Girls Basketball: Lowell sophomore Tuufuli named AAA Player of the Year

Selections made by Academic Athletic Association coaches, not staff.

Lowell sophomore forward Lorna Tuufuli against Oak Ridge on March 8 at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Academic Athletic Association Player of the Year: Lorna Tuufuli, sophomore forward, Lowell

First Team
Malaysia Basallo, sophomore guard, Balboa
Raelyn Cheung-Sutton, junior guard, Washington
Megan Dea, senior forward, Washington
Bianca Hussein, senior forward, Galileo
Andrea Mochida, senior guard, Wallenberg

Second Team
Jessica Garrett, junior center, Lincoln
Katarina Lum, sophomore guard, Lowell
Tianna Mitchell, junior, Mission
Tiffani Pak, senior guard, Lowell
Kelly Sung, senior forward, Lincoln

Honorable Mention
Phacharee Arunlenug, junior center, Washington
Cassidy Chan, freshman guard, Galileo
Kim Fung, freshman guard, Galileo
Jane Marie Gunn, freshman forward, Galileo
Kelly Lem, senior guard, Washington
Chanel Malone, sophomore forward, Balboa
Angie Ng, sophomore guard, Lowell
Lajonnae Payton-Duffin, junior forward, ISA
Nef Rogers, sophomore forward, Wallenberg
Nerissa Soliven, junior guard, Wallenberg
Michelle Wong, sophomore forward, Lincoln

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  1. snookie spalding says:

    wash got 2nd place because they didn’t play to their potential… but phacharee scored 18 points championship game got numerous rebounds per game, shot 10-12 ft shots and made them regularly, and basically played better than anyone that got 2nd team..honestly she deserves a place on 1st team.

  2. PA's home girl says:


  3. B says:

    The first team is all messed up. I can name two people that don’t belong there, and two people from second team and honorable mention that should be on first team. These lists don’t correspond to anything. Just like the Alma Blanchard awards..

  4. 28point5 says:

    Congrats Lorna for being POY! Continue to make Oscar proud.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the television commentator noted that one of the coaches from washington said that the eagles players were more atheletic than lowells. where did that come from? mental toughness wins games,and lowell kept the services of the invisible player for the whole game. the invisible player goes backand forth from one team to the next,but always plays for the team who is playing the hardest at any particular moment. her name is momentum,and she embraces much for atheleticism.

  6. Anonymous says:

    lowell played the whole game with mental toughness and enthusiasm.therefore they had the services of the invisible player who always shows up to every game.this invisible playergoes back and forth playing for both teams.she is always partial to the tean that is playing the hardest at any given moment.her name is momentum.

  7. Anonymous says:

    lorna,you are the bomb! moy,you are the best shooter i have sver seen! erin,you got handles,girl ! tiff tiff you are tough tough,wow! jill,you played great! taylor,basketball is taylor made for you.those moves,oh my wow!angie,you got hops girl,and you shoot lights out! mel,keep shooting those threes! what a team!see you soon! peace!

  8. Anonymous says:

    lowells coaching staff has about 90 years of combined

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