Boys Basketball Top 10: Irish regain top spot

Sacred Heart's Taylor Johns (center, standing) and Joshua Fox (left), lead the Irish in pregame festivities before the CCS Division III championship game against Burlingame on March 5 at Santa Clara University. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Sacred Heart's Taylor Johns (center, standing) and Joshua Fox (left), lead the Irish in pregame festivities before the CCS Division III championship game against Burlingame on Saturday at Santa Clara University. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Every Monday, we will be compiling a poll of local media members to rank the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section. Voters include staff, Mitch Stephens from and and Dylan Kruse from the San Francisco Examiner.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral (23-6, last week’s ranking: 2)
The Irish move back into the top spot after a dominating run through the CIF-Central Coast Section Division III playoffs, where they outscored opponents by an average of 20 points. They capped their run with a championship win over Burlingame (26-4) and easily handled Aptos (23-6) in the semifinals.

2. University (26-6, last week’s ranking: 1)
Like Sacred Heart two weeks ago, the Red Devils drop from the top spot after a disheartening loss, which came to St. Joseph Notre Dame (23-8) in the CIF-North Coast Section Division V final. In the NCS semifinals, University looked dominant, easily dispatching Head-Royce (21-7).

3. St. Ignatius (17-10, last week’s ranking: 3)
The Wildcats hold onto the third spot, but just barely, as their exit in the CCS semifinals to Burlingame dropped them in some voters’ polls.

4. Washington (25-9, last week’s ranking: 5)
The Eagles flip flop with Mission for the second consecutive week after avenging their loss to the Bears in the AAA championship game, after a double-digit win over No. 7 Lowell in the semifinals.

5. Mission (23-10, last week’s ranking: 4)
The Bears drop back behind Washington due to their loss to the Eagles in the AAA championship game, after narrowly escaping against No. 10 Wallenberg in the semifinals.

6. Riordan (9-18, last week’s ranking: 6)
The Crusaders’ season ended early and they had no games last week, but they hold onto the sixth spot.

7. Lowell (21-10, last week’s ranking: 7)
The Cardinals’ season ended at the hands of eventual-champion Washington in the AAA semis, but appear to be locked in to the No. 7 spot.

8. Lincoln (20-13, last week’s ranking: 8)
No games for the Mustangs this week, as their season ended with an upset loss to No. 10 Wallenberg two weeks ago in the AAA playoffs.

9. Stuart Hall (16-13, last week’s ranking: 9)
Same story for the Knights, still in the Top 10, even though their season is over.

10. Wallenberg (14-13, last week’s ranking: NR)
The Bulldogs enter the Top 10 after a week where the didn’t get a win, but they pushed Mission to the brink in the AAA semifinals.

Also receiving votes: Waldorf (16-9) and Jewish Community (16-8).

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20 Comments on " Boys Basketball Top 10: Irish regain top spot"

  1. Roll Cats | March 7, 2011 at 8:31 PM |

    Finally University is knocked out. I don’t care if its the Irish or Washington who sits at the top (both teams SI beat), but University was nowhere near SH and would not have beaten the Cats at this point in time. The Irish are playing well at the moment, but I dont see them as a consistent bunch. However, I wish them the best of luck in getting some city representation deep into NorCals

  2. The Irish have been a little inconsistent but they are no different than SI…The difference is the Irish are able to win when it matters.

  3. Cats pride | March 7, 2011 at 8:53 PM |

    Win when it matters, I’d say the Bruce matters just a little bit…. And SH has a much better coach than SI to say that they are no different is not an accurate statement.

  4. Yeah, the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy matters… I can still see that 3-ball spinning around that freakin’ rim. Maybe we should have a separate trophy for the second league games.

  5. The Wildcats | March 7, 2011 at 9:17 PM |

    @Chris “The Irish are able to win when it matters?” HA! What about the Bruce game at USF in January? Is that a “matter” game in your book?

  6. Anonymous | March 7, 2011 at 9:27 PM |

    Why wasn’t Waldorf (aka SF’s favorite D6 team) picked in the top 10

  7. Kenneth Lui | March 7, 2011 at 9:52 PM |

    As a member of the George Washington basketball team I was just informed of an intriguing college prospect that will be joining Washington basketball next year. His name is ricky johnson he is a member of the class of 2014 meaning next year he will be a sophomore. This past season he played at Centennial highschool a premier highschool program in socal. He was a freshman on the varsity team but recieved very very little playing time. But he is under the radar for many college coaches and d1 programs according to espn and yahoo. Just putting it out there but Washington will have a very strong guard next year. MAny people are talking about trevor dunbar and stephen domingo but watch out for this kid in the AAA next year. I dont know how this kid was passed over by the WCAL teams but GW is definetly lucky to nab a kid like this.

  8. I like the Wash unis… reminds me of the Ohio State Jim Jackson unis. You wear the Jordan XI cool greys with that OOOOOOH SWEEEEET.

    BM trophy doesnt matter. Ive seen it. Good enough for me. It used to be when SH athletics were flat out awful. But you could salvage the season if you win that BM game. Times have changed. BM is just 3 games. It doesnt define your season. Winning a league, section, state title is much sweeter. SH, though always loses to SI in football has a CCS football (small school) title in the last couple years. SI, no football titles in same span. SH has multiple CCS titles, 2 norcal titles and 1 mens state title in bball. SI none in that same span. SH just has loftier goals than SI which has been reduced to “oh at least we have the Bruce” status. SI= small goals. SH= bigger better achievements

  9. Biggie Big... | March 7, 2011 at 10:36 PM |

    The Irish are playing well at this time and Burlingame spanked SI at SI and SHC beat Burlingame for the 3rd straight ccs title. I would say the irish are representing the city well at this time while Riordan and SI rebuild in the up coming years. Cats pride is living on the mahony game that happens 1st 2 weeks of the season and that game matters to SI at this point and no one else. I would rather be ccs champs and moving on then win 1 mahony game during the early part of the year. Good luck to the irish team in representing the city all the way…

  10. WCAL Alum | March 8, 2011 at 6:10 AM |

    SI won a CCS IIII title in football within the last 5-6 years. The SI SHC people are really embarassing themselves on this site. Always trying to up the other. Stop it.

    Both schools are fine athletically and academically. Both get 99-100% of their seniors into 4-year colleges every year all over the country.

    SHC people the respect the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy – to a lot of alums its more important than a CCS title (really). Someday you may know that. The trophy recognizes the sacrifices earlier generations made to allow you the right to some of your suspect- free-speech (ie non factual) rhetoric on display here.

    SI supporters, get off your high horse – if you just rested on your laurels, people outside of the SI community wouldnt hate you so much. Wonder why there has been an abudance of transition in senior administration at the school the last few years – old alums are tired of SI being a satelite school and losing its San Francisco identity. To go from hating your coach, hating your AD to now spinning on a rival. No wonder you are referred to as “cherries”.

    CANT WAIT for baseball season and some sensible dialogue.

  11. @WCAL ALUM…just curious, care to tell us which school you you are an ALUM of?

  12. SI/SHC rivalry is one of the best in the nation. Bay Area fans should relish in it because no one back east has heard of it. Is SI the happier team because they won the Bruce or is SHC more accomplished bc they are still ballin? commented on it earlier, but I wanted to know what y’all thought

  13. SF Prep Fan | March 8, 2011 at 2:34 PM |

    @Ari I agree — In the grand scheme of athletic achievement, BM matters much less than CCS /Norcal titles. These titles show how a team improves over the course of the season — SI has shown little to no improvement in basketball through the season over the past 3 years.

  14. WCAL Alum | March 8, 2011 at 6:59 PM |

    I am a proud (long in the tooth) alum of the Unholy Trinity that is SI/SH/Riordan..

  15. Anonymous | March 8, 2011 at 8:13 PM |

    you bash all three schools….man up and and share your affiliation….most on here do

  16. Anonymous | March 8, 2011 at 8:17 PM |

    WCAL ALUM…the only institution being embarrassed is the one whose ALUMNI break down the racial stereotypes of their student body…….did you read that post? Everyone else is supporting their alma mater with passion, IMO. You are entitled to your opinion as well and given the fact that you claim allegiance to all schools, your opinion is pretty much nullified!!

  17. WCAL Alum | March 8, 2011 at 8:56 PM |

    Wow. I hit a nerve so hard, you could not get all your thoughts onto one post, had to think about it and send another one soon thereafter. Sorry, wont bite. Also, I’ve also been around long enough to know there isnt a high school in San Franciso named “Anonymous”

    There is a difference between passion and blind faith.

    By the way, AAA goes 0-4 in first round of NorCals and SI women win opener.

    To all a good night.

  18. Cats pride and the wildcats postings, The bruce does matter, but you have to admit being all world sometimes is better than all-league.

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