Boys Basketball: Reardon returns to take over varsity post at St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius boys basketball coach Tim Reardon patrolling the sidelines in 2007. Reardon served as the head varsity coach from 2003-2008, and took over the program again on Tuesday. (Photo by Paul Ghiglieri/St. Ignatius)

By Jeremy Balan

Ever since John DeBenedetti resigned from the boys basketball coaching position at St. Ignatius in early April, rumors and speculation swirled regarding who would be the successor.

St. Ignatius boys basketball coach Tim Reardon patrolling the sidelines in 2007. Reardon served as the head varsity coach from 2003-2008, and took over the program again on Tuesday. (Photo by Paul Ghiglieri/St. Ignatius)

Nearly two months later, the Wildcats will turn to a proven commodity.

On Tuesday, in an email to all faculty and students, St. Ignatius athletic director Robert Vergara announced that Tim Reardon will take over the reigns of the program next season.

Reardon was the head coach in the five seasons prior to DeBenedetti’s three-year tenure, and won a West Catholic Athletic League title and two Central Coast Section championships in that span.

Prior to his time with the boys basketball team, Reardon coached the St. Ignatius girls team for four seasons, also winning a CCS title.

“Tim’s teams have won a total of [11] championships in his 20 years at St. Ignatius, but above and beyond that success, Tim has taught his players to embrace the values on which our athletic program is based,” Vergara said in the email. “Tim lives all those values, and I know that, with him at the helm, our boys basketball program will continue to be in good hands.”

Reardon left the varsity post after the 2008 season, mostly due to a desire to enter an administrative role at the school.

“It was nine years of coaching varsity and it was a grind,” Reardon said. “I saw myself going in the administration [direction], but when those jobs kept coming up year after year, and I was seeing the job descriptions, I figured I’d stick with coaching.”

Although Reardon admitted he waited until assistant Rob Marcaletti was no longer a candidate for the position, he is excited about the potential of the varsity squad and the program. Marcaletti was also a candidate for the job, but has taken the position as St. Ignatius’ associate athletic director, which removed him from consideration.

“To know that I’ll be able to take a team next year that beat Sacred Heart [Cathedral], Mitty and Bellarmine last season is pretty exciting,” Reardon said.

In the past two seasons, Reardon has coached one of St. Ignatius’ freshman teams, and the talent he saw also impacted his decision to return to the varsity level.

“They’ve been a great group of kids,” Reardon said. “There are a couple of really good players and they really get along well, which is key. Sometimes you can have the talent, but if you don’t have the [chemistry], it can be difficult.”

The Wildcats will return eight players from a team that went 17-10 last season, but the most glaring loss will be leading scorer Johnny Mrlik. Still, Reardon wants his focus to be on the program as a whole, all the way to the freshman level.

“It’s hard to watch a guy like Johnny Mrlik go, but I’ve seen at times, when a great scorer leaves, you find out there are a lot of guys there who can do a lot of good things,” Reardon said. “One of our goals is to keep it going, not to have any down years, and get a system going that starts at the freshman level.”

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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41 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Reardon returns to take over varsity post at St. Ignatius"

  1. Roll Cats | May 31, 2011 at 8:12 PM |

    This pumps up a lot of people. Can’t wait for next season!!!

  2. Anonymous | May 31, 2011 at 8:15 PM |

    Reardon is SO back!


  4. Doubt SI will be going to STATE, as alot of good players graduated this year from SI’s basketball program, but alot of promising young players coming up through the system so there is a bright future ahead for SI’s b-ball program. Mitty and SHC are still the teams to beat in the WCAL

  5. Reardon is SI’s best coach, regardless of sport.

    Look for the Cats to return to prominence under his leadership.

  6. Good choice. Reardon has a long track record of success…was sorry to see him go a few years ago. Had a great year last year coaching Frosh ‘A’ team.

    Congrats also to Rob Marcaletti as new associate AD.

  7. Tim is certainly liked by the kids he’s coached. The question is will he introduce the modern game to SI other than the pre shot clock offenses the varsity ran the past few years.

    • Anonymous | June 1, 2011 at 1:47 PM |

      Tim is a excellent choice and a good person, he will bring winning back in a big way. Tim was the first coach at SI who I knew would play a AAA team- win or loss. I would call tim and ask if he was interested in a preseason game- he would find a spot on the schedule for us every year.

  8. si hoops player | June 1, 2011 at 2:08 PM |

    Reardon is good, but hes no lippi.

  9. i heard max suguya from washington is transferring to SI just to play for coach Reardon. theyre getting a great young player. hes defently a top 100 recruit.

  10. Riordan is back..

  11. Good for SI…well, next year will be tough, SHC has a very talented team that is still intact.

  12. Who is max suguya? Trevor Shiffteam dunbar is the future of SI

    • what kind of grades is this Suguya kid getting? He just cant transfer in if he doesnt have the grades. SI has high academic standards and if you first went to a public school like Wash you probably couldnt get into SI.

      • Ari,
        You forget (or overlook) that GW has a lot of excellent students, some of whom choose not to go to Lowell or can’t afford to go to a private school.

        If he has the grades, transferring to SI shouldn’t be a problem.

  13. Anonymous | June 2, 2011 at 3:15 PM |

    prediction! bruce mahoney game. SI 62- SHC 53
    SI will win 2nd game too and will go 2nd place to
    Mitty in WCAL. Bull, Dunbar and one other player from
    the JV will have a significant impact with the team with
    Reardon at rhe helm!

  14. Without fail, Jeremy couldnt resist writing an SI article without excluding his boyfriend Johnny Mrlik. You were ALMOST there Jeremy!!!

    SI??? State??? Thats laughable. Here I will predict next season for you. SI ranked in top 20 bay area, post some nice preseason wins, win a close Bruce Mahoney game, finish WCAL play at or a game above .500, make CCS Div 3, and lose to SHC or Burlingame. SHC wins CCS again.

    Reardon, good man. I had him for summer school english. Good teacher, good coach.

    • Not Ari Gold | June 3, 2011 at 7:32 AM |

      More like SHC wins a co-WCAL title, beats SI in the Bruce game going away, wins CCS and at least makes the Nor-Cal title game.

      • Johnny Drama | June 3, 2011 at 9:19 AM |

        LOVE THE HOOP BLATHER…..SHC could very well win a WCAL co-title, but SI can very easily also do it. Reardon will definitely get more out of his players than the previous coach and in a watered down WCAL, anything is possible. Mitty will still be the favorite, solely because of Gordon but they did lose some key seniors. SHC has everyone back but they will miss the shooter to spread the floor for their 2 bigs. Domingo and Aguilar will have to step up their game next year. If you recall, Aguilar did a great job on Gordon in our win. Dunbar is a ball player and will make a huge difference. They will play a completely different style than last year. St. Francis will be tough to beat also. They have the 6’8 kid who has been getting better yearly and some very good role players as well. It will be a fun season next year.

        As far as SHC making it to NorCal Final…..depends on when they play O’Dowd. If Ashley doesn’t go to Findley Prep, they’re a lock for state.

        • I agree with my fellow cast member. O’Dowd is going back to state provided Ashley stays. As long as Aaron Gordon is at Mitty, they are going to win WCAL, CCS, NCS and have a state final appearance. Gordon was superb last year and guess what? Hes getting better, stronger, and faster. What a nightmare!

          I love how all the SI blokes tout Domingo, Aguilar, Dunbar. Unless Domingo eats steak every single day and gained 25-30 pounds, or somehow morphed together with Aguilar’s body and toughness, hes not that much better than he was last year.

          Dunbar this, Dunbar that, if this kid was THAT good he would played varsity last year. And if he was THAT good, he wouldve played heavy minutes in CCS. Okay okay, yah blame it on the coach. Thats weak. Even the dumbest coach knows to promote the underclassmen. Come on now, he has a long way to go before he can be mentioned in the same breathe as Joe Skiffer who started on varsity as a freshman.

          • Other than Taylor and Johns does anyone know if SHC has any good talent coming up? All I hear about is this Trevor Dunbar kid…Who does SHC have that is coming in, exactly, NO ONE!

            • Not Michelle | June 3, 2011 at 7:03 PM |

              Then why are you asking?

            • Johnny Drama | June 4, 2011 at 6:42 PM |

              Ari… man! How’ve you been? I don’t think anybody is comparing Dunbar to Skiffer, BUT, he is better than any guards SI has coming back and better than any guards SHC has. Reardon will play the best players as was not the case last year. If it was, Aguilar would be starting. Word on the circuit is that Domingo has gotten better, we’ll wait and see.

              Hopefully SFP will be around so we can continue our friendly banter.

              • Yah I hope Jeremy can get the funding he needs. I suggested he hit up the 49ers and Giants for a donation. He needs really $30k since he has one donor that will match all contributions. $15k from each 49ers and Giants seems reasonable. OR!!!! He can hit up his boyfriend Johnny Mrlik for making SFPreps the Johnny Mrlik Preps Page. I’m sure the Mrlik family has some loose change between the couch cushions.

                Hope to exchange next year Drama. It was definitely fun this year.

  15. max suguya is the future of basketball in san francisco. you think taylor johns is good? wait till u see this kid play. he is by far the messiest, most athletic young buck on the court today. its a shame hes leaving wash….

  16. whus goood. YAF we out here doeee!!!

  17. Travis Ferris | June 2, 2011 at 10:33 PM |

    Stephen Domingo and Trevor Dunbar solid college prospects will carry SI next year. Stephen Domingo is having a monster spring winner MVP at the Jayhawk classic as well as having solid play at adidas nations camp. He will have a breakout summer with great exposure from Dream Vision. Trevor is playing for the oakland soldiers where he will play against above average competition. Jeremy I am very impressed with your website keep up the good work. Hopefully sfpreps will stay alive.

  18. SI won’t have an inside force next year. It looks like a perimeter type team shooting from the outside and run-n-gun. Who will stop Aaron Gordon or the 2 bigs of SHC??

    • I’m giving you the answer they’re thinking and that’s Stephen Domingo and Aguilar.

    • City Lights | June 3, 2011 at 9:09 AM |


      • Roll Cats | June 3, 2011 at 2:47 PM |

        SI won’t have an inside force next year? Your right. They’ll have way more than that. Antonio Aguilar is a barbarian monster with skills in the game of basketball that will greatly benefit SI next year.

  19. Can anyone name any kid that was good at SHC that is a freshman, they had a bad recruiting class, looks like. Are they getting anyone that is good transferring like SI’s Suyuga Kid?

  20. Anonymous | June 6, 2011 at 9:49 AM |

    Maybe the administration can work on improving the baseball coaching now.

  21. In the 90s SHC had a great point guard, Lyran Russell, do anyone think Trevor Dunbar can be as good?

    • I’ll let you know once the season starts. I saw about 35 SHC games when LyRyan was playing. He could take over a game when he had to and played some great defense. Great floor sense.

  22. OldSchoolSF | June 8, 2011 at 7:22 PM |

    Ray Kelly late 80s from Riordan was one of the best point guards. Absolutely dominated played in playoffs as a freshman and was a starter his soph year. There was a reason his nickname was “Baby Magic”. Only 5′ 11″ but won many dunk contests.

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