Player of the Week: Chris Miguel

On Mondays, we will be selecting a player of the week who shows extraordinary effort and performance on the field or court in the prior week. We will be taking nominations from coaches, athletic directors and fans. Please send potential players of the week to

By Jeremy Balan Player of the Week: Chris Miguel, junior first baseman/pitcher, Sacred Heart Cathedral baseball

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior pitcher Chris Miguel sends a pitch toward the plate against Riordan on Tuesday at Moscone Recreation Center. (Photo by Devin Chen)

As Chris Miguel goes, so do the Irish, and his sustained performance at the plate, as well as a gem on the mound, led to two wins last week.

Miguel started the week by striking out 13 against Riordan, allowing one run in a complete game win over the Crusaders (he also went 1-for-3 at the plate with an RBI).

Then, in a 6-1 loss to powerhouse St. Francis, Miguel had half of the Irish hits himself, with a 3-for-3 day at the plate, driving in their only run.

Continuing his hit streak to four games, Miguel again drove in a run and went 2-for-4 in a lopsided Irish win over Sacred Heart Prep on Saturday.

Honorable mention: Chris Hau, sophomore pitcher/infielder, Washington baseball

Washington sophomore starting pitcher Chris Hau sets to send a pitch toward the plate against Galileo on Thursday at Big Rec. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Hau pitched a one-hit, complete-game shutout against defending AAA champ Galileo, striking out six on just 92 total pitches, but also handled himself well at the plate.

He went 4-for-7 in the two-game series against the Lions, with four RBIs.

Honorable mention: Iris Clavel, senior midfielder, Gateway girls soccer

Clavel had two goals in the Gators’ only game last week against Pescadero, running her season total to a team-high 12 goals in just 11 games.

Honorable mention: Mark Feldman, senior outfielder, Jewish Community baseball

Feldman had seven RBIs and five hits in two games against North Valley Baptist last week, and the Wolves needed every one of them. The RBIs were particularly important, as the Wolves edged North Valley Baptist 9-8 in both games.

Honorable mention: Zick Zatopa, junior catcher/pitcher, Waldorf baseball

In two games against Leadership last week, Zatopa went 5-for-9 with a triple, four RBIs and two stolen bases, and also threw two shutout innings.

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  1. baseball guru says:

    Chris Hau….really???? Dude, nick tam pitched a one-hit against lincoln striking out 10 in only\ 5 innings to mercy rule the opponent with only 60+ pitches

  2. Justa Fan says:

    Go Chris!! Well deserved!

  3. Baseball Fanatic says:

    baseball guru…I find that SF Preps has their favorites and all other student athletics are invisible. they need to observe all players and stop being groupies to only a handfull.

    • jbalan says:

      Interesting you said that, because when you posted, “Go Chris!! Well deserved!” under the same IP address, but a different name, you apparently were perfectly fine with how we do things… If you’re dissatisfied, nominate who you think the player of the week should be, we make the decision every weekend… I thought that would be pretty clear from the paragraph that is posted on every Player of the Week post…

      Also, please enlighten me on who our “favorites” are…

      • Ari Gold says:

        Thats easy Jeremy. Your favorites are 1) Johnny Mrlik basketball, 2) Johnny Mrlik baseball, 3) Johnny Mrlik if he played another sport, 4) Johnny Mrlik student.

        • jbalan says:

          Hahaha… Johnny has been featured and recognized because of his performance on the court and field. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like Noah Springwater this year, Dylan Nelson last year and other players like Maria Kemiji-McDonald, Jake Murphy, Valentino Miles and Brendan Glapion.

          Come on now, is it that hard to figure out how that works?

        • Anonymous says:

          Haha, I actually laughed out loud

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nick tam isn’t the best pitcher in the aaa

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chris’s knee is almost touching the dirt in that pic…

  6. Robert Heals says:

    lol…good one Ari Gold. These guys always got a come back for everyrthing instead of just taking constructive critisism. This is why I hardly ever post my comments..they only want positive things said about their articles but can’t handle anyone requesting something. Wow!

  7. Justa Fan says:

    Jeremy…I meant my comment about player of the week. Chris is a great player and does deserve the spot, however I also feel that you do set your attention toward a specific group of kids. Player of the week twice so early into the season… The kid is great but give others a chance..just saying.

    • jbalan says:

      I understand what you’re saying… But our attention is to a specific group of kids because that’s the information we have…

      We got zero nominations last week, so the only info we got in was what I could dig up on maxpreps and the games we saw that week. Schools that don’t put their stats up on maxpreps, or don’t nominate players, don’t get mentioned…

      I’ve asked and asked for coaches, ADs and fans to submit nominations, because we can’t be at every game or track every team, every day…

      Unfortunately, we’ve received almost no nominations in the Spring at all, so we go with what we can get…

  8. THE TURTH says:

    First of all anyone can go in and put anything for the user name so i dont think it is really christian suarez so you guys should calm down and stop jumping to conclusions. Jbalan your my hero i love your comebacks

  9. Mainey Hawkins says:

    Jbalan please ignore these dumb people, i can tell you personally that I LOVE the coverage you bring, it’s just that everybody expects every single game to be covered.. this isn’t a multimillion dollar corporation.

  10. Justa Fan says:

    Jeremy..understood and thanks for covering the games.

  11. Alex .l says:

    Who is Christian Suraez? First Baseman for mission?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tams a good pitcher, but he ain’t the best in the aaa

    • Anonymous says:

      who’s better then?

      • Anonymous says:

        Dustin andrick from Galileo Chris hau from Washington and Alex Arnold from balboa. Tams a good pitcher, not the best.

        • Anonymous says:

          I haven’t seen Tam pitch this year, but he seemed really good last year when I saw him. Maybe it’s different now.

          • Anonymous says:

            just sayin, so far this year, Tam has outpitched both Arnold and Andrick

            • Wash house says:

              Andrick would be great if he had solid d. Arnold ant tam faced each other this year and Arnold gave up 0 earned runs, tam gave up 4.

              • baseball guru says:

                Andrick would be decent pitcher if he had better attitude and composure on the field. It’s all about teamwork and being good role models, especially if you’re a senior. BTW, Tam beat Arnold twice this year…

  13. Anonymous says:

    GOOD GOD, after attending washingtons last varsity baseball game.. wow the AAA is truly a kindergarten PE league….. jesus

    • baseball guru says:

      Andrick would be decent pitcher if he had better attitude and composure on the field. It’s all about teamwork and being good role models, especially if you’re a senior. BTW, Tam beat Arnold twice this year…

      • Anonymous says:

        “Andrick then approached the Lowell batter on deck and was ejected after a heated exchange of words.”

        Not exactly what happened yesterday. First, after Andrick scored he ran past the Lowell dugout taunting the team, then completely lost it on the mound when he couldn’t deal with Lowell’s team chants, called out and charged the Lowell dugout, being help back by an ump, and I believe a coach. He continued with ‘his exchange of words’ on his way off the field. BTW, how can it be an ‘exchange’ when only one person is yelling? Shouldn’t it be described as a loud, profanity based monologue?

        It was pretty classy of the Galileo fan/parent dressed in grey, front row to start hollering insults to the Lowell players as well.

        I don’t care how good someone can throw a ball, there’s no place for that behavior in high school sports. Who pays the price? The teammates who now have to pick up the slack and carry on. If you can’t show a basic level of respect for your school & team, you shouldn’t be out there.

      • Wash house says:

        However in both those games had a lower era. Don’t get me wrong tams a great pitcher but Arnold is better. However, not by much

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