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For live updates on the St. Ignatius-Sacred Heart Cathedral girls basketball game and the Sacred Heart Cathedral-Burlingame boys basketball game, follow us on Twitter at:

CCS Division III boys basketball championship
(1) Sacred Heart Cathedral 41, (3) Burlingame 32

CCS Division III girls basketball championship
(2) Sacred Heart Cathedral 64, (1) St. Ignatius 48

CCS Division II girls soccer championship
(1) Mitty (San Jose) 1, (4) St. Ignatius 0

Non-league baseball
Riordan 9, Salinas 7
Sacred Heart Cathedral 14, Lick-Wilmerding 6
Drake (San Anselmo) 11, Washington 1
Lowell 6, Balboa 3
Urban 4, Marshall 2
Stuart Hall 2, International 1
St. Ignatius 9, Scotts Valley 4
Gateway vs. University @ Paul Goode, 11:30 p.m.

Non-league boys lacrosse
San Ramon Valley (Danville) 11, St. Ignatius 10 2OT

Non-league girls lacrosse
Lick-Wilmerding @ Granite Bay, 11 a.m.

Non-league softball
St. Ignatius @ Circle of Champions Tournament at Salinas Sports Complex

Non-league boys volleyball
Sacred Heart Cathedral @ Los Gatos Tournament

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15 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. oh whaaaaaat??? SH girls beat the almighty SI girls? Didnt SI pretty much dominate SH this year? Its what Ive been preaching all hoops season long. SH isnt about old relic trophys, its about WCAL, CCS, NCS, State titles. Good job Lady Irish on adding another ‘chip to the trophy case.

    @ Johnny Drama… what do you have to say about today? I will never represent you!!! Go back to Adam Davies!!!!

  2. Irishpride | March 5, 2011 at 5:51 PM |

    Congrats to SHC girls for coming thru the 2nd half of the season and finishing as champions of CCS D3! And to beat SI, that’s the cherry on top of the ice cream!

  3. Wow! Can Mike Carey coach now?

  4. Anonymous | March 5, 2011 at 6:29 PM |

    Pretty good game plan by Mike Carey! Kudos to to him the girls responded very well. Their point Geana was the difference she made shots when it counted. Full court pressure the whole game, subs in and out to rest his defenders.SI girls got tired with only
    5 players playing virtually the whole game, made a run in the 3rd Quarter but cannot capitalize on the FT and easy layups, sure signs of fatigue. Throw the WCAL record away this one counted more! Congratulations!!

  5. Congrats to the Irish mens team also on the CCS Div III title. On to Nor Cals!!!!

  6. I’m glad SHC handily beat Burlingame. Burlingame was very cocky when they beat SI. And, that’s kind of a shocker that the SHC Girls beat SI. SHC was like a .500 ballclub this year in the WCAL. I would’ve went to the games if the SI Boys made it to the Championship, but I figure SHC vs B-Game would’ve been a snoozefest, hahaha

  7. @ ic stars….its one game and I am sure people will say how come he didn’t do that all season long. I think after he gets 5 seasons under his belt on the varsity level, coupled with win-loss record, WCAL titles, CCS titles and state championships then more can be said about his coaching ability.

    They went 7-4 preseason, 5-7 league, 1-1 WCAL playoffs & 3-0 in CCS 2010-2011 1 title, so far
    Last season he was 7-4 preseason 5-7 league, 0-1 WCAL playoffs & 1-1 CCS 2009-2010 0 titles

    Let’s see what happens in nor-cal this season

  8. Johnny Drama | March 5, 2011 at 10:00 PM |

    @Ari..congrats to your Irish…you’re only 48 championships behind us now….at this rate you will catch up by 2035……but any way….enjoy. It was a much tougher game than you thought it would be I assume?

    Good luck in Nor Cals… will need it after squeaking by Burlingame my man!!

  9. @ Drama… I see your good luck to SH with your fingers crossed behind your back. HAHAHA…. come on Drama, we’re talking CCS titles… that chart you showed me was for MEN’s WCAL titles. Again we’re talking big picture here. we’re talking the big three sports… not your little sunday in the park recreations. On another note, our city private schools will never catch up to the San Jose schools. Bellarmine has a ridiculous 200 league titles from all the sports around, compared to SI’s 51, SH’s 6. No point at looking at that record book.

  10. Johnny Drama | March 5, 2011 at 11:00 PM |

    @Ari….The real big picture is that the WCAL is much tougher to win than CCS. I would take a WCAL championship over CCS any day. Mitty, Serra, SF and BELL are much tougher opponents than Aptos and Jefferson. A WCAL title is a much more impressive accomplishment. Like I said earlier, Serra’s JV’s would beat Aptos and Jefferson. A CCS is better than nothing so enjoy it. Win state and I’ll give you Kudos.

  11. I have to agree with Drama (aka Johnny Mrlks Fan Club Sunset Chapter President) on this one. A WCAL title is much more impressive than a CCS title (particularly in basketball). CCS teams arent familiar with the caliber of play in WCAL and cannot scout appropriately going into the contest.

    And Ari Gold, I know plenty of SH grads who would take a Bruce-Mahoney Trophy over a CCS crown – maybe even a WCAL title. Dont belittle the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy.

    There is no bigger game or hotter ticket (except for a State Championship) as the Bruce-Mahoney game. SHC easily winning another CCS title just magifies the pressure they let get to them in the B-M game.

    Being that said, congratulations to SHCP on another CCS title for both girls and boys teams – even in a “down” year.

    Curious, how many CCS titles has the SHC boy and girls basketball teams, the women’s volleyball team won since the school opened up their new gym ten years ago? I am sure a lot.

    The ratio is probably as much as when SI moved to their Sunset campus in 1970. At that time the B-M trophy was about even. Since the move, SI has won the trophy 90 percent of the time.

  12. wcal is a bruiser of a league. I would say its more difficult for the SF schools (all Div III) going up against Div I (Bellarmine, Serra) and Div II (Mitty, St. Francis) year in and year out. Anytime a city school beats the southern schools, consider it an upset. The southern schools should always win.

    Sure winning WCAL is a hefty feat, but dont downplay CCS. Its the best teams of every league. Of course they dont stack up to the WCAL, but Burlingame is a formiddable opponent every year (beat SI), Mills beat SI last year.

    @wcal alum… i used to really pay attention to BM series, not so much and not because SH only gets it once every 10 years… its really sad that both the schools have been co-ed for 20+ years. Everything evolves and I believe traditions should evolve too. The BM is between the two schools, it shouldnt be just the mens. It should include the women too. To be stuck in the mens only tradition is not progressive at all. I would love to see best of 5 (football, 1st match womens volleyball, 1st match mens bball, 1st match womens bball and baseball). And if that were true this year SI wouldve won again.

  13. WCAL Alum | March 6, 2011 at 6:20 AM |

    Ari Gold. I agree with you and I dont believe any decendence(sp) of the Bruce or Mahoney families would disagree. I brought this up to SI administrators once and they thought is was fine the way it is (why would they want to change the formula).

  14. Johnny Drama | March 6, 2011 at 8:18 AM |

    Because womens sports are light entertainment. I don’t believe any rivalry game in college which includes a trophy of some sort include women events. Those schools are coed also

    And fyi, I am the Peninsula chapter president as I now reside in Menlo Park!

  15. @wcal alum … 1) because they are either sexist, 2) know their stranglehold on the BM would be no more especially the past 10 years except this year since the SH girls have pretty much dominated SI girls in volleyball and basketball.

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