Baseball: International holds off Stuart Hall in NCS quarterfinals

International senior pitcher Clay Bloszies sets to send a pitch toward the plate against Stuart Hall in the NCS Division V quarterfinals on Monday at Skyline College in San Bruno. (Photo by Doug Ko)

International senior pitcher Clay Bloszies sets to send a pitch toward the plate against Stuart Hall in the NCS Division V quarterfinals on Monday at Skyline College in San Bruno. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Bonta Hill

SAN BRUNO — International High School took a 2-1 lead in the third inning over Stuart Hall before play was suspended Saturday afternoon — and it turns out, that was all it needed to advance to the North Coast Section Division V semifinals.

Stuart Hall sophomore starting pitcher Ben Carrasco sets to send a pitch toward the plate against International in the NCS Division V quarterfinals on Monday at Skyline College in San Bruno. (Photo by Doug Ko)

When play resumed Monday afternoon at Skyline College, Jaguars senior Clay Bloszies matched Stuart Hall pitcher Ben Carrasco pitch-for-pitch — striking out seven and allowing only two base runners to reach second base after the third inning — leading International to the one-run win and punching a ticket to Wednesday’s semifinal against second-seeded Head-Royce.

“Putting the ball in the hands of a senior, like Clay, it lets me sleep at night,” said International head coach Anthony Thomas. “I checked in with him [Sunday] and he said he felt good. In my opinion, it was the two best pitchers in the City on the mound today. If we advance, we can hopefully see him pitch in the [championship].”

International (22-3), winners of the Bay Counties League Central, didn’t do much offensively, which was a point of concern for Thomas.

But playing against Carrasco and the Bay Counties League West champs, the Jaguars knew they had their work cut out against one of the top pitchers in San Francisco.

Carrasco struck out eight batters after play resumed Monday, and showed even more resolve in the top of the sixth inning.

With runners on second and third with one out, the sophomore struck out the next two Jaguars hitters to keep the third-seeded Knights (16-6) within a run.

“[Carrasco] was phenomenal today. He has nerves of steel and I’m excited about his future,” said Stuart Hall head coach Eddie Russell. “It’s a tough way to finish the season, and we had one bad inning. Offensively, we just weren’t seeing the ball well today and you have to tip your cap to Clay Bloszies.”

Stuart Hall tried to rally in the bottom of the seventh, but wasn’t able to cash in on Spencer Palmer’s infield single. Palmer — who got himself into scoring position by stealing second — was stranded when Bloszies struck out Will Cambell for his 10th strikeout of the game.

The unusual circumstances of the suspended game didn’t affect either pitcher, especially in the fourth inning when they each struck out the side.

“For me, [the layoff] really helped because it broke up my start, and made it two separate games,” Bloszies said. “Every game we’ve lost this season we’ve made up and redeemed ourselves. Hopefully, we can continue to advance.”

The matchup was also a rematch from a game back on March 5, in which Stuart Hall won by the same 2-1 margin.

Scoring Summary

Second Inning
SH – Gerald Reader triples, Spencer Palmer scores

Third Inning
I – Brian Benavides singles, Griffin Wurzelbacher scores
I – Benavides scores on a throwing error

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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20 Comments on "Baseball: International holds off Stuart Hall in NCS quarterfinals"

  1. Good luck hitting linney. Haha.

    • We scored 4 off linney earlier this season, we can do it again, plus hes prolly not even throwing

  2. how can coach thomas say that they are the two best pitchers in the city neither would be the ace for SH,SI, or Riordan. Actually they would probably be #3s at those schools

    • annonymous | May 31, 2011 at 9:10 AM |

      that’s a fact…

      • Clay definitely would be a 1 or 2. He gasses harder than Mrlik.

        • Mrlik and Monsour from SI along with Miguel from SH are all better than Bloszies and Carrasco. Although Bloszies might compete better with the WCAL then Carrasco could, neither of them have the right to be called the best in the city. It is ridiculous Carrasco could even be considered one of the best players in the city. I see this kid weekly on this website, I feel like there is undoubtedly some connection between him and this website. I can’t stand seeing his awful form in these pictures anymore. He looks like he is throwing in little league or something. WCAL would embarrass that kid. I give Bloszies the respect he deserves.

          • You are a sad individual, whoever you are. Hope you feel like a big man spewing your idiotic hate at a kid who’s done nothing to you at all.

    • @observer -there is no idiotic hate in the comment i am simply writing that neither would be an ace for any of the city teams, therefore they could not be the two best pitchers in the city.
      @hmm? – carrasco makes it because in the BCL he is a top pitcher and i give him credit he dominates his league but he is not even close to best in the city, both miguels one from SH and one from riordan are considerbly better and almost every pitcher at SI is including Stinn who is on JV there, donovan and cullinane both from riordan are better as well.

      • Im sorry CJ, you think that the Miguels are better than SI pitchers? That is ridiculous, Miguel from SH threw against SI twice, and both times SI rocked him. Miguel from Riordan pitched against SI once, and was taken out in the second inning because SI was, again, rocking him. Monsour, who pitched gems in wcal playoffs as well ass CCS destroy those pitchers. Along with Mrlik who pitched very well against SH both games, coming out with 2 victories. Overall I do believe that SI has the best team as well as best players in the city, and their junior class is the best the city has seen in years. Not to mention there catcher Goldensohn as well as their sophomore players Klein and Giarratanno. These guys are going to be fun to watch and hopefully somehow they do get to play IHS and Stuart Hall. I would like to be able to back up these statements.

        • no u misread, i said both “both miguels one from SH and one from riordan are considerbly better AND almost every pitcher at SI is including Stinn who is on JV there” are better than carrasco and bloszies. SI’s sophomore class is very close to being as good as their junior class. Riordan had 2 sophomore’s on varsity this year. Ramirez who started at 3rd and Cullinane who started at Center field and had a 1.80 ERA on the mound. And their JV went almost 500 in WCAL, both of those teams will have better years next year, but SH JV team did not have much talent and only had one Soph on vars and he was not a consistent starter

  3. Anonymous | May 31, 2011 at 2:10 PM |

    Ben Carrasco is a Sophomore! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, the fact that he still has two more years of varsity baseball is impressive. I hope SI, SH and Riordan get to see him next year as a Junior. Bottom line…the kid is a winner!

    • I know Coach Thomas and he undoubtedly meant within the confines of the smaller private school leagues.

      You guys repping the WCAL or Washington go do so without going after Ben or Clay, but you are all so typical of the “I” generation or “Me-Me-Me” generation who feel so entitled to do rip jobs.

      Lincecum was drafted 10th out of college. His home town Mariners wanted zero to do with him.

      Clay will play Third base at Haverford.

      • What’s so bad about being drafted 10th in the 1st round out of college???

        That’s like an automatic 2 million dollar signing bonus right there. I know the Seattle Mariners messed up by passing over Tim Lincecum, but didn’t the 49ers mess up also by passing up on hometown boy Aaron Rogers for Alex Smith????

  4. IHS player | May 31, 2011 at 5:48 PM |

    I always thought Brian was the best player on IHS,clay is just overrated

  5. i hear griffen w. for ihs is hella raw at baseball and throws constant 90’s

  6. guys NO ONE cares about baseball

    • Anonymous | June 1, 2011 at 6:43 PM |

      Oh yeah, I just have some sort of feeling this is coming from some soft private school lacrosse player.

  7. I just thought of a funny joke…….Lacrosse!!!!

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