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CIF Division V boys basketball Northern California Regional Final
(1) St. Joseph Notre Dame 61, (3) University 43

WCAL baseball
St. Francis (Mountain View) 5, St. Ignatius 1
Mitty (San Jose) @ Riordan, Noon (rained out)
Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Valley Christian (San Jose) @ Moscone, Noon (rained out)

Non-league baseball
Stuart Hall @ Stevenson (Pebble Beach), Noon
International vs. Lick-Wilmerding @ Skyline College, 1 p.m.
Washington @ Menlo-Atherton (Atherton), 2 p.m.
University @ St. Helena, 10 a.m. (rained out)
Balboa @ Westmoor (Daly City), Noon (rained out)

Non-league boys lacrosse
University 20, Monta Vista (Cupertino) 12
St. Ignatius 11, St. Louis University (St. Louis, MO) 3
Gonzaga (Washington, DC) 11, St. Ignatius 7

WCAL softball
St. Ignatius vs. St. Francis (Mountain View) @ Fairmont Park (Pacifica), Noon (rained out)

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13 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. And all the UNI supporters are quiet..

  2. nobody expected UNI to win…it’s not a big surprise and we weren’t loud to begin with.

  3. what did u do? | March 19, 2011 at 8:14 PM |

    Uni can be quiet since its record speaks for itself. For the second year in a row Uni was the winninest team in the City and the last team playing.

  4. uni got what they deserve karma baby

  5. Best record? WHO DID THEY BEAT?! No one!

  6. Optimistic Devil | March 20, 2011 at 12:22 PM |

    You call having your star player injured in practiced who is your prototypical high school role model personality and team player getting what they deserved? You clearly haven’t watched Noah’s selfless play or know his personality off the court, nor do you really know Randy. It was basically the story of the game… whenever it got to the point where we were on the verge of a comeback, you kept saying alright heres where Noah is about to take over the game. And you just saw that he was battling an battling but really had no support on his right (strong) foot. The highlight of the game (besides Keane’s emphatic putback dunk) was when Noah scored on a difficult spin move scoring past three or four defenders because he was clearly not going to give up and was huge on the boards against a highly over-sized mismatched team. Actually, it was looking very similar to last years game going into the 4th on a run to trim the lead to 9. last year’s 1st play of the 4th, Keane had an and-1 to take a 10 point lead that looked like it would only continue to open up, but UHS began clawing back at that point until the taking its first lead in the final minute. But this year, it really showed when you had young sophomores who had to step up vs. the graduating seniors from last year who took over down the stretch when Noah and Zio fouled out to start OT.

    UHS was clearly the weaker team, while last year they probably were not the weaker team losing to Branson but got clearly outplayed. Either way I don’t think there’s much cockiness from UHS’ side about their season. They had a great season highlighted by their 3 wins against top 100 teams in the State at Modesto Christian (nearly beat the 4th who won the tourney) to really get things going for them early on and ending with their

    This is a direct sportsman challenge to SI next year: don’t turn down UHS’ offer to play! I’m sure they figure they can finally now end all this talk by playing us because there’s no risk with Springwater gone, but I think they would still be surprised. UHS will have some rebuilding to do and could have more trouble with Riordan and SHC who are more athletic and explosive teams, but SI next year will have one very good player (perhaps the best in the city) but may not have solid enough supporting roles to make any real noise. Either way, would love to see it finally happen and become an annual tradition but its obviously not as easy coming from the side that’s always expected to be better (SI of course) in every sport every year. If you don’t play us, don’t blame us if we end up back in the D5 norcals with the media saying UHS is SF’s best team for a 3rd consecutive year.

  7. Anonymous, they’re D- F I V E.

  8. SI has the best player next year? That can not be said when SHC returns two first teamers but it is your opinion…

  9. what did u do? | March 20, 2011 at 8:18 PM |

    In the last 4 years S.I. has lost to St. Joes twice and Branson twice. Have they ever beat a D5 team? Although size of enrollment can provide a competitive advantage it does not determine how good a team is. I will pick a good D5 team to defeat an average bigger school any day.

  10. Johnny Drama | March 21, 2011 at 9:31 AM |

    Again, we do not feel need to play UHS to validate how good we are. And the MEDIA isn’t saying anything about UHS, except that they lost. If you look at the Chronicle Top 25, UNI is not on it. And while SI is not on it either, we were on it for some time. Also, SI beat 4 of the teams in the TOP 25, including the #2 team Mitty. We also beat #11 Serra, #12 SHC and #13 Burlingame this year. I don’t believe UHS beat anybody on that list. SI also played 3 of the 5 NORCAL reps in the state championships, going 1-2 vs those teams. Uni went 0-3, only playing SJND. Our schedule is very competitive and our record speaks for itself. So hopefully this anwers the “what did you do?” question!!!!!!!

    Hey @JBALAN…….please take this into consideration when making your year end rankings, hahahah! Also keep in mind the UHS loss to MA! While UHS may have more wins, look at the competition level and the entire body of work!

    My buddy @Truth gave us all a cliff notres version of Stats 101, calling the 31 point loss and outlier. WELL MY FRIEND, it looks like the 2 point loss is the real outlier. And while I do believe Noah is a good player, he wouldn’t have changed the outcome if healthy, although, the game would have been slightly more competitive.

    I wish Noah the best of luck as he will be attending my alma mater, so I will be rooting for him!! Here’s to a quick recovery young man and a fine collegiate experience in the big apple!!

    In closing, it is up to the administration of the schools to schedule opponents so no matter how much you ask, it may or may not happen. Who is the better team? We will never know, but I will take our WINS above anything UHS did this year.

    • …Did you go to SI? Since you call columbia your alma mater you obviously still do not got there… So why do you keep referring to SI as “we”?

      • Johnny Drama | March 29, 2011 at 6:21 PM |

        @yo. SI class of 1998. I say we because I went there and I am still very much part of the school and it me. If you had a positive HS experience and any pride in your school you’d understand but it appears that you don’t.

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