Boys Volleyball: Lowell’s Lam named AAA Player of the Year

Lowell senior outside hitter Lincoln Lam sends an attack over the net against Lincoln on May 11 at Lowell High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Selections made by Academic Athletic Association coaches, not staff.

Peter K. Yan Award – AAA Player of the Year: Lincoln Lam, senior outside hitter, Lowell

Lowell senior outside hitter Lincoln Lam sends an attack over the net against Lincoln on May 11 at Lowell High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

First Team
Nathan Leung, senior, Washington
Johnson Li, senior, Lincoln
Jonathan Limu, freshman, O’Connell
Kenny Lum, sophomore, Galileo
Aaron Tan, senior, Lincoln
Alan Tse, junior, Galileo
Jeffrey Wong, junior, Lowell
Philip Xie, senior, Lincoln
Tenny Zeng, junior, Lowell

Second Team
Jacob Blumenfeld, sophomore, Lowell
Conrad Holda, junior, Washington
Nicholas Low, sophomore, Galileo
Enders Ng, sophomore, Lowell
Jacky Peng, junior, Galileo
Marcus Wong, senior, Lincoln

Honorable Mention
Alan Chan, junior, Lowell
Jackie Chen, senior, Lincoln
Andrei Corpuz, senior, O’Connell
Hildon Corpuz, freshman, O’Connell
Oliver Gan, junior, Balboa
Darren Gee, junior, Washington
Wayland Huang, senior, Lowell
Charles Husaini, sophomore, Washington
Kenny Leung, senior, Lowell
Michael Li, senior, Lincoln
Stanley Lin, senior, Lowell
Eli Pleaner, junior, Lowell
Gino Poblete, sophomore, Balboa
Douglas Snoddy, sophomore, Lincoln
Tony Tran, senior, Washington
Joseph Wong, sophomore, Washington
Jonathan Zhang, senior, Washington
Can Feng Zhao, senior, O’Connell

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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6 Comments on "Boys Volleyball: Lowell’s Lam named AAA Player of the Year"

  1. These picks are idiotic. How can you not give the player of the year to one of the Lincoln hitters? And how does Wash, Lowell and Lincoln have more selections than Gal? O’Connell even has the same amount of selections as the CHAMPS!!!! Bal, Wash and OC were terrible this year. Too many selections makes the whole point of nameing a team less important and brings down the honor that this should be.

  2. My 2 Cents | May 19, 2011 at 8:41 PM |

    First team, tan (lin) set and low (gal) opposite. Lincoln’s Xie and Li as outside hitters. Tse (gal) and chris lee (gal) at middle with Wong (low) at libero.

    Player of the year: Aaron tan (Lin)

    Second team, Lum (gal) set with zeng (low) opposite with snoddy (lin) front row for zeng. Li and Chen from linc at middle (I could b wrong on their mb’s names). Jacky Peng (gal) and lincoln (low) at outside. Darion Lew (gal) at libero.

    This is who I would send to a game against SH and SI all-stars.

    No third team or honorable mention. Kids should earn the privilege by working hard in the off season. Most don’t. The AAA can be competitive if more players commit to club ball and play year round. Regardless, congrats everyone.

  3. Bad choice | May 20, 2011 at 9:25 PM |

    First off men’s volleyball is a joke. Lincoln Lam should not be player of the year. It should be one of Lincoln’s players who led them to the championship game only to fall short to Gal. Those players at Lincoln are far more better than at Lowell and Lincoln Lam.

    • Bad choice | May 20, 2011 at 9:26 PM |

      let me rephrase that.: Lincoln Lam was not as good as everybody thought he was.

    • Anonymous | June 9, 2011 at 9:33 AM |

      you’re an idiot. if you think men’s volleyball was a joke, just leave, because this is a men’s volleyball page. Lincoln Lam was incredibly clutch and even was he wasn’t as good of a hitter as Johnson, he did brought his team up with him. Its not all based on skill, its also about being a leader on your team. Sure there were other potential candidates for the K. Yan award on Lincoln, but ultimately its all the coaches’ choice from all the AAA teams, and a majority of coaches chose Lincoln Lam, so basically you’re an idiot. Also, your grammar sucks.

  4. Anonymous | May 20, 2011 at 10:36 PM |

    I’d take SI’s team over the 1st team.

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