Baseball: Hau’s one-hitter against Galileo keeps Washington undefeated

Washington sophomore starting pitcher Chris Hau sets to send a pitch toward the plate against Galileo on April 14 at Big Rec. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Washington sophomore starting pitcher Chris Hau sets to send a pitch toward the plate against Galileo on Thursday at Big Rec. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Jeremy Balan

Last season, Washington High School got into the Academic Athletic Association playoffs by the skin of its teeth, but after a dominating 7-0 win over defending champion Galileo on Thursday at Big Rec, the Eagles have established themselves as the team to beat in the AAA in 2011.

The Eagles (11-6-1, 8-0) have outscored AAA opponents 129-8 in league play, and got a standout performance from sophomore starting pitcher Chris Hau on Thursday.

Hau allowed just a single hit to Galileo’s Ishmael Muhammad in the third inning and struck out six to collect the complete-game win.

“I just focused on the game, one pitch at a time,” Hau said. “It was a lot of the little things that really helped.”

Washington junior shortstop Dane Vande Guchte slides in for a run, while Galileo catcher Rafael Vergara tracks down an errant throw on Thursday at Big Rec. (Photo by Devin Chen)


The right-hander also sparked the Eagles’ offense early, directly contributing to their first three runs, with a run scored in the second inning on a RBI single from Jordan Wilson and a two-RBI single in the third.

“He did it with the bat and on the mound today,” said Washington head coach Rob Fung. “He’s only a sophomore, but he’s pitching like a junior or senior guy already. He’s giving us quality starts and has been competing. We’re getting a lot out of him.”

While Washington has been the class of the AAA early, Galileo (4-6, 4-4) has struggled in the absence of last season’s AAA Player of the Year Dylan Nelson, and Thursday was no exception.

The Lions had an error in every inning and struggled mightily at the plate against Hau.

“You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken [expletive],” said a visibly frustrated Galileo head coach Don Papa. “We can’t even throw the ball and catch the ball.”

All but one of Galileo starter Dustin Andrick’s seven allowed runs were earned, but the constant errors undoubtedly put a strain on the senior left-hander, as the Lions’ offense sputtered in the top half of innings. Andrick struck out four in the complete-game loss.

“We had two kids pitch their hearts out [in this series], but we haven’t had one senior get a hit in a [division] game yet,” Papa said. “They just can’t make contact.”

After being swept in its first two series against Lincoln and Washington, it appears Galileo will be the one team out of the postseason from the A Division, while Washington looks ahead to a two-game series with Lincoln next week, before a stretch of four games in the final week of the season to make up rainouts.

“We’re winning the games we’re supposed to win and doing the things we’re supposed to do, but it’s not over yet,” Fung said. “It’s far from over.”

Scoring Summary

Second Inning
W – Jordan Wilson singles, Chris Hau scores

Third Inning
W – Hau singles, Javon Phillips and Alex Kozakiewicz score

Fourth Inning
W – Kozakiewicz reaches on a fielder’s choice, Dane Vande Guchte scores
W – Paul Duchene triples, Kozakiewicz scores
W – Shaquan Robinson singles, Duchene scores

Sixth Inning
W – Vande Guchte scores on a throwing error

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17 Comments on "Baseball: Hau’s one-hitter against Galileo keeps Washington undefeated"

  1. Crash Davis | April 15, 2011 at 9:09 AM |

    Wash Plays bush league ball. 129-6, common now. Sending guys up 15, squeeze plays up 12. Washington does have the most talent in the public league by far but fung has been doing this for years. Seems like an adult using kids to boost his self esteem or something. Kids are gonna play hard the whole game, it’s not on them. High school baseball is the time of their lives. We are getting into trouble when a coach is trying to relive or maybe make up for a mistake back when he was playing. Again, i am not someone who talks badly about the kids on the field, its about the coach in the dugout setting a horrible example for these kids. Teach them how to play the right way! Show some respect for the game.

    • you must be talking about the galileo coach

      • I think CD is talking about Fung, not the Galileo coach. 129-6, is that a comment out of the coaches mouth? You mean he actually kept note on this, you gotta be proud of yourself coach. It’s all your great coaching why your team can outscore the other team 129-6..what a joke!

        • It wasn’t a comment out of the coaches mouth, otherwise it would have been in quotes. So your little tirade is pretty dumb.

  2. Stop making fun of me ill have you arrested!!!!

  3. Cats pride | April 15, 2011 at 3:52 PM |

    This league is such a joke. Riordan is the worst WCAL team and they beat Wash.

    • annonymous | April 15, 2011 at 9:53 PM |

      well this league is obviosuly a joke, Riordan handily beat Washington. you better watch out for Riordan they’re playing competing in the WCAL if you look at their box scores and the way things have gone

  4. no one likes riordan

    • It doesn’t matter though, they are way better than washington or any AAA team

      • Sure, they had a 5-2 lead over Valley Christian until late in the game. They could surprise someone in the playoffs. It’s happened before.

  5. Sacred Heart Cathedral scored 4 runs each in the first and third innings and coasted to a 10-2 win over Sacred Heart Prep of Atherton.

    Still cold, windy and fogged-in at Westborough Park but at least the infield has grass now and there’s no more outfield fence. Now if a ball rolls out of bounds in the outfield and goes down hill, it’s a ground-rule double.

    Sure wish SHC didn’t let the Presidio field slip through their fingers. We’d see better baseball if the City would get serious about the baseball fields here.

    As a side note, April 27, 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Sacred Heart’s San Francisco Athletic League championship. They beat SI 9-6. The game featured a homer by future Hall of Fame inductee Harry Heilman. This game was played at the Presidio but it may have been at a different location than the current field.

    • Cant say I was at that game. SHC is one of three high schools with two baseball alums with plaques in Cooperstown Hall of Fame. Harry Heilman and Joe Cronin.

      And as far as I can tell there are 3 kids from San Francisco schools in the minors right now:

      Charlie Cutler, Lowell – St. Louis Cardinals AA
      Stefan Gartrell – SHC – Chicago White Sox AAA
      Chris Petrini – SHC – Baltimor Orioles A

      • Nice if they could get Dolph Camilli in there, then it’s three plaques. (I mean if they could put Orlando Cepeda in…)

        • Even though he won a NL MVP with Brooklyn, not enough quality years. Better bet is SH Babe Pinelli. 10 years with Cincinnati and over 25 years as major league umpire. Umpired Jackie Robinson first game and was home plate umpire during Don Larsen’s perfect game in World Series. That was the last game he umpired.

  6. Not impressed fam | April 17, 2011 at 12:26 PM |

    Not impressed, look who is opponent was

    • Irish beat Valley Christian and Bellarmine this season too. It doesn’t always have to be David over Goliath every game.

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