Baseball: Holliday dominant on the mound in Marshall’s rout of Mission

Marshall sophomore pitcher Aumen Holliday sends a pitch toward the plate against Mission on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Marshall sophomore pitcher Aumen Holliday sends a pitch toward the plate against Mission on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Jeremy Balan

Since the Academic Athletic Association adopted it’s current two-tiered divisional system in 2007, only one B Division team has beaten an A Division team, when Mission beat Balboa in 2007.

The trend has continued this season, as B Division teams have gone 0-23 against the top tier, but it would best serve the AAA’s elite not to sleep on Marshall High School.

Marshall's Juan Cordero slides in for a stolen base, while Mission third baseman Enrique Garza leaps for an overthrown ball on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Behind two solid pitchers, the Phoenix have been dominant in B Division games, outscoring opponents 77-11, including a 10-0 win over Mission on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground, en route to a 7-0 record in intra-division games.

“There still is baseball on the southeast side of the City,” said Marshall head coach Gerald Rankin. “We’ve started something good here.”

With both teams heading into the game undefeated in B Division play, the Phoenix (8-8, 7-4) got a game pitching performance from sophomore starter Aumen Holliday, who struck out 11 batters and allowed just three hits in five innings of work. Holliday, who only threw 60 pitches, could have gone further, but the game was called in the fifth inning due to the 10-run mercy rule.

“I was just staying focused and taking my time,” Holliday said. “Every time [I pitch, my team] looks for me to go out on the mound and throw strikes. When I strike them out, they don’t need to do anything in the outfield or infield.”

A transfer student from Alameda, Holliday has a 4-0 record and a 0.28 ERA in four starts against Bay, Burton, Jordan and Mission.

“He a focused little kid, who has played baseball for a long time,” Rankin said. “He knows that if he throws strikes, he can get these guys out. He has settled in with these guys.”

Holliday also got the Phoenix on the board first, with an RBI single in the second inning, and would go 2-for-2 at the plate with a run scored.

Mission senior starting pitcher Edgar Linares sends a pitch toward the plate against Marshall on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

While Holliday held of the Bears’ bats, Mission senior starting pitcher Edgar Linares also pitched impressively, keeping batters off-balance with a biting slow curveball, but didn’t get much support from the Mission defense.

The Bears (7-7-1, 4-5-1) committed seven errors and only two of the runs charged to Linares were earned.

“We’ve got to field the ball. That’s what it comes down to,” said Mission head coach Dan Grossman. “Linares was pitching his ass off and we just dropped the ball for him. I told him that this is what happens in life sometimes. You play hard and people let you down sometimes.”

Both teams figure to be the two B Division representatives in the AAA playoffs, and both coaches believe they can surprise A Division teams in the postseason.

With so many games between the divisions resulting in severely lopsided results, Marshall has arguably played the top division the toughest, with single-digit losses to prospective playoff opponents Galileo, Balboa and Lincoln.

“We can surprise someone,” Rankin said, winking. “The AAA is pitching dominant. If you have two dominant pitchers, you can go a long way.”

Scoring Summary

Second Inning
Marshall – Aumen Holliday singles, Marcus Blacksher scores
Marshall – Holliday scores on a wild pitch
Marshall – Giovanni Carballo scores on a throwing error

Third Inning
Marshall – Juan Cordero scores on a throwing error
Marshall – Christopher Java scores on a throwing error

Fifth Inning
Marshall – Jim Mai reaches on a fielder’s choice, Blacksher score
Marshall – Carballo reaches on error, Mai scores
Marshall – Andrew Carreon reaches on error, Carballo scores
Marshall – Cordero singles, Jimmy Yeung scores
Marshall – Java singles, Andrew Carreon scores

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19 Comments on "Baseball: Holliday dominant on the mound in Marshall’s rout of Mission"

  1. Mission vs Marshall? Are u serious rite now? Jbalan how bout checking out a game with some talent. Mite as well check out curdling if ure Guna be pulling this

  2. Jbalan, thank you for covering the Mission vs Marshall baseball game. There are many of us that do appreciate it.

  3. I am so proud of the Thurgood Marshall students!!! Keep up the great work young men!!! JC #8 Mom loves You!

  4. to Anonymous
    Mybe you should check out these teams marshall has two players that will be playing division 1 baseball next season in college if thats not talent i dont know what is……..

    • As much as I’d like this to be true, I have a hard time believing that… Who is going to be playing D1 baseball?

    • …no one on that team can come anywhere close to playing d1 next year. No chance at all… Learn ure stuff before u say something like that. These two teams are horrible. The aaa b division is arguably the worst baseball in the state if not nation.

  5. Maybe Canadian D1

  6. He’s probably referring to 1st baseman Marcus Blacksher and Marshall’s catcher as possible D1 prospects, but I agree with Jbalan……highly doubful! Don’t get me wrong, they are very good players, but these guys aren’t launching the ball over the fence. If they do get a scholarship to a D1 school, I will be truly be amazed, but when was the last time a D1 baseball player came from the AAA…….Charlie Cutler is the last to come to mind.

    • up in the air | April 21, 2011 at 9:34 PM |

      okoeya dickson got a couple d-1 offers from mid west schools but instead chose to go play at sonoma st and now i beleive he leads the nation in HR. also, mike andrick i beleive is on a low d-1 team, hes the older brother of dustin andrick from galileo who shud be at washington if it wasnt for the districts policy.

  7. Lets the kids play. At least there not out on these cold streets doing drugs or commiting crimes.

  8. Mike Andrick is playing baseball at Bellevue University; that’s not a D1 school, and is Sonoma State even D1??

  9. MArcus Blacksher will be playing D1 baseball next year at san jose state and the catcher javier meza will also be headed to a D1 school to try and walk on.

    • That’s awesome that Marcus Blacksher is going to SJSU, but is he walking-on or is this a full-ride scholarship?? Good luck to him, regardless. He’s a great player

      • im sorry there is no way marshall has 2 d1 baseball players. dylan nelson carried an otherwise below average galileo team to the championship and hes playing junior college ball. marshall might have some good players but don’t hype them up just because they are way better than their much of their weak competition.

  10. Blacksheer and meza have no chance of goin division 1

  11. Actually, I can see Blacksher or Meza getting a scholarship to San Jose State, but honestly, that really isn’t saying much if they do. I know SJ is D1, but top notch recruits don’t have their mouth-watering when they think about SJSU. SJSU basically gets all their players from the Bay Area, so there will be some spots open to make the team. I think San Jose St. is like one of the worst schools in D1 as far as sports are concerned. I think they draw like 2,000 fans at football games, but when they play Boise State in football it’s like 10,000 fans but 9,000 are Boise fans

  12. Marshall has a new kid from Alameda thats setting the bar higher Aumen Holliday he 1st in the nation in base steals, 3rd in batting av, 7th in on base percentage, and other stats. On MaxPreps

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