Basketball: CIF state championship brackets released

Washington senior forward Levander Moore (left) celebrates after a key play against Mission in the AAA championship game on Friday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

Washington senior forward Levander Moore (left) celebrates after a key play against Mission in the AAA championship game on Friday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

Here are the matchups featuring San Francisco teams, to check out the complete brackets, click here.


Division I
Washington [24-10] @ Santa Teresa (San Jose) [22-7], Tuesday 7 p.m.

Division III
Mission [23-10] @ (4) El Cerrito [22-7], Tuesday 7 p.m.
(3) Sacred Heart Cathedral [23-6] first-round bye, will host winner of Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland) [22-6] and Foothill (Sacramento) [21-9], Thursday 7:30 p.m.

Division V
(3) University [26-6] first-round bye, will host winner of Liberty Christian (Redding) [24-4] and Valley Christian (Roseville) [26-3], Thursday 7:30 p.m.


Division I
Lowell [28-4] vs. Oak Ridge (El Dorado Hills) [20-10] @ Kezar Pavilion, Tuesday 6 p.m.
Washington [25-9] @ Oakland Tech [17-8], Tuesday 7 p.m.

Division III
El Dorado (Placerville) [24-4] @ St. Ignatius [22-7], Tuesday 7 p.m.
(3) Sacred Heart Cathedral [16-12] first-round bye, will host winner of Campolindo (Moraga) [23-6] and Christian Brothers (Sacramento) [21-9], Thursday 6 p.m.

Division V
Convent [19-10] @ Brookside Christian (Stockton) [22-9], Tuesday 7 p.m.

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38 Comments on "Basketball: CIF state championship brackets released"

  1. SI and SHC Girls both got a favorable draw. SI faces the lowest ranked team in the 1st round and SHC facing a very beatable team in the 2nd round after their 1st round bye

  2. Cats pride | March 6, 2011 at 5:44 PM |

    Unfortunately for the SH boys I see Bishop O’Dowd in their future which is a tough match-up.

    • @ Cats pride

      Yeah, Bishop O’Dowd being unseeded was the biggest shock for me in the boys D-III bracket… Sure, San Marin upset them in NCS, but O’Dowd was the No. 1 seed in that tourney for a reason.

      Same sort of logic for the Sacred Heart and SI girls… They apparently put the section results above all else….

  3. City Lights | March 6, 2011 at 7:30 PM |

    Rough draw for SHC. O’ Dowd is a fluke loss away from the #1 seed.
    BRUTAL first matchup for the City reps.

    Good luck Irish!

  4. Brandon Ashley of O’Dowd is every coaches nightmare. For the Irish to have a chance if they play vs O’Dowd is to get Ashley in foul trouble which is easier said than done. He will block EVERYTHING. like how Aaron Gordon blocked everything. Is Kevin Greene still eligible????

  5. Johnny Drama | March 6, 2011 at 9:03 PM |

    @Ari Gold…..beat them and/or Sac and you will have serious bragging rights. Let’s hook up Thursday at SHC. I’ll be wearing an SI sweatshirt!!

  6. @ Drama… very brave of you… im sure you like our gym better. the seats are curved plastic. much more forgiving than that hard wood bleacher you guys picked. i think i got a pressure sore from sitting on those SI bleachers during that saturday playoff…. we’ll see… not sure i can make it out there.

  7. Anti- Ari Gold aka Ari Silver | March 6, 2011 at 11:23 PM |

    First of all Ari gold you just despise SI because you got cut from the team when you were a freshman. SH will win there first game then get dominated by the pizza man himself aka Brandon Ashley aka number 6 prospect in 2012. Not to mention Richard Longruss who can single handedly beat SH. Sorry to say but SH is going down. And for the next 3 years with stephen domingo and trevor dunbar SI will destroy SH. You will be crying just like you were when you got cut

  8. Washington has to travel to Santa Teresa instead of hosting? That seems unfair that they would have to travel and they are the champs. Santa Teresa didn’t even win their league, but yet, get to host. Whoever did these brackets screwed up!

  9. @Jbalan….that’s interesting, they didn’t win their league because Piedmont HIlls and Leigh took first, but yet, they win CCS. Interesting. I’m still don’t see why both teams from the AAA has to travel. I can understand why Mission should travel, but Washington won the AAA and should be able to host at least one game.

    • @GC01

      Yeah, as I said before, it’s clear that the seeding is almost entirely focused on how the sectional tournaments went, not based on the entire body of work.

      You see it across the board… Bishop O’Dowd goes unseeded even though they should be at the very least a No. 2 seed… Sacred Heart Girls are seeded third, while SI has to play in the first round, even though SI, over the whole season, has had a definitively better year… I’m sure there are more out there, but I’ve just focused on the brackets with SF teams in them…

      One of the few exceptions appears to be Wash on the boys side… While I agree, as section champs, they should have a home game, people outside the City really devalue the AAA, which is probably accurate as a whole, but not necessarily at the top of the league. If you look at the “Host Priority” list at the bottom of the bracket, Wash is ranked last.

  10. Anonymous | March 7, 2011 at 2:38 AM |

    win a state championship then get some credibility

  11. @Jbalan

    You said exactly what I was thinking. What upsets me is that people do look down upon the San Francisco section. I do not know why. We have some pretty good athletes and can hang with anyone. We may not be the best of the best, but we will definately give anyone a run for their money. It is a slap in the face to Washington to have to travel. Santa Teresa got lucky and won the CCS. Washington played Piedmont HIlls twice (the co-league champs of the division Santa Teresa is in) and hung in there both times. Santa Teresa isn’t as good as Piedmont Hills and Washington will show why the AAA should be more respected!

  12. on ball pressure of bod’s guards, deny the entry pass to the big guys, go to the hole strong and/or use pump fakes, and box out – along with lights out shooting for shc should give the irish a chance.

  13. Johnny Drama | March 7, 2011 at 7:03 AM |

    Ari I really do not like the SH gym. It is a sterile environment. The only thing about it I do like is that I can always get a good seat because it is always empty.

    JBalan is correct with his assessment of the brackets. And whoever said Santa Teresa got lucky, you are so wrong. Look at who they beat to win CCS. They can play.

  14. @ Drama… how has that been any different the last 15 years? You know low attendance its attributed to the fact that most of the kids that go to SH are city kids, Did you forget a good portion of our student body are asian kids that dont particularly follow sports but have academic priorities / other interests? Another portion are the latinos that really could care less of about sports. And the white kids who are either getting stoned/drunk. When youre a city kid, you just do things around the city, not hang out to watch high school sports. SI has a far bigger student body with kids from the suburbs. Of course they will show up to the sports events. They are suburb kids. Thats what they do.

    Yes, our gym is clean. Thank you.

    @ Ari Silver… thank you my protege. Soooooo youre saying Stephen Domingo is going to flunk one of his next two years so he can play a 5th year in high school? Trevor Dunbar, okay so if he was that good why wasnt he on varsity already as a freshman. So Dunbar is going to pass Albert Waters on the debt chart? Just stick to your bread and butter lacross recreation and leave basketball to SH.

  15. The Wildcats | March 7, 2011 at 11:29 AM |

    @Ari Gold & @Johnny Drama, you guys are making me laugh with your back and forth. SHC does have a nice new gym with comfortable seats but it doesn’t seem broken in and does feel sterile. It’s a nice design though. I wish there was parking! SI’s new gym is from 1994 so you are dealing with “old gym” design there. Yeah, my butt hurts on those wood seats too. Back to SHC, get some big crowds in there and you have a nice gym with a home court advantage.

  16. Johnny Drama | March 7, 2011 at 1:01 PM |

    @Ari…hmmmmmm…I better not respond…but thank you for the lesson in stereotypical race relations!

    @JBALAN……I saved you from having to moderate me! I figured to not even go there!

    • @ Drama

      “The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence; not in silence, but restraint.”

      – Marianne Moore

  17. SI’s Dunbar does have quite a few skills, but needs to refine his game. He’s very quick, has a pretty good mid-range shot but at times, lacks on-court discipline. Probably why he did not play varsity ball as a frosh. Should see quite a bit of action over the next three years if he decides to stay at SI.

  18. Johnny Drama | March 7, 2011 at 1:11 PM |

    WOW…..I think I have a man crush!!!

  19. Ari Silver | March 7, 2011 at 1:54 PM |

    SH will not be better than SI next year. They have absolutely no guard play AT ALL!! Taylor and Josh yeah there a good duo inside but there nothing if they have no guards that can get the ball inside to them on the inside. Plus how much did they average like what 10ppg each for both of them. Stephen averaged the same amount and he is only a sophmore. I bet you haven’t even seen Trevor play. Kid lives up to the hype, just wait and see SH is going downhill these up and coming years. I wouldn’t be surprised if Riordan beats them.

  20. The Wildcats | March 7, 2011 at 3:41 PM |

    @Ari Gold. What’s with the racist stereotypes of Latino, Asian, and White kids? And the stereotype that SI is a suburban school? You are buying into the myth that SHC is more legit than SI because the school has less money than SI, University, Convent, etc. Explain the new gym and the new theater at SHC.

    The tuition at SHC is only $900 dollars less than SI. Over 20% of the SI students are on financial aid/scholarships. Shall I break some more stereotypes for you?

  21. Anonymous | March 7, 2011 at 5:59 PM |

    @ Ari Gold
    you need to get your stereotypical mind out of the gutter. People dont go to games because mostly it is a hastle to get downtown and back, but im so sorry kids are out get stoned and drunk on tuesday nights. Sorry your right. Your all knowing about kids personal reasons for not going to games, cause all latinos dont care about sports. and all the asian kids are locked in their rooms doing homework and reports because thats all they live for

    @ Ari Silver
    Domingo is not as good as he is said to be, he is 6-7 in a league of very short players. instead of posting up and playing strong he decides to shoot all day. if he wants some credibility he needs to play tough and not play scared. Dunbar is just a freshman he only played FRESHMAN basketball not varsity and not even jv when he does something on varsity then start talking. SH is way better coached than SI will ever be. They also have three sophomores that are on their way up. Nas Jackson is a good player. Herman Pratt started this year and avereraged 8 points, and Khalil James is one of the best point gaurds that will be in the WCAL

  22. @ ari silver … You make me laugh, I’m choking on my own saliva from all the laughing you caused.

    No! I have seen Trevor play. I don’t go watch freshman bball games. I’m assuming you do. Yah I’m sure Dunbar was lighting it up against the freshman A teams. Yup. Step up to the majors first before acclimating him as the next Ali Thomas.

    And SH guards did perfectly fine this year. Folan hits threes, Tapel plays D and moves the ball around, Pratt, Jackson all give you a energy players for their full court press.

    What did SI have? Luke Pappas? Give me a break! Mrlik is a tough kid who got fouled every single play but felt like he was the only offensive option with a sprinkle of passes to Domingo. I’d rather have 6-7 guys avg 6-12 points per game than one player averaging 18-20 who needs 15-20 shots to get them.

    Oh the Wildcat bitterness from just being labeled a lacrosse school. So sad :(

  23. I love the Ali Thomas (former SI “great”) reference by Mr. Gold, hahaha

    Regarding who will be better next year: SI or SH……you gotta give it to SH. Look at all the varsity experience they will have next year. How will anyone score inside on them?? Antonio Aguilar had a tough time vs B-game’s Puliceno, the 25 yr old assassin, so how will he score vs Johns and Fox? And SH’s backcourt should be good too, all experienced at the varsity level. Yea, SI has Waters, but when he played vs other quick guards, he played timid (i.e. vs Burlingame). Trevor Dunbar is quick but the guy’s as tall as Mugsy Bogues or Spud Webb.. Plus, SI’s coach might not even play him cause he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Maybe SI can hire Paul Fortier or John Duggan as head coach and then they can contend.

  24. Johnny Drama | March 7, 2011 at 7:23 PM |

    If I said what Ari said, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be banging at the SI door like they did at Duke a few years back!

    Sorry JBalan……..I guess I am too impulsive!

  25. Ari Silver | March 7, 2011 at 7:39 PM |

    People attend SI from the shear academic excellence and commitment to integrity, not for the superiority of basketball. If you truly want to compare SH and SI do it in the classroom rather then on the court. None of these kids will make it to the NBA so it the classroom rather then the court where these two schools should be compared.

  26. I’m going to say this one time, because it’s becoming a trend now…

    Any comments alleging recruiting by any schools will not be approved… If you have actual evidence of any wrongdoing, feel free to e-mail me, but discussing rumor and speculation of those types of things in the comments section is not going to fly…

  27. Cats pride | March 7, 2011 at 8:51 PM |

    I hope Wash does well this year, but to say they deserve home court advatage over St. Theresa is a little ridiculous. Wash plays in cupcake league with one or 2 other decent teams at best. Meanwhile St. Theresa had a very difficult CCS road, and even had to beat Serra.

    @Ari Gold You are obviously such a loyal fan, yet you won’t even drive to see you team play.
    To compare SI to SH academically is ridiculous. Most people (not all, ones who had their parents attend SH) go to SH because they got rejected by SI, it’s a fact.
    To say SI is a “lacrosse school” is ridiculous. If I’m correct, which I know I am SH also has a lacrosse team, that lost to our JV by about 20. SI is much more of an all around school. We have a track, swimming pool, FOOTBALL field, tennis courts, and a better location for athletics than SH. Maybe that’s why SI wins more overall WCAL championships than SH.

    • @ Cats Pride

      I don’t think the argument was that Washington should get a home game instead of St. Teresa, but that Wash should get a home game against a team that didn’t win a section title…

      Seems like winning the SF section, although it is as a whole weaker than most in NorCal, should count for something…

  28. While winning the SF Section should theoretically count for something, just look at the discrepancy in the Freeman Rankings!

    Castro Valley — 38.5
    Sheldon — 35.8
    Jesuit — 30.7
    Granite Bay — 30.4
    De La Salle — 28.9
    Oakland — 28.1
    Santa Teresa — 26.6
    Serra — 26.4
    Franklin — 25.1
    McClymonds — 21.6
    Washington — 11.8

    Washington is almost a full 10 points weaker than the 2nd to last place team!

  29. Cats pride | March 7, 2011 at 10:27 PM |

    I agree with dq on this one. I know Wash played SI (and lost by a fairly large margin) but other than that I’m not that familiar with their non-AAA oponents. For them to want/deserve home court advantage they need to play a lot of strong out of conference teams. I’ve seen Castro Valley, Jesuit, DLS, and Serra play and their teamwork, and overall talent level seems a lot higher than Wash’s. Plus Washington’s gym kinda sucks compared to a lot of these schools.

  30. @ cats pride… you should thank me for having SI re-install a new all-weather track. I used to pick and peel rubber piece by rubber piece of that track. hey you know what? stop using west sunset playground and usf church in your brochures as if they were your property. im glad you enjoyed your foggy days in the sunset. Gloomy SI has a ring to it. SH on the other hand was always sunny. Cant beat that. On another note, give Labaugh a call from CCSF. Offer him whatever he wants to be your head coach. He’ll definately take SI hoops to the next level.

  31. It’s Labagh….

  32. Cats pride | March 8, 2011 at 6:21 PM |

    I believe the USF church is called St. Ignatius. And yes the foggy days are nice. I hope you enjoy your location right next to the projects.

  33. @Cats Pride

    yea, it was all over the news (I believe in 2008) that a SHC’s star basketball player’s father was unfortunately murdered in front of the SHC gym. Pretty scary and such an unfortunate incident.

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