Girls Soccer: All-AAA teams released

(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

Selections made by Academic Athletic Association coaches, not staff.

Most Valuable Forward
Yessenia Aguilar, junior, Mission

Most Valuable Midfielder
Jocelyn Alonso, senior, O’Connell

Most Valuable Defender
Laura Ramirez, senior, Mission

First Team
Zandalee Agudelo, senior, Lincoln
Emma Chiang, junior, Balboa
Haley Garabato, senior, Mission
Imelda Guzman, senior, O’Connell
Zoe Carter-Kuo, sophomore, Lowell
Ashley McDonough, senior, Jordan
Alma Monroy, senior, Mission
Kaitlyn Nelson, junior, Galileo
Adrienne Pearce, junior, Lowell
Raquel Salmeron, junior, O’Connell
Alejandra Sanchez, junior, Lowell
Leah Sausedo-Dempsey, senior, Lincoln
Jan Van Hasselt, junior, Washington
Mikela Waldman, freshman, Lowell
Katja Wiles, junior, Lincoln
Vanessa Zamudio, senior, Wallenberg

Second Team
Chelsea Aikman, sophomore, Lowell
Laura Alvarez, sophomore, Lincoln
Norma Aracely Perez, senior, Mission
Bailey Armstrong, junior, Lowell
Anel Castillo, junior, Mission
Denise Castro, senior, Wallenberg
Yvonne Espinoza, junior, Balboa
Kenia Estrada, sophomore, Jordan
Jessica Fernandez, sophomore, O’Connell
Mariko Hayes, sophomore, Galileo
Jacy Huynh, senior, Lincoln
Abigail Isais, junior, O’Connell
Caitlin Kurz, senior, Lincoln
Ileana Moncada, junior, Washington
Mitra Shokat, freshman, Lowell

Honorable Mention
Marianna Aguirre, freshman, Washington
Tiana Alba, junior, Jordan
Joanna Beltran, sophomore, Mission
Reina Diaz, senior, O’Connell
Grecia Garcia, junior, O’Connell
Danielle Goldberg, senior, Lowell
Stephanie Ha, sophomore, Galileo
Jazzmine Heinig, freshman, Wallenberg
Jennifer Kallenburg, freshman, Lowell
Juliana Martinez, freshman, Lincoln
Karen Martinez, senior, O’Connell
Lisette Montalvo, junior, Washington
Rebecca Nelson, junior, Balboa
Maggie Nguyen, sophomore, Wallenberg
Anabely Ramirez, sophomore, Jordan
Gabriella Rinaldi, junior, Balboa
Astrid Rivera, sophomore, Mission
Gabriella Ruiz, senior, Jordan
Allysson Sanchez, sophomore, Mission
Alexandra Urbina, sophomore, Wallenberg

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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2 Comments on "Girls Soccer: All-AAA teams released"

  1. My eyes hurt from reading all of these names and this team is a complete sham. Lowell dominated in every sense of the word this year and no one came close yet they don’t have a single “Most Valuable Player” and Mission has two? Lowell should dominated the first team and have AT LEAST two of the MVP picks especially Sanchez who dominated the AAA for the entire year. 4 GOALS in the championship game and that wasn’t even her best one. Making ridiculous picks like that and putting practically every player in the AAA on this list devalues the whole thing. What’s the point of even having it if your not gonna do it right?

  2. Lowell is the best | June 24, 2011 at 9:14 PM |

    This list is pathetic. Lowell didn’t lose a single game and they only gave up four goals all season while scoring over 70? And they don’t have a MVP? There was not a single game they played this year against an AAA opponent where the didn’t max out coach estebez’s goal limit and just pass for the rest of the game. They even won the final so comfortably, they didn’t even have to try for the last 20 minutes. The AAA coaches who made this selection are just pissed of at Jow much better than their teams Lowell is.

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