Baseball: St. Ignatius bats go silent in loss to Valley Christian

St. Ignatius junior third baseman Kyle Tillinghast sets to throw to first base against Valley Christian on Saturday at Fairmont Park in Pacifica. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Jeremy Balan

PACIFICA — Valley Christian of San Jose gave the St. Ignatius baseball team every opportunity to get back into the game Saturday, but the Wildcats could not capitalize on their few opportunities in a 5-2 loss in West Catholic Athletic League play at Fairmont Park.

St. Ignatius junior third baseman Kyle Tillinghast sets to throw to first base against Valley Christian on Saturday at Fairmont Park in Pacifica. (Photo by Doug Ko)

The Warriors (7-3, 4-0) had nine hits and opened up a 4-0 lead with two runs in both the second and third innings, but stranded 13 baserunners in the game, leaving the door open for the Wildcats (5-6, 1-3).

“We had our opportunities, but lucky enough for us, we cashed in on enough of them to score more runs than they did,” said Valley Christian coach John Diatte. “It’s a good start. The league is tough and the good part about it is that we’re almost done with our trips up to San Francsico.”

St. Ignatius got two runs back on a bases-loaded walk to Matt Krook and a hit by pitch, but only got their first hit in the fifth inning and finished with two in the game.

“We’ve been struggling at the plate and we did today more so than most,” said St. Ignatius coach Matt Stecher. “We the had bases loaded once, and got a couple in, but we needed more.”

While the Wildcats’ bats were silent most of the game, the St. Ignatius pitching staff was providing plenty of excitement, getting in and out of trouble throughout.

The Warriors put the ball in play and were aggressive on the basepaths, but utilized seven St. Ignatius walks the most. Four of Valley Christian’s five runs were scored by runners that reached base on walks.

“We’ve walked more today than we have in the past and they took advantage,” Stecher said. “We’ve been strong on the mound, but we struggled a little bit and we didn’t have the run support to back it up.”

With the recent rain throwing their rotation out of sync, the Wildcats chose not to start senior ace Collin Monsour, instead saving him for his normal spot in the rotation on Tuesday against Riordan.

Despite the relatively slow start to WCAL play, the Wildcats have only been outscored by eight runs in their three league losses, and Stecher is confident moving forward.

“It wasn’t all bad today, we just had a few things that didn’t go our way,” Stecher said. “We can compete with anyone in the league. If we wake up our bats, I think we can be a force.”

Scoring Summary

Second Inning
VC – Nicholas McGrew singles, Nicholas Diotalevi and Codie O’Connell score

Third Inning
VC – Bryson Brigman reaches on error, Luis Lerma scores
VC – Bryant Park grounds ou, Nicholas McFarland scores
SI – Matt Krook walks, Charlie Goldensohn scores
SI – Collin Monsour hit by pitch, Nick Johnson scores

Seventh Inning
VC – O’Connell singles, Diotalevi scores

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34 Comments on "Baseball: St. Ignatius bats go silent in loss to Valley Christian"

  1. Molly Rollin | March 27, 2011 at 7:35 AM |

    Well seems my prediction is holding up. The AAA is where the real talent in the city is.

    • SI can play well against most AAA teams. Unfortunately , the SI coaches have little quality hitting experience (they are hired for other reasons) That can make it difficult to make adjustments if you don’t have a point of reference.

    • The AAA in baseball can’t beat a WCAL team.

  2. What do mean by that, Molly? The AAA talent can’t beat the WCAL teams in San Francisco (SI, SHC, Riordan) in any sport. Look at the records.

  3. AAA and WCAL are two different types of talent. The WCAL is an animal of a different kind.

  4. Molly rollin | March 27, 2011 at 6:05 PM |

    Well the talent in the AAA is far superior to that of the wcal. The reason for the AAA’s losses to the wcal teams this year is that the AAA teams are very young and inexperienced. Just you watch next year they are going to be just as food a s the wcal San Francisco teams

    • you speculate all you want about next year. but that’s next year, not this year. how can you say AAA teams are better than WCAL teams if they can’t beat them. talent goes hand in hand with experience in terms of winning.

  5. Molly rollin | March 27, 2011 at 6:37 PM |

    I meant good not food.nevertheless, mark my words and watch the AAA outshine the sf wcal teams

  6. No one respond to the aaa vs. wcal stuff anymore. AAA fans are simply trying to incite wcal fans

  7. he aaa is lame its all about the wcal

  8. Molly rollin | March 27, 2011 at 10:21 PM |

    I am not a AAA fan. I am simply a baseball fan who is born and raised on the city an beleive u me I know thy the wcal is on the decline while the aaa is on a steady uprising. Look for superstars such as cj wong and Thomas tomioka to make a huge name fir themselves through their leadership and outstanding play. Collin monseur can’t match Alex skeevos and neither can either Miguel.

    • AGREED. Cj Wong will easily gas up “superstars” Blandino, Goedel, and Saba. Tomioka will easily land balls on rooftops at Moscone. The Balboa pitching staff will easily no hit all those Quintel prototypes at Serra. all those lowell players have better 40 yard dashes than Shawon Dunston. the AAA is where legends are made

      • annonymous | March 29, 2011 at 7:14 PM |

        LOL…well i hope that this CJ wong kid throws harder than 95 because st francis beat a bishow odowd team that started joe ross who has commited to UCLA and has been clocked at 96 they scored three runs on him so i am going to doubt that and am going to doubt he touches 86 nevermind 96.

    • CJ WONG!?!?!? HAHAA YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME.. the kid is super slow, unathletic, and will not survive in the WCAL ,

  9. Aaa player | March 28, 2011 at 3:42 AM |

    Molly i play in the aaa. These players you mention are absolutely horrible. Wcal teams can demolish us

  10. mollyrollin your not a baseball fan. you know nothing about it. go spend your time womewhere else. if you were you would know the WCAL is the best league in california and one of the best in the nation and it wouldn’t be far fetched to say the aaa is the worst league in the state. stop downgrading the WCAL by comparing it to the aaa baseball nevermind saying its better

  11. Molly rollin | March 28, 2011 at 8:20 PM |

    U mark my words. Si is on a downgrd riordan van be beatin and sh is okay. Give it another year and the aaa will show you their immense talent.

    • annonymous | March 29, 2011 at 7:18 PM |

      so sophomores on wcal city teams like michael wallace from sh, giarrantano, kline, and the other two sophomores they have along with anthony ramirez and james cullinane from riordan aren’t showing talent? okay

    • Lincoln did defeat Riordan in the summer league…

      • lincolns vars barely beat riordans jvs in the summer. vars played in joe d. now facts before you talk

    • stignatiusinstitueofhigherlearning | April 3, 2011 at 11:24 AM |

      SI has like 2 senior starters…sorry to burst your bubble but SI is only gonna get better next year.

  12. Sacred Heart were shut out for 4 of their 5 league games. They scored 4 runs against Mitty but 3 were courtesy last inning runs. HOW BAD ARE THESE NEW BATS????

  13. Wallace is wack ramirez is wack cullinanes good klines okay and giarrontona is pretty good. But they definitely wouldn’t be among the bast players in tha aaa. Well maybe cullinane and giarantano. Not the others

    • the aaa sucks just face it the winner of the aaa would loose to every team in the WCAl

      • Honestly the only player in the AAA that will actually play on a JC team in the future is the little lefty at Washington.
        I believe only 1 AAA alum from 2010 is actually playing JC ball (Nelson at CSM)

    • why are you guys hating on these young kids who r giving it the best they can, do u understand these kids r in 10 grade playing in the WCAL. You can obviously tell those of you that are posting comments never played the game of baseball and have no clue. your probably still mad at life because you played jv baseball as a junior.

  14. morse is playing at COM
    rich holton is playing d-2 in iowa
    bowdry is playing at skyline
    cale anderson is playing city college
    so is fernando from balboa.
    thats just off the top of my head.
    might wana get ure facts straight…..

    • sorry bro I just want people to realize how good these JC teams are. I see so many kids believe they are “D1 prospects” and end up redshirting/being cut at a JC team.

  15. AAA sucks compared to the WCAL…There is no comparison.

  16. No lie, the AAA has been getting worse as the years go by.

  17. Anonymous | April 1, 2011 at 9:35 PM |

    No they haven’t. The aaa talent has remained the same

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