Boys Basketball: Glapion named AAA Player of the Year, All-AAA teams announced

Washington senior guard Brenden Glapion takes the ball up the court against Piedmont Hills on Dec. 12 at Overfelt High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Selections made by Academic Athletic Association coaches, not staff.

Washington senior guard Brenden Glapion takes the ball up the court against Piedmont Hills on Dec. 12 at Overfelt High School. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Academic Athletic Association Player of the Year: Brenden Glapion, senior guard, Washington

First Team
Gione Edwards, junior forward, Mission
Theoatis Hill, junior forward, Marshall
Jeremy Jetton, senior guard, Washington
Antoine Porter, sophomore guard, Mission
Ricco Price, senior forward, Lowell

Second Team
Jonathan Burnoski, junior guard, Balboa
Ronnie Campbell, senior guard, Wallenberg
Terence Ching, junior guard, Burton
Kevork Demirjian, senior center, Lincoln
LeVander Moore, senior forward, Washington
Chris Young, junior guard, Lincoln

Honorable Mention
Aaron Brown, senior forward, Wallenberg
Casey Chow, senior guard, Lowell
Jeffrey Hua, senior guard, Galileo
Sharif Jenkins, junior guard, O’Connell
Thomas Kroner, senior center, Lowell
David Li, senior forward, Wallenberg
Damonta McForland, junior forward, ISA
Christian Pulusian, senior forward, Balboa
Jaleel Stancil, senior guard, Mission
Artrix Thomas, junior guard, Lincoln
Darius Webb, senior center, Jordan

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38 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Glapion named AAA Player of the Year, All-AAA teams announced"

  1. What college is Glapion going to?

  2. Im going to lean heavily on CCSF, Skyline, or Canada. No AAA players get a sniff from any D1 college. But props this Brenden for POY. Always nice to see an asian guy show that asians can ball too.

  3. Glapion is being recruited by Case Western University in Ohio, but he might attend a college for academic reasons that may prevent him from competing at the next level.

  4. yee def nice to see the asians ballin, grats glap
    chris young shoulda been first team too

  5. lol asians balln huh? His Dad is black my man. Check the last name!!!!

  6. yeah but hes half asian

  7. former baller | March 15, 2011 at 9:19 PM |

    dude can ball, c him at Y presidio working out. heard has interest from jc, d2 & d3. top student

  8. Hibachi out here rah. I see you cob. I heard you have your eyes set on the league.

  9. I don’t think chris young got 1st team because of their early lost in the play offs.

  10. Young didnt get the first team because he’s not as good as the two guards Porter and Jetton. Simple as that

  11. Y didnt Le Vander Moore or Kevork Demirjian get first team? L.Moore was averagin a double-double n was the unsung hero of the two playoff games n he dont get first team thats a crime n Kevork Demirjian was averagin a double-double as well. If the AAA wanna base ppl on stats other than scoring u should hav a different first team n POY other than the ppl u hav up there now! B.Glapion doesnt deserve that POY he aint played no “D” n didnt fill the stat sheet but he got it n thats how the AAA is they base POY off scoring n not off scoring, rebounding, assist, n defense in all categories.

  12. two of the kids on the AAA first team got kicked out of Sacred Heart. they wouldn’t be first team players in WCAL but would have still contributed to an already solid team

  13. prep bb observer | March 16, 2011 at 7:38 AM |

    don’t disparage the kids from mission; how they ended up there doesn’t matter. what matters is they played extremely well and certainly mission wouldnt have made it as far as they did without them.

    i believe the coaches from the league vote for the players. obviously, they concluded glapion was deserving of POY and other players worthy of their recognition.

  14. While I agree that Levander was a difference maker for Wash, Kevork never played well against the good teams. Levander probably deserved first team, but at who’s expense, probably his teammates? Jetton was WAY overrated. He played poorly when it counted most and Moore played best when it counted most. Those guys on first team all are very worthy. Kevork on 2nd team is probably about right. I think the coaches did a great job with this list. Glapion deserved POY….Best player on the Championship team= POY. I would’ve switched Jetton and Moore.

  15. This for the truth, I think overrated means you get a lot of props from the media just keep it real,. The MVP did not step up when he should have either he scored 27 points points in the championship which were solely on free throws . I think all the AAA players did a excellent job and are well deserving of how they were rated for ALL City. By the way are you in the AAA All city.? All wins are because of a team effort!!!!!!!!!!!! . A great!!!!!!!Player i always thought was a all round player. points, assist, rebound, I am so glad this season is.over so you guys kind find others players to pick and critized.

  16. Johnny Drama | March 16, 2011 at 12:48 PM |

    Congrates to Brenden and all the kids mentioned. He was pretty much a no brainer IMO. I really like Glapion’s game. He’s a smooth player with some upside. He could do well in the right program.

  17. I agree that all the guys on the list should be congratulated. I really just meant to say that Moore was deserving of 1st team over Jetton. The Eagles had a Great year as did all of the kids on the All City.


  19. jeremy first team? who the hec is selecting these people. seriously, he can’t ball and has nothing but height.

  20. prep bb observer | March 16, 2011 at 2:48 PM |

    @bbfan i think wash will take the free throws he made against lowell and mission. maxpreps said he shot 14 of 15 (93%) against lowell and 14-17(85%). the fu kid was 7of 8 (mission) and 3 of 4 (lowell); the rest of the team was under 50%. if either of them shoot anywhere close to the team’s avg against lowell or mission, there may have been a different outcome.

  21. DEFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR | March 16, 2011 at 4:44 PM |

    ??. Come on CIF / Coaches, let us promote some defense and not just offense in basketball. When and where is the All City game for seniors? City College?

  22. Not to be mean , but Jetton was overrated in the real BIG games he didn’t do anything but force a shot up and commit turnovers

  23. The only category that Brenden filled the stat sheet up in for Wash was “SCORING”. POY r supose to fill the whole stat sheet in Points, Rebounds, Assist, and on Defense.

  24. Jeremy Jetton | March 16, 2011 at 9:14 PM |

    yall some haters on the real. come see me on the court..

  25. LOL chris young isnt on first team just because the two guards taht are on there played a lot better then him and they where both in the championship , now ronnie cambell he is a definate first team player

  26. it’s really sad when people don’t have anything else to do… Just give credit when its due.. If you want your name or someone elses name up there then step ya game up… theres always next year.

  27. someone who knows | March 17, 2011 at 7:27 AM |

    for all you “anonymous” posters: easy to comment without an identity, huh? everyone has their opinions and negative comments aren’t necessary. anyone on this board know what it’s like to be part of a team? ask anyone one of the players mentioned above and they will say it was team work that got them the “championship”

    levander, jeremy, and brenden along with their team mates deserve the accolades, so let ’em enjoy it. 29 years since wash won the div title? c’mon… ya need to stop hatin’…hit the books instead.

  28. Ricky Johnson | March 17, 2011 at 10:26 AM |

    Man Jeremy didn’t play a full game against neither mission or lowell. He maybe be a good overall player, but is not clutch when it comes down to it and he needs to step up his style of play. If he wants to play on the next level, he needs to improve his Bball IQ and learn to share the ball throughout the game. Finally, he had three handful of turnovers in the last two playoff games of their season. Come see me on the court jermskalze. Squad up! Galen is a solid player for washington committing nothing but solid plays like the three blocks he had against mission. Also watch out for DeQuan Carter, he’ll be the X factor for the team next year.

  29. Is anyone ready for the madness……

    of march?!? jimmer freddette and peyton siva for the win

    I think sanfranpreps should do an article on deend parker going to ucla. One of the greats of the AAA

  30. I am a friend of the some of the washington players and it really upsets me that people degrade and harshly criticize these players that are working very hard and trying the BEST they can. So if you dont have anything supportive to say then dont say it. Your harsh comments do nothing but hurt these kids. THese words come straight from basedgod

  31. prep bb observer | March 17, 2011 at 2:29 PM |

    Agreed! It’s sad when comments go from discussing the list to criticizing the players.
    OBTW , r u da point-guard, Ricky Johnson of St. Vincent-St.Marys of Akron, OH?

  32. Cardiac Kemba | March 17, 2011 at 6:51 PM |

    Where am I on this all star team?

  33. mike smith | March 17, 2011 at 9:44 PM |

    Yall hating on these boys.. remind me of who yall are again???? Must not be nobody important.. not even good enough to win a championship or be recognized. What do you know about playing on the next level…where do you go to school??? Don’t blow smoke up someone’s butt he might turn out to be a bust.

  34. When will the BCL west all league selections be up?


    • Anonymous | May 13, 2011 at 2:24 PM |

      You are correct. there was no player on his level in the AAA. Not just did he have the top stats, he played most of the season with only six men. Theo will have a great deal of help next season with john sear and aumon Holiday and mark alexander and a bench loaded with player who would be first teamer on any AAA team Theo hill and Marshall will leave no doubt next season who is the player of the year. The word is he is dominating AAU basketball and growing longer and getting stronger.

  36. i think that ronnie campbell should of made first team he’s a beast.

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