Baseball: University uses huge sixth inning to pull away against Drew

By Dante Quazzo

Even though baseball fans know the game is played in innings, the Bay Counties League West matchup between Drew and University was a tale of two halves on Friday at Moscone Field.

The two teams engaged in a tight battle for the first three innings, which left University up just 5-4, but the Red Devils put up another three runs in the fourth and seven runs in the sixth, to run away with a 15-4 victory.

The University rally in the sixth was aided by five walks from Drew pitchers. Supplemented by strong hitting at the plate, the Red Devils (3-3, 2-0) easily put up runs in the frame.

“My approach has always been to be aggressive and never give in to the pitcher,” said University head coach Gary Johnson.

While University exhibited strong contact skills, collecting 10 hits in the game, they also demonstrated good patience at the plate, as they racked up 10 walks that fueled offensive rallies.

University junior captain John Schember had an excellent day at the plate for University, going 3-for-4 with a walk, two RBIs and four runs scored.

“I was doing my best to see the ball all the way and put a good swing on it,” Schember said. “I relaxed and focused on hitting the ball.”

Schember was also the starting pitcher for University, but was pulled after two innings. Reliever Kirk Steyer would come in later and had a superb outing on the mound, retiring all seven batters he faced while compiling three strikeouts.

Despite the result, Drew head coach Carlos Reed saw reason for optimism.

“We looked like a team today,” Reed said. “For about four innings, we looked like a team. We fell apart there in the top of the sixth, but that’s just because we’re so inexperienced. We’ve got a lot of guys who haven’t played a lot of baseball.”

Drew starting pitcher Gabe Flores has a strong game for the Dragons (1-7, 0-2), pitching five innings and scoring twice in four at-bats.

“He wasn’t helped behind him,” Reed said of the Dragons’ defense. “He did a great job throwing strikes and keeping their hitters off balance.”

Both teams look to improve on their play as they progress through their BCL West schedules.

“In order for us to be successful in league, we have to minimize our mistakes,” Johnson said. “Mentality, that would be the key.”

Scoring Summary

First Inning
U – John Schember singles, Alex Indick scores
U – Jack Gale reaches on error, Schember scores
D – Max Anziano grounds out, Dan Tae scores

Third Inning
U – Gale reaches on fielder’s choice, Andrew Thompson and Schember score
U – John Munz grounds out, Gale scores
D – Anziano singles, Gabe Flores scores
D – Malcolm Fuller singles, Nathan Mao and Anziano score

Fourth Inning
U – Indick triples, Josiah Corbus and Ben Shapiro score
U – Thompson sacrifice fly, Schember scores

Sixth Inning
U – Schember doubles, Thompson scores
U – John O’Malley reaches on error, Schember scores
U – Corbes walks, O’Malley scores
U – Shapiro reaches on fielder’s choice, Kirk Steyer scores
U – Indick reaches on fielder’s choice, Thomas Hulley scores
U – Thompson singles, Corbus and Indick score

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  1. Anonymous | April 2, 2011 at 3:07 PM |

    Why are they doing stories on these weak teams. These teams are awful

  2. Nice job University!

  3. Anonymous | April 4, 2011 at 8:11 AM |

    no one cares about baseball, write about lacrosse or something interesting

  4. We do care about baseball.

  5. baseball is america’s pastime, which in fact is much more important that lacrosse.

  6. Anonymous | April 5, 2011 at 7:23 AM |

    key word there is past, lacrosse is way more interesting and fun to watch, it is the fastest growing sport

    • lacrosse is getting really popular among rich kids, i hear. don’t hate on baseball stories, it matters more to more people than lacrosse ever will.

  7. stop hatin | April 5, 2011 at 9:11 PM |

    PAS-time as in everyone does it to pass the time. kids who play lax are the ones who get cut from baseball and football. trust me my younger brother plays lax

  8. I agree, lacrose is a whimp sport for players who get cut from REAL sports teams

    • hahaha… come on now… I think the several Division I scholarship players from SI would disagree…

  9. Division 1 lacrosse ……does not impress me.

    • What does then? How about a full-ride scholarship? I’m sure that’s what everyone is worried about, impressing you, an anonymous commenter who is providing nothing productive to the overall conversation.

      To be totally honest, I’m really getting tired of the ridiculous and malicious negativity on this site, which I am responsible for facilitating.

      This isn’t just about this post, but you guys are seriously making me consider changing out commenting policy. I’m tired of all of this garbage.

      • WCAL Alum | April 6, 2011 at 9:14 PM |

        No reason to disrespect lacrosse. It is exciting and pretty tough. I am definately more a fan of baseball. People dont realize the skill level necessary to play WCAL baseball.

        Most kids are scared off by having to face a late 70/early 80 fastball AND I dont want to hear of anybody throwing in high 80’s in the City. Touching the 80’s once is easy (for a good pitcher). Touching mid 80’s consistantly and throwing strikes is a rarity.

        By the way, a scholarship of any kind is impressive.

  10. why would you want to change the commenting policy? Negativity and duobt is what drives athletes to their full potential. even if it is a looser sport such as Lacrosse

  11. Anonymous | April 8, 2011 at 9:31 PM |

    Yeah SS Flores is good, but they have a couple more good players

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