Softball: Lowell bats come alive against Lincoln in AAA semifinals

By Ernest Stone

A two-run home run in the bottom of the third inning from Lowell High School freshman Samantha Yee not only pushed her team’s lead to five runs, but marked the beginning of an impressive performance by one of the Academic Athletic Association’s offensive powerhouses.

The Cardinals continued to pour on the runs as they rolled past Lincoln High School 16-2 in four innings in the AAA softball semifinals on Thursday at Parkside Square.

“We knew we had quite a mountain to climb,” said Lincoln head coach Kevin Grayson. “But given the circumstances, missing three starters and putting a freshman pitcher out there, I’m glad we showed up and didn’t back down in the beginning stages of the game.”

While the Mustangs (10-6 in AAA play) succeeded in creating early opportunities, they failed to capitalize on them.

One such occurrence was when Lincoln third baseman Michelle Lee began the game by knocking a triple to right-center field, yet forgot to touch first base and was called out.

Then, an error with one out and nobody on led to an early score by the Cardinals (14-1 in AAA play), giving them a one-run lead after the first frame.

The third inning proved to be the turning point, when, after entering the bottom of the inning with the score standing at 3-1, Lowell stopped its reliance on its opponent’s mistakes and seized control.

The Cardinals’ offense got to work, scoring eight runs on six hits, and pushed the lead to 11-1 to enter the fourth inning.

“We don’t have a top or bottom to this lineup,” said Lowell head coach Sascha Ray. “We have standout hitters in every slot, and for us it was just a matter of loosening up after a tight couple of innings.”

Lincoln would push across just one more run, in the top of the fourth inning, as the Cardinals’ push in the bottom of the frame brought the score to 16-2 and resulted in the game being called due to the 10-run mercy rule.

While Thursday’s results were unfavorable for the Mustangs, they have a lot to look forward to next season as they return eight starters.

The Cardinals’ dominant performance does little to discourage them as they head into the AAA championship game next week.

“We feed off of each other’s enthusiasm,” said Lowell junior pitcher Michelle Willis. “All we have to do is keep up our team spirit and our confidence at the level they are right now, because as long as we trust each other we can show off our ability as a team, as was the case today.”

Scoring Summary

First Inning
Lowell – Michelle Willis singles, Kristina Saito scores

Second Inning
Lincoln – Shannon Wong singles, Tyler Garcia scores
Lowell – Abigall Young triples, Katie Tam and Angela Trinh score

Third Inning
Lowell – Chloe Roddy doubles, Willis scores
Lowell – Samantha Yee homers, Chloe Roddy scores
Lowell – Tam grounds out, Madison D’Wolfe scores
Lowell – Roddy doubles, Gretal Gunther and Saito score
Lowell – D’Wolfe walks, Willis scores

Fourth Inning
Lincoln – Carli Spiscon grounds out, Garcia scores
Lowell – Trinh homers
Lowell – Gunther homers, Abigall Young scores
Lowell – D’Wolfe singles, Saito scores
Lowell – Tam walks, Willis scores

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  1. Eagles Rooter | May 15, 2011 at 6:49 AM |

    Defending City and Transbay champ Eagles softball team does not get one mention on your site in their last two games leading up to THEIR defense of the title against Lowell. Equal time would be appropriate instead of using the excuse of not having enough reporters like you claimed during the Wash Lowell rematch 10 days ago.

    • Be a part of the solution | May 15, 2011 at 9:44 AM |

      Maybe you should be a part of the solution and get out your notepad and recorder and try to do what these guys are doing

    • We’ve covered Lowell and Washington once each this year…

      There are two reasons why we’ve only been out to one Washington or Lowell game this year…

      The first is that they’ve only played in two competitive games all year… The disparity in talent between Wash-Lowell and the other AAA schools is so large, the only competitive games are between Lowell and Wash…

      We would have loved to be to that game, but unfortunately we only had one reporter and one photographer available and had baseball playoffs on the same day.

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