Basketball: AAA, BCL and WCAL face off in City All Star Game Sunday

The fourth annual City All Star Game will be played on Sunday at City College of San Francisco in the honor of late Lincoln head coach Mike Gragnani.

The girls game will tip off at 1 p.m., featuring Eastside and Westside teams, and the boys game will tip off at 3 p.m., in a round robin matchup between Academic Athletic Association, Bay Counties League and West Catholic Athletic League teams.

There will also be slam dunk and three-point shooting contests that are slated for 2:30 p.m.

Rosters for all teams are listed below, but not all invited players are confirmed. For more information or for players confirm attendance, contact Randal Bessolo at (415) 418-4568. Players were not selected by staff.


AAA team

Coach: Matt Jackson, Lincoln

Aaron Brown, forward, Wallenberg
Ronnie Campbell, guard, Wallenberg
Casey Chow, guard, Lowell
Kevork Demirjian, center, Lincoln
Brenden Glapion, guard, Washington
Jeffrey Hua, guard, Galileo
Jeremy Jetton, guard, Washington
Thomas Kroner, center, Lowell
David Li, forward, Wallenberg
LeVander Moore, forward, Washington
Ricco Price, forward, Lowell
Travis Price-Moku, forward, Mission
Christian Pulusian, forward, Balboa
Jaleel Stancil, guard, Mission
Alec Tatum, forward, Mission
Artrix Thomas, guard, Lincoln
Darius Webb, center, Jordan

BCL team

Coach: Elliot Smith, Lick-Wilmerding

Jordan Assaf, guard, Urban
Danny Baldocchi, center, Lick-Wilmerding
Carter Chickering, center, Stuart Hall
Brett Cutler, forward, Marin Academy
Javaughn Duty, forward, Drew
Zio Enriquez, guard, University
Benjamin Faustine, forward, Lick-Wilmerding
Francisco Gonzalez, guard, Gateway
Dashon Harris, forward, Marin Academy
Kishan Jay, forward, Lick-Wilmerding
Rahsaan Johnson, forward, Stuart Hall
Aubrey Russell, center, Bay
Matt Schneider, guard, University
Peter Schwarzenbach, forward, Waldorf
Noah Springwater, guard, University

WCAL team

Coach: TBA

Aaron Anderson, guard, Riordan
Mat Collins, center, St. Ignatius
Jordan Dougherty, forward, Riordan
Brandon Edison, guard, Riordan
Martin Folan, guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Connor McGrath, guard, Serra
Johnny Mrlik, guard, St. Ignatius
Dalyn Pacheco, forward, Serra
Luke Pappas, guard, St. Ignatius
Matt Quintana, guard, St. Ignatius
E.J. Silvia, forward, St. Ignatius
Robert Yee, guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral


Eastside team

Coach: Larry Minnich, Bay

Avril Al-Shamma, forward, International
Clara Cardillo, forward, Bay
Sabrina Gershbein, guard, Bay
Geena Giovannetti, forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Bianca Hussien, forward, Galileo
Justine Li, guard, University
Mary MacLeod, guard, Bay
Angie Matarozzi, guard, Bay
T.J. Miller, guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Andrea Mochida, guard, Wallenberg
Dannika Navales-Lugtu, guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
India Pearce, forward, Convent
Ciara Silvestri, forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Julianna Wetmore, center, Convent

Westside team

Coach: Mike Mulkerrins, St. Ignatius

Gennifer Antonio, guard, Gateway
Raquel Avila, guard, St. Ignatius
Lily Burns, forward, Urban
Eudora Chen, guard, Mercy
Megan Dea, guard, Washington
Jody Fu, forward, Lick-Wilmerding
Maaeah Howell, forward, Waldorf
La’drea Jones, center, ICA
Alex Legarza, forward, St. Ignatius
Kelly Lem, forward, Washington
Ngozi Ogbonna, forward, ICA
Jessica Ospital, forward, ICA
Tiffani Pak, guard, Lowell
Dominique Pepin, forward, Mercy
Jocelyn Sabillon, guard, ICA
Brianna San Diego, forward, Lick-Wilmerding

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29 Comments on "Basketball: AAA, BCL and WCAL face off in City All Star Game Sunday"

  1. What’s the point spread in the games? WCAL -6.5 ??

  2. Is this a free events?

  3. jbalan, do you know what’s the fee to enter?

  4. Where are the other Top players on the WCAL? Gordon, Fox, Johns

    • It’s a game for seniors only, and they only include Serra of the non-City WCAL teams…

      • Coach Randal Bessolo | April 6, 2011 at 9:52 AM |

        We charge $5 admission in attempt to recover our costs which include reversible jerseys that the players keep, trophies and referees. We usually lose money but do the event for the community. It is a lot of fun to bring players from the public, private and catholic leagues together. Per CIF rules it is a senior only event and we do it on a Sunday so spring sport athletes will not have conflicts. We are memorializing Mike Gragnani and want the event to be as well done as possible. Please come and support the seniors in what will be their last high school basketball game.

        • Basketabll Fan | April 8, 2011 at 6:48 AM |

          Great job Coach Bessolo. We appreciate your efforts and will come out and support the kids. Good luck to them all.

  5. Coach Randal Bessolo | April 6, 2011 at 1:11 PM |

    City All Star Game History

    2008 Results
    AAA defeated BCL
    WCAL defeated Bay Area
    AAA MVP – Ronnell Foster of Mission
    WCAL MVP – Stephen Lumpkins of Serra
    Slam Dunk Champion – Jean St. Jean of Hercules HS
    3-Point Champion – Winslow Hicks of Stuart Hall

    2009 Results
    Boys – BCL defeated AAA
    Boys – City All Stars Defeated WCAL
    Girls – Eastside defeated Westside
    City MVP – Travis Barabin of Wallenberg
    WCAL MVP – Drew Raher of S.I.
    BCL MVP – Rue Critchfield of International
    AAA MVP – Jerome Pusung of Mission
    Slam Dunk Champion – De’end Parker of Lincoln
    3-Point Champion – Rue Critchfield of International
    Girls’ Eastside MVP – Kiki Moore or SHCP
    Girls’ Westside MVP – Erin Grady of SI
    Girls’ 3-Point Champion – Rachael Pecota of Urban

    2010 Results
    Boys – AAA defeated BCL
    Boys – AAA defeated WCAL
    Boys – BCL defeated WCAL
    Girls – Westside defeated Eastside
    AAA MVP – Byron Jones of Washington
    BCL MVP – Ikenna Nwadibia of Stuart Hall
    WCAL MVP – Jamal Ford of SHCP
    Girls MVP – Elise O’Connor of SI
    Girls Eastside MVP – Kamilah Jackson of SHCP
    3 – Point Contest – Dave Oseroff of MA
    Girls’ 3 – Point Contest – Cameron Ruby of University
    Slam Dunk Champion – Chris Fontaine of Wallenberg

  6. The WCAL would doinate the AAA if they went head to head, this will be very interesting

  7. The AAA will win this!

  8. The Pokey | April 9, 2011 at 7:41 PM |

    not really feelin this years all star game compared to previous years. i remember the first and second year the competition was great.
    Well regardless good luck to everyone and great job Randy Besselo, he is a class act.

  9. Just came back from the All-Star game. The WCAL smashed both the BCL and AAA. Johnny Mrlik won MVP for the WCAL, Noah Sprinwater won MVP for BCL, and Tre Thomas from Lincoln won MVP for the AAA. For the Girls game, Raquel Avila won MVP. For the 3 point contest: Matt Quintana won, mainly cause Johnny Mrlik came late. Brenden Glapion should’ve won, but he was ice cold in his last 10 shots. I forgot who won the slam dunk contest because it wasn’t very good, but I think Tre Thomas won (not sure, though). Some notes: I don’t think Noah Spingwater shoud’ve won MVP for his team, as there was another player who hit about 5 or 6 3pointers. Johnny Mrlik won MVP, and rightfully so, but he got swatted by Levander Moore from Wash which was one of the highlights from the game. WCAL only had 7 players, but they still kicked butt. The AAA and BCL can’t hang with WCAL even with a short roster. Another highlight was seeing the mother of Coach Gragnani crying at halftime as her family was presnted with an award. E.J Silvia also played a great all-around game representing SI. Was looking forward to see Aaron Anderson on the court but he was a no-show, but Jordan Dougherty from Riordan provided great rebounding and inside defense for the WCAL He showed some good back-to-the basket moves on the much taller BCL and AAA. In a nutshell, WCAL reigns supreme.

    • prep bb observer | April 11, 2011 at 7:48 AM |

      JJetton won MVP for AAA
      Schneider of University should have won over teammate Noah.
      Would have like to see AAA play WCAL the whole game not just a half. Agree, BGlapion should have won 3pt contest, won 1st round, but last few shots in 2nd round rimmed out. Too bad Johnny showed up late; DUDE can shoot, Although, it was kinda of funny to see Johnny dish when Glapion was on him, the same for Springwater. I know Springwater gets a lot of pub, not impressed. Of course, in light of this type of an event (light hearted), may be he was taking it easy.
      I didnt Silvia, was he there? Overall it was rather boring, except for Price-Moku thunderous dunk. Nice to see the little man, Tre get up over the rim. Randy did a great job!

      • yea, Silvia was there. He was the guy with the shaved head who was getting all the rebounds for WCAL. He tweaked his hamstring or sprained his ankle late in the game, I think. Anyways, yea, it was kind of boring, lol. And yea, I wasn’t that impressed with Springwater, he only won MVP cause of his publicity. Schneider should’ve won with all those 3pointers he hit.

  10. Oh yea, as a side note, it was kinda leaked that Justin LaBagh may be getting the SI boys basketball job. At halftime, there were commenting on the impact of Coach Gragnani had on City Hoops and Justin LaBaugh’s name came up. Then, it was mentioned that Justin Labaugh was getting ready to take the SI job. Take it for what it’s worth…..

  11. Johnny Drama | April 10, 2011 at 6:43 PM |

    I would love to see Justin back at SI but I can’t believe it, unless they also offer him AD position. The CCSF job is much more lucrative than coach at SI. If he does come back, he’s worth several wins per year just on coaching alone.

  12. well, they could offer him some PE teacher position too. But I heard it pretty clear, that he’s taking the SI job, and he didn’t deny it and he didn’t look surprised when it was mentioned

  13. I’m having a sitdown with coach Labagh tomorrow afternoon to get to the bottom of these rumors. I’ll be sure to post the the interview tomorrow.

    -Bonta Hill

  14. Johnny Drama | April 12, 2011 at 1:16 PM |

    Bonta, I look forward to reading your post. It would be incredible for SI to have Justin coach.

  15. Sorry fellas, but things got pushed back to Thursday. However, like I said before, don’t count on Labagh going back to the sunset.

  16. ok, so Labagh isn’t going to SI? WEAK!!!!

  17. Johnny Drama | April 13, 2011 at 7:17 AM |

    heard it here first…….Lippi !!!!!

  18. Doubtful Lippi would want the job. I think the reason why he left the 1st time was cause he lives in the East Bay and wanted to spend more time with his family.

  19. No new news on who will be the new SI basketball coach??? Justin LaBaugh going back to the sunset? Say it isn’t so. The rumors must be true!!!!

  20. what happened to Theo Hill

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