HS
    The SI girls varsity. No superstars on this team, Maria just
    Shut down the best player on the terra nova team, only scoring
    7 points in the process.

  7. Anonymous | March 2, 2011 at 8:43 PM |

    Got my predictions right as I’m writing this Burlingame
    is leading by 16 SI is being outplayed! outcoached!

  8. CCS Division III boys soccer semifinals
    (Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Santa Cruz
    SHC falls to Santa Cruz 4-0
    you guys had a great season , way to make the SHCP community proud !

  9. @ Johnny drama…. I will put my bias aside and together let’s coach SI next year. We can make them perennial powers again!…in division FOUR!!!

    I love it!!!! SI out of the playoffs and another SH ccs title? Just another day at the office for the Irish. Meanwhile SI can concentrate on their RECREATIONS like lacrosse.

  10. Perspective | March 2, 2011 at 10:28 PM |

    Awww, SI didn’t win? I bet all their students are sad as they receive their Ivy league acceptances. Oh wait. There’s more than basketball. Making it to the semi’s and having the best college placement in the WCAL is okay with me.

  11. Where’s all the SI supporters? Its ok I will fill in!
    “If we had a better coach we wouldv’ve won State!”
    Couple thoughts on the game:
    1. Domingo is WILDLY OVERRATED! With his 6’7 body he should be a tweener between a face up post and a guard. Does not shoot the ball good enough to be an all time guard. Please somebody feed him because if you put a big agile body on him he disappears.
    2. Mrlik is a great guard that plays hard all the time, have enjoyed watching him play.
    3. Waters can not handle full court pressure.
    4. Aguilar was the best defender against Bgame’s bigs.
    5. Burlingame is a cocky bunch. They have an exciting style of play and are very physical.
    6. The key to the game was doubling Mrlik every time he touched the ball so no SI offense.
    7. SI has a shaky future next year with basically all of SHC returning and no more Mrlik.

  12. @Ari Gold
    Who won the Bruce Mahoney again? lol

    Anyways, regarding that game with SI and Burlingame……SI played horrible, while Burlingame was shooting like Ray Allen in the 1st half. Then, #34 Rodrigo elbowing people left and right and disrespecting the SI student section. Even the last play of the game, as the buzzer sounded, he gave another elbow to the chops of #44 on SI, while the ref just stood there. #34 even bodyslammed one of SI’s players, then #34 was the one shooting 4 free throws, lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ref lives in Burlingame, but it didn’t matter cause Stephen Domingo was ice-cold in the 1st half, Burlingame’s speed in the guard position was too much for SI to handle. The better team with the better coach won this game. Kareem Guillbeaux should be SI’s coach next year.

  13. #34 Pulicemo has been there for 5 years!

  14. @Anonymous

    I think that was a very-thorough breakdown on SI’s basketball team, especially #5 that B-game is very cocky and #34 on B-game has no sportmanship whatsoever. #1 is kinda suspect, though, cause Domingo missed his 1st few shots and that basically destroyed his confidence, then B-game just went on a 3-point barrage and SI never recovered. Even Kobe Bryant and Lebron James have bad games. But, I agree that SHC should win the WCAL next year, all their best players are juniors or sophs, but I doubt SHC will win the Bruce Mahoney in 2012 cause they will lose in baseball and football, and if they win the football game, they will lose the basketball game, cause that’s what usually happens year in and out.

  15. Wildcat Alum | March 2, 2011 at 11:59 PM |

    I’m furious. BHS completely outplayed, outhustled, and outworked my Cats. If the two coaches were boxing, the refs would have thrown in the towel for Debenedetti like they should have for Apollo Creed vs. Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. SI played with no heart tonight and BHS took it right to them. Embarrassing. Tim Reardon should be SI’s coach next year.

  16. @JJ ? SI wins that old relic everytime 9 out of 10 times. Big whoop. Have-you-seen-it? Yes I have. 1994. The feeling is overrated. SH has eyes on bigger prizes like CCS, NCS, State.

    If you were 6’7 and 105 lbs, and you get bumped, bodied, shoved around, Im sure you would want to avoid contact. Domingo is SOFT. He has a pretty turnaround fadeaway jumper. If you mutated Domingo and Aguilar together, you’d get the perfect basketball player.

    Burlingame will lose by 10 to SH in the final. Too much press, too much Johns and Fox. And that old guy they have at center will be asking for an oxygen cannula after 2 minutes of playing SH’s style.

  17. The Bruce Mahoney is overrated, but how come SHC always loses the 1st basketball game at USF? SI always squeak out a 1 or 2 point win, then the 2nd game they lose by 10 or 15. Anyways, Sacred Heart won’t win State this year, but they will win State next year. Their 3 best players are juniors, then their next 3 best players are sophomores, and all run like a 4.4 time, 40, but it was somewhat embarassing when Taylor Johns bricked 2 dunks like 30 seconds apart against Aptos. And yea, I think SHC will win by 10 on Saturday. I can’t see Burlingame hitting 3’s like they did against SI.

  18. Why did Tim Reardon “quit” in the 1st place?

  19. Johnny Drama | March 3, 2011 at 8:04 AM |

    @ Anon, I’m an SI supporter and we just got outplayed and beat by a better team on Wednesday. The coaching is what it is but I don’t believe it cost us the game.

    @Ari Gold, we could probably do a better job in coaching but you need a dose of reality my friend. You claim that SI should be in D4, where I remind you SHC was and didn’t win anything until recently moving up to D3. SHC just beat an Aptos team that would lose to the WCAL JV Champs this year. The last REAL team they played, well, I believe the term RUNNING CLOCK comes to mind. So the only thing you should be celebrating is being the talles midget in a league full of Midgets. SHC and SI are both above average teams in a very below average era of SF HOOPS. In reading your post, you played for SH in 1994? That was some good ball in those days. Tell me, how would this SHC team play out against your old squad or the Riordan and SI teams of back then. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather prefer SI to win, so congrats to SHC and good luck versus B-game( I root for City over peninsula every day of the week) but as I mentioned earlier, these “ships” aren’t as difficult to come by as they once were.

    Hey Ari, in an earlier post you said you would kiss my butt if I showed you our “ships” and I did and you didn’t. We still have 50 plus more than you but anyway….I will kiss your butt if you win State this year. I am a man of my word so I will give you all the kudos in the world if you accomplish that task. Although the road to state got a bit easier when the best player in the state, IMO, transferred out of Sac High. So let’s see if SHC is as good as you think they are!

  20. sfpatriot | March 3, 2011 at 8:14 AM |

    Wow – finally a good discussion (and reporting that the Chron won’t cover) going on on our high school sports. Perhaps SF Preps should add some discussion boards!

    Congrats to the SHCP boys soccer team on a fine season. The whole WCAL soccer was excellent this year. The #1 seeded Santa Cruz team must be the real deal.

    Good luck to all theSF BBall and soccer teams still in the playoffs (AAA included).

  21. Basketball Fan | March 3, 2011 at 8:21 AM |

    Burlingame just plain out beat SI last night in their own house. The WCAL just isn’t what it use to be. Let’s go SHC. Bring it on Sat.

    Where do I get a run down of all the game times on Sat?

  22. SHC Soccer had a good season. Just beating SI and Bellarmine (for the first time since 1975) says it all. It would be nice to grab that CCS title.

  23. I am pretty sure the 08-09 SHC team that won State could’ve gave the 90’s WCAL teams a hard time. That team had size at every position, played great defense, could shoot, and was extremely athletic. One of the best teams the City has produced.

  24. You think the 08-09 SHC team could beat the Riordan team when they had John Tofi and Marquise Kately? That was a good team too.

  25. @JJ……..I will take the liberty of answering your question with an emphatic HELL NO. Kately and Tofi were head and shoulders ahead of anybody SHC had in 09. Those two had very good college careers. I don’t believe Brown is playing any longer? And Cooper is at CCSF. Riordan would win going away.

  26. Yea, that 2002 Riordan Championship team was one of the best teams that came from the City. In the CIF Championship game, Marquise Kately was schooling Arron Afflalo (now on the Denver Nuggets) the whole game and shut him down. But the SHC 2009 team kinda snuck in and surprised alot of people with great teamwork, and won it that way, like sorta under the radar, but still a great team. The SI team with Luke Whitehead and that defensive lineman on the Cowboys (Igor Olshansky) had alot of promise, but they never won a state championship or came close to one.

  27. the 2004 SI team was pretty good too: Matt Jones, Jesse Lopez Low, Tim Szarnicki, Max Mizono, Brian Wilhelm was one of my favorite teams this past decade, though

  28. Sorry WCAL fan, the SHC 2009 State Championship team would have clobbered Riordan’s ’02 team. That Irish squad had a much better defense, much better shooting and better rebounding.

    Now the 1996 team would beat all of them. Joe Braucher could do it all, with defense, ballhandling, three-point shooting and rebounding. Justin Love was a good strong dependable player and LyRyan Russell was one of the best point guards around.

  29. IC STARS…you are delusional. Shooting? Who on that 2009 team could make a jumper consistently? Nobody. they won that year because they were bigger than most teams which would not have been the case against the 2002 team. Tofi was bigger than Greene and Kately was significantly better than Brown. He is one of the best players ever from SF. The same 2009 team lost as Juniors to a Riordan team with Camacho and a bunch of scrappy players. So no, they would not clobber the 2002 team, they would lose rather significantly….but we’ll never know will we!

  30. If you recall, the 2002 teams (both squads) shot under 25% in that WCAL tournament game. For the Irish, it was all defense all the time. On the 2009 team Nate Gartrell was consistently outstanding as far as being a clutch shooter.

    Now if you ask former SHC coach John Perez, he’ll probably tell you that the 1972 team would beat all three of these teams.

  31. Gartrell had his best game in the final game of his career. Before that he was a very average player with great leaping ability.

  32. Like WCAL FAN said the 2009 SHC team were very beatable as juniors. In fact, I think their record was not that great with at least 12 losses. Plus, Riordan had a harder path to win STATE, having to beat Compton Centennial who had NBA player Arron Afflalo. I think 2002 Riordan would beat 2009 SHC pretty easily. Tofi would kill Greene on the glass, and Kately would cross-over Jerry Brown all day. And Kately would’ve shut down Gartrell. Kately was like the #1 and Tofi is like #2 if u rank the best players in San Francisco in the past decade. Who would be ranked #3? Matt Jones? lol #4 Greene??

  33. JJ, nobody would shutdown Gartrell. If you saw both 2009 and 2002 teams, there’s no question the SHC 2009 team was head and shoulders better than both SHC and Riordan’s 2002 teams, and the SHC 1996 team was better than all of them. Had I seen the SH 1972 team I could probably make a case for them too but in those days, the CCS didn’t send any teams to the TOC which was won by a team that SH beat in pre-season.

  34. Johnny Drama | March 5, 2011 at 10:04 AM |

    Look at the college careers of the kids from both teams. Tofi played at UTEP and pro ball overseas. Kately would have gone pro if he did not get “sidetracked” at CAL. Riordan had other players who played at smaller schools.

    Is Brown still at FSU? He made no impact as a frosh. Gartrell is not playing hoops because he got no looks yet you say he was unstoppable. If he was he’d be somewhere. He’s a baseball kid I believe. Greene is on the gridiron where he belongs although he was a man on the boards. He would not be a problem for Tofi.

    JJ makes a great point about the competition levels. 2009 was a watered down year. I say Riordan by 15 easy.

    You made my day with the nobody would shut down Gartrell comment.

  35. Gartrell is playing baseball. Greene would be a huge problem for Tofi. He’s much more agile. If someone did shut down Gartrell who was it? I saw 16 games that year.

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