Player of the Week: Chloe Roddy

Lowell teammates celebrate with senior Chole Roddy after her second home run of the game against Washington in the AAA championship game on May 23 at San Francisco State University. (Photo by Eric Soracco)

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By Jeremy Balan Player of the Week: Chloe Roddy, senior first baseman, Lowell softballl

Lowell teammates celebrate with senior Chole Roddy after her second home run of the game against Washington in the AAA championship game on Wednesday at San Francisco State University. (Photo by Eric Soracco)

All of the Cardinals in the lineup hit against Washington in the Academic Athletic Association championship game on Wednesday, but Roddy did the most damage.

Her first hit was an RBI double, then came a lined home run to left field and a towering shot to center, to give her five RBIs on the day.

“Chloe is an anomaly and physically, her strength is unbelievable,” Lowell head coach Sascha Taylor-Ray after the AAA championship game. “She said she felt it today and she was even asking me what the distances were on the fences at practice yesterday, so she could see what she had to do.”

Roddy followed that up with a 2-for-2 performance against Skyline in Game 1 of the Transbay series, with a double, a triple and three RBIs.

Honorable mention: Ben Carrasco, sophomore pitcher, Stuart Hall baseball

Stuart Hall sophomore starting pitcher Ben Carrasco sends a pitch to the plate against Marin Academy in the BCL West championship game on Saturday at Skyline College in San Bruno. (Photo by Brian Long)

The left-hander had a rough week at the plate, but more than made up for it on the mound on Saturday.

Carrasco struck out nine and allowed only a single run to collect the win in the Knights’ victory over Marin Academy, to clinch their first Bay Counties League West title in school history.

Honorable mention: Austin Fusco, junior center fielder, Waldorf baseball

Before International rallied back to edge the Wolverines in the Bay Counties League Central playoffs, Fusco made a clear case to be the game’s MVP.

In the leadoff spot, Fusco went 3-for-4 with two runs scored and two doubles to move his batting average up to .300.

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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  1. Carrasco makes it to honorable mention again? hmm didn’t see that coming..
    I’d like to see what happens if he had to pitch against any WCAL school, those boys would show him what real baseball is.

    • You guys are becoming intolerable with this stuff…

      Would you rather there be no comments at all? Because that’s what it might have to come to if this keeps up…

      I’m tired of the constant negativity on here… It’s childish and only shows your own insecurities…

      • im not hating just wondering is this carassco kid really this good, cause hmm? seems to think otherwise judging by the comment

      • Jeremy, whether you like it or not your website has become a platform for high school bullying. The saddest thing is that anonymous old men log on to your site in order to trash individual high school kids or high school leagues. I’m a fan of random comments, but when it involves HS kids- the safety of a few kids has to be taken into consideration (look at the campaigns to fight online bullying and teenage suicide). Most of the kids aren’t affected by the comments by anonymous old men, but letting these comments persist produce nothing positive.

        In order to cease bullying, I recommend that people only be allowed to post comments via their FB accounts. Yes, this will bring up privacy issues-but it will probably prevent anonymous old men and other HS bullies from producing so much negativity.

        Frankly I’m sick of people from my high school (SI) trashing the AAA. This is not a reflection of SI’s alumni or student body. Hopefully you can come up with a solution that will prevent me from experiencing further embarrassment-from a few people who show their insecurities.

      • just a fan | May 24, 2011 at 11:46 AM |

        I would totally support eliminating the comments section and just provide game highlights and summaries.

    • sfpatriot | May 24, 2011 at 7:53 AM |

      I totally agree with Jeremy’s comment. The negativity stinks and I had the same reaction.

      These arn’t professionals, they are SF HIGH SCHOOL kids and they ALL deserve our support, positivity , encouragement, and congratulations for their efforts — no matter what league or school they attend!!

  2. The terrible part about these comments is that Ben pitched against SH SI and Riordan and he also pitched a rgeat game coming out with 2 of 3 wins so if you guys keep bashing on a sophmore fr winning and your checking this website to see how ” bad ” hes doing just leave him alone he is just a kid.

  3. Lets just settle it once and for all. WCAL teams are better than AAA teams. If a AAA team does well. Good for them. Good for their sports program. And good for their school. Lets leave it at that. You go across the country and all the best teams are private or catholic schools. Its not rocket science. Best schools, best education, best students, best athletes. You can tell me all you want about public schools, its not against higher level competition. I commend these kids for trying hard, playing hard, and COMPETING against whatever is in front of them. Thats all Im going to say about that.

    Jeremy, try hitting up the 49ers and Giants front offices, + individual players to keep the site going. $60,000 is a drop in the bucket for these guys. You do a great job, except for when you put your man crush Mrlik on the headline.

    • Anonymous | May 24, 2011 at 4:10 PM |

      I don’t understand why you have to create a post to find solidarity with others that trash on non-WCAL teams. I will agree that WCAL teams are better than AAA teams athletically, but you have to realize that this is because they can attract the best players, have much nicer facilities, can afford better coaching, etc. I also don’t understand why you bring up education in this post – last time I checked, this was a sports website, and education/student life should be a completely different topic.

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