Boys Basketball: All-City Team Player of the Year Johnny Mrlik (top center) and first team selections (clockwise from top right) Joshua Fox, Aaron Anderson, Brendan Glapion, Noah Springwater and Taylor Johns. (Photos by AJ Canaria, Devin Chen, Christian Chew, Doug Ko and Eric Luis. Illustration by Josh Jalil) Player of the Year Johnny Mrlik (top center) and first team selections (clockwise from top right) Joshua Fox, Aaron Anderson, Brendan Glapion, Noah Springwater and Taylor Johns. (Photos by AJ Canaria, Devin Chen, Christian Chew, Doug Ko and Eric Luis. Illustration by Josh Jalil)

By Jeremy Balan

Brenden Glapion, Johnny Mrlik and Noah Springwater really have a lot in common.

All three are left-handed guards, stone-cold scorers, senior leaders and candidates for City Player of the Year.

While Glapion averaged 23 points per game to lead Washington to its first Academic Athletic Association title in 29 years, and Springwater wrapped up a four-year varsity career as University’s top scorer in school history en route to three consecutive Bay Counties League West titles, no player carried his team quite like Mrlik this season.

He averaged 18.4 points per game on the season for St. Ignatius, and led the West Catholic Athletic League in scoring with more than 17 points per game in league. He led the WCAL in made three-pointers and free-throw percentage and set a league record for free throws made in a season.

Mrlik also had a distinct sense for the dramatic, with big showings in the Bruce-Mahoney game against Sacred Heart Cathedral and a shocking upset over eventual Division II state champion Mitty (one of just two losses for the Monarchs on the year).

That’s why he’s the boys basketball Player of the Year.

Mrlik may have edged out a deep group of guards for Player of the Year, but the first team is loaded with talent and athleticism.

Glapion was Washington’s leading scorer all season, and Columbia-bound Springwater (the City’s only Division I recruit this season) dominated the stat sheet, averaging 18 points, eight rebounds, five assists, five steals and two blocks per game.

Bucking the trend of solid guard play were Sacred Heart Cathedral junior forwards Taylor Johns and Joshua Fox, who led the Irish to a Central Coast Section title on the strength of their frontcourt play and imposing defense.

The pair could impact the momentum of a game with a thundering dunk just as much as a highlight-reel block.

Aaron Anderson, Riordan’s top scorer and rebounder, was also a lockdown defender. In a down year for the Crusaders, it’s hard to find another player who gave more effort on the floor, even when it meant playing against rival St. Ignatius with a debilitating sickness.

While the entire All-City team is ruled by mostly seniors, the favorites for next year’s Player of the Year are on our second team.

Johns and Fox should factor into the discussion, but just as it did this year, the fact that they play on the same team hurts their chances. But Marshall’s Theoatis Hill and St. Ignatius’ Stephen Domingo (both second team) will likely have to carry the load for their respective teams.

Domingo’s still-developing game should mature nicely, and Hill has already proven that he can carry the load, averaging a city-high 24.7 points per game this year, to go along with nearly 13 rebounds per game.

Our selection for Coach of the Year, like Player of the year, was also a three-horse race.

Randal Bessolo led University to a second consecutive NorCal title game and Lincoln’s Matt Jackson took over the reins of the program after the sudden death of coach Mike Gragnani, coaching both the Lincoln varsity and junior varsity programs, but our nod goes to Mission coach Arnold Zelaya.

Along with the pitfalls that can accompany coaching at any public school in San Francisco, and after winning the AAA championship last year, Zelaya led an almost entirely new lineup back to the league championship game.

Additional reporting by Bonta Hill Player of the Year
Johnny Mrlik, senior guard, St. Ignatius

Coach of the Year
Arnold Zelaya, Mission

First Team
Aaron Anderson, senior guard, Riordan
Joshua Fox, junior forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Brenden Glapion, senior guard, Washington
Taylor Johns, junior forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Noah Springwater, senior guard, University

Second Team
Stephen Domingo, sophomore forward, St. Ignatius
Zio Enriquez, senior guard, University
Theoatis Hill, junior forward, Marshall
Jeremy Jetton, senior guard, Washington
LeVander Moore, senior center, Washington

Honorable Mention
Brian Benavides, senior guard, International
Aaron Brown, senior forward, Wallenberg
Jonathan Burnoski, junior guard, Balboa
Francisco Chacon, junior guard, Leadership
Terrance Ching, junior guard, Burton
Nate Cohen, sophomore forward, Urban
Kevork Demirjian, senior center, Lincoln
Javaughn Duty, senior forward, Drew
Gione Edwards, junior forward, Mission
Henry Gale, junior guard, Bay
Jonathan Gergen, senior forward, Jewish Community
Kishan Jay, senior forward, Lick-Wilmerding
Rahsaan Johnson, senior forward, Stuart Hall
Antoine Porter, sophomore guard, Mission
Herman Pratt, sophomore guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Ricco Price, senior forward, Lowell
Alexander Woodhouse, junior forward, Waldorf
Chris Young, junior guard, Lincoln

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41 Comments on "Boys Basketball: All-City Team"

  1. Yeah Johnny!!!!!!

  2. this list is completely ridiculous besides the 1st team and player of the year

  3. congratulations to ALL players!

  4. Anonymous, what’s wrong with the list? Please elaborate. I think it’s right on.

  5. noah is better than mrlik. he just has a better sense on the court but both of them are great players

  6. WCAL Alum | April 3, 2011 at 3:47 PM |

    I believe it is a fine list for first and second team. Splitty hairs, otherwise. Nice job.

  7. Cats pride | April 3, 2011 at 4:44 PM |

    Anyone know where Mrlick is playing next year?

  8. Mrlik is to going to Vassar (D3) where he’ll play basketball and baseball. Though he received strong interest from many of the mid-majors, he decided to go with the school that was the best fit for him. I think we can expect an outstanding college career from Johnny.

  9. Well deserved for Mrlk and SI. Mrlk is one of the most accurate and prolific scorers from the City in years, and his hands and eyes on defense are insanely fast. SI had one of its best years in a decade thanks to Johnny and his teammates, not to mention beating Mitty the State champion, SH and Burlingame, the CCS finalists, as well as Serra, all in one stretch during the season. SI’s got some good junior and sophomore depth behind Mrlk and the graduating seniors, and will be back next year to contend.

    • SI did not have one of its best years in a decade. What about all the other teams this past decade that won CCS?? and made the CIF playoffs??

  10. Anonymous | April 3, 2011 at 8:26 PM |

    good job everyone

  11. Biggie Big... | April 3, 2011 at 10:31 PM |

    This is a very good list and all players deserve it, one kid I thought should have made honorable mention was a back up guard and 6th man Tyler Petroni from SHC. Very good defender and shooter. I think he has a chance to be SHC’s leading scorer-best offense player. Depends on how hard he works over the summer…Good luck to all kids…

  12. Over Johns and Fox. Are you sure?

  13. Basketball Fan | April 4, 2011 at 7:04 AM |

    Congrats to all the boys on this list and good luck at the next level.

  14. Good job to all!!! Can’t wait for the Honorable Mentions build the next year’s first and second teams.

  15. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhlllllllbach

  16. riordan crusader | April 4, 2011 at 12:55 PM |

    i believe that aaron anderson is the best out of all these guys clearly this isnt correct

  17. Anonymous | April 4, 2011 at 3:48 PM |

    Where martin folan at?

    • yea, Martin Folan was clearly left out. WHAT A SNUB!! They put 18 kids as honorable mention, can’t you include 1 more deserving player?

      • He was clearly left out and for good reason. He was a shooter who couldn’t shoot, especially in clutch spots. I think he averaged like 7 ppg, Pratt was much more valuable.

      • He definitely deserves a spot. He could nail 3-pointers in his sleep.

  18. Anonymous | April 4, 2011 at 9:40 PM |

    I noticed that Mitch Stepens picked Glapion for POY for SF in his column in the Chronicle
    and it seems that all the players on the first team could have had that honor

  19. Even though riordan had a bad season aaron anderson should have got more mention in the article he works hard and put the team on the back as best he could, but he well deserved the spot on the first team.

    • I agree. Aaron does work really hard.

    • Reading comprehension | April 5, 2011 at 9:47 AM |

      Did you guys even read the artlcle? Ha

      “Aaron Anderson, Riordan’s top scorer and rebounder, was also a lockdown defender. In a down year for the Crusaders, it’s hard to find another player who gave more effort on the floor, even when it meant playing against rival St. Ignatius with a debilitating sickness.”

  20. I don’t know all the city players like many of you do but as an SI Fan I can tell you they just don’t any nicer than Mrlik. A truly super and humble young man who has spent countless hours on the court alone practicing his shots. He deserves only the best!!! Congrats Johnny.

  21. i m glad someone finally notice chris young. if he was a senior, i m sure he would be on first team. great kid and awessome player. looking forward to see u in college playing.

  22. do you know which college #5 from lincoln is going?


  24. bballobserver | April 17, 2011 at 7:15 PM |

    Gotta love SF high school basketball. Mrlik is just superb. Taylor Johns is fun to watch. Springwater is a surgeon. And all these guys know each other and like the comp. All that said: watch Nate Cohen’s game. Urban’s not close to powerhouse, but Joe Skiffer has these guys playing. And Nate’s game just gets better.

  25. speak easy | April 18, 2011 at 8:47 PM |

    Theodore Hill was robbed kid shoulda got 1st team no other player was capable of putting their team on their back putting up 40 points a game

  26. A great list of deserving players for the all-city team. Regarding the coach of the year, how is it that the coach at Washington is not even considered as a coach of the year candidate. He coached them to their first championship in 30 years, he is only one of three current AAA boys varsity head coaches to win a championship (Lowell Coach and Zalaya being the other two coaches).

    Im not saying that the Washington coach should win coach of the year because Jackson did a tremendous job coaching both teams due to the position he was put in and Coach Randy taking his team to another norcal final is a great achievement. And just because Mission had a new starting lineup this season from their championship team the previous season he did a great job. But they did have Price-Moku and Tatum returning who played big minutes for them in their championship season along with Stencil. If that’s the case, Washington is losing 8 seniors of the 12 on the team this year with 7 of them starting or first one off the bench. Based on the reasons for Zalaya winning coach of the year this year, if washington gets to the championship with an entirely new team then the Washington coach should be the runaway coach of the year next year if that were to happen.

    But Mission will be one of the teams to beat next season with who they are returning. Also look out for lincoln with their returns and size who moved up from JV’s last year. They will have one of the best guards in the league with Young coming back. Marshall has Theo Hill who will probably be player of the year in the AAA coming back along with Terrence Ching at Burton coming back. Lowell will be strong as usual and Balboa looks to be an up and coming program. Washington will have a tough time next year with who they have lost although i talk about them alot in this comment, they have no chance at repeating as champions I dont even think they’ll get out of the first round.

    Should be an interesting season next year, SanFranPreps thanks for the coverage of all of high school sports this year.

    • Anonymous | May 19, 2011 at 1:52 PM |

      You said alot but the team to watch is Marshall, their returning the top player in the AAA plus they have 3 blue chips and strong beach. I know you AAA fans do not like given Marshall any kind of credit, I’m telling you do not look pass them. You know they will play hard and they are one of the better coached team in the AAA.

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