Baseball: One hit enough for Riordan to best Sacred Heart Cathedral

Riordan senior starting pitcher Matt Miguel sends a pitch toward the plate against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

Riordan senior starting pitcher Matt Miguel sends a pitch toward the plate against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

By Jeremy Balan

Archbishop Riordan High School only got one hit against Sacred Heart Cathedral starting pitcher Chris Miguel, but that, along with a little bit of creativity, was all they needed in a 1-0 win over the visiting Irish on Tuesday.

After a walk opened the fourth inning, Riordan senior outfielder Greg Ivory lined a double into left-center field. With the go-ahead run at third, Miguel struck out the next batter, then intentionally walked Ismael Orozco to load the bases.

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior starting pitcher Chris Miguel winds up for a pitch against Riordan on Tuesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

With Miguel limiting the Crusaders’ opportunities, first-year Riordan head coach Jeff Isola gambled. He called on senior Aidan Fitzsimon to bunt.

The ball bounced out to Miguel, who flipped the ball to catcher Joe Cibotti for the easy force out at home, then Cibotti threw to first, where Fitzsimon beat out the throw.

The play seemed routine except for one thing — Ivory didn’t stop at third.

“Once the catcher let go of the ball, I was going,” Ivory said. “Coach makes us run. We do extra conditioning every day. We’re a new and better team this year and all that running paid off finally.”

Instead he stormed toward the plate, and Sacred Heart first baseman Patrick Murphy’s throw home was just late and wide of the mark, allowing the eventual winning run to score.

“He was running all the way around,” Isola said. “The play was right in front of him and it was a heads-up play.”

Even though he received the loss, it was Miguel’s second one-hitter of the season, but it was a familiar face that got the win and a shutout — his cousin Matt Miguel.

Matt, Riordan’s (7-2, 1-1) starter, allowed baserunners in every inning except the fifth, but worked his way out of every jam, including a heart-stopper in the seventh.

At first it appeared as if Matt would be pulled after he allowed a single and two walks in the sixth, and a Riordan reliever warmed up in the bullpen, but Isola left him in to finish the game out.

“He wanted this game and he wanted to close it out,” Isola said. “Pitching against his cousin, he’s going to go as far as he can and it was his game to win or lose.”

Matt worked himself into another jam, allowing two walked runners to reach base with two outs, then cousin Chris, Sacred Heart’s (6-2, 0-2) best hitter, came to the plate.

Isola chose to walk Chris, loading the bases for junior Nick Nussbaum, who flied out to deep right field to end the threat and seal the Crusaders’ first West Catholic Athletic League win of the season.

“I was hoping they would pitch to [Chris], but it was probably a good move that they didn’t,” said Sacred Heart head coach Brian Morgan. “He is our best hitter. He’s a little frustrated, but all he wants to do is win.”

For Chris, who went 1-for-2 at the plate and reached base three times, while striking out seven on the mound, the frustration felt a lot like helplessness.

“I wanted it to be me, in the game and in that at-bat,” Chris said. “I felt so helpless, because I couldn’t do anything. I trust my team, but today we just couldn’t do it.”

With Chris garnering much of the attention in the early season, Matt wanted to make an impression and did, striking out six in the complete-game shutout.

“[Chris] has been getting most of the talk around the league, so I just wanted to make a name for myself and my team as well,” Matt said. “I wanted to finish the game. I came in with a gameplan to go all seven and I did that.”

With the loss, the Irish remain winless in league play, but more ominously scoreless in those two games.

“We have to get to the point where we can make one or two mistakes and it won’t cost us,” Morgan said. “I thought we hit the ball OK, but we just couldn’t get the hit to break through. It’s frustrating, because you lose and there’s a big goose egg up there.”

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74 Comments on "Baseball: One hit enough for Riordan to best Sacred Heart Cathedral"

  1. Basketball Fan | March 23, 2011 at 7:37 AM |

    Nice win Crusaders. Way to run the bases Ivory.

  2. SH defence was on point yesterday. Much better than the game against SI.

  3. Molly Rollin | March 23, 2011 at 8:59 AM |

    Both these miguels wouldnt match up to the aces in the AAA. Thats where the real talents at

    • Molly, I’m “rollin'” my eyes over that one. The City teams alone would roll over any AAA team. AAA hasn’t had very many good teams in years.

    • ARHS Stats | March 23, 2011 at 1:36 PM |

      from what schools in the AAA?

      Riordan has already beaten Lowell and Washington.

      Sacred Heart Cath. has beaten Marshall.

      None of the AAA schools have beaten any of the San Francisco WCAL teams this season.

    • Both Miguels would throw no hitters against almost all of the AAA teams and they’d no doubt be the two best players in the league.

  4. Biggie Big... | March 23, 2011 at 10:32 AM |

    The triple AAA could not compete against the WCAL…The same way it is in Basketball and Football too. Sorry Molly…the truth hurts…

  5. molly rollin who in the aaa is better than them? just curious…

  6. Molly Rollin | March 23, 2011 at 1:46 PM |

    In my eyes, George Washington High can match to both these atheletic organizations as a result of talented young pitching and timely hitting. Look into young players such as Dane Vande Gutche and Thomas Tomioka. Leading player of the year candidate Chris Suarez has received an offer from division 1 schools and has been invited to workout with the San Jose Giants.

    Don’t get me started on those Lowell Cardinals! They dont look very strong this year.

    As far as lincoln goes, Cj wong cant do it all alone. The mustangs need to improve their timely hitting and superb defense.

    Now that “Mr. Baseball” himself has graduated from Galileo (Dylan Nelson), look for them to partake in a rebuilding year along with keeping the Nelson dynasty alive with promising veteran Dustin Andrick…

    The young Balboa Buccaneers find themselves in a sticky situation after losing two of their key veterans. However, this years recruiting class has been a plentiful one.

    • everybody should check out Lincoln this year. They have 3 future division 1 prospects and two of them may be first round draft picks in the upcoming Major League Draft
      lowell has 2 players that got letters from every D1 college around the nation

    • HAHAHA ah Dane vandeguchte is really good, thomas tomioka is OK, but christian suarez is a joke as a pitcher he offense to the kid. Washington has only 1 pitcher Junior Alex Skeevos, the rest are all just guys who can throw fast(throwers) and like to play shortstop more or centerfield. I wuldnt be suprised if at washingtons tryouts they had all the “pitchers” throw fastballs instead of actually letting them pitch.

    • ARHS Stats | March 23, 2011 at 6:50 PM |

      Riordan beat Washington 8 to 0

      4 hits were given up by the Riordan Pitchers against Washington, Washington had 28 plate appearances in the game.

      Dane Vande Guchte did have 2 hits in 3 at bats and they were both doubles. Tomioka and Suarez had no hits in the game.

      Washington did not play against Miguel, James Cullinane, a sophomore, pitched for Riordan in that game.

      Matt Miguel had one at bat and got a double.

      Check out the Box score on MaxPreps

      • ARHS stats, how do you think Riordan would fare against the AAA’s other better teams, such as Balboa and Galileo?

        • well balboa lost to south city and lowell… teams Riordan beat and they lost to stuart hall who SH beat soo….ohh and 7-6…RAW. Galileo lost to Westmoor…hmm it wouldnt be hard to say Riordan would easily beat either they could throw there fourth r fifth guy and win…answering for my boy ARHS stats

    • annonymous | March 23, 2011 at 7:32 PM |

      all i have to say to you molly rollin is RIORDAN 8 WASHINGTON 0….nd riordan pitched there third pitcher…they didnt even throw miguel that day your a joke

    • annonymous | March 23, 2011 at 7:37 PM |

      if chris suarez is receiving division 1 nd mlb offers than half of Riordan and SH are goingto the big leagues..why dont you come out and watch a WCAL game and get your head out the gutter that are AAA games; that’s just crap baseball. Come watch St Francis or Mitty or Valley Christian and then you will see what a division 1 ballplayer looks like bring your buddy donald with ya

  7. do you understand they already loss cut it out molly

  8. Jeremy lin | March 23, 2011 at 6:04 PM |

    I agree with Donald c. Player of the year for AAA is Guna be remfel ganal. Rumor on the street is he can throw 90 mph. Holy mollly

  9. AAA already lost all its games against WCAL its as simple as that the talent and athleticism is on another level especially in baseball, basketball, football, and especially wrestling.

    Riordan and SH both beat the two best AAA teams in baseball
    riordan basketball came in 2nd to last in WCAL but still beat mission
    riordan won one game this year for football but i still think they would have won AAA

  10. suarez was recruited by texas southern and southern methodist, he also rocked miguel in summer and fall leauge, the washington team has great chemistry and know how to play with eachother as most of them have been playing together for 4 years. washington played riordan as there first game after only having a handfull of practices, washington vs. SH would be a great matchup to watch. i think the winner of the AAA should play the san francisco WCAL winner

    • oh i bet he was recruited by them. nd oh yeah hes KILLIN hittin .105; damn look out! 5.53 ERA..shoot! last year ERA of 13…..damn! he doesnt weigh 140 flippin pounds. Oh nd to ice it off Washington played 3 days before there game against Riordan….youre sucha baseball guru.

      • Hah someone knows how to use maxpreps. Good job there buddy

        • any research is better than none…amd thats what it’s there for at least i didnt go saying anything out my back end

  11. Well Tommy boi you sure do know a lot about Washington baseball. Perhaps that Tommy is short for Thomas…tomioka

  12. messy young buck | March 23, 2011 at 8:59 PM |

    man christian suarez committed to University of Cailfornia last yr and even tho he struggling he gonna be back you just gotta belive!!!

  13. well anon its not, and you all should watch out for an up and coming super star at washington, zach dair, hes in the frosh soph so he can develop as a player but he has the physical tools to be a division 1 starter. he can hit for power into the gaps and is a great role model. look out for him.

    • Tommy Boi, look out for an up and coming Washington player. His name is Thomas Tomioka and he can’t do anything.

    • annonymous | March 23, 2011 at 9:58 PM |

      playing frosh/soph at an AAA school means he may play college ball…nevermind d1

  14. PEOPLE WHO THINK SUAREZ or any skinny little Washington kids are really good, really please just come out and watch a St. Francis, Valley, or Mitty game and you will see D 1 caliber baseball. Look at a mediocre team in the league…Serra; they’re sending 6 guys D1…St Francis has 7 thats 13 on two teams i dont think the AAA has produced that in the past ten years…end of story.

  15. AAA has young talent. By the end of the year the AAA should have talent that can hang in wit si and sh and riordan.

  16. Ganal from Lincoln is the most under rated player in the triple A , playing on the same club team with both Miguels before highschool , has been noticed by purdue and miami , also played for the 09-10 national under armour team , unfortunately can’t play all the baseball games this season because of track where he qualified for state 3 years in a row ,

    • i think i know who your talking about , i watched lincoln play once and and if im correct this was the kid who flys on the bases

  17. That Ganal kid from lincoln is better then Guchte or any other AAA player in my opinion, but ganal’s gotta focus on baseball more if he wants to make it somewhere

    • Ganal hasn’t looked to good in his first league games.

      • He has 2 homeruns in 3 games coming off basketball

        • He is fast, but he really didn’t make an impact in their game against Balboa.

          • AAA parent | March 24, 2011 at 9:21 PM |

            he didnt pitch , he had 5 stolen bases that game…….and the only double in the game.

            • He had one hit during the game, and stole both second and third base. He is a very good player, but definitley not the best player in the AAA.

              • You don’t know what ure talking about. I was at that game as a parent and the pitcher Alex Arnold from bal shut down the Lincoln offense.

      • Anonymous | May 8, 2011 at 8:49 PM |

        Haha these comments are awesome

  18. Im split 50-50 as to who will be crowned AAA Champions, I think wallenberg is heavily underestimated just coming off their first ever playoff appearance last year i think they will come out hungry and i also think that they feel they have something to prove. My second pick is a “return to excellence” if you will for Lowell which also felt short last year in the playoff’s.
    With all this talk about Washington il will do a player by player review of the whole team not only just because but aslo because i can’t seem to find a grade for washington off the top of my head and i have a very reliable source who can help me with this so just read below if you want a Washington Eagles 2011 Season Preview

  19. GANAL IS WHACK! haha just kidding this kid threw a 3 hitter against us and rocked 2 triples one off the fence , but hes still PHONEY!!!

  20. Washington Eagles 2011 preview

    Jordan Wilson;Infielder: Freshman,young kid who i think can bring alot to this team,hopefully he wont let his ego get in the way if he has one, could be the next Vandegucte for this team if he puts in the effort

    Javon Phillips: INF,P: As i said before in my earlier comments way above, IF YOU ARE A PITCHER THEN YOU ARE A PITCHER, you just can’t take pitching as a secondary position this kid is a thrower he can gas it by you but once hitters time it correctly it’s bad news. Now this kid ive had my eye on for a while, i feel he was rushed from JV to Varsity after only playing a limited number of games at the JV level Athletic?Yes Pitcher:No Rushed:Yes And his batting average has also suffered because of it. Needs to figure out the kinks in his swing to perform at the varsity level.

    ALex Kozakiewicz: Expect a .280-.300 batting average from this catcher, he needs to mature a bit more however to reach his maximum potential.

    Chris Hau:Pos:INF,P: Again with the pitching…. this kid seems solid and an A-ok hitter expect maybe a .270 average this year, not going to make or break this team.

    Paul Duchene:OF: GREAT fielding abilities and a great arm, expect a good year with the bat too .300-.330 average expected to close out his senior year.

    Avery Velasco:INF,P*: Asteriks mean that player is not a pitcher but a thrower, Not much range over at first base but he can make up for it with his bat.

    Dane Vandeguchte:INF,P*: Absolutely amzing what this guy can do, if he can continue to produce he might make a strong case for AAA player of the year. Slipping a bit with the glove but over all an excellent player.

    Adam Badi:INF: Simply a back up this year might be starting next year however at catcher, a bit too big cather however, eagles should consider moving him to 1B. And even then dont expect much.

    Nick Tramontozzi:Inf:Junior: Really excited to see what this kid can do, really big so he has the ability to transfer that into power. With some AB’S this year Washington could be looking at a .300 plus hitter.

    Thomas Tomioka:INF:Senior: Speedy, eagles should experiment more with him as the leadoff hitter or the second spot. Needs more playing time

    Christian Suarez:P/Inf:Senior: REALLY needs to step it up Eagles manager probably tried to move him to a position because he struggled with his “pitching” however unlike the other guys who are throwers this guy actually tried to make pitcher his primary position last year but he is not a pitcher, he just trows fastballs and a mediocre “curveball”. His batting average definetely isn’t making up for anything either. Just struggling all around.

    Alex Skeevos:P:Junior: Probably the only true pitcher that washington has, although he’s gotten roughed up in the few games that he has pitched, this season will depend on how well Alex progresses.

    Shaquan Robinson;OF: Great fielding abilities and has pop in his bat, if moved up in the order, he could be a real threat.

    Overall Grade: C- The offense is there but absolutely no pitching other than skeevos.

    Best Case Scenario: Skeevos reaches his potential and washington pulls an actual pitcher from out of the hat, and the offense maintains the same production, and suarez steps it up.

    Worst Case Scenario: Skeevos doesn’t each his potential this year while the offense has a down year.

  21. Next shall be a Lowell then Wallenberg preview if you guys want

    • After reading all of that nonsense I think you should let the writers handle the writeups. That was mindnumbing

      • no lincoln? or a Galileo?

      • Trust me that is accurate as it will get watch the season unfold

        • donald if you do another preview i’m guna cry. especially on a AAA team you have a lot IF’s…if they do this if they do that, hb you talk about what they have done. In my opinion theres 3 ballplayers on that team; alex, javon, paul, and Dane. WITH NO PITCHING…zero. you should stick to state powerhouses or something theyre easy to review because they’re all good.

        • Anonymous | April 3, 2011 at 6:47 PM |

          Do a preview of Lowell

    • I feel like you just went on maxprep and looked at the stats. Lets see you do you do some previews of teams without any stats up.

  22. Haha i like how the article is about riordan vs. Sacred Heart yet were talking about washington high school players

  23. Do some other teams

  24. Just a Fan | March 26, 2011 at 8:03 AM |

    Ay Jbalan..

    Ivory /Miguel dereves players of the week for this, you havent had one ina while

  25. It’s obvious AAA teams would have a problem competing with WCAL teams but that doesn’t exclude the talents that are in the AAA. One person I want to keep my eye on is the kid from Lincoln Remfel Ganal if he can get that bat around he can lead his team to at least playoffs or even farther. Baseball is baseball anything can happen.

  26. “aces in AAA” my ass.

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