Player of the Week: Chris Miguel

Washington senior guard Brenden Glapion pushes the ball up court against Mission in the AAA championship game on March 4 at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

Every Monday, we will be selecting a player of the week who shows extraordinary effort and performance on the field or court in the prior week. We will be taking nominations from coaches, athletic directors and fans. Please send potential players of the week to

By Jeremy Balan Player of the Week: Chris Miguel, junior first baseman/pitcher, Sacred Heart Cathedral baseball

Miguel undoubtedly had the first breakout performance of the spring season, occupying almost every category on the scoresheet when he went 4-for-5 with three doubles, a home run, five runs and eight RBIs in Sacred Heart’s 32-8 rout of Urban last week.

He also pitched well, closing out the game with 1.2 innings of no-hit ball, where he struck out three Urban batters.

Miguel is batting .545 with 13 RBIs in four games for the Irish, and has yet to allow a run in 7.2 innings pitched.

Honorable mention: Brenden Glapion, senior guard, Washington boys basketball

Washington senior guard Brenden Glapion pushes the ball up court against Mission on Friday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

Glapion extended his streak of scoring 20 or more points to 12 games, and he did it in the most crucial moments for the Eagles.

He began the week with 22 points against Lowell in the AAA semifinals, then scored a game-high 27 points against Mission in the AAA championship game on Friday.

Honorable mention: Alice Cen, junior pitcher, Washington softball

Washington junior pitcher Alice Cen winds up for a pitch against Lincoln on Thursday at Rossi Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

In the Eagles’ AAA opener against Lincoln last week, Cen did damage on the rubber and at the plate, shutting the Mustangs down with eight strikeouts in three innings of work, and capped a 10-run first inning with a home run to right center field.

Honorable mention: Geanna Summers-Luaulu, freshman guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral girls basketball

Sacred Heart Cathedral freshman guard Geanna Summers-Luaulu goes up for a contested layup against St. Ignatius on Saturday at Santa Clara University. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Leading the late charge in Sacred Heart’s upset win over top-seeded St. Ignatius in the CCS Division III final on Saturday, Summers-Luaulu connected on her last five shots from the floor and had 14 of her game-high 20 points in the second half.

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28 Comments on " Player of the Week: Chris Miguel"

  1. Anonymous | March 7, 2011 at 2:08 AM |

    chris miguel is absolutely ridiculous

  2. I thought you were kidding with that pic of Alice Cen. She looks like a little girl.

  3. Re: “Chris Miguel is absolutely ridiculous”. Let’s hope he’s apoplectic by March 15th.

  4. Chris Miguel will stop anytime in its path, come march 15th, you will see.

  5. annonymous | March 7, 2011 at 9:36 PM |

    urban clearly doesnt know throw the dude soft away.

  6. Anonymous | March 7, 2011 at 9:49 PM |

    Riordan looks real good this and have some top notch players deserving recognition for baseball players such as Ramiro Alvarez, Greg Ivory, Anthony Ramerez, these guys are hitting over 400 and arent playing teams like urban , but playing competitive teams. Just give credit to where credit is due.

  7. Hey Anonymous I don’t care if you’re playing slow pitch softball, 4for5, three doubles, a homerun and eight rbis should get player of the week every week

  8. Slow Pitch Softball? are u serious? they played URBAN. The Score speaks for its self. Enough Said. Tell me when they beat a quality team this year like riordan already did 4 times. Im Just saying watch out for Riordan this year. City Champs i predict.

    • @ Fan

      Whoa there tiger… We’re not saying any team is better than any other in our Player of the Week posts, just recognizing individual achievements…

      Riordan is off to a good start, but no individual had a week like Miguel had…

  9. I know right. I play slow pitch softball and it is hard for me to even hit one double. This dude had 3 doubles with a home run. Even when I do it at least one good, it is hard for me to drag my fat around the bases.

  10. Yeah understandable. But just check them out this year.

    And congrats to miguel for earning 4-5 againts URBAN thats an real hard acomplishment to do.

  11. Fan, you are a bitter person man, not hugged enough as a child?

  12. Urban was throwing 50 mph right down the plate. Its super hard to go 4-5 against that pitching. Im surprised he did not go 5-5.

  13. STOP craping on these kids accomplishments. You are real big people saying all this junk behind stupid names.

  14. WCAL Alum | March 8, 2011 at 6:24 AM |

    Riordan “fan” –
    Stop hating so much early in the season. Riordan has wins over 3 AAA schools and Salinas – not big jauranauts (sp). The team has won no more than 3-4 games in WCAL the past 10 years. Take baby steps before jumping into the deep end of the pool.

    Dont get me wrong – 4-0 for Riordan with a new coach is great, just dont hate this early in season or nobody will be rooting for a miracle on Phelan Ave.

  15. Just for me “Annonymous”, what does this mean?

    “urban clearly doesnt know throw the dude soft away.”

  16. riordan always talks a big game and never backs it up. When was the last time you guys did “ok” in the WCAL.

  17. Well the Irish beat riordan every year. Its the players that loose the game not the coach.

  18. Sh Havent even beeen in the wcal until a couple of years ago… im nt even an alum or anything from riordan like you guys from yourcity schools, i just seen them boys play and they have awesome players this year and will deffinatly be an “ok” team in the wcal. By the way since when has any sf team been “ok” in the wcal? lets not jus ragg on one team look at them all.

  19. WCAL Alum | March 8, 2011 at 8:35 PM |

    Fan – you are showing your age. SHC has been a member of WCAL since 1970 (won WCAL baseball that year, again in 1978 – last team to outright win a WCAL title). Riordan has won twice 72-75. SI did win a round-robin in 2000, but lost in first round of playoffs. In 70’s a city team had made it to WCAL final 8 of 10 years (winning 4 times). Hasnt been in championship game since 1980 (SI lost to Serra).

    Yes out of football from mid 90’s until 4 years ago. I am assuming that is what you meant.

  20. Riordan Alum | March 10, 2011 at 9:00 AM |

    When will we all remember that these are simply high school kids. What Chris did was an amazing feat, considering most kids can’t even do that in batting practice. Let’s also calm down on the who’s better competition. Both SH and Riordan played relatively easy competition during the preseason and their records attest to it (although Salinas is hardly a slouch). At least get your facts straight as well: Riordan won 6 games in league during the 2004 season and lost the semi-final CCS match against Burlingame and won 5 league games in 2008, including a first-round playoff win against Mitty.

    Honestly, of the three teams, SI played the most difficult schedule, so their record shouldn’t speak for their ability — they have an excellent young team. Instead of ragging on each other, let’s be proud of the fact that all three city teams are doing well and will present some tough competition for the Peninsula teams in the WCAL this year.

  21. Right. I’d hate to see the City teams be winless against the Peninsula teams… AGAIN.

  22. Didn’t Riordan beat Serra last year while they were ranked number 1 in state or did I dream that?

  23. ya riordan did beat serra when they were ranked number 1 in the NATION, but SH also beat them a week later before there number 1 rank dropped. I feel as if Riordan and SH are better then SI this year, SI lost to hillsdale and even though they are young and have potential I don’t see them doing well, especially with there middle being so…ehhh….sophmore at short and that catcher they not sure about. The bruce will be a great match up defensivly and pitching wise, i see it being a low scoring game. But Riordan does have great promise this year, don’t focus on SI and SH only like we do most years.

  24. It’s good for Riordan to have a better team than they usually have. City teams get laughed at enough.

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