Girls Soccer: Lincoln strikes early, shuts out Mission in AAA semifinals

Lincoln's Zandalee Agudelo (left) sends a shot toward the Mission net on Wednesday at Boxer Stadium. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

Lincoln's Zandalee Agudelo (left) sends a shot toward the Mission net on Wednesday at Boxer Stadium. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

By Bonta Hill

In the Academic Athletic Association girls soccer semifinal on Wednesday, Lincoln High School forward Katja Wiles scored the game’s first goal 40 seconds into their contest against Mission High School.

Although the Mustangs would tack on two more goals late in the second half, including another by Wiles, her first goal turned out to be the only one needed, as the Mustangs advanced to Saturday’s AAA championship with a 3-0 win over the Bears at Boxer Stadium.

Lincoln's Katja Wiles gears up to send a shot toward the Mission goal on Wednesday at Boxer Stadium. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

“We knew we wanted it and we’ve been trying to make [the championship for so long],” said an exuberant Wiles. “It means so much [for the school].”

Lincoln’s (14-2-1) opponent in the championship game will be heavily-favored and undefeated Lowell, the winner of the last 13 AAA titles.

However, Lincoln head coach David McPherson assured that his team won’t be intimidated, noting that his club played Lowell tough in a 1-0 semifinal loss last season.

“Lowell is undefeated, and their goal differential is unbelievable,” McPherson said. “We just have to hang with them. They knocked us out of the playoffs last year, but this is the championship. It’ll be different and we’ll be ready to play.”

Lincoln controlled the first half action and it paid off with Wiles’ early goal, but the Mustangs could only generate that one score in the half, as Mission goalkeeper Laura Ramirez was outstanding in net, putting a halt to many Mustang opportunities.

Lincoln midfielder Leah Saucedo-Dempsey had one-on-one chances in the eighth and 35th minutes, but Ramirez stepped up to block both of those attempts to keep the Bears (11-5-1) in the game.

“Ramirez was great in goal, and if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t even be in contention,” said Mission head coach Scott Kennedy. “[Lincoln] played really well though, and you have to give them credit. We just couldn’t get a lucky break [or] a lucky bounce.”

Fortunate to be down 1-0 at halftime, the Bears were determined to get back into the game and controlled the first 20 minutes of the second half.

The Bears chance to tie it came in the 70th minute, when midfielder Yessenia Aguilar broke free with a clear path to the goal, but couldn’t get off a solid shot.

That was Mission’s last chance to tie, because three minutes later Lincoln defender Zandalee Agudelo took control of a loose ball, dribbled 55 yards and scooped a shot past Ramirez to extend the lead to 2-0.

“If Aguilar’s shot goes into the net, it’s 1-1, we have the momentum and it’s whole different ballgame,” Kennedy said. “All in all, it was a great season. We improved along the way and I think we did a great job to get [to the playoffs].”

Wiles put the icing on the cake for Lincoln with a chip-in goal off of Suacedo-Dempsy’s miss in the 79th minute.

“We knew coming in Mission was a good team, we beat them the last time we played them and it was a good battle,” McPherson said. “Mission scored on us the first two minutes the last time we played them, so we wanted to come out and set the tone.”

Scoring Summary

L – 1st minute – Katja Wiles
L – 73rd minute – Zandalee Agudelo
L – 79th minute – Wiles

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11 Comments on "Girls Soccer: Lincoln strikes early, shuts out Mission in AAA semifinals"

  1. Good job Lincoln, but they really have no chance in the final. Lowell is the best team in AAA by far. This year Lowell crushed Lincoln without most of their starters. All Lowell does is win. Both their boys and girls soccer teams went undefeated in the league.

  2. michael Belova-Wiles | May 8, 2011 at 12:55 AM |

    Lowell was the best this year and most years only because most of there team are seasoned club players that play year round. It seems to be like they are in a class of their own and should not play in the AAA becasue of this domination. They should play in a different league than the AAA of SF. They should play catholic school leagues where they would have better matches that are up to their level. This is rediculous to watch Lowell win and dominate over teams like this. There should be a rule on how many club players you are allowed on your team or put them in a different league. I really believe Lincoln should be given the trophy for winning the division without having club the majority or 75% of the team club players. Let s have some realistic competition. Let s face it you would have the Niners play Stanford cardinals? Would you? It would not be a fair to the fans or the players. Think about it. If I was a Lowell participant on this team I would not be proud of my team winning a championship only because the thought of knowing there is no real competition for Lowell in the AAA. The Athletic board should really consider this for all the teams. 14 years in a row? There is something all wrong with this picture. What do you think? Put them in a league playing schools like Urban, University, Lick Wilmerding etc….. I think you get the picture.

    • Anonymous | May 8, 2011 at 8:43 AM |

      That’s ridiculous, are you actually proposing that Lowell be kicked out of the league because they have too many club players? Maybe they won because they work harder, and deserve a championship.

  3. Lowell beat many private schools badly. Bay 10-0, University 2-0, Mt. Tam 4-1, Lick 4-1. They’re just a good team and deserve their title. It is rude of you to say they should not be proud. They worked very hard and deserved it.

    • I’m pretty sure Lowell didn’t play Uni this year, they beat Bay twice 7-0 and 4-1… Your scores for Tam and Lick are right though…

    • I just looked it up, they beat Uni’s JV team this year 2-0, not its varsity team…

  4. Why not have Lowell in another league. The school has special test to qualify for the school. They are different by all certain ways then other schools. I think they should be rewarded for their championship and their talent this year and the following without any doubt.

    Maybe Lowell can be put in a more challenging league then the AAA. They do have a great amount of club team talent. We do get tired to see games that are not evenly match. Seems to bore us and many others. Played with a team that dominated games for years so we moved up a division. Have Lowell play teams like St. Ignatius, Sacred Heart, Bellarmine, etc…

    • It’s not that easy. The logistics of a move like that would not be possible. Also, Lowell would not be able to compete in the WCAL, at least not at this point.

      • Please elaborate

        • Anonymous | May 12, 2011 at 6:39 PM |

          Off of the top of my head, maybe it is not financially possible for such a transaction. Being a public school, Lowell would be hard pressed to pay for fields, transportation, referees, and et cetera for the WCAL. Another reason could be that Lowell is not a private catholic school, and we all now how strict catholic schools can be about their policies. Those are just a couple ideas, but I’m sure there are more, better reasons.

        • Anonymous | May 12, 2011 at 8:08 PM |

          Not only that but Lowell plays soccer in the spring while the Catholic schools play in the winter. I have no doubt that SI would wipe the floor against Lowell…Talk about club talent.
          Just a note…Bellarmine is an all guys school

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