Basketball: WCAL wins boys City All-Star game, Eastside takes girls game

St. Ignatius' Johnny Mrlik goes up for a shot in between three AAA defenders on Sunday at City College of San Francisco. (Photo by Devin Chen)

St. Ignatius' Johnny Mrlik goes up for a shot in between three AAA defenders on Sunday at City College of San Francisco. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Dante Quazzo

The best prep players in The City convened at City College of San Francisco on Sunday to honor former Lincoln High School coach Michael Gragnani, who died in January. The Gragnani Memorial City All-Star Game featured the top seniors from San Francisco’s three primary leagues: the Academic Athletic Association, the West Catholic Athletic League, and Bay Counties League.

“It’s a great way to end the season for the guys and girls. A lot of these kids have played together growing up in youth leagues and playing together in junior high school, and to bring them together one last time, I think it’s just a fun experience for everybody,” said University head coach Randal Bessolo, who organized the event.

University's Justin Li tries to get past a defender on Sunday at City College of San Francisco. (Photo by Devin Chen)

The event signifies the end of the basketball season in San Francisco, but this year it symbolized something greater.

“It’s an opportunity to bring the community together. [The event] gave us the opportunity to memorialize Mike Gragnani, who was a real pillar in the basketball community,” Bessolo said. “This was a great way to recognize all he gave to the community.”

Even though the All-Star festivities are composed of The City’s very best, the games are played in a very light-hearted manner.

“There’s no tension, everybody’s getting along having a good time. It’s one big basketball party,” said Bay girls basketball head coach Larry Minnich, who coached the girls’ Eastside team. “It gives them an opportunity to play with other players in other leagues, and they enjoy that because they don’t usually get that opportunity.”

Led by team MVP Johnny Mrlik, the WCAL team defeated both the BCL and AAA teams in the boys’ matchups. Mrlik led all scorers with 20 points on the day. Top honors for the AAA went to Washington’s Jeremy Jetton, who scored 17 total points to lead the AAA over the BCL. The BCL team MVP honors went to BCL West Player of the Year Noah Springwater. The Columbia-bound senior had 15 total points.

The girls’ honors went to Sacred Heart Cathedral’s T.J. Miller, who scored 17 and led the Eastside team to a tight victory. Raquel Avila of St. Ignatius powered the Westside attack, finishing with 11 total points and earning the Westside MVP.

In addition to the games, the City All-Star Game featured two 3-point contests and a slam dunk contest. Ciara Sylvestri took home the girls’ 3-point crown, while Matt Quintana championed the boys’ long-distance event. Mission’s Travis Price-Roku claimed the slam dunk contest title with a thundering alley-oop off the backboard to cap the festivities.

Boys Game One: AAA 59, BCL 47

A balanced offensive attack helped the AAA jump out to a 28-21 halftime lead against the BCL, as nine AAA players scored in the half.

The AAA players got into the lane at will and were able to finish inside the paint.

The BCL countered with long-distance shooting, with University’s Matt Schneider knocking down five 3-pointers. Fellow teammate Noah Springwater added 12 for the BCL squad, but nine second-half points by Washington’s Jeremy Jetton, who finished with 13, fueled the AAA victory.

Boys Game Two: WCAL 63, BCL/AAA 49

The WCAL team faced off against the BCL in the first half, running away to a 31-21 lead at the break. St. Ignatius’ Matt Quintana led the WCAL attack against an exhausted BCL team with 13 points. The WCAL squad also got six points apiece from Sacred Heart’s Robert Yee and SI’s Johnny Mrlik in the half.

Mrlik went off in the second half against the AAA team, hitting four three-pointers en route to 14 second-half points. The AAA team received strong performances from Washington’s Brendan Glapion and Lowell’s Rico Price, but could not catch the WCAL, falling 32-28.

Girls Game: Eastside 49, Westside 47

T.J. Miller showed off her range from beyond three-point arc, connecting on four shots from long distance en route to a game-high 17 points. The game was tight the entire way, with Eastside only holding a one-point lead at the half, 24-23. The Eastside team was also helped with strong performances by Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Geena Giovanetti and Ciara Silvestri, who finished with a combined 13 points.

The Sacred Heart attack was just enough to edge the Westside team, which received strong performances from St. Ignatius’ Avila and Urban’s Lily Burns.

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  1. Travis Price Moku-swag only won because Super Twan Tastic was there with his super twan tastic shot

  2. is there a website or something where we can see more photos from the event?

  3. Honestly, why would u want to see more photos from the event? AA from Riordan wasn’t there, so it was disappointing not to see a guy from the WCAL from the “hood”. The slam dunk contest was sorta weak. When it takes you 5 chances to make 1 dunk, it kind of defeats its purpose. And why join a 3 point contest, when your 1st 8 shots clank off the backboard and you make 1 3pointer in 1 minute? I forget what player it was but it looked like one of the players from the BCL. All joking aside, it was a good event and it seems like some $$ was raised as there had to be a couple hundred people there. Matt Qintana from SI played a great game, but how come during the SI regular basketball season, he played horrible everytime I went to a SI game. Anyways, Mrlik was definitely the MVP in the game. SanFranPreps made a great decision making him City MVP. Oh yea, and Julianna Wetmore from Convent is hot. She plays great defense and a very underrated player.

    • “Oh yea, and Julianna Wetmore from Convent is hot.”

      is this relevant in any way?

      • stop hatin | April 11, 2011 at 9:00 PM |

        ya its more than relevant

        • Julianna isn’t even in this article. Did you just think she was so hot that you had to mention it randomly? haha whoever you are I love you JJ

          • Yea, all the girls were cute, but Julianna stuck out like a sore thumb. OMG, if you look up hotness in the dictionary, you will see Ms. Wetmore’s picture. :)

  4. No surprise on the results. WCAL has the best teams in the city this year. AAA had some talent but couldnt match up. BCL had no one but the Uni guys, including Springwater, who is still recovering.

  5. Jeremy! Please no more Mrlik!!!! Stop with the man crush!

  6. Actually saw the game | April 11, 2011 at 7:00 PM |

    Can see why Mrili was poy, very good player, format of the game was bad, as AAA ran all over the BCAL team, and for some reason they did not start the WCAL vs AAA game at zero. No defense played by any of the teams but it was interesting to see all the different players in the bay area.

  7. Pictures pleas:)

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