Girls Basketball: Late run can’t save Sacred Heart in state tourney loss to Campo

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior Geena Giovannetti fights for the ball with Campolindo's Meggie Nelson on Thursday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior Geena Giovannetti fights for the ball with Campolindo's Meggie Nelson on Thursday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Jeremy Balan

A 10-0 run in the fourth quarter nearly erased what was a 16-point deficit, but it wasn’t enough for Sacred Heart Cathedral to overcome a poor second-quarter shooting performance in a 63-57 loss to visiting Campolindo of Moraga in the second round of the CIF Division III state championship girls basketball tournament on Thursday.

The Irish (16-13) run cut the Campolindo lead to 58-55 with 2:22 remaining in the fourth, but the Cougars (25-6) responded with four straight points of their own to hold off the comeback bid.

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior guard Ciara Cilvestri goes up for a contested shot against Campolindo on Thursday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

“We were in a hurry to try to get back, and we finally set in, getting stops and making some shots,” said Sacred Heart head coach Mike Carey. “Momentum kicked in, with the crowd and the adrenaline, but when we needed stops in the last 30 seconds, we didn’t get it.”

Early on, it appeared the Irish were on their way to victory, as they jumped out to a 7-0 lead and led at 19-18 after the first quarter behind three three-pointers.

While the late rally nearly saved Sacred Heart, it was a six-point second quarter that was ultimately the difference, where the Irish missed their first 15 shots from the floor in the quarter, including six three-pointers.

“We were settling [for jump shots],” Carey said. “We got to the basket at the beginning of the game. At this stage, teams aren’t going to go away and everybody is a good team.”

Fueling the late run were Sacred Heart seniors Geena Giovannetti and T.J. Miller, who led the way with 14 and 11 points, respectively. Playing in their final high school game, the pair combined for 16 points in the second half.

“The girls showed a lot of heart and the seniors didn’t give up. They kept battling,” Carey said. “Geena took over in the third quarter and tried to lead us at both ends, then T.J. hit some shots. That’s what you need from your seniors, because it’s do-or-die for them.”

Campolindo was led by sophomore Laura Hickey’s 12 points, and advances to the Northern California semifinals on Saturday, where it will meet Sacramento.

“I never though this was a done deal, because road wins in NorCals, they don’t come easy,” said Campolindo head coach Clay Kallam. “It’s a big win for us and a big win for our league. We’re a suburban league, a public high school, playing against private schools that can draw from a large area, and for us to do this well is something.”

Scoring Leaders

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Geena Giovannetti – 14
T.J. Miller – 11
Briannah Smith – 8
Geanna Summers-Luaulu – 6
Ann Marie Sequeira – 6

Laura Hickey – 12
Chloe Hull – 10
Annelise Ito – 9
Amanda Forshay – 8
Annie Ward – 7

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17 Comments on "Girls Basketball: Late run can’t save Sacred Heart in state tourney loss to Campo"

  1. Irish had a better than expected year, especially with beating SI to win the CCS D-III title.

  2. Elephants in the room | March 11, 2011 at 9:59 AM |

    Major props to the Irish Girls making it as far as they did. It was a frustrating season. The sight of progress was charming, but not enough to persuade many fans of great things to come. SH should of dominated Campolindo last night. Perhaps SH would of been defeated by Sacramento or Bishop O’Dowd, but Campolindo should of been a given win. Carey didn’t prepare as much as he should have. His “bench” looked flustered, ready to explode and sick and tired of his overconfidence. And when I say his bench, I’m not talking about his players, but his staff. His assistant threw her clipboard on the floor after repeated times of trying to call Carey’s attention. He sat most of his good players the entire season and expected them to come out gunning when he ran out of tactics and easily blamed them for his shortcomings. I felt bad for those players — they came out eager to play, but inexperienced due to lack of playing time. SH might of taken the water downed CCS Div 3 title, but the Elephants remain on the gym floor. If this guy returns next year, I wish these girls more than luck, because they will need more than luck to get through another season. Though is was heartbreaking end to a season, the Seniors couldn’t of asked for a better ending — at least you made it to the CIF tournament.
    One last comment…Backstage Dad’s should hold their composure and know their place. You are being way too noticeable and it rubs off the wrong way. Very laughable. Good luck to you all, and good luck to SI.

  3. They really just need some size out there. How many Sarah Richen’s, Jazmine Jackson’s, Lauren Bell’s, Toni Russell’s, Tierra Rogers’ and Alexandra Christ’s are there?

  4. The Wildcats | March 11, 2011 at 10:23 AM |

    Take it easy on Coach Carey. His program is on the upswing and he had gigantic shoes to fill and special players to replace. The consolation prize for SI after losing the CCS to SH is that they have moved on to the semifinals of the CIF.

  5. Watch out for Geanna next year, but they will need size next year but they will have quickness though!

  6. Jus passin by | March 11, 2011 at 10:35 AM |

    I totally agree with @Elephants in the room. The one parent that does a whole lot of “ass kissing” is very noticeable & yes it is rubbing people in the wrong way.
    I wanted to also Congratulate the SHC girls on a long, hard fought season not only competing in the strong WCAL league but for going through the loss of most of the girls’ AAU coach & dealing with the man that stands on the sideline (because I refuse to call him “coach”). To Ciarra, Gina, Tj & Danica good luck at the next level & I am sorry that you had to go through what you all had went through with that man who calls himself a coach.

  7. Good job SH Irish Girls! We’ll get them next year.

  8. SI Cats still playing…good luck in semi-finals.

  9. Just gotta say something | March 11, 2011 at 2:12 PM |

    Its sure is a trip when a coach just won the CCS gets hammered after a lost in the CIF!!! I think the coach has tick skinn to deal with idiots like some of these people. The art of coaching is not easy by a long shot. I commend the coach for hanging in there. Sure there are several people who I call Saturday Coaches that are in the stands and those are the ones that i would love to see them coach. This is whats wrong with youth basketball in a whole. TOOOOOO MANY OPINIONS!!!!! Great season SHC!!! Shame on the ones who think otherwise!!!

  10. Why no mention of SI’s win in quarter finals?????

  11. I was @ the game and to see parents who never played a lick of basket ball try to side coach there ass off .is un call for and it must b embressing for the daughter who plays for sh . U kno who u are

    • this is all me | April 21, 2011 at 1:52 PM |

      u must of bein one of those parent.. one of them side coach.. u r a clown and also a scary parent.. i will be ashame to your daughter.if u no who it is tell that parent in there face..with ur scary ass,,ass kisser..haha.

  12. @Just gotta say something

    Winning the CCS was a huge bonus for SHC and for the rival-concious, SI was kept titleless. The Irish did okay for such a small team. Mike Carey knows what he’s doing but you can’t coach size.

  13. im just me | March 18, 2011 at 1:16 PM |

    this goes out to all the ppl on here who think he no’s what he doin… He don’t!!! … n all u parent who makin a comment on here n sayin he do, ya’ll a joke too n not bein reall..IT’s certain parent just want ya’ll daughter n sister, niece to play. i m just a fan who come watch sh play… it alot of talent comin to sh that dont want to come there cause of him. mr carey never writes up plays. r come to win,he alway gets out coach cause hes not a coach..i sorry to say, r hurtin any one just need a real coach..u dont need that much height to win a game.out off 100% parent 85% parent said he don’t no what he’s doin. a real coach plays he’s best player, player who’s comin to win and ready to play hard n also goin 4 the good win. this also go out to the dad who’ kissin mr carey buttt,, 4 what!!t just so ur daughter can, that’s not whass up. ur daughter has to b a baller n just play hard.u parent need to stay out of the coaches ear about ur daughter not playin

  14. im just me | March 18, 2011 at 1:52 PM |

    i wasn’t finish. so if this shcool don’t c they need a real coach who no what to do with good talented girls.. shcp will lose alot of student n also alot of money…mr carey need to step down cyo 6th to 8th girls.that’s more his level…another thing about mr carey is when any parent say onething he take it out on the kids … that’s not right to take it out on the kid…if a kid no how to play real good play them..also all that subn that’s not go work either..a good coach can takes some girls who never played take them n teach them the game of basketbal they will win.. that cold how he did his senior this year, he was suppost to let them get ther shine on cause all the senior got game especially t.j, ..T.j would hit 4 3 pointer back to back. then he would take her out, who dose that!!!!dan get’s busy also when she get hot he takes her out geena, cira. g n ect.that not a good coach 4 real..if i had girls that was on the dream team with coach harrigon u suppose to alway let those player plays..i hope sh get a new real good coach 4 the girls next yr.. us fan want to see some wcal, ccs,nis winner.we need new thorphy..stay real if u go make a comment, thank you…ps if they let mr carey stay it goin to be anothe losin shreak n if I had a daughter that want go ther i wouldn’t let her go cause he would ruin a kid success 4 basketball…

  15. I’m not sure what’s more painful? Reading the 2 previous posts or the ass kissing Dad?

    • @ ouch both lol. @ im just me, i agree with everthing …sh really need a better coach because they do have girls that balls hard …coach carey needs to come to win.n stop gettin out coach.. i used to love to come see sh girls play basketball cause they used to come 2 win and play hard..they would of had lots of win if they had a better coachin..good luck to sh girls 4 next. year,,i wish coach harringan come back r a new real coach like him come along… that will be good 4 the girls…..see u girls next winter…2011-2012

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