Softball: Roddy takes top honors on All-AAA team

Lowell teammates celebrate with senior Chole Roddy after her second home run of the game against Washington in the AAA championship game on May 23 at San Francisco State University. (Photo by Eric Soracco)

Selections made by Academic Athletic Association coaches, not staff.

AAA Player of the Year
Chloe Roddy, senior first baseman, Lowell

First Team
Alice Cen, junior, Washington
Megan Chiem, junior, Washington
Madison Donohue-Wolfe, junior, Lowell
Tyler Garcia, senior, Lincoln
Jamie Hom, senior, Washington
Mayra Jimenez, sophomore, Balboa
Mari Kawano, freshman, Washington
Alice Lee, junior, Wallenberg
Michelle Lee, senior, Lincoln
Linda Lim, senior, Galileo
Donna Liu, senior, Balboa
Stephanie Owyeong, senior, Galileo
Kristina Saito, senior, Lowell
Cherlyn Sandal, senior, Balboa
Christina Shaeffer, junior, Balboa
Chelsea Stewart, sophomore, Wallenberg
Katie Tam, junior, Lowell
Michelle Willis, junior, Lowell
Mandy Zeng, sophomore, Mission

Second Team
Mary Chan, freshman, Balboa
Rani Chow, junior, Wallenberg
Eva Cruz, freshman, Wallenberg
Maggie Lam, sophomore, Washington
Josephine Li, sophomore, Galileo
Lily Louey, senior, Balboa
Sabrina Louie, senior, Galileo
Janisa McConico, senior, Mission
Anna Ng, junior, Washington
Theodora Pasion, junior, Washington
Yesenia Rodriguez, junior, ISA
Brandy Ruedos, sophomore, Mission
Bebe Truong, senior, Galileo
Ariana Wilson, junior, Lincoln
Jessica Wong, junior, Lincoln
Samantha Yee, freshman, Lowell
Nancy Zheng, freshman, Mission

Honorable Mention
Esther Batarse, sophomore, Galileo
Maria Bonilla, freshman, Balboa
Jennifer Chan, senior, Galileo
Eileen Chen, freshman, Wallenberg
Joanie Cheung, freshman, Wallenberg
Annie Giang, freshman, Mission
Lizzy Graham, junior, Galileo
Lea Gumaru, freshman, Galileo
Rosaria Huerta, freshman, Wallenberg
Kenya Kendrix, sophomore, Mission
Kristin Lau, senior, Lincoln
Susie Leung, freshman, Mission
Angela Lin, freshman, Balboa
Crystal Lota, senior, Lincoln
Claudia Perez, junior, Mission
Angela Trinh, senior, Lowell
Sally Wu, senior, Washington
Karen Xie, freshman, Wallenberg
Abigail Young, senior, Lowell
Goldie Zhen, freshman, Wallenberg
Vicky Zhu, freshman, Mission

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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